Ms. Mecca , Her Hot Ass

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I shivered when I heard the words: “Simon, could you stay after class, I need to speak with you.” I was well aware I had done nothing wrong, and was going to hear about what happened last night online.

Since the moment I set foot on university campus that year, I knew that deep within Ms. Mecca, my physics teacher, was buried a nasty bitch.

All the guys in class fantasized about her. She was all we talked about. Well, her, and her incredible tits and ass, that is.

The minute I saw her at the beginning of the semester I just wanted to fuck her raw. She must’ve just gotten out of university because she seemed very young for a teacher – especially at our level. She was very witty and playful. It’s almost as if she knew all the guys were drooling over her and she loved the attention.

She had long, silky brown hair barely wavy that fell gracefully on her back, just above her perfect pear-shaped ass always emphasized by the tight pants she’d always wear. Her olive-skin, almond eyes and incredible lips completed her Spanish look – and really did justice to the lovely inhabitants of the Spanish countries.

All the other guys in my class were like puppies to her and would obey her every command. “Yes Ms. Mecca”, “Sure Ms. Mecca” and “Oh that’s a funny one Ms. Mecca” were virtually the only words coming our of their mouths all class long.

But I was different. I treated her like any other girl. Not in a rude way, just, casually. And I could tell she was surprised or impressed. I made it so the teacher/student awkwardness didn’t have its place between us.

But it’s not to say I wasn’t making moves. I wanted this little brunette badly.

We started communicating over the school’s teacher/student communication software and rapidly our exchanges were getting more and more friendly.

“Do you have a girlfriend?” she mailed me last night.

The question made me smile. “No” I replied, I ain’t into girls my age. Their immaturity completely turns me off.”

Minutes later, “So what does turn you on?” showed up in my inbox.

I hesitated for a minute whether or not I should make a brutal comment, but figured I had nothing antalya escort to lose since we had cross the teacher/student line long ago anyway, and the question was pretty straightforward.

“Watching you in class…” I answered.

And I hadn’t heard from her since. I was a bit anxious about her reaction when I came to class earlier, but she smiled and saluted me casually.

Everyone left the class and I walked over to her desk.

“You wanted to see me, Ms. Mecca?”

“Simon, we could both be in a lot of trouble because of what you said last night.” She said as she stood up and walked closer to me.

She placed her index on the side of my stomach and looked me in the eyes. “So let’s keep it our secret, shall we?”

I knew that was an invitation and wasted no time in planting my lips on hers. She opened her mouth to accommodate me and our tongues began fighting.

I placed my hands over her white shirt and squeezed her breasts hard. She moaned between two kisses.

I then grabbed her by the ass and sat her on her desk. We never stopped kissing. Her hands found my hardening prick through my pants and she was rubbing it aggressively.

I stopped her only to lift her shirt above her head and reveal her wonderful large breasts in a white lacy bra. She had definitely planned for this. Her bra was almost completely see-through and I could see her hard nipples perfectly. I kissed them through the fabric and unhooked the bra in her back at the same time.

I could tell she enjoyed the look on my face as I was getting my first glance at my teacher’s exposed hot boobs. They were very large with nice proportionate dark pink areolas. And I could tell from her moans she loved to get them licked and bit.

She undid my pants and slid her hand in my boxers to find my almost fully-erect cock. It immediately hardened at her touch and she wrapped her fingers around my thick shaft. I wanted her to jerk me off and take it in her mouth bad.

I quickly undid her pant too and slid them off her, removing her socks by the same occasion. Her smooth legs were long and freshly shaved. I ran the tip of my fingers from her feet to alanya escort her matching white lacy string and slid it off her, exposing her waiting hole I had fancied so dearly since the beginning of the semester. I could tell it was already moist in anticipation.

She spread her legs obscenely in front of me, looking me in the eyes and licking her lips, obviously asking that I’d give her kittybox some tongue action, but I had waited long enough to sink my tool inside her moist slit and had nothing else on my mind than sliding fiercely inside my whore teacher’s cunt.

I slid her off the desk and turned her so she’d have her back to me. I then roughly pushed her chest on the teacher’s desk and she responded by pressing her cunt on my hard tool. He pussy hair tickled my balls as she moved it up and down along my shaft.

I spread her legs apart and and caressed her pussy lips with my left hand. I inserted two fingers deep inside her wet pussy and with the other hand lined up my tool for her waiting cunt.

Without warning or without a condom, I withdrew my fingers from my teacher’s pussy and fucked her deeply for the first time.

“OOOOOOOOooooooohhhhhhHHHH!” she tried not to scream so loudly. Her lovebox was so hot and moist I could feel my cock was hardest it’s ever been.

After a second my eyes widen and my jaw dropped – I couldn’t believe I was fucking my teacher.

The simple thought of it almost made me cum right there. But I wasn’t going to let her down and swallowed my envy to continue thrusting. I was grabbing her by the waist and fucking her aggressively at an increasing pace. My breathing was getting louder and faster and she’d inevitably moan loudly every time my big dick reached the bottom of her pussy.

I really made her my bitch. She was fully mine and had no say in our fucking. Her head was hitting almost savagely the desk every time I shoved myself inside her and I had no intention to slow down.

“Simoooooon!” She screamed. “I’ve never, ever been fucked like this, please don’t stop!” Almost as an invitation, her left hand found my balls between her legs and she cupped and tugged belek escort on them to excite me even more. Sweat was dripping on our bodies and my incredibly envy for this woman allowed me complete abandon into this pure act of sexual lust.

The though that anyone – student or teacher – could simply walk in and catch us at any moment made this even hotter.

“Oh, fuck yeah, fuck me, don’t stop, please don’t stop, don’t ever stop fucking me!” she yield.

I couldn’t fuck her any harder or faster but I didn’t want her excitement to plateau and I ran my thumb between her ass cheeks up to her tight asshole. I gently pressed on it without inserting my finger and rubbed it.

“FUCK MY ASS!” she almost screamed.

Without hesitation, I pulled out of her dripping wet hairy cunt and and placed my incredibly hard soaked cock at the entrance of her tight ass. I slowly pushed myself inch by inch inside it and her hand replaced mine on her love button.

“AaaaaaAaaAaAAaAaaAAaAaA” her screams of mixed pain and pleasure only encouraged me to push harder and burry the my whole big cock in my teacher’s ass.

She was trying to bite her desk as if it was a pillow with every inch of my cock invading her tight ass.

My foreskin had pulled back below the head of my cock due to her tightness. It felt so exposed inside my teacher’s ass. Talk about a first time for anal.

I wanted to shoot my hot jism in my teacher’s ass. I increased the rhythm of my ramming as much as Ms. Mecca could handle.

I was pounding her with all my strength. She’d let out a scream every time my cock would reach deep into her tight ass. I squeezed her soft breasts and rolled her nipples between my fingers.

I knew she was having orgasm after orgasm seeing how loud her moans had gotten and her muscles kept contracting around my fuck tool. I was getting eager to explode inside her and again increased the pace of my fucking. I felt a tingle in my balls and my toes started curling. I didn’t slow down. I was pushing my cock deepest and hardest I could inside her and joined her in her moaning.

Suddenly, I closed my eyes and began pouring tons and tons of semen inside Ms. Mecca’s incredibly ass. I don’t remember a better feeling in my lifetime.

After I came she got down on her knees, gave my cock a few last strokes and sucked and licked it clean while I fondled her big boobs.

Physics class was never the same for me…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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