Music Night

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It’s Saturday night and I am getting ready to DJ another one of those 30 something birthday parties. Don’t get me wrong I thoroughly enjoy spinning music and interacting with people. I just am getting tired of the yuppie crowd who seem to want to hire me lately.

I show up a half hour before the party starts like I always do and start dragging in the speakers, CD suitcase, amplifier, music, and the various lights I brought along for the evenings festivities. Between the warm spring air temperature and the flight of stairs I have to carry everything up I start to get a slight glow of sweat on my face. As I am running the wires underneath the table to the speakers I see a pair of black heels standing by my table. I cannot help myself and I gaze from the heels up the legs of this person standing before me. As I do I accidentally begin to look up the skirt of this voluptuous red head standing before me. Her gaze catches mine and I blush with guilty embarrassment. I stand up and introduce myself to her. She tells me her name is Ann and she is the woman that hired me for her sister’s birthday party. She looks around at the equipment and says she likes what she sees. She asks if the speakers can handle a lot of bass and how deep can the bass get. I reassure her that the speakers can handle anything she wants. In fact I guarantee the bass will be driving hard and deep. I also tell her I am glad she likes what she sees. She smiles in approval and I thought I saw something lustful in her smile. Her green eyes begin to sparkle. Oh what a beautiful sight.

Everyone begins showing up just as I am testing the sound system. Everything sounds great as always. The crowd is pretty much what I expected to see. Mostly 30 something professional types, dressed in their khaki’s and sweaters. Gonna be a long night of 80’s rock, 70’s disco, and a little Ton Loc I am sure. I must say I don’t know if it’s the fact that I haven’t been intimate with a woman for a few months or what but some of these ladies are looking smokin’ hot.

I put on addicted to love by Robert Palmer and introduce myself and tell everyone that if there is anything they want to hear or anything I can do for them feel free to come up and talk to me. The first hour goes by pretty uneventful except for a few requests for Bee Gee’s style disco and a little classic konyaaltı escort rock, not to mention me watching these lovely ladies dancing and grinding on their boyfriends and husbands. I can’t stop from thinking that I could give any of these ladies a ride they wouldn’t soon forget. For some reason I find I cannot take my eyes off that of that set of legs I was caught looking up at earlier. Ann is just moving so sexily and I am getting so turned on. Usually I walk around and mingle with the crowd but I fear that may be a bit embarrassing for me right now in my condition. So I continue to watch and admire.

The next 2 hours start to get hot. The strobe lights and the flashing beat lights are really getting people in the mood. When I put on Hott In Here by Nelly the ladies started going wild. Clothes start coming off and next thing I know the women are hanging their bras over a beam that runs across the middle of the ceiling. I am starting to like this. I start getting into the music and start doing a hip grind as I am preparing the next song. Once again it was my turn to be embarrassed. Ann comes up to my table and says I love your gyrations. I blush 5 shades of red and thank her for the compliment.

She then asks if it gets difficult to stand up here and DJ while everyone else is drinking and dancing and having a good time. I remind her that I am being paid well and it didn’t matter. I also tell her that honestly I was fighting off the urge to join in on the fun on the dance floor. Ann says I thought so and said that such a cute DJ shouldn’t have to be stuck behind the table all night. I smile and thank her when I notice that look in her face again. The same look I saw when she caught me looking up her skirt earlier. It is such a sexy smile and her green eyes just sparkle like emeralds. Not to mention that smile shows just a hint of animalistic lust that has to be the sexiest look I have ever seen.

Before I can say a word she leans toward me and kisses me. I am surprised but respond by sliding my tongue into her mouth. When she finally breaks the kiss she says that she loves my tongue and says that she loves using her tongue as well. That is when I first notice her tongue stud. MMMMMMMM I feel my cock jump in my pants thinking of Ann using that tongue stud down below. My cock must have been harder kültür escort than I thought because I noticed Ann’s gaze travel down to my crotch and that grin gets even bigger. She reaches out her hand and gives my cock a playful squeeze and says I take it you like my tongue stud. All I can do is smile and nod yes.

Before I know it Ann is whispering in my ear to just continue playing music and to just sit behind the table and enjoy whatever happens. I nod agreement and then I sit down in my chair behind my equipment and choose the next song to play.

I choose Tone Loc Wild Thing. Before I know it Ann is under the table in front of me and unfastening my pants. My pulse quickens and my breathing is in quick pants as her hand reaches my hard cock and she pulls it out and starts running her fingers up and down the length. I lean back and enjoy the sensation almost forgetting to change songs. The next disc I play is a mix of various dance music and I am letting it play for a while without having to change the CD so I can enjoy Ann’s expert manipulations of my hardness.

I feel her warm breath on my thighs as she begins to run her tongue along the swollen head. Teasing it with her stud. My breathing is getting faster as I feel myself Turing red again. Ann starts licking the entire length of my cock before parting her lips and sliding my cock head into her mouth. She just keeps the head in her mouth teasing it with her tongue. Then she slides her lips down the length and I almost gasp as she takes the entire length into her mouth. Back and forth her head bobs on my rock hard cock. Instinctively my hands seek out her head and I slide my hands into her beautiful auburn hair. As I look down I see those beautiful green sparkling eyes looking up at me. She takes my cock out of her mouth long enough to tell me to fuck her mouth and let her taste my hot cum.

I grab her head and ease it back onto my cock and I begin to fuck that lovely mouth. Before I know it I feel my body shake as I fill her mouth with what seems like a gallon of my hot sticky love cream. Just as my cock begins to soften I look up to see two men looking at me with very devilish grins on their faces. Between smirks they ask me to play some AC/DC. Flushed I ask them if they have a particular song in mind and they said no. So I played two markantalya escort back to back, “You Shook Me All Night Long” and “Givin’ The Dog A Bone”. As I am talking to these two, Ann moans and drains me of the last few drops of cum.

When she slides her mouth off of my spent member she shows me her mouth full of my cum before she swallows it. I smile my approval and she licks her lips and tells me how much she loves the taste of my cum. Before I know it Ann is up from under the table and gone. I spend the last hour of the night playing requests and looking around trying to find my green eyed vixen with no luck.

Everyone begins to leave as I pack up the lights and the sound system. Just as I get the last speaker loaded into the van Ann comes over to me and pays me for DJ’ing. I tell her she already paid me far more than she had to. She insists I take the check so I do and tell her she needs to let me return the favor then. She agrees and we retire to her boudoir for an evening of lust. I have never experienced a woman so wild and passionate in my life. All the different positions we were in during our lovemaking made my head spin with delight. She taught me how to get the edge of an orgasm and not let it go. Holding and waiting on the verge of sweet release. What an incredible feeling. Then when the release finally arrived my toes curled, my hips came a foot off the bed, and I screamed in ecstasy. From there I knew I was addicted and had to have this woman always.

Needless to say we didn’t sleep that night as I spent most of the night with my face buried in her beautiful wetness. I have never tasted anything so sweet and I couldn’t get enough. She must have needed this as much as I did since she seemed to have orgasm after orgasm. By the time I finally came up for air my face was dripping wet and there was a huge wet spot in the middle of the bed. The lovemaking that followed was so hot and passionate that when we were finally spent we just had to hold each other for what seemed like an eternity. The only sounds in the room are our deep breathing and the beating of our heart. The room is filled with the aroma of our sweet sexual encounter. My eyes filled with the visions of this beautiful red headed creature with the most captivating green eyes I have ever seen. I suppose it’s obvious that we have spent the last couple of years together. Every day we have passionate sex at least twice a day, sometimes lasting all night and sometimes that “quickie” that we both need to get through the day. Each day is more exciting than the previous one.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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