Mom and I XXXmastime Ch. 02

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I woke up on Christmas Eve morning gradually, feeling Angie’s warm body in front of me. Squinting one eye open, the alarm clock on my night stand displayed 6:50.

I lightly ran my fingers along Angie’s arm and the side of her breast closest to me, causing her to squirm in her sleep but not waking her. I was getting hard, my cock extending between her legs. I rolled back to let it spring against my stomach and when I rolled behind her again, it pressed between her buttocks. I lay there for a minute or so, debating whether to sheathe myself into her pussy while she still slept or to wake her up first.

I decided against either one, starting to slide my cock along her ass cleavage. I slid my right hand under her arm to clasp her breast. She squirmed some more, but still did not wake. I wondered if I was affecting her dreams. I was getting closer and closer to orgasm, so I grabbed a tissue from the nightstand behind me to catch my jism.

Just as I came into that tissue, I heard a creak of the floor near my doorway. My grandfather, Hank Swanson, was standing in the doorway, a grin on his face, before he took a seat in the chair next to the desk. Clearly, he had seen what there was to be seen, which thankfully wasn’t much, since I was behind Angie.

“Merry Christmas Eve, Grandpa,” I whispered, trying to avoid waking Angie. I realized that our covers had slipped downward while I had rubbed against her and her upper body was exposed to him. I pulled the sheet up to cover her breasts, too late to really protect her modesty.

“Merry Christmas Eve, Derek,” he said, softly but not whispering. “Beautiful girl you have there. This is your Miss Angie, I assume?”

“Yes, Grandpa,” I answered. “Who else would it be?”

“At first glance, Angie quite resembles your mother at that age. But I suppose that the more realistic option would be Miss Alissa Gould from your university, no?”

Why would he think I was in bed with Mom? And how did he know about Alissa? ‘Don’t panic,’ I thought.

Trying to stay calm, I said, “No, Alissa and I are far from being a traditional couple. We get together for casual sex on campus, but she’s never visited me here.”

“Traditional?” he asked, chuckling. “When has your family ever been traditional? The grapevine says your parents are back to being swingers, reinforced by Ms. Jilly Tirman being in their bed this morning. Your brother getting engaged to Jilly’s daughter Jessica, who is in his bed down the hall, is connected to that reunion, I expect. And I hear that you and Ms. Angie here have joined your parents at Jilly’s swing club, too, so you must be aware of their past.”

“Grandpa, are you sure you weren’t in the CIA during Vietnam, instead of Infantry? Your intelligence network seems to know everything.”

“Not everything, Derek. Maybe not the most important things.”

That snapped me to full alertness. I asked, “Can we talk about this downstairs? Let Angie sleep?”

“Certainly. I’ll let you get dressed, since I assume you’re just as naked under your covers as Miss Angie.” He stood up and walked out of my bedroom.

I slid out of bed without disturbing Angie and tossed on a tshirt and some sweat pants and went downstairs. In the kitchen, I started a pot of coffee, then sat at the table across from my grandfather, wondering just how much he knew. I figured grabbing the bull’s horns was the best approach.

“Okay, upstairs you were being vague about not knowing important things,” I said. “Ask the questions you want to ask.”

“Are you and your mother lovers?” he asked.

So, hinting about Mom being in my bed was intentional. But did he know or just suspect, like Jake? I decided he could be trusted, either way.

“Yes, we are. And she’s been with Tommy as well. See, wasn’t that much easier than hinting at it? What tipped you off?”

Grandpa answered, “I assume your mother told you about her past with me, in addition to swinging with your father.”

“She did,” I said. “Elf costume and all.”

Grandpa continued, “I knew Stan was opposed to Marcy remaining intimate with me after they got engaged. I was also aware of their swinging activity over the years. It did not take a genius IQ to know that the two of them making announcements that they were quitting the swinging scene and then parting ways with Jilly just before Tommy turned 18 was all about Stan trying to block your mother from seducing first Tommy and then you as you came of age. So, when they returned to swinging a month ago, I assumed that meant Marcy was free to pursue you and I doubted she would wait long, with both of you boys home for the holiday. Yet, you and Tommy both getting engaged meant either that your fiancees were not aware or that they are aware and accept it, even participate with you. Given that supposition, your parents’ purchase of a larger home for all of you to live in signals that the seven of you are planning to live together over the long run. It was more than enough for me to form a suspicion canlı bahis of incest as a group activity.”

“How did you find out about the house so fast? We just did that yesterday afternoon.”

He answered, “The real estate agent is one of my best friends. As soon as the Winslows called him about the offer, he recognized your parents’ names immediately and called me to figure out how they knew the Winslows and I explained your Aunt Laurie is their niece. I probably heard from him before you got home.”

“Are you upset about the incest, Grandpa?” I asked.

“That would be mighty hypocritical of me, wouldn’t it? I’m only concerned about all of you getting caught,” he answered. “I taught Marcy to think for herself and I have rarely had reason to fault her for the conclusions she reaches. One thing we agree on is that sex should be a means to express love. Even when elements of our society try to restrict it to procreation between married, heterosexual couples. Most people are opposed to incest because of how often it represents abuse, not love. But I know what your mother and I did was not abuse and that she would never abuse you boys.”

“There’s more to reveal, but I’m not sure I’m the one you should hear it from,” I said.

“What, that Jessica is Stan’s daughter, Tommy is Sam Tirman’s son and that Angie’s father Jake is Sam’s half-brother?”

“How the hell? We were waiting until today to tell you that.”

Grandpa grinned. “Well, you should have told Oscar Tirman to continue keeping his new-found son and grandson a secret, then. He’s apparently talked about little else over the last month. Even though it doesn’t change my relationship to Tommy, I’ve had three different people come to me to confirm it and I had to admit that I hadn’t been told, myself, and was expecting a big reveal over Christmas, as you planned.”

“Why didn’t that also get back to Mom and Dad, then?” I asked.

“I’m not sure, but I only heard it from men in the same age group as Oscar and me, so he simply might not have told anyone younger and the gossip only spread within my generation. It didn’t reach Bridget’s circle of friends and I didn’t share it with her, since I expected you would announce Tommy and Jessica’s father swap today.”

“Merry Christmas Eve, Daddy!” came Mom’s voice from the kitchen doorway. “Setting a new record for an early visit? Where’s Bridget?”

Grandpa stood to hug Mom. She held him tighter than usual. When they parted, Grandpa answered, “I let her sleep in. Mark will pick her up and bring her over for breakfast. I figured we needed to talk privately first,” Grandpa said.

“What about?” Mom asked.

“He’s figured out pretty much everything, Mom,” I said, getting up to pour three mugs of coffee.

“Holy hell,” she muttered.

I added, “He has the broad strokes right. Although he hasn’t quite guessed some of the details like how your pact with Dad ended.”

“It wasn’t Tommy and Jessica’s engagement bringing you back into Jilly’s orbit?” he asked.

Mom answered, “That’s the story we put out at Jilly’s club. In fact, we didn’t even know they were a couple until afterward. From our viewpoint, Stan signaled the stalemate was over by having sex with Derek’s girlfriend Angie two days before Thanksgiving, when Derek was coming home from school,” Mom said. “After Derek and I walked in on them in the act, I let Derek know I wanted him. The four of us were in bed together by the end of the night.”

“Let me guess,” Grandpa said. “Stan then ran straight to Jilly.”

“Yeah, the very next afternoon, after clearing it with me,” Mom said, shrugging. “While I spent a night alone with Derek and Angie was home with her parents, Stan had sex with both Jilly and Jessica, then brought them to our house for Thanksgiving.”

Grandpa’s eyes showed his surprise. “Stan had sex with his daughter? Yes, I know about the paternity switch. I never imagined Stan would cross that line. I figured he was simply tolerating your incest in order to have Jilly back in his life. I assume Derek has also been with Jessica, then?”

“Yes, Grandpa,” I answered. “The four women here have been with all three men and each other as well. The only person who hasn’t broken the incest laws is Angie, because she and Tommy are only cousins. But if you want to count that and sex between Jilly and Jess as incest, we’ve all committed it.”

“Dad, Stan didn’t know Jess was his daughter, that first time, or he might have refused her as his almost-step-daughter, even after watching me being with Derek,” Mom said. “She stayed quiet about knowing he was her father, to get at least one chance with him and because Tommy was arriving the next day to reveal that he was Sam’s son, so she didn’t want to spoil that surprise. Stan came to terms with the incest, as the DNA tests came to light on Thanksgiving Day. That’s when we learned Jess, Tommy and Angie were a triad in college and had inadvertently found out from Jilly that incest was why Stan and bahis siteleri I stopped swinging. They also got DNA tests to confirm they weren’t brother and sister by Jilly or I getting pregnant by the other’s husband, only to find out both of us did.”

“I figured that some kind of agreement to prevent the incest was the cause for closing your relationship after 20 years of it being open,” Grandpa said. “Which is why Stan resuming with Jilly and going to her club meant you probably got to be with Derek and Tommy.”

Mom nodded and said, “Rather than those three trying to directly pressure Stan to end his blockade and have him dig his heels in, the only thing they did besides remain quiet about their relationship and the paternity discoveries was set to Angie in Derek’s path, figuring he’d be attracted to her due to her resemblance to me, like several other girlfriends, then that would get Stan to realize Derek was attracted to me, too. When Angie talked directly to Stan about Derek’s attraction for me and her own for him, he caved and had sex with her. That led to my being with Derek and what followed. Now, Stan’s not only okay with all of the incest, he’s become the main advocate for the seven of us living together.”

“In the house you just bought yesterday,” he added.

Mom sighed. “Derek’s right, you do seem to know everything, Dad. Maybe you have some ideas for hiding it better? If you can guess, so can others.”

“Baby, our history is the only reason I believed you would be attracted to your sons in the same way as your brother and me. To anyone else, this simply looks like your old relationship with Jilly has been reignited by the combination of the paternity revelations and Tommy and Jessica’s romance, so the two families are drawing even closer than they used to be as a result. If you keep the incest private, nobody would imagine it’s happening. Has anyone else guessed?”

Mom replied, “Angie’s father doesn’t have proof, but his instincts about Angie connected her to me, which connected me to Derek. It probably didn’t help that I showed her the ropes at Jilly’s club, although we weren’t intimate together there. He’ll be quiet, though, because Angie just discovered that he’s been intimate with his other daughter, Pat.”

“My, my. You’d think it’s contagious or something.”

I said, “His affair with Pat started months ago.”

Grandpa said, “I didn’t really think one caused the other, Derek. But I am thinking he’s maybe sensitized to imagining incest where other people wouldn’t.”

“I hope that’s all it is,” Mom said. She paused a few seconds, before asking, “Besides Derek and I, have you told anyone else what you know?”

“No. Not even Bridget, because she still doesn’t know about you and me after all these years. Why?”

“Can you not tell everyone else here that you know about us? While I appreciate your acceptance and support, I would rather not spook everyone into thinking that we’re at grave risk of more discovery, if we’re really not.”

“All right, I’ll keep it between the three of us,” he answered. “I’ll let you know if I hear any rumors.”

“Speaking of other rumors, Grandpa, the other question I had was how you knew about Alissa Gould?”

He asked, “Do you know a Professor Kinney on your campus?”

“I haven’t taken any of his courses, but I know the name. He’s with the School of Government. Ex-Congressman.”

“Well, before he was a Congressman, he was my lieutenant in Vietnam. When you enrolled at the same university, I asked him to quietly keep an eye on you for me. Your liaisons with Miss Gould are not much of a secret on your campus. Before you get mad at her, the gossip source is apparently her roommate.”

I said, “Claire. Figures. It’s not like we expected it to stay secret, although we don’t date. I just didn’t figure the gossip network would stretch this far south.”

“What gossip network?” came Dad’s voice from the doorway as he and Jilly entered, in robes. “Merry Christmas, Hank!” He crossed over to the coffee pot and poured two more mugs, then started another pot.

Grandpa stood and gave Jilly a big hug, whispering in her ear. Jilly laughed and I wondered what he had said.

“Grandpa has one of the professors on campus keeping an eye on me,” I said, when Dad turned back towards the table. “He heard about Alissa through him. He also heard about us buying the house yesterday from another friend.”

“Oh, Uncle Jack! I knew I recognized Jack Armstrong’s name on the For Sale sign,” Mom said. “I just couldn’t place it, right away. He was Dad’s best man for both of his weddings.”

Dad asked, “Where’s Bridget, Hank?”

Grandpa answered, “She wasn’t as keen on sneaking in here at dawn, so I let her sleep. Mark will pick her up on his way here. They’ll be here at 9.”

The five of us sat down at the table, sipping at coffee and chit-chatting. Tommy, Jessica and Angie gradually joined us. At 8:15, Mom and Jilly got up to start on breakfast. While they cooked, bahis şirketleri I ran upstairs and changed into sweater and jeans.


At 9, Nana Bridget, Uncle Mark, Aunt Bonnie and their 13-year-old twins, Hal and Hank, arrived and we all sat down for breakfast. After the meal, Tommy and I brought folding chairs in from the garage to set up in the living room. Jessica and Angie went upstairs and came down in their elf costumes with green lipstick and sparkles on their cheeks. Everyone applauded. Even looking for it, I couldn’t see Grandpa react. Then I remembered that Angie had draped her costume over the same desk chair where Grandpa had sat that morning, so he had likely seen it.

After opening the gifts between us and the Swansons, we revealed the paternity discoveries. DNA testing kits for Mark’s family and Grandpa and Bridget had been among their gifts this year, as a prelude to our revelations.

I saw Nana Bridget’s face blanch while Angie was talking about the connection between her father and Oscar Tirman, then a tear ran down her cheek. “What’s wrong, Mrs. Swanson?” Angie asked. “You look like you just saw a ghost.” All eyes turned to her.

“Of sorts, dear. What is your father’s exact birthdate?” she asked, her voice trembling.

“March 10th, 1969. Why?” Angie answered.

Bridget gasped, then drew a deep breath. “Dear, Oscar assumes that Amelia Hartsen is Jake’s mother because she was his girlfriend in June of ’68. But, she’s not his mother, I am.” Taking another deep breath, she said, “I gave birth to a boy on March 10th and gave him up for adoption. Oscar was the more likely of two young men who might have been the father. The other was Amelia’s brother, Ken. I wasn’t 100% certain that it was Oscar until right now.”

I could tell immediately that this was a surprise to Grandpa as much as it was to everyone else.

Angie’s eyes were widest of all. “What? How? Why didn’t you tell Oscar you were pregnant?”

Bridget took another deep breath. “It’s a long story that I’m not used to telling, so bear with me here. I’ll try to keep it as clean as I can for the boys’ sake, unless you would rather send them out of the room, Bonnie?” She and Bonnie were sitting side by side and Bridget leaned over and whispered in her ear.

Bonnie’s eyes widened, but she said, “No, they’re both mature enough to hear that.”

Bridget began her tale. “I was Amelia’s best friend in high school and was dating her twin brother Ken our senior year, while she dated Oscar. She confessed to me that she desperately wanted to have sex with Ken, even though it was incest, and was willing to trick him into it. I agreed to help her, so one night we switched with the guys when we were all in a dark room together. The guys were just drunk enough not to notice and it was really exciting to be with Oscar. Where I royally screwed up was that Amelia’s mom was providing her with birth control pills while mine wasn’t. This was in the days when doctors could still deny birth control to single women, so her mom went to two doctors and two pharmacies to fill two separate prescriptions under her name and gave one to Amelia. As a result, Ken always used condoms with me, but Oscar didn’t need to use them with Amelia and I obviously couldn’t ask him to put one on when I had sex with him. Add to that, I miscalculated my ovulation. The Hartsens unexpectedly moved away two weeks later, before I knew I had missed my period. When I told my mom that Oscar was probably the father, rather than Ken, she dropped her own bombshell, that Oscar is my half-brother.”

That definitely caught everyone off guard. ‘Wow, more incest in the family,’ I thought.

Glancing around, that meant that Bonnie was the only adult there who hadn’t committed any incest, that I knew of, if I counted Angie being with Tommy as legal incest. Her boys, who were sitting on chairs near the sofa, turned to look at her and I thought I heard her say, “We’ll discuss it at home.”

Bridget continued, “According to Mom, I was conceived during an affair she was having with Simon Tirman and I was born four months after his wife had Oscar. I was born in 1950, before DNA paternity tests, but my blood type showed that Sean O’Hara could not have been my father, meaning Simon was. Mom informed him and they agreed to keep it a secret unless Oscar and I started to date. Double dating with Ken and Amelia apparently wasn’t close enough to warn us. Mom also said my Uncle John, who was close friends with Simon, knew about the affair, so he might know I was Simon’s daughter as well. Once I knew that, I couldn’t risk naming Oscar as the baby’s father. Not only could we be accused of incest by either Simon or Uncle John, admitting the swap would get Amelia and Ken in trouble, too. Abortion was still illegal, so I kept quiet, spent my pregnancy living with my aunt in Richmond and put my child up for adoption.”

“Oh, god. So, you’re my other grandmother?” Angie asked.

“Yes, dear. Plus, I’m also your great aunt and Tommy’s, since Oscar’s your grandfather.”

To Tommy, she said, “I would prefer you keep calling me Nana Bridget, instead of Aunt Bridget, though, since I still don’t want this to be public knowledge.”

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