Mrs. Sonnet

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Well, I hope you guys like this one as much as you did ‘Aunt Raven’. I’ve worked on it just as hard and have high hopes for it.

I’m off to start what I hope to be a great new chapter to ‘Aunt Raven’, wish me luck.

Thank you for all the wonderful comments and emails.


She lay under her extremely, overweight husband hoping, praying that tonight would be her lucky night and Bill would last longer than his normal thirty seconds. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d had an orgasm and it was slowly taking its toll on her. It just wasn’t normal to go three years without being pleased by your husband.

He humped her like some whore he’d picked up. Not caring if he pleased her or not, it was always him and never anything for her. Never a soft kiss, never a warm hug, never, ever did he even bother to once touch or suck her very large and supple C cup breasts that she loved to have fondled.

It was nothing for her to explode into a mind blowing orgasm just having one of her tender nipples sucked. Before she met Bill, she lived to have a guy suck them and afterwards, they’d be rewarded with the best blowjob a man could ever dream of, but Bill just focused on himself and she was sick of it.

He grunted thrusting his small six inch dick in and out of her as fast as he could move, not caring anything about her or if she ever came. He needed to pull a nut as he thought about the new girl in the office. She was so young, alive and he loved flirting with her. Her tiny ass filled his mind as he used his wife’s sloppy, old pussy, wishing all the time that it was the girl from the office under him.

She just lay there knowing that he’d be cuming and she’d be left with the same empty feelings as always. ‘Why don’t you touch me anymore?’ she asked herself as his pace quickened. ‘I love you to suck my tits and I’ll do anything you want,’ she thought again, knowing he’d never do that. He hadn’t sucked them in so long and she missed it so much.

He grunted again and it was over, just as fast as it had started. He’d gotten his nut off and it wasn’t his beautiful wife that did it. He climbed off her, not a thank you; kiss my ass or a single word. He walked to the bathroom to wash off and that was it.

She turned on her side as tears of more hurt than any woman had ever felt and she cried. Praying that he’d start loving her or she knew they were over. She couldn’t live like this anymore. She was in her prime and she needed to be fucked by a skilled man and to orgasm around a nice, big cock.

‘Fuck it!’ she thought wiping her eyes. ‘I’m finding me a guy and I’m going to fuck him to death!’ she thought again as Bill sat on the bed smoking. ‘Can I have one, please?’ she asked sitting up next to him.

He just tossed her the pack, lighter, and didn’t even look at her. For some reason it made him sick to look at her anymore. He could barely stand to fuck her, but he hated to jack himself off, so he used her old, sloppy pussy.

‘I hate you,’ she said to herself as she lit a cigarette and moved to her side of the bed, trying to think of a man that liked her. She needed someone that was kind, loving and would want her and not just to fuck. She thought and thought, but no one came to mind. ‘I’ll find somebody,’ she said to herself with a smile, put out the cigarette and lay down to sleep.


The next morning she sat at her dressing table brushing her long, black hair trying to think of a man she knew that would want her. She was still a great looking lady at thirty six. A few winkles here and there, but nothing that bad.

She opened her panty drawer and pulled out a tiny pair of sheer white ones. They always made her feel so innocent, but so sexy. She slowly pulled them up her slender hips, enjoying the feel of the delicate material gliding over her flesh, until they were covering her excited pussy. ‘Oh God! Why in the hell do I wear these things?’ she moaned, rubbing two fingers over her wet pussy, wishing a handsome man would come into her miserable life and end her loneliness. ‘Someday soon,’ she smiled pulling on her thin, silk robe, walked to the kitchen for a cup of coffee and a cigarette.

She sat dreaming of a loving, caring man to hold her in his arms while fucking her brains out. ‘Why me?’ she asked feeling juices pouring from her lonely pussy, wishing for a man to come and love her. She wanted to be held while a long, hard cock slid in and out of her tight pussy. She wanted her breasts sucked and in turn, she would return the favor by sucking his cock for as long as he wanted, with no complaints what so ever.

‘Knock, knock!’

‘Who in the heck is that?’ she said drifting from her dreams. ‘It’s too early for this shit,’ she added, figuring it was some salesman or some of those annoying church people that lived to harass people. She pulled her robe together and walked through the house to the front door. She looked out the peephole and smiled. ‘I forgot about you coming over!’ antalya escort she swung open the door and smiled. ‘Hi Pete, I forgot you were coming over to help me today,’ she smiled looking over the tall and very handsome young boy.

Pete and her son were best friends until last year, but for some reason last year they stopped talking and she never knew why. Pete was tall, maybe six foot with brown hair to his shoulders and his big, brown eyes were just wonderful.

‘Hey Mrs. Sonnet.’ Pete smiled, trying his best not to look at her large breasts, but it was so hard not to. He loved sneaking an occasional look at them, but there was no way he wanted her to see him doing it. He loved working for her and didn’t want to take a chance and fuck it up.

‘How many times have a told you to call me Eva?’ she asked, giving him her motherly look. ‘I’ve known you since you were a baby and there’s no need to be so formal,’ she smiled thinking of her coffee and cigarette in the kitchen. ‘I was still having coffee, come and join me,’ she said motioning for him to enter the house. ‘It’ll be nice having someone to chat with,’ she added as he walked in and she shut the door, trying to remember when the last time that she and Bill even talked at the table.

‘I’d love to,’ he smiled back to her as she led the way. ‘Oh my Lord!’ he thought watching her great ass wiggling under the silk robe. ‘You’re so beautiful!’ he moaned to himself, not having the nerve to say it aloud and risk his teeth being knocked down his throat by her husband. ‘So, how you been?’ he asked watching the silk robe flipping up with each step she took, hoping he’d get a chance to see her entire ass. He’d dreamt of her every night for most of his life and when he and Bobby stopped talking, it killed Pete not being able to see Eva.

It warmed her lonely heart to actually ask her how she was doing. ‘I’m ok I guess,’ she replied as they walked in the bright, sunny kitchen. ‘How do you like your coffee?’ she asked turning to see him looking at her ass and she couldn’t help but smile. She remembered Pete loved following her around and trying not to be caught looking at her boobs, but Eva saw him and for some odd reason, it never bothered her.

‘Black,’ he said not knowing that she’d seen him checking out her ass. It had been so long since he’d talked to her and enjoyed looking at this beautiful woman.

‘How’s it feel to be out of school?’ she asked turning around and again, his big, brown eyes were looking at her ass. ‘I think someone loves my butt,’ she said to herself and couldn’t help but smiling at him. ‘To bad you’re not older or I’d let you do a little more than look,’ she thought sitting the coffee down in front of him and noticed his eyes widen. She sat down across the table from him and saw that her robe had opened enough for young Pete to get a wonderful view of her breasts and again, it didn’t bother her.

He just looked at her, wishing she was his age or one of those women that liked being with young guys, but that was only true in porno movies and in a boy’s dream. No woman as pretty as Mrs. Sonnet would do a guy that was eighteen. She was married and her son was Pete’s age, why would she even think of doing him?

‘It ok. I’ll miss all my friends and the girls,’ he replied feeling his face turning red. How could he have said something like that to her? She was a beautiful woman that filled so many of his perverted dreams and here he was telling her that he’d miss seeing girls.

‘Poor baby,’ she said in a motherly voice, but it had a tone in it that she knew would turn him on. It sounded so seductive the way she’d said it and it was funny, but she was going to talk to him like that all day long. ‘I’ve really missed you,’ she said in the same wonderful, sexy voice, feeling her pussy getting wetter by the second. ‘You always talked to me and made me feel so good when you’d tell me how pretty I looked,’ she added watching his innocent face turning a nice shade of pink.

‘I know,’ he replied thinking of how much he’d missed her too. ‘You were the only one I could talk to without feeling embarrassed,’ he added thinking of all the times he’d shared some of his most hidden thoughts with her and never thought about it. She was more of a mother to him than his real one could ever dream of, but he didn’t want to think of her that way. He loved her and had some pretty explicit dreams of her to be his mother.

‘I missed being there for you too. I know you didn’t have anyone,’ she replied putting out her lower lip, not realizing that she was slowly driving young Pete insane with lust. She looked to his big, brown eyes, wishing that she had the nerve to grab him in her arms and give him the love he so dearly needed from a woman. ‘I don’t care what happened between you and Bobby, from now on, you’re welcome to come and be with me anytime you like. Day or night, I don’t care, I’m all yours,’ she smiled and something came to mind. She’d just told Pete that she was lara escort his and it made her pussy burn thinking about it.

Pete couldn’t help but smile when her words filled his ears. There were so many times in the last year that he wanted to just sit and share his feelings, but Bobby said he’d kill him if he ever saw him around his mother. ‘I didn’t want to piss Bobby off.’ Pete said, hoping he wasn’t at home.

‘What happened between you two? He wouldn’t say anything, except that you were a ‘fucking pervert’, she asked wanting an answer from Pete. She loved him and thought of him as a second ‘good’ son. Bobby was pretty much like his father, cold, to the point and a heatless fucker. Pete on the other hand was so sweet, caring and always mad her feel so good. ‘Oh my God!’ she gasped to herself when she realized that the man she’d been dreaming of, was sitting right in front of her.

He just laughed, knowing if he told her what happened; she might toss him out on his ass too. ‘I can’t tell you,’ he said hoping that she’d drop it.

She sat looking at him as her pussy began to tingle with excitement. ‘Come on, you tell me and I don’t care if it was something bad or what,’ she said lighting a cigarette and leaned up on her elbows, waiting for him to tell her and she wasn’t going to let him get out of telling her. ‘You might as well just me, because I’m not letting you go until you do,’ she smiled blowing smoke in his face, wondering what could have been so bad to end their ten year friendship.

‘It’s kind of embarrassing,’ he said reaching for one of her cigarettes and wondered how he was going to tell her. ‘We were down in your basement smoking a joint, when Bobby asked me if I could do anybody I wanted, who would it would be. I stalled all I could, asked him the same thing and after putting it off as long as I could,’ he stopped to take a drink of coffee and a very big drag from his cigarette he answered. ‘I said, you,’ he added in a very soft voice, waiting for her to tell him to get out. He knew this was it; he’d never get to enjoy her company again, see her pretty face and the thing that would hurt him the most, loosing her as a friend.

She couldn’t believe what he’d said, but after she thought for a minute, it made her feel so good. A young boy like Pete wanted her and she felt so excited. She didn’t know what to say. She was his mothers’ age and couldn’t just tell him that she felt the same way. This was going to be so hard, but if it worked out right, they both would be happy.

Eva reached to hold his hands and smiled. ‘That’s very sweet of you to say,’ she whispered to him, feeling as if her body was going to explode at any second. ‘Why in the world would you want to do it with an ugly, old woman like me?’ she asked feeling her face getting red. She was thirty six years old and here she was getting excited and embarrassed as a young kid.

He sat in shock at what she’d just said. ‘You’re not ugly or old!’ he almost yelled at Eva, looking into her powder blue eyes in shock. ‘You’re beautiful! I’d give anything I had to spend one night with you, hell, and even just a few minutes.’ Pete added as excitement rushed over him.

She reached to hold his hand and couldn’t believe her young admirer felt this way. ‘Calm down,’ she smiled at him, wondering just how much he did like her. ‘I was kidding. I know that I still look very good for my age,’ she added caressing Pete’s hand.

He enjoyed her warm hands on his and could feel something stirring in his jeans. ‘I think you’re a very beautiful woman and I meant every word I said,’ he replied, hoping his face didn’t look like a tomato. He paused for a few seconds enjoying Eva touching him and asked, ‘What did you need help with?’ he asked figuring she needed some yard work. Bobby never helped her do anything.

Eva was still a bit taken by Pete’s kind words and didn’t think she was going to waist time with yard work. Bill was out for the day doing who knew what and Bobby; Eva never knew where he was. She wanted to have her own fun today, but didn’t have a clue of what to do. ‘Let’s do something fun,’ she smiled, hoping Pete knew of something to do on this fine spring day.

‘What you got in mind?’ he asked taking a drink of coffee, wondering what had come over her. She loved her yard and over the last ten years won many awards for it.

‘I don’t know. I never do anything but work outside or clean house for my two pigs!’ Eva laughed thinking of all the housework, cleaning, doing the wash and cooking and she was tired of it. ‘Do you feel like going to the beach?’ she asked hoping he’d want to go. She hadn’t been to Savannah in years and heard they’d done some great things to River Street.

He thought and quickly replied, ‘Sure, it’d been fun,’ he smiled thinking of being with her for such a long time. He hadn’t been with her in two years and now they’d be together all day. ‘I went there a few months ago. I think you’re really manavgat escort going to like it,’ he added thinking of all the shops that he knew she would love. Eva liked collecting dolls and Pete knew she was going to love it.

‘Great!’ she said with more excitement than she’d felt in years and it was the thought of spending the day away from home and a charming young guy to keep her company. ‘I’ll get dressed and we’ll get going,’ she smiled drinking the last of her coffee and ran to dress.

Pete loved seeing her so happy and in all the time he’d known her, never remembered her being this happy. He watched her walking away and felt his cock growing as Eva’s great, little ass filled his eyes. ‘God, I wish I was older,’ he whispered, wondering what it would be like to make love to a beautiful woman like Eva. She looked like an angel. Her face and eyes could hypnotize you after just a few seconds and her wonderful body made Pete hard instantly.


They sat in the small café drinking a coke and sharing a small basket of fries, enjoying each other’s company. Eva loved Pete’s calming voice and his sweetness towards her. Pete just loved being with Eva. Sure he loved sneaking a peek at her large breasts under the very thin white summer blouse, but today, he just looked into her pretty eyes.

‘You’re going to spoil me,’ she whispered as Pete dipped a long fry into the catsup and lifted it to her mouth. She opened her mouth and bit it in two, wondering if Pete really meant what he’d said about wanting her. He was just a kid, but as sweet as he was, Eva knew he’d be a delightful lover.

‘Somebody should,’ he replied thinking of Bill and the way he treated Eva made Pete sick. She was such a magnificent lady and she deserved better.

‘You trying to sweet talk me, because if you are,’ she smiled, looking straight into his eyes, wondering if he really wanted her. ‘I like it.’ Eva whispered, feeling her tiny panties getting so wet, she hoped it wouldn’t soak through to her white jeans.

The waitress walked up to their table and smiled, ‘Can I get you two love birds anything else?’ she asked watching Eva’s face turning pink. ‘I’m sorry, I just assumed you were…lovers,’ she winked at Pete, having a good idea that the young guy hoped they were lovers.

‘We’re just very good friends.’ Eva replied with a smile as she caressed Pete’s hand. ‘We’re spending the day just having fun and forgetting all our problems,’ she added looking at the look of conquest on Pete’s face.

The waitress sat down next to Eva and looked at her. ‘I’m your age, maybe a little older and I’ve been going out with a guy that just turned twenty,’ she smiled thinking of her tall, handsome young lover. ‘I was married twenty five years and it was the most miserable time in my life. After we broke up, I met my guy and I’ve never been as happy as I am now,’ she smiled remembering the day her husband walked out of their house and how great it made her feel.

‘I have a very good idea how you felt. I have a real winner at home too.’ Eva laughed trying to keep thoughts of Bill and her son from her mind. Today was Pete’s day with her and she didn’t want anything to stand in the way of them having fun.

‘You guys look so hot together,’ the waitress smiled at them. ‘Can I ask you something?’

‘Sure.’ Eva replied taking a drink of coke.

‘What do you like the most about him? How innocent he is or the fact that he can fuck you all night long and wake up wanting you again?’ she asked thinking of all the nights her guy spent fucking her into oblivion.

Eva looked at the woman and couldn’t believe what she had asked. If she was fucking Pete, she wouldn’t tell someone she didn’t even know about it. ‘I guess the way he gently touches me. He can make me orgasm in just a few minutes.’ Eva said, hoping Pete wouldn’t say anything. She wanted Pete to have fun and if it meant lying about them having sex, what the hell.

‘Wow! You got you a good one,’ the waitress smiled, wishing her guy was the same. He loved playing with every inch of her body, but he always rushed things. ‘I can’t even imagine being touched into an orgasm. He gets on me and rides me like a wild man,’ she smiled knowing he’d be at home waiting for her and today, she was getting him.

‘Not Pete. He takes his times and savors every last inch of me.’ Eva smiled at Pete, hoping he didn’t mind that she was making all this up. ‘And, when he does me.’ Eva moaned and thought of Pete loving her the very same way. ‘He does me for hours and hours,’ she moaned again, hoping her wetness hadn’t gone through to her jeans.

The waitress sat looking at Eva and couldn’t believe that the guy made love to her that way. ‘Damn!’ she gasped, wishing her guy was that way. He could fuck her really nice, but he’d only last a few minutes before he’d cum. ‘You are one very, very lucky lady,’ she smiled to Eva feeling her own panties getting wet. ‘You guys have a great day,’ she added getting up and walked away.

‘Thank you.’ Eva smiled looking at Pete, hoping that she hadn’t embarrassed him or made him think that they would be making love. ‘I’m sorry for saying all that, but I didn’t want her thinking you didn’t get me,’ she added with a warm smile for ‘her’ guy.

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