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Minnie walked along the road oblivious to the reactions she was getting from men. Her legs were long; her skirt was short. She wore ‘killer’ heels. Her blouse was open to her bust. She was bra-less; her nipples were hard under her shirt.

She walked along the street, men’s heads turned, their cocks hardened at the sight of her.

Minnie knew this but she didn’t care. She was angry. She was furious. She was about ready to kill someone. Her raven hair swung around her waist as she strode down the street. She walked into her apartment building and went up the stairs two at a time.

How dare he stand her up like that?

Minnie opened the door to her apartment, slammed it behind her and threw her handbag across the room where it was caught by a woman that Minnie had never seen before.

‘Who the fuck are you?’ Minnie demanded, jumping at the sight of the stranger.

‘Does that matter?’ Asked the woman, placing Minnie’s handbag on the chair.

‘Well, you’re in my home, I don’t know how you got in here and what you want so YES it does matter!’

The woman smiled and walked to Minnie.

‘You got stood up didn’t you?’

Minnie’s anger took a stumble over her sudden curiosity.

‘How did you…?’

‘Didn’t you ever wonder why Jack only ever met you on his terms or, did you think it was just to add to the intrigue of the dark, handsome, mysterious man?’ The woman laughed and walked over to Minnie. ‘I found your picture on his computer. I found you e-mails and instant message conversations. You’re cute, I’ll give him that. He got careless, thinking I’d never find out. Complacency is a terrible thing you know. Well, you must be wondering why I’m here…Or have you figured it out? It’s really not that difficult.’

‘You’re his wife, right?’ Minnie spat, her anger back and bigger than ever. How could she have been so stupid? She’d had no idea. ‘I suppose I should have known. canlı bahis How did you get in here?’

‘Sarah, my name is Sarah. And you gave Jack a key! He took it but refused to use it…As far as he told me anyway.’

‘Look, I don’t know what to say, ok? I honestly didn’t know that…’ Before Minnie could finish, Sarah was pressed up against her, one hand on her thigh one behind her head, kissing her passionately. Minnie tried to break away but her surprise was quickly replaced by lust. She began to kiss Sarah back, running her fingers through her thick dark hair.

‘Stop,’ breathed Sarah, pushing Minnie away and taking her hand. ‘The bedroom.’

Minnie led the way but doubt crept into her mind.

‘I can’t…’ Minnie began. She stopped. ‘Things like this only happen in books,’ she laughed nervously, her former air of control and assertiveness dispelled.

‘It’s ok,’ Sarah sighed and pushed Minnie onto the bed.

‘How long have you known?’ Minnie asked.

‘Later,’ Sarah commanded. ‘This is no time for talk.’ Sarah reached out and tore open Minnie’s blouse. ‘Leave your skirt on,’ Sarah smiled playing with Minnie’s nipples. Minnie moaned and reached down to her clit but Sarah slapped her hand away.

‘No. I’m in control here. Lie down.’ Minnie was helpless to refuse.

Sarah began to kiss Minnie. Slowly and sensually. All over her face down her neck, making Minnie shiver and onto her chest. She teased Minnie’s nipples with her tongue and kissed her breasts with lips as soft as snow and made Minnie’s skin tingle. Sarah began to tease Minnie’s clit with her tongue and when Minnie couldn’t stand it anymore, Sarah stopped.

‘Have you ever eaten pussy?’ Minnie shook her head. Sarah shrugged and straddled Minnie’s face and began to suck Minnie’s clit gently.

Minnie could see how wet Sarah was. Her scent was incredibly sweet and Minnie began to lick the velveteen folds of Sarah’s bahis siteleri beautiful pussy.

Sarah moaned and the vibrations travelled through Minnie making her eat Sarah harder. As Minnie’s orgasm built up inside of her, she felt her clit harden and her muscles begin to contract, Sarah stopped and climbed off of Minnie’s face.

‘What’re you doing?’ Minnie cried. Sarah smiled and brought her handbag up from the floor, removing a strap-on from within.

‘What am I doing? I’m fucking you. Spread ’em, sweetheart.’

Sarah entered Minnie roughly, making her gasp with surprise and delight. She could feel the cool strap-on warming within her and scratched her nails down her lover’s back as she was screwed harder than she ever had been before.

Minnie bucked against Sarah’s pounding and clamped her teeth roughly around one of Sarah’s nipples biting so hard she felt the skin break. Sarah cried out and thrust harder making Minnie come so hard she almost passed out. As soon as Minnie had come, Sarah withdrew and took the strap-on off.

‘Put it on.’ Minnie complied. Sarah straddled her and slipped herself down the length of the strap-on. She reached down and pressed a small button hidden inside one of the straps and Minnie gasped as the bullet against her clit began to vibrate in varying rhythms and pulses.

Sarah began to ride, pulling at her nipples and playing with her clit. Minnie put a finger into Sarah’s mouth which she sucked as she fucked.

Sarah’s pace increased and she began to come fingering her clit and biting Minnie’s finger. She cried out and moved faster, grinding herself hard against Minnie who screamed as the vibrations on her clit and the movement of Sarah against her got too much and she came again.

Sarah stopped and leaned down to Minnie. They kissed and both women felt the electricity shoot down their spines and into their clits.

They took the strap-on bahis şirketleri off and discarded it. They lay together for some time touching, exploring, kissing and playing. Eventually they slept, spooned together.

Minnie awoke first and felt Sarah’s body pressed into her back. She turned over and began to stroke her hair. Sarah stirred and opened her blue eyes. She smiled.

‘What’s the time?’ Sarah yawned. Minnie glanced at the bedside clock.

‘Four thirty. Don’t you have to get home to Jack?’ Minnie asked and was a little surprised at the small stab of jealousy that stirred in her.

‘No, don’t you worry about him,’ Sarah said as she kissed one of Minnie’s breasts. ‘The situation has been taken care of.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Hush, darling. It’s ok.’

‘Sarah, you’re scaring me.’

‘Don’t be scared. Everything’s ok now.’ Sarah began to finger Minnie and as their lovemaking began again Minnie’s worries drifted away on the tide of her orgasms.

For hours, they made love and when Sarah suggested a little restraint, Minnie was keen to play along.

Sarah tied Minnie down with scarves. She caressed every part of Minnie’s body and paid attention to her every want and need. Sarah straddled Minnie and they ground together, climaxing with the friction their pelvises generated.

Once again, Sarah leaned forward and kissed Minnie’s mouth. Their tongues flicked over each other and it was heavenly.

Sarah stood by the side of the bed and picked up her handbag. Minnie shifted with anticipation, wondering what Sarah was going to do to her next.

‘This has been fun,’ Sarah said as she pulled a long metallic object out of the bag. She knelt on the bed and stroked the metallic shaft against Minnie’s thigh and lips before inserting it inside her.

Minnie moaned and waited for the toy to vibrate.

‘But, you know,’ Sarah continued, ‘you can’t fuck someone’s husband and get away with it. Just like he couldn’t get away with screwing you.’

Minnie looked into her lover’s eyes and realisation dawned upon her too late as Sarah pulled the trigger.

© Xowie Brandt 28/02/2007

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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