More Allotment Tales

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“Where’s Dave?” I asked Jim who was fervently digging his allotment patch like their was no tomorrow.

“In his shed I ‘spect” came the simple answer.

“Thanks,” I said making for Dave’s allotment shed.

“I should leave it for a while,” Jim advised. “I think he has a guest and he wont welcome your interruption right now.”

“A guest, how do you mean, a guest?”

“Robin, if you don’t know by now, although it is meant to be a secret, Dave is knocking him off like he can’t get enough of it.”

“Fuckin’ hell, I didn’t know. You mean the young guy that has been here doing community service for vandalism?”

“Yeah! The one who celebrated his eighteenth last week, he is a bit simple but we all enjoyed a bit of his birthday cake when he brought it along last week didn’t we?”

“So now Dave is enjoying something else.”

“Yep! He’s already been in there for a good hour so young Rob will be well shagged by now. And the funny thing it, Pete – and I will have to tell you this, Dave reckons he was taking him into the shed to show him how to prick out seedlings.”

I did not feel like sharing Jim’s humour at that point, I was more than annoyed. I was livid. Jim must have seen it in my expression.

“You do look a cross patch, better go and plant your onions and settle your mind, have you got a dibber, if not I bet Dave has.”

There he was laughing his head off again. Me thinking just what was happening behind that closed shed door. But when Jim – after he’d stopped laughing – asked why I was so concerned and angry I had to say that I was expecting help from the youngster today.

But I knew in my heart of hearts that was not the only reason, I’d had a thing for Robin ever since he came to help three weeks back but never bucked up courage to discover if he would care to share something so intimate as that which was running through my mind was concerned.

But Fuckin’ Dave h ad beaten me to the post so likely as not there was no hope for me to get inside this alluring lad’s jeans.

I settled for putting my onions in as Jim suggested, to keep my mind off. But that was easier said than done, all the time images going through my mind of what was happening at that moment.

My patch was next to Dave’s so I was close to the shed too. My curious lit started to get the better of me so without Jim seeing, I closed nearer to the shed all ears, art first I could hear mumblings but then – pretending to pull out weeds along the back edge of the shed, I heard more…

I held my breath to gather the faint sounds, I heard Dave’s heavy breathing and a slapping noise – then Robins cry to say it was hurting, but the slapping went on, more rapid now and I concluded it came every time Dave made a deep thrust.

“Just hold on lad, I’m nearly there, can’t stop now!” That was definitely Dave’s voice and then I heard a rumble and a yell from the lad as the whole shed seemed to shake.

Then the sounds of exhaustion from both and I could not help feeling concerned for Robin, that it was probably his first time and from the sound of it he had suffered.

Me thinking then that Robin would be put off from further possible escapades anyway so I would not have a hope in hell to have him, and then how would I feel anyway after Dave had shagged him.

And yet this thought, this very thought which repulsed me then, served later to make me want Robin’s fuck all the more.

I saw the two guys emerge just afterwards from Dave’s shed. He doing up his fly zip and Robin looking highly flushed and walking gingerly.

He said to him to leave working today and relax at home at which point – as soon as Robin had gone, I had to approach Dave like never before.

“You fucking pervert, and in your shed too.”

Dave looked at me defiantly perhaps surprised I knew.

“Look, this is just between us three who work this allotment right, If my Mrs finds out there will be hell top pay.”

“But it’s still not right, Robin being simple too, seems to me you took advantage of that.”

“Look, Robin wanted it. I didn’t force it, There türbanlı escort bayan was lots of foreplay first so it was alright. The way you are going on I have a feeling you would like some of the action?”

I was not even going to answer that, went off in a huff I guess to my patch. But Dave still taunted me, I reckon he thought I might blow the issue to his Mrs and wanted to get me involved to cover himself.

But as I planted my onions I could not help thinking of how it must have been for Dave, and how I would love the opportunity. Robin was a fine young lad and had an ass to die for, and I wanted some of it, badly. By the end of the morning I’d worked myself into a frenzy and after wanking myself silly in my shed I succumbed, approached Dave and said I was on.

“So you do want some of the action, I knew it – well Robin will be back tomorrow, I will have a word with him to see if I can make an opening for you. But I can’t promise, who knows he may not what to flash it around if you see what I mean.”

“You’re a pal, Dave” and all the time I could see Jim watching bug eyed, me thinking I bet he wants some too. But I had made the move, albeit through Dave and could not stop thinking about it all night, I had a mother of hard on’s and wanked myself silly but in the morning, thinking I must stop and reserve some energy for that possibly later when with luck I could be doing with Robin in my allotment shed what Dave was doing the day before

When in the morning came I was up like a lark raring to go, It was Sunday so all was quiet, I was unlike Dave a free agent. I had always considered myself bi-sexually inclined and had been with two other guys, but never one so young as sweet eighteen so the idea was really taking up my mind in no other way I had known before. And still I didn’t know if Robin would turn up at the allotment anyway, who knows Dave may have taken him too hard and he may be reluctant and anyway, apart from that there was still the factor that he may not want sex with me anyway.

Later the day before |Dave had mentioned about how his wife would be so upset if she discovered his deviations …”But you know how it is, pr maybe you don’t because you are not hitched – when a marriage has gone as long as ours. Nigh on thirty years, well the sex part tires so all I want is a little casual excitement, and Boy! Robin is all of that.”

“He’s a nice fuck then Dave?” I ventured boldly.

“He is that, Pete – and as is no longer a virgin you will find it easier than I did. And I’ve cleared the passage for you. You’ve got it made, mate”

“But you had the initial fun of fucking a virgin ” I said “and anyway that’s assuming he will want me?”

“Yep there is that, but he is a willing lad, make him an offer if you will and I am sure he will be yours on a plate.”

How relieved I was when Robin turned up, he had a radiating smile and Dave introduced me as a friend and in a matter of moments, almost to my embarrassment, he could have had no delusions that I wanted what he had given Dave the day before.

We talked a lot, he wanted t be sure would use a condom so he wasn’t that simple but I knew then I was on a promise and soon I was leading him to my allotment shed, we were soon inside and I locked the bolt behind. There was something magic as Robin sided to me. I felt already my erection was aching to burst out of my jeans…

“It is nice and big, Pete.”

“Bigger than Dave’s?”

“A lot” he said his face flushing,

I like it to be roomy and plenty of space to work.”

But when Robin enveloped into laughter which really broke the ice I suddenly realised he wasn’t referring to the size of my shed! Of course he was looking down at my jeans and noticed the swell.

That was a turn up for the book, and who was really the simple one!

So we got chatting, me asking how he got community service, he didn’t seem that arrogant that he could have smashed up someone’s car.

“Come sit on my lap and be comfy,” I suggested, ” I only have one stool you see.

He did so right ulus escort bayan away and I felt the warmth of his round almost girl like buttocks press down on my lap. He told me how he had been taunted by other youths and wanted to prove to them that he wasn’t scared to do what they asked, but of course he realised when they ran away and left him to take the can that he’d done the wrong thing.

He felt so right perched upon me, he must have felt my throb developing between his crease, he was certainly wiggling around as if he was enjoying too, perhaps already Dave had given him the taste for cock. I should be indebted to Dave.

I smoothed my hand over his crutch and felt him, He was nice and complete, I felt the rise come instantly and he closed his eyes urging me not to stop, that it was so nice.

We were going to have a wonderful time, it was as if I wanted to so everything at once I was so besotted by the lad, but his hand was leading mine to the zip on his jeans, he assisted me very hurriedly to unzip and feel him inside, over what I discovered were boxer shorts.

I sensed the smell of him, the scent of him rising – it was a very earthy and sensual fragrance and I just wanted to fuck him.

There he was, this ripe young lad, spread eagled on my lap enjoying very much my touching him, rolling my palm over his now full erection, through his boxers. It felt good and I soon wanted to feel the flesh.

“I think we had better take these off don’t you, Rob?”

“Thought you’d never ask” he returned with a grin.

“You are really up for it then?” I continued sensing his eagerness.

“So long as it don’t hurt like it did with your mate yesterday.”

“Well it was first time,” I said, “it always hurts first time.”

He stood up so together we could drag down his jeans, down over his knees exposing those wondrous thighs and calves with that heavenly bulge pulsing beneath his boxers.

“We shall have them down too” I said, we don’t want anything to disrupt what I want to do with you, do we?”

“I take it you are happy with the goods” Robin laughed mischievously, his cock straight out now, as if waiting to be seen to.

I wanted to suck it, indeed I did. It was rampant and lovely to touch, feeling its pulse throb as I squeezed it with thumb and forefinger, stretched it back exposing his gorgeous crimson plum with its Japanese Eye needing immediate attention to be sure.

“Do you mind if I suck it?”

Robin looked down at me, kneeling now ready to accommodate him in my mouth. “It would be lovely” he grunted – he said that with Dave it was the other way around, that he wanted me to suck him.

“And you did?” I asked inquisitively. “What was it like?”

“I didn’t want to at first, but he kept persuading me, Said to close my eyes and go for it. I just opened, took it in and sucked. It tasted salty and not what I expected.”

“Did he cum in your mouth?”

“No way, his urge to take me was too strong, the next minute he had me across his bench with a vengeance, and that hurt!”

Now I could see why it hurt, Dave was a bastard taking him rough first time.

“It is good you want to do it some more,” I said.

“Well in a strange way I did enjoy.”

“Like you are gong to enjoy with me,” I returned taking his ripe cock into my mouth, manipulating my lips and mouth around its circumference, it felt so good, tasted wonderful, I couldn’t believe my luck, that there was I, giving enjoyment and taking it of a young lad forty years my junior.

I made it nice and slow, not like it was for him the day before, I wanted to cherish him and pamper him, this was going to be a special moment for both of us.

After a good five minutes of pure unadulterated tasting and sucking, burying his length into my throat, hearing him moan with delight, I came away for breath.

I looked up, his head was leaned back, his mouth open, he looked so wonderfully relaxed.

“That was so nice, never had that before, Pete” he murmured with baited breath.

“Plenty more where that came from” yenimahalle escort bayan I said. “You game then?”

“Game!” he returned at once without any hesitation at all. I knew then I wanted his ass, For him to bend fully over across the work bench. I had a cushion which I placed over the edge to make nit moiré comfortable and also giving it just the right height for fucking.

His ass was made for it, Stupendous as he readily bent over for me, Lovely! Lovely ass so smooth and rounded, beautifully arranged. Still with the taste of his cock in my mouth I wanted then to taste desert, I wanted just to stretch those cheeks wide apart and go for that wondrous aperture that was luring my fuck, forgetting the Dave had been inside it the day before, then it was all mine and I intended to make the best use of it.

“Just spread your legs a bit wider for me” I said so I could kneel between and bury my mouth into his crease. I licked and sucked making it nice and easy to rim – I adored the taste, sniffed the odour of pure unadulterated young ass just waiting for my fuck, presented to me in the most amorous fashion, Rob even swaying it from side to side, enjoying my mouth and tongue movement there, it was lovely, delightful, this lad’s ass was really something.

Stretching it even wider I got myself into a real sexual frenzy. Licking and sucking him everywhere, his cock, his beautiful hanging balls, his cheeks, everything, wanting it all at once but soon, most of all, that deep, deep fucking.

I realised why then Dave took him so hard and rough, the persuasion was there, I wanted that too, just to go for it, a deep stimulating rough fucking. But I didn’t want to spoil it for the future, this lad was good, I would want him again and again – in all sorts of ways and descriptions, but then he was crying out for fuck, His hand stretching around d and taking my cock , squeezing my like it hurt, now the animal was out, I yelled now he was really going to get it full length up inside him.

“Fuck me, Fuck me!” he kept urging.

In no time at all I was on my feet, standing between and groping his hide, stretching and moulding to find the best method of entering, his cheeks stretched so wide apart, his legs spread wide open, now he was all ass for me, just waiting eagerly for my fuck. I soon found the point of entrance, squeezing it in, helped by swaying movement from Robin, sweet Robin p he so much wanted it just as much as I did. It was lively sinking it into him, feeling its warmth, amply lubricated by my prior oral attention, it was a lovely feeling sliding up inside, so easily too, yet it was tight enough to enjoy, feeling it cling around my cock until I was half way. I was at the point of no return, but I paused there remembering what the lad had said about Dave, I wanted for him to enjoy the pleasure of hard stiff throbbing cock inside him, just pausing for a minute to enjoy the moment he was still swaying gently, to give such a wonderful sensual stimulation.

But then I continued, gently at first – aiming to gain full deep penetration, apparently Robin thought I was a good inch longer so I had that in mind, sooner or later I would reach a point where no cock had been before – and so in a way I would enjoy part of his virginity, and soon I reached it, Robin yelled, was it alright? He said it was and not to stop, I went in to the brim, full fuck and then paused again, just getting the feel of his fuck deep inside.

He was an absolutely gorgeous fuck and we both made beautiful harmony together finding a perfect rhythm until we reached the wonderful climax, I felt so strong the spurt come so strong as I gave that final thrust, Robin yelling all the time not for me to stop, to fuck, fuck ,fuck him.

What a perfect morning that was, we were both happy and gratified, I asked for Robin to come sleep with me soon, to enjoy a night together. And he agreed. Wonderful!

It was funny though because the next time I went to the allotment, Jim approached me, asking me how it was – then asking me if there was any chance of …

“Well you can ask,” I said . “He will be up soon.

And he did, well in so many words.

The reply?

“Fuck off!”

Made me real proud – that he wanted only me from now on.

I turned to Robin just to rub it in for Jim. Asking him to come into the potting shed, that I needed to show him how to prick out and how to use a dibber.

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