Miss Tara’s Playmates

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This story involves Incest and Interracial Sex.

This is a quickie, a very short story intentionally kept under two thousand words to make it a quick read. As such, it can’t possibly be arousing. There is sex in the story, and the sex is somehow integral in how events play out, but it’s not arousing. That’s not the goal. It is a story, first and foremost. Measure it’s value on the punch the story packs, and the entertainment it provides, not on how much it excites you, because it probably won’t.

— The Author

Abby watched as her brother’s naked, hulking, black form hovered, hesitating, over the splayed form of creamy, petite Miss Tara. The three of them labored to move, or even breathe, in the hot, humid Georgian air, under a baking hot Georgian sun, on the cool green Georgian grass. A strong summer breeze whipped over them all, rippling Miss Tara’s dark, curly locks of hair and the folds of Miss Tara’s upraised skirts as she awaited her favorite big, black stud’s cock.

Miss Tara was a year younger than Abby, who was in turn younger than Ben, yet she was in charge. As wicked as this all was, as wrong as she knew in her heart that it was, Abby and Ben had no say. They did as they were told, or their lives would be hell on this good earth.

Abby glanced at Ben’s dark brown cock, the color of rich earth, hard and thick and gloriously upright, with a curve like the scythes that they used seven days a week to harvest crops in the fields. At least, that’s what they’d do when Miss Tara wasn’t forcing them to play with her.

She’d made them play games for more than twenty years now. When they had been young, the games were tea parties and fancy balls. As Miss Tara grew older, after she had turned from a child to a girl to a woman, after she had come of age, the games became more wicked. It had been fun, once, being the favorites of the master’s daughter. Throughout their youth they’d even thought of her as their friend.

Their mother had warned them not to be fools.

Now, as often as not, Miss Tara made Abby noisily lick her pale, pink pussy while Ben was forced to watch, ordered to stroke his own cock as Miss Tara eyed it greedily. When that grew old, she made Ben fuck Abby, in her presence, as if they were putting on a show. She’d clap and giggle and cheer as they both came, almost, but not quite, against their will.

It didn’t matter to her that Ben and Abby were brother and sister. They’d steadfastly refused the first time, and paid a bitter price when Miss Tara told her daddy they’d disobeyed her orders to get her a glass of lemonade. Miss Tara grinned evilly at them as they were whipped, knowing that the next time they would do as they were told.

Today Miss Tara was going further.

Ben’s cock glistened with Abby’s own slick pussy juices and spit. Miss Tara had squealed with glee, urging him on, ordering him to continue, as he’d fucked Abby like a dog for her canlı bahis pleasure. As Ben’s cock spread and filled his sister’s pussy, Miss Tara told them how they looked, what she saw, and how wet it made her.

She told Abby how happy she looked to feel his cock inside her. She told Ben how taut and strong his body looked as he held himself rigidly tensed behind his sister, thrusting into her with a lust he brought from the jungles of Africa. She politely commented on how their skin reminded her of roasted coffee beans, making them look like two rutting animals, too sinful and ignorant to know any better.

She told Ben to fuck his sister hard for everyone’s entertainment, his own, Miss Tara’s, and Abby’s, too. Ben had to do it, and Abby had to do it. She even ordered Abby to enjoy it, so she had to at least play the part, and hated herself for knowing that it wasn’t all play acting.

“Fuck me, Ben. Fuck my cunny hard.”

“That’s right, boy, fuck your negro sister good. Fuck, your cock looks like a big, dark ol’ tree trunk slice’n in an’ out o’ yo’ sister’s cunt. It looks like a damp, dark fence post be’n hammered into the muddy, brown soil.”

She grinned as she said it, pleased with her own creative insights.

“Oh, yo’ cock is so good, Ben,” Abby cried. “My cunny loves yo’ big cock so much.”

“That’s right. Fuck her. Brother and sister animals can fuck, because they don’t know any better. You don’t even know that incest is wrong. Keep going. Tell him to fuck his sister, girl.”

“Fuck me, Ben,” She whimpered softly into his neck.

Miss Tara slapped her, hard and painfully. The sting of it was unexpectedly good, and irrationally exciting.

“Tell him.”

“Fuck me, Big Broth’a. Fuck yo’ baby sist’a hard and good. You fuck yo’ sist’a so good.”

Abby was shocked when Ben quickly came inside of her at the sound of her evil words. He was embarrassed, and she was embarrassed for him, that as soon as she’d started her disgusting pleas it excited him, pushing him quickly over the edge. She loved him so much, and he her. He was the only person in the world she could count on for some measure of protection, and it shamed her to know that, in some ways, she was grateful to Miss Tara for making them do this, to and with each other, something they never would or could do on their own. She tried to hide a contented smile as he uncontrollably emptied his incestuous cum into her.

She rolled onto her back, and he lay atop her, exhausted, as she embraced his warm, taught, sinew backed flesh, wrapping her legs and arms around the broad shield of his body. Almost with a will of its own, his cock slipped mischievously into her again, and she was shamefully grateful for it. Her own fingers raced over the bumps and ripples of the riot of scars across his back, as his own labor built muscles, huge and irresistible, clenched and bulged. He continued to move subtly inside of her while bahis siteleri squeezing the breath from her as he fought to control his own panting.

But that wasn’t enough for Miss Tara. She had a sharp gleam of lustful desire in her own dark eyes. Of the three, it was she that had the look of an animal. It was her lust that was wicked and sinful. Abby was sure she would have to lick Miss Tara again. She steeled herself against the coming embarrassment.

Instead she ordered Abby to clean her brother’s cock with her tongue. Even her dark skin didn’t hide her blush.

“Does it taste like caramel, Abby? Does your brother’s brown sugar cock taste sweet?”

His huge black member stayed hard, as Miss Tara told her exactly what to do, where and when to kiss and suck and lick it. It stayed hard as Ben breathed heavily, recovering from his exertions, while watching his sister minister to his tender prick. He closed his eyes, briefly, moaning in regretful delight. Abby, in her shame, tried not to look at him, but Miss Tara ordered it.

She looked up into the whites of her brother’s wide eyes atop his dark face, their expression one of fear, shame, disgust, apology, and joy.

Eventually Miss Tara grew bored, and bold. She rearranged her playthings.

So now he hovered, cock hard, hesitantly poised above Miss Tara’s tiny spread legs. Her own skin was the white of the rich man’s cream, from lounging all day in her mansion as they worked for her and her family under the killing sun in the fields. The mound of hair between her legs was black, like theirs, one sign that they all had something in common, that her slaves were not so different from her.

Abby felt a moment of jealousy. Her darling brother, her only protector in a horrible, dangerous life and world, had just fucked her. She would never tell him, she would never admit it, but it wasn’t faked. He brought her once again, as he always did, to orgasm, to a wrenching, twisting orgasm that rivaled any she’d ever had. He always did that to her. She felt wrenching guilt at the admission, but it had happened, it did happen, every single time he fucked her.

“Do it, boy. Do it right now,” Miss Tara barked. “Fuck me. Fuck your mistress. Fuck your better, negro. I want to feel big, darkie cock inside me. Fuck me or Daddy will beat you raw.”

Her pinkish red pussy lips glistened from her own boundless excitement. Ben eased his thick cock into her. She was so tiny. Her cunny must be so tight, Abby thought angrily. It would probably feel so good to her brother. Good little southern ladies didn’t fuck, not that Abby knew. Her cunny would be tight and wet like no other Ben had ever had.

Ben’s massive cock head spread her cunt lips, like a clenched fist spreading flower petals, as he eased his way into her. Miss Tara screamed, with wide eyes staring at the sky.

“Oh, God, yes, fuck me with that huge negro cock. Give me big, black, bahis şirketleri animal cock. Give me more or so help me I’ll lash you someth’n fierce.”

Abby grimaced as he filled her, and fucked her. She writhed and screamed for him, begging for more and more, telling him how good he was with his animal cock.

“Yes, Ben, yes, you fuck me harder, boy. Fuck Miss Tara hard and good, boy. Fuck me hard and good with that dark coffee cock.”

There was a sound of thunder from up the way. Miss Tara hadn’t heard it, beneath all of her own wailing and screaming and Ben’s pounding thrusts. But it wasn’t thunder, it was cannon fire. Rumor was that the Union Army was getting close. Rumor looked to be right.

Miss Tara thought she was so special. She thought she was so high and mighty. She owned them. She went to church on Sunday’s. She drank lemonade in the shade on the creaking white wooden swing on the porch, while they labored and sweated and died a little every day under the sun in the fields.

Abby smiled. She thought she was so special, so good, so righteous. She didn’t know. Her daddy hadn’t told her. Daddy hadn’t told her.

“Tell me you like my body, negro. Tell me you like tight little white lady cunt best of all.”

“I do, Miss Tara, Lord, yo’ cunny is almos’ too hot and tight for my big negr’a cock. It grabs and squeezes it someth’n fierce.”

She giggled and screamed at his words, as her excitement increased tenfold, and he in turn redoubled the ferocity of his strokes.

Miss Tara grabbed and clawed spasmodically at Ben’s hulking form, just as Abby had, as he pleasured her like she’d never known. Her clutches were like mere wisps of breath against the strength of Ben’s stormy winds. She didn’t have the sinews and tone of Abby’s labor hardened body, let alone Ben’s. She was a spoiled, pampered, weakling. She was a revolting southern slut, sating her lust with her pets, her daddy’s slaves.

She was like her daddy. Her daddy liked to fuck slaves, too, and he had favorites. He’d even fathered some bastard children, although he’d never let his wife and daughters know it.

His most favored negro bitch was Susan, who was also Ben and Abby’s mother.

What wicked Miss Tara didn’t know, yet, as she writhed and came over and over again, as Ben pounded her ceaslessly with his massive, already once-emptied cock, as she waited for Ben to finally come inside her womb, too, what she didn’t know yet was that she, too, was committing incest, and being fucked by her own half brother.

As soon as the Union Army got here, Abby and Ben would be free. And her first act as a freed woman wold be to make sure that Miss Tara knew exactly who she was, and what she’d done, and that she was no better than her brother and sister.

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— From the author —

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