More Fun with Sam

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Sam pushed me up against the apartment door as soon as we got back inside. Our skin was still wet from the hot tub and I could feel water running down my chest and moving to the center to slip down and follow the curve of my breasts that were pushed together nicely in my soaked bikini top. Sam grabbed my hands and pinned them, her fingers lacing mine, against the door I was pushed against. I let out a shaky breath as Sam leaned completely in, kissing me hard. Her mouth was so warm as it explored mine. The taste of her was making my knees feel weak and just as I was about to slip down a little against the door Sam pulled away and looked at me with an intense, sensual stare as she started heading to the shower.

I could feel the ache build between my legs, I was pulsing just at the anticipation of what was next. I followed behind her noticing that her bikini was just as soaked as mine, clinging tightly to every line of her body. Her ass checks moved in such a hypnotic way that I almost bumped into her just staring at her perfect backside. I noticed she had stopped short when she got to the living room and I looked up to see why.

My boyfriend was naked, erect cock in hand clearly mid-jerk off. He was standing by the window and stopped suddenly when he saw us. I realized the window had a clear view to the hot tub and that he must have seen us. I felt a rush of relief knowing that the naughty experimentation that had happened between Sam and I outside was not going to be some kind of bad news I’d have to break to him later. He clearly was approving of and very much enjoying the situation. I felt even more turned on knowing that we had a horny peeping tom watching us when we were out in the hot tub. Seeing my boyfriend’s face start to redden I made a quick decision.

I spun around in front of Sam and pushed her against the wall of the living room. I gave her a deep kiss with my tongue and at the same time I untied her bikini top. I bent my knees so my head reached down to her exposed, still damp boobs. I sucked at her hardened nipples for a few seconds before I put on a devious smile and turned to look at my boyfriend.

He had a look I’ve never seen before on his face like he couldn’t believe what was happening and that he was afraid to do anything to break the spell. I kept smiling as I stood back up and took Sam’s hand in mine and walked towards him slowly. I noticed his dick was still very hard and he still had canlı bahis it in his hand staring at us. I got up close to him and Sam lingered a few feet behind.

“Can my friend, Sam, play with us tonight?” I pouted sexily after I asked him the question while not breaking eye contact with him.

He stared at me in disbelief for a few seconds and then with an animal-like power just grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me towards him, his lips meeting mine passionately. I pulled away lingering a bit to look at his face and soak in this moment, we’ve never had an experience so new and sexually as exciting in all the years of us dating. I mean, I’ve always been incredibly attracted to him and fucking him has never felt boring but adding another person was really an exciting angle we had yet to explore.

I turned my glance back over to Sam, who to my surprise and delight, had started to tweak one of her nipples while moving the other hand furiously beneath the thin fabric of her bikini bottom.

I took a hand of each of them and started towards the shower. It was such an erotic feeling being in control during such a new and exciting sexual experience. Using two people to make myself cum in any way I decided to proceed with. I could feel my heart pounding, my left boob visibly bouncing with each excited pump.

We reached the bathroom. I turned towards my boyfriend and Sam both with equally excited and ready faces. I turned the shower on and took my bikini top off. I turned back towards them and hooked a finger into the side of Sam’s bikini bottom and playfully pulled her towards me. She gave me the same intense, sensual stare I saw back in the hot tub and she walked to where I was pulling her. I brought her to the entrance to the shower and untied the sides of her bikini bottom. It slid down her legs and she reached down to run her hands over my ass cheeks as she pushed down my bikini bottom. We both stepped out of our bottoms, which were now small pools of fabric laying on the bathroom floor.

Both completely naked, we looked back at my boyfriend. He had his dick in hand again and this time he was staring intensely, stroking up and down his long, hard erection. I could feel my crotch pounding hard begging to be touched. I looked at Sam and grabbed her by the hand, pulling her into the shower. Heart still pounding, I backed her against the shower wall taking control of her mouth with mine. She leaned her bahis siteleri head back and my mouth slid off of hers and down to her neck. She positioned her head so that my mouth was on her ear.

I felt her sigh deeply as I took the initiative to bite on her ear lobe a little and breathe lightly just behind her ear. Before I realized that my boyfriend had even moved into the shower, I felt a rock hard erection press into my lower back just as two hands came into view leaning on the shower wall on either side of me and Sam.

I twirled around to face him and his penis traced around to my stomach as I dug my fingers into his hair and pulled his head into mine. As I kissed him I suddenly felt a hand reach in between my legs, from behind my ass and two fingers slip right inside me. I moaned without even realizing as the fingers moved rhythmically in and out me. A pair of wet, hard nipples pressed against my bare back, followed by the squishiness that was the rest of Sam’s boobs.

I also felt streams of body gel falling down my wet body and could see that my boyfriend was doused in soap too. Sam had the shower gel bottle and was making sure everyone was all nice and sudsy. She put her head against mine, and from behind me I heard her whisper, “squat down, I’ll help you titty fuck him”

I pulled my kiss away from my boyfriend and gave him a grin as I dropped down, letting my soapy hands slide down over his muscular body, finally landing on his cock. It was covered in suds and harder than I’d ever felt it. I felt Sam squat behind me and her hands slid around to cup both my boobs. The water ran over them, causing a steady stream to flow between them as they heaved with excitement.

Together, Sam and I positioned my chest to line up with my boyfriend’s heavy, almost visibly pulsing cock. It slipped under my dripping boobs and I bent down a little to push it all the way through so it was poking out the top of my cleavage. My boyfriend let out a deep sigh as Sam moved my boobs up and down his shaft. I was so worked up I almost couldn’t take it and I reached around the back of me, pulling each of Sam’s thighs slightly apart.

Her nipples hardened noticeably up against my back as I slipped a few fingers down along her ass crack and let my fingers slip inside her. She let out a moan that was right next to my ear. The breeze against my neck and the soapy up and down motions of my boyfriends hard cock between my bahis şirketleri boobs combined with the feeling of having several fingers deep inside Sam was about to send me over the edge.

I looked up at my boyfriend who’s face gave away that he was about to cum, in a quick second he pulled out his dick from being lodged in my soapy cleavage and he held it pointed right at my chest. His warm cum covered my boobs and I looked down to see them with his jizz all over them, my nipples were harder than they’ve ever been.

Suddenly Sam spun around to the front of me and started licking and sucking the cum off my chest. I needed to cum so bad, the pounding deep in my pussy was an ache I needed to satisfy, it was more than I could handle. I laid back completely on the shower floor and pushed Sam’s head down toward my soapy pussy lips, swollen with need. She slid down with no resistance, as if she was eager for this moment since the hot tub.

I let my legs fall to the sides and felt the air on my open pussy, every sensation was heightened. Then I felt it, Sam’s warm lips grazed over my clit and I almost lost it. I looked up to see my boyfriend with such an animalistic lustful look in his eyes, his strong, hard cock was fully erect and he was stroking it standing right above us. My breathing got quick and looked down past my wet hard nipples to see Sam’s head working my crotch. I closed my eyes as an orgasm started to well up inside me. That warm deep internal itch that needed to be scratched. Her tongue was starting to circle quickly around my clit and I suddenly desperately needed my boyfriend’s dick in my mouth. I reached up and locked eyes with him, both of us so close to orgasm, my hand wrapped around his cock and I directed him back down, kneeling next to me.

I shot up on my elbows and plunged his dick into my mouth, I was hungry for it like I’ve never been. I felt the tip touch the back of my throat and at the same time I felt Sam run a finger up to my asshole. I could feel myself so close to the edge, my pussy started to pump hard as Sam slid one finger inside my asshole and then the best orgasm I had ever felt shook my body. I didn’t even realize until after I had stopped writhing around that my boyfriend had came right after me, his cum dripping all over Sam and I.

I looked at my boyfriend and said, “I think we should give Sam a special thank you..”

I got close to Sam and pinned her head against the shower wall with a hard kiss. I pulled away as I tugged a little with my teeth on her bottom lip. It snapped back into place and I gave her a follow me look and walked out of the shower towards the bedroom, my boyfriend followed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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