My Big-Titted MILFs Ch. 04

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Please checkout “My Big-Titted MILFs Chapters 1, 2 & 3,” so you can better understand all the voluptuous and horny players! The following is an amalgam of fact and fiction from my mischievous mind and chance encounters, so I hope that you enjoy!


As Thursday and Friday passed, I could hardly contain my excitement. Even my caddy coworkers couldn’t erase my shit-eating grin! My mom and I exchanged some pretty steamy phone sex the last few evenings, professing all the creative and naughty things we’re planning to do to each other. Mom wouldn’t be returning home until Monday afternoon, so I quickly requested emergency leave for that day. Hell, I should probably request Tuesday and maybe Wednesday off too, to give my weary cock and tongue some much-needed R&R to prepare for our upcoming threesome weekend with Aunt Janis!

Saturday morning had finally arrived, and I awoke trembling with both excitement and anticipation. Mom was expected sometime around 1100 and shit it was only 0730, which gave me ample time to clean up and to hone my mischievous plans. I would need to keep up my strength, so I prepared a big breakfast, consisting of fried eggs, bacon, hash browns, sausage gravy and biscuits. I later showered, shaved (privates too!), and put on khakis and a black polo. I also dabbed on some of my mom’s favorite men’s cologne.

By the time 1000 rolled around, I was nervously pacing back-and-forth like an expected father. I just couldn’t seem to relax, knowing that in an hour or so that I would be sucking and fucking the shit out of my beautiful big-titted MILF mom!

1100 at last had arrived, and Mom phoned that her GPS indicated that she was about 10 minutes out. My eyes just aimlessly stared at the parking lot, until OMG she finally pulled in. Mom located my truck and pulled into the adjacent space. I quickly opened the front door and hurried towards her car, to help with the bags and such. Mom unleashed a loud squeal, as she rushed to give me a quick hug and kiss.

Mom was exquisitely dressed in a pair of white slacks and a low-cut apricot blouse. I took more than a few rubbernecking glances, as we walked to my apartment. Mom looked truly scrumptious, and her shapely derriere was only half the size that I remembered!

Mom was 46, 5’10”, about 160lbs, sparkling blue eyes, beautiful black mane, slightly toned body, lightly tanned skin, and an incredibly hot 40F-28-40 hourglass figure perfect for fucking her well-hung son! I described Mom and her sisters in an earlier chapter as bearing a strong resemblance to a 40ish Jacqueline Bisset, but with much larger tits.

As soon as we were safely inside, I immediately dropped her bags and we tightly embraced like two sex-starved teenagers. Mom and I shared one of the most passionate kisses as our moist tongues intertwined. I took my mom’s hand and twirled her around a couple of times, to get a well-rounded view of her captivating beauty and curvaceous figure.

“Damn Mom, the stair stepper has done wonders for your bootylicious ass!”

“I have you to thank for that Kevin.”

Mom naughtily smiled, winked, and licked her moist lips saying, “I’ll have to thank my handsome and horny baby boy personally!”

Mom had an incredible valley of cleavage on display, which only made my mouth to water more. Mom panted that she was extremely nervous, anxious, and happy to see me, and that we shouldn’t rush things. Sure enough, I had the next three days to commit every fucking inch of her amazing body to my long-term memory! I boldly placed my hands on Mom’s massive F cups, and mischievously asked if she had decided if I was going to get to see them.

Mom chuckled and replied, “Kevin; you’re going to see way more of me than my own gynecologist!”

Upon registering that most unreal revelation, I became weak-kneed with both apprehension and excitement.

“Mom, did you bring your ‘rabbit’ along?”

“Why, when I have your hard cock and talented tongue to satisfy me!”

“Mom, do you squirt when you cum?”

Mom giggled and replied, “Only in your mouth baby, when you eat me to orgasm!”

“Are you ready to suckle your mom’s big ole titties again?”

I abruptly lowered my mouth and plunged my wet tongue into the base of her exposed cleavage, licking upwards until our tongues intertwined in her pretty mouth!

Mom brazenly reached for my crotch and said, “Do you really want to fuck me baby?”

“Mom, you’re making me sooo fucking hard; let’s go into the bedroom NOW!”

I immediately grabbed Mom’s hand and escorted her to our king-sized love nest.

Staring into my mom’s sparkling blue eyes, I trembled and professed, “God Mom, I want you so bad it hurts.”

Mom passionately kissed my lips and forehead saying, “I’m giving myself to you baby, and only need to ask to have all your desires granted!”

I proceeded to unbutton my mother’s blouse, so I could ogle her extreme naturals. Mom’s voluptuous rack was encased in a large, sheer underwire bra that left little to the imagination. Mom’s huge caramel areolas innovia escort were saucer-sized, and her nipples were large and long and now rock hard!

“Do you prefer that I just pull them out, or should I unhook my bra?”

“Please Mom; just pull them out now so I can start groping and sucking!”

Mom lowered her straps just enough to reach inside and pull her enormous mammaries out and proud.

“Holy shit Mom, there even bigger and more beautiful than I’d imagined!”

Mom’s industrial-strength brassier amazingly lifted and supported them for my gaping and drooling mouth. I greedily lunged for a huge nipple and suckled hard, as she lovingly cradled my neck and head. Mom gasped and moaned loudly, as I took turns biting, licking, and sucking her nipples with an unquenchable fervor. I was so fucking obsessed squeezing and suckling her inch-long nips, that I didn’t realize how sore I was making them.

Mom pleaded for me to give her tits a break, and focus on her pussy instead. Without hesitation, I unzipped Mom’s slacks and carefully pulled them over her curvaceous ass and down her shapely long legs. Mom was wearing a pair of matching sheer panties with that all too familiar wet spot! I practically ripped them off of her with drunken abandon, and quickly took inventory. Mom’s pussy and inner thighs were covered with a thick mat of black hair, and could barely discern her swollen labia and clitoris.

I laughed loudly and absurdly said, “I kind of feel like Indiana Jones and the Temple of Hairy Doom!”

Mom reflexively laughed, but had a look of puzzlement on her pretty face. Her damp pussy had a pungently sweet and musky odor, which attracted my hungry mouth and tongue like a moth to the flame. I parted Mom’s hairy lips with my fingers and plunged my tongue deeply in-and-out of her moist cunt like the piston in a V-12 racing engine. Mom bucked in-and-out of my mouth with wild abandon, while I gripped her meaty ass with both hands for support. Mom’s breathing rate sharply increased, and sounded much like a woman about to give birth.

“Oh fuck baby, I’m so close please don’t stop eating me.”

I continued voraciously munching on my mother’s juicy cunt until she began to tense and arch her back. I knew that I was mere seconds away from receiving my mouthwatering reward. Mom groaned loudly, “Oh my god, I’m fuuucking cumming” and forcefully squired jet after jet of her hot and tasty cum into my awaiting mouth.

I literally swallowed several times, because of the sheer volume. I quickly arose from between my mom’s legs to witness the unmistakable expression of raw animal passion across her pretty face. Mom impetuously jerked me forward and kissed me so fucking hard, that I literally felt breathless. Mom was so grateful and asked if there was anything that she could do to please me.

I could think of nothing better than fucking the absolute shit out of my big-titted MILF mom!

I quickly stripped and positioned myself on my back in the middle of the bed. My cock was so incredibly rigid and throbbing; I feared it would surely burst. I took Mom’s hand and guided her to get on top of me. I moaned in eager anticipation as my mom lowered her juicy cunt onto my awaiting cock.

I couldn’t believe how tight my mom’s pussy was and commented, “Who could believe the proud mother of three could be so fucking tight!”

Mom chuckled and said, “How does it feel to be back inside me again, baby!”

“Mom, it feels too fucking phantasmagoric to express into words!”

As we gyrated to meet each other’s thrusts, a perfect rhythm to our fucking formed. It wasn’t long until Mom reached her second massive orgasm, and generously gushed all over my cock and abdomen. I motioned my mom forward until her heaving tanks dangled scant inches above my watering mouth. I reached for her big titties with both hands, and began licking and sucking them with wanton abandonment. I let out a brief chuckle, which immediately drew my mom’s attention.

“What’s so amusing Kevin?”

“Nothing, why do you ask?”

Mom pointed her index finger saying, “I’m still your mother, and son you better tell me now!”

“If you must know, Aunt Janis and I was in this same position a couple of weeks ago, when she suggested that I fuck you!”

Mom scratched her head and sternly said, “So, it was Janis’ idea for you to fuck me?!”

“I assure you Mom; I already possessed the thought but guess it took Aunt Janis to facilitate it.”

“Kevin, you’re quite the diplomat, now get your ass back to fucking and sucking me!”

I didn’t need to be told twice, and pounded her juicy pussy with malicious intent.

“Oh Mom, I am so close to blowing such a wondrous load.”

“Come on baby; fill your mother’s pussy with your hot, sweet cum!”

Moments later, I loudly grunted in triumph as I experienced THE most intense orgasm in my life!

OMG, I had just become an exclusive member of the “Mother Fucker Society of America”!

Mom and I were extremely exhausted, istanbul escort and decided to nap in each other’s loving arms. About 1700, we arose a little groggy and stepped inside the shower together. It didn’t take long for me to bend my mom over, and give her one of my special wet and wild fucks. I especially enjoyed watching my hard cock slide in-and-out of her sexy globes! Mom moaned loudly as I pounded her from behind, while squeezing and cupping her magnificent melons.

As we kissed and toweled off, I expressed to Mom that I liked my women with less hair down there and needed to give her a trim. Mom apologized that she wasn’t much for keeping up with the current fads, but wanted to keep me happy. I told Mom, “It’s much easier for me to see what I’m about to be licking, when you take the hair away.”

Mom bouncingly replied, “Oh that makes perfect sense.”

“I’ll give you a trim in the morning, and then we’ll take a relaxing bubble bath.”

I slyly added, “I might have to give you one of my famous back and neck rubs too.”

“That sounds so wonderful baby; I can hardly wait.”

About that time, Mom’s phone rang and it was Aunt Janis checking in.

“Hi Susan, I was just wondering if the two of you have fucked yet?”

Mom braggingly replied, “If you must know, we’ve done a lot more than that my nosey slut of a sister!”

“I would just love to hear all the raunchy details, while I rub one out.”

“I’m sure you would, but Kevin and I are fixing to go to dinner.”

“Can I please speak to my horny nephew for a minute?”

Mom reluctantly handed me the phone, so I could talk to my even bigger-titted aunt.

“Hi Aunt Janis, what gives?”

“I just wanted to congratulate my special man on becoming a genuine “Mother Fucker!”

“Do you remember what I told you the other night about eating your mother’s pussy?”

“I surely do, and can’t wait to see that!”

“I also wanted to impart some other promising news for you.”

“What is it Aunt Janis, tell me?”

“Seems your big-titted Aunt Deborah ‘Debbie’ has just separated from her husband of 20+ years, and filing for divorce.”

“So how does that affect me?”

“Deborah is really upset and coming to stay with me for a while, at least until her divorce goes to court.”

Aunt Janis then slyly replied, “I thought maybe you could cheer her up a bit too with your hard, young, cock and pulsating tongue!”

I rapidly replied, “I’m eager to offer my lascivious services to the horny and downtrodden.”

Aunt Janis then wickedly retorted, “I can easily eat your cum from either Susan, Deborah, or both!”

“Aunt Janis, are you trying to give me a fucking heart attack or what?”

“Calm down my sweet Kevin, and will keep you apprised on how it goes with Deborah.”

Aunt Janis then said, “I’m fairly confident that you can expect a visit from us soon.”

About that time, Mom chimed in, “What on earth are the two of you talking about?”

“Aunt Janis and I were just musing about our upcoming threesome weekend!”

“Tell her that we gotta go eat.”

“Please keep me informed on what you said earlier Aunt Janis, because I can hardly fucking wait!”

“Goodbye Kevin, and fuck the shit out of your bitchy mom for me!”

I couldn’t believe that Aunt Janis was now going to help me to fuck Aunt Debbie! Aunt Debbie was both hot and stacked in a sexy housewife kind of way, but never much pondered her carnally mainly because of Aunt fucking Janis! I hadn’t seen Aunt Debbie in probably 4-5 years, but remembered her as having shoulder-length strawberry blonde hair and porcelain skin. I guess she expressed the Irish side of the family more than her other sisters. However, just like Mom and Aunt Janis, Aunt Debbie was blessed with a most excellent rack! Now that I might get a shot at fucking my aunt Debbie, I might oughta do my homework!

I told Mom to dress casual since we’re going to an intimate Italian bistro in the city. Mom surely didn’t disappoint, wearing a beautiful low-cut chiffon floral dress that showcased her big tits and long shapely legs. After a delicious meal, cannolis, and a couple of glasses of red wine, Mom and I were headed home for a nightcap (e.g. fuckarama!). I promptly stripped neked and joined my mom on the couch, clad in only a loose robe. I poured us some wine, and we began watching soft porn on Skinamax. It only took a couple of steamy scenes to get us all hot and bothered again, and suggested that Mom sit on my hard cock.

I watched in ardent anticipation as she stood, disrobed, and mounted my throbbing member. It was so satisfying being back inside my mother’s tight pussy again, while I cupped her sweet ass cheeks. Mom instinctively grabbed one of her big boobs and raised it to my mouth. I greedily suckled her F cups, while pounding away in her juicy cunt. Occasionally, we’d glance at the television to see yet another couple fucking while we did the same and more. Mom moaned loudly as she came, which brought me off nicely. kadıköy escort I continued suckling her inch-long nipples, while my flaccid cock comfortably rested inside. She momentarily pulled my head up from her big tits, and passionately kissed my mouth and cheeks over and over.

Mom gazed into my eyes with fiery desire and said, “Never has a man made me to feel as loved and as special as you have my dearest Kevin, and don’t mind sharing you with others.”

Mom then surprisingly said, “I know someone recently hurt and betrayed that could immensely benefit from your hard cock, talented tongue, passionate lips, and loving arms.”

“Who, Mom?”

“Your older sister Amanda.”

“Are you saying that I should fuck Mandy?”

“I’m really tired baby, do you mind if we discuss this in the morning.”

I winked and said, “Ok Mom, let’s turn in because we both have a FUCKING busy day tomorrow!”

I rested my lower abdomen snugly against my mom’s shapely ass, while gently cupping a huge breast. Mom lovingly placed her hand against mine, and snuggled even more deeply into my crotch.

Sunday morning arrived, and we began to stir around 0900. We’d both slept soundly for nearly 10 hours, which helped immensely towards our recuperation. Mom planted wet and loving kisses upon my lips, cheeks, neck, chest, and abdomen, while gripping my awakening giant. I watched in glee as Mom shifted down on the bed and completely engulfed my hard cock into her pretty mouth. Mom wasn’t as talented at cock sucking as either Ellie or Aunt Janis, but I gave her a strong “A” for effort and congeniality.

Mom moved her hands and mouth up-and-down my shaft, until she reached a gentle rhythm. I especially got excited watching my mom’s heaving tanks swing back-and-forth as her head bobbed up-and-down. Mom would occasionally stop to swirl her wet tongue about my head to gather any precum, before plunging down again. I was so fucking close to releasing a massive load, that I gave Mom fair warning. Mom plunged my hard cock ever deeper into her mouth, as I arched and released my hot seed into her anxiously awaiting mouth and throat. Mom enthusiastically gulped my entire load, and even squeezed and licked for any missed residue.

“Oh Kevin, your cum tastes sooo good in my mouth!”

“You’ve made an old lady so very happy this morning.”

“Mom, you’re not old and I should be thanking you for my good morning surprise.”

We needed to keep up our strength, so I made us a light breakfast of cereal and toast. After breakfast, we headed for the bathroom for Mom’s badly needed trim. She sat on the commode, as I carefully trimmed her long-haired muffin with scissors.

I mischievously asked, “How would you like your pussy trimmed today Ms. Scott?”

Mom demurely snickered, “Just take a little of the top please!”

I then lathered her freshly cropped pussy with a generous amount of shaving cream. Mom squirmed a bit because the shaving cream contained menthol. I carefully and methodically shaved all around her enlarged lips and inner thighs, but left a little on the top to match her beautiful black mane.

Mom eagerly inquired, “So how do I look down there now Kevin?”

I quickly grabbed my hand-held mirror and proudly introduced my mother to her freshly shaved cunt and said, “Good enough to fucking eat Mom!”

“In that case baby, why don’t you taste your handiwork?”

I immediately plunged my hungry mouth and tongue all over her engorged lips and clit, as Mom moaned loudly and quivered with intense pleasure.

As she firmly squeezed the back of my head, Mom succinctly expressed, “Oh Kevin, you eat my pussy like a fucking maestro!”

Mom was breathing so fast and moaning so load, that I expected her imminent orgasm to be glorious. Sure enough, mom stiffened like a board and loudly yelled, “I’m cuumming, oooh fuuuck, I’m cuuuummmming!”

Mom shuddered and shook violently as she filled my mouth with projectile streams of hot, sweet cum. I eagerly drank and swallowed at least three separate times, while mom squirted for nearly a fucking minute!

When my ears finally stopped wringing, my face, hair, neck, and chest were generously splashed with my moms cum! Mom looked totally drained as if she had run a second marathon, and collapsed forward into my loving arms.

“Oh Kevin, it’s just so wrong that you can make me feel sooo good!”

We passionately kissed and I said, “I’m only too pleased to relieve such a beautiful and horny damsel in distress.”

Mom laughed joyfully as we both rose to our feet, looking deeply into each other’s eyes.

Mom strongly wrapped her arms around me, plunging her velvety tongue in-and-around my mouth.

“I just wanted to taste my cum from your luscious lips and mouth.”

“Why don’t I run us a nice bubble bath, so that we can relax and talk a bit?”

Mom winked and said, “That sounds so wonderful baby, especially with all my recent sexual aches and pains!”

“Mom, I want you to sit in front and lean back against my chest.”

I proceeded to give Mom one of my famous back and neck rubs. She cooed with delight, as I tenderly kneaded her tensions away. Mom literally melted into my loving arms, like she had reached self-actualization. She then reached for my strong hands and placed them on her enormous breasts.

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