Ms. Lord Ch. 01

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During my Junior year of high school, I had a English teacher named Ms. Lord. She was a 42 year old divorcee who came off a little cold at first but eventually began to open up. At first, I didn’t even like her all that much, but by the end of my Junior year, I thought she was one of my better teachers, and we got along pretty well.

When I visited my counselor my Senior year of high school, she told me that I needed to pick one more elective in order to graduate on time. I had taken most of the electives I wanted to like photo class and computers, so she told me I could be a teachers aid. The only open period I had for the elective was 6th period of my second semester that year, so I asked a few teachers about there availability and if that needed an aid. Most my original preferences were booked or unable for whatever reason, and so while not my first choice, I ended up asking Ms. Lord and it worked out perfectly.

Being an aid was kinda boring but it was easy. Since it was English class, all I could really do was grade homework and some tests, but not much else since most the work that needed grading were papers or essays, and only Ms. Lord could grade those, naturally. Since I didn’t have much to do, I usually would grade or do errands for like a half an hour and then do my homework until I could go home. In the beginning, when I first began to aid for Ms. Lord, we would make small talk, but not much. Yet for some reason, after I turned 18 that semester during February, Ms. Lord began to open up a bit more. She talked more about her 2 kids and divorce and such, and the conversation became more like that between two adults, than between a kid and an adult.

Like any kid in high school, I had a small crush on a few antalya escort of my teachers, but Ms. Lord was never really one of them. Yet, that last semester, being her aid, that changed. Although she didn’t look necessarily younger than her age, she did look good for a middle aged woman. She had shoulder length brown hair, very nice greenish blue eyes, and remarkable skin for someone her age. She wasn’t skinny or slender, but she was definitely not fat or chubby either. She had a full figured body of a woman, with a average sized waste, somewhat thick thighs, and busty on top. Lastly, her white skin wasn’t pale, but wasn’t really tanned either, and she had attractive facial features. All and all, you could say she was kind of a MILF, even though she dressed rather modest in mostly assorted tops, skirts and jeans.

Anyways, back to the story. As the semester went on, the more time I spent with Ms. Lord, the more attracted to her I became. I even began to fantasize about her on occasion and remember jacking off a few times to thoughts of her after school. I even began to chum up to her more, and she would reciprocate back. Eventually, we would talk to each other more like friends than teacher and pupil, but we never really went into a very adult conversation, until one day.

It all started in a rather strange way. I was grading papers, but not paying attention to it much. My mind must have wondered off in the middle of it, and by the time I noticed I had completely zoned out, I realized I was looking straight at Ms. Lord’s breast across from me. I caught myself and looked up at her face, only to see her smile at me, with me realizing I think she knew what I was looking at. She then laughed, and told me that it was okay. alanya escort I stumbled to explain that I was just zoning out, but she didn’t mind, saying that she’s been teaching high schoolers for a while and I was hardly the first to stare at her chest. She then walked up the desk I was in, and bent over towards me, revealing her cleavage and allowing me to look down her shirt at her white bra. She joked how her guy students wait all year for a peak like the one she gave me, then she got up, walked to her desk, and laughed some more.

For a minute, I just stood there, a little bit shocked and confused about what just happened, but I hardly had time to defuse it all. Ms. Lord then spoke up again, and asked me how big I thought they were. At first, I kinda just laughed and shrugged off the question by saying I don’t know. She then pressed me to answer, and I finally made my guess of 36C. She smiled, and said I was close. She then asked me another question, asking how big I thought her nipples were. Having not seen them, I made a random guess of the size of a quarter. She smiled yet again, and completely caught me off guard by pulling her shirt off and quickly unlatching her bra. By now, I was head over heals, both confused and in awe of exactly what was going on. She asked me for a quarter, and I fumbled taking out my wallet, and walked up and handed her one that fell out. She then pressed it up against her left nipple, and it was clear that her nipple was a bit larger than the quarter.

Now, my head was kind of spinning at this point. Almost completely out of the blue, my zoning out on her breasts had turned into Ms. Lord sitting at her desk completely topless. This was definitely not the Ms. belek escort Lord I had known before, and I cautiously continued, completely unsure of exactly what was going to happen next, even though my imagination began to kick in.

Ms. Lord, noticing my stunned facial expressions at the events unfolding in front of me, snapped her fingers and smiled at me. She then asked me if this was all too much for me or was it okay, and did I want to proceed. I nodded yes, and then then pulled my hand close to her. She then asked if I wanted to feel them. I couldn’t help myself, and before I answered her, my hands were all over her boobs. Now these were not the first pair of breasts I’ve ever felt, but they were definitely the most fantastic. They were so soft and cushy, big and round. I played with her pink nipples, which were now getting a little hard at my touch. All the while, Ms. Lord stood there, smiling.

I think she noticed that her nipples were getting erect, and she looked at me with the naughtiest of looks I have ever seen. Her face was slightly down, but her eyes were transfixed of me. She then, almost making a motion with her eyes, looked down at her chest. I think I got the hint, and leaned in and began to suck on her left nipple. I can’t tell you how long I spend on those things, but it seemed like I sucked on her nipples for an hour.

After what seemed like an eternity, I came up for air, and we both heard the bell ring. 6th period was over, and so was the end of the day. Ms. Lord quickly put her bra back on, and then her shirt. I had to go, but I wanted to stay, to see what else could happen. Ms. Lord, let out a mixture of a laugh and a sigh, saying that was enough for today. She then walked me out, and before I left, mentioned how what had happened should be on the hush hush. She didn’t really have to tell me I told her, and I left for home, my head still a little dizzy at what had perspired.

That wasn’t the end of things, but the beginning of something big. Really big.

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