Movie with Uncle

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I’d just turned eighteen , didn’t have many friends and wasn’t that confident. So when my uncle offered to take me to the cinema hall I was happy to go. Jeevan uncle was a big man but really friendly to me especially when we were alone. He would always hug and lift me up into his arms and tickle me. At the cinema he commented on the film by whispering into my ear and would pat my knee. After a while he left his hand there and gently stroked my leg. I was wearing shorts so this was on my skin and felt nice. After the film finished, he took me home in his car but stopped in a wood nearby.

‘I noticed you limping Billu, your legs muscles must be a bit tight, I can fix that for you if you like.’

Well, I didn’t know I’d been limping and said so, but he said he could see I was. So I said ok. He reached over and pushed the button so the car seat reclined all the way. He then started to massage my knee area in round circles.

‘Is that nice?’ He asked.

‘Yes,’ I said. Even though I felt strange because the feelings his hands were giving me on my legs were making my tummy tingle. Ticklish but nice. When his hands moved higher and his fingers started sliding up the inside of my shorts with each stroke, I became very aware his fingers were close to touching my balls. This made me very excited and my cock started stiffening inside my pants. I felt myself blushing as I fought to keep my dick from getting hard. I swallowed and closed my eyes as his fingers touched the cloth on my underpants covering my balls. Again and again his fingers lightly pressed as if by accident.

‘I really need to massage your hips Billu, but can’t with your shorts in the way, lift your bum up and I’ll slide them down a bit.’

I accepted what he said and just lifted my bum higher as I was told.

‘Hang on, need to undo a couple of buttons first,’ he told me. He then reached up and undid my pants, his wrist resting on top of my now very stiff boy-cock as he did so. I blushed harder and kept my eyes closed and hoped he hadn’t noticed. Then he dragged my shorts down to my knees.

‘That’s better,’ he said.

I opened my eyes and saw him gazing at my white shorts which clearly showed the outline of my hard boy dick. My face felt on fire because I suddenly knew that’s what he wanted to see. I watched as his hands antalya escort began to massage the sides of my legs again, his eyes fixed on my hidden little boner. He was now kneeling on his seat, both his hands on either side of my hip,kneaded my flesh as his fingers crept up inside my underpants. As he moved higher, so the material pulled up my small balls into a tight bunch at the base of my cock.

I heard him whisper, ‘Nice…’

‘Lets get these off, shall we?’ When I made no objection, he started to pull my underpants down. As he dragged them down slowly, my cock was pulled upright. He then lifted the elastic over my hard dick which slapped back against my tummy. I gulped and closed my eyes again as I felt the cool air on my naked and very hard and now exposed boy-cock. My face felt very hot and flushed and I was panting. I felt my under pants slide down to join my shorts and felt very exposed. He began his massage again. All around he moved inching closer and closer to my exposed and twitching boy parts.

‘I’ll just have to touch you to move this a little, you don’t mind, do you?’

I didn’t answer just shook my head. And then he did it. He took hold of my boy-cock and pulled it upright and held it there as he massaged my tummy. No one had touched me there before and it felt amazing to have another hand, not my own, holding my cock. But he didn’t just hold it, he pressed it between his fingers, squeezed it. The tingling in my balls shot up my little cock and I gasped as an uncontrolled eruption of young spunk splashed out all over my tummy.

I wriggled and moaned, embarrassed and overcome with the sensations of spunking so fast and hard and in the hand of an adult. I tried to get up,to cover myself but Jeevan uncle hushed me, held me down and and continued to milk the last drops from my boy-cock until I gave up and lay back panting.

‘It’s ok, Billu, it’s good to spunk. A young lad like you should spunk as often as you like.’ As he said the words, he scooped up my boy spunk on his fingers and licked them. ‘I love young spunk, and I want you to give me as much as you can.’

He began to massage my body again to sooth me and soon I was laying back enjoying his hands roaming over my young smooth body. My face felt hot, but his fingers felt good. Then he pulled of my shorts and alanya escort pants and took off my shirt so that I was completely naked. I felt very vulnerable but excited as his obviously hungry gaze and eager hands felt and stroked my body. My boy-cock sprang back to stiffness as his fingers traced it’s outline. Smooth and straight, a tight and slim five inches of erect boyhood was his to play with. He started slipping the foreskin back over the flared head, exposing the sensitive flesh to the cool air. When he then blew on it, I almost jumped out of the seat. I heard myself moaning.

He lifted both my legs up and apart so that I was fully exposed to his gaze. Spread like this, he leaned down and took each of my balls fully into his mouth. The sensation made me dizzy as he rolled them with his tongue and pulled them with his lips. But that was nothing to the feeling when he swallowed my boy-cock to the root. The enveloping wet warmth made me moan out loud and I moaned again when he started to suction on my young dick. Hearing my sighs made him suck harder and then when he went to the root and this time pushed my balls inside, well, I came hard. Shooting my boy-spunk in thrusts and spasms of ecstasy into his vacuuming mouth until I was drained.

I lay there, panting, feeling emptied as he released my cock and balls but he didn’t stop. Pushing my legs higher, he delved his tongue into my most private area, my virgin asshole. These sensations were weird and wonderful, how anyone would want to do that, I didn’t know, but it felt so good. I grabbed my legs and held them up around my head as he went to work on my ass. As he licked and probed his hand moved up and wrapped around my boy-cock which immediately started to harden once more. The thumb of his other hand was probing and opening me for his tongue as he stroked my boy-cock to full hardness again.

As his thumb opened my up, penetrating me bit by bit, he would lick up to my balls, suck each in turn and then suck on my cock for a short while before returning to my boy-hole. I was in delirium. Then he lifted me higher into the seat and straddling me, knelt up, undid his belt and released his own hard and very adult cock. He pulled one of my hands and wrapped it around the shaft. My fingers didn’t meet around the girth, alanya rus escort but I knew what to do and started pumping my fist up and down this huge adult cock, the first I’d seen or felt. As I pumped, he pulled his pants down and I saw his balls swing free, bouncing to my pumping. His cock head was a fat mushroom of glistening meat, my fist hitting the flared ridge of flesh with each stroke. He pulled my other hand to his cock as he held my legs, and I watched myself double fisting this big adult cock, watching his fat balls slap. Soon he I heard him groan and he moved my hands away, back to holding my legs high. He rolled his cock over my balls and boy-cock, taking both in hand and stroking them together, then slid his leaking cock-head down and over my twitching hole.

‘This is going to hurt a bit Billu, but I have to fuck you!’

Fuck me? How could he fuck me? Then I felt his cock push against my hole and I knew what he meant. Again and again he pushed as I felt myself opening wider than I thought possible. Then a pain shot through me like fire as his cock-head broke through my resistance. His hand covered my mouth as I cried out for him to stop, take it out, but deeper it went, on and on, filling me like I could never believe.

‘That’s it Billu, I’m fully in, relax boy.’

I was panting and crying but after a minute, and with no movement as he allowed me to get used to his cock buried fully inside me, the pain went away. Then he started to pull out and I felt his cock head pull at my ring before sliding inside me again. The pain eased as he began to fuck me with slow deep strokes. I looked down to see my boy-cock soft and limp above the thick adult cock pumping deep inside me. At each deep stroke, I saw my tummy expand as his fat cock pushed inside, forcing my guts up. His hand found my boy-cock and began stroking it to full hardness and I started to enjoy the feeling of being filled by hard, hot, eager cock while being wanked off. My uncle started fucking me hard and fast, his balls slapping my small boy ass as he stroked my boy-cock faster.

‘Oh shit YES!’ Jeevan uncle shouted as he pushed himself deep inside me and held himself there. I felt his cock throb and pulse, warmth flooding me, his cock becoming slick and free inside. My own cock spurted boy-spunk again, my ass clenching around the cock spurting and pumping inside my guts. I’d been fucked and completely drained of boy-spunk. I was his. And I knew I wanted more. Jeevan uncle would give me more, much more later. With his friends I would be drained, milked and fucked for their pleasure until I passed out.

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