My Cousin Uses Me!

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On my first cousins 18th birthday, which was 4 months after my 18th birthday, we got together to celebrate him becoming an adult. Neither one of us looked 18 we looked 14. We were both still living with our parents at the time. My parents were out of town for the night so I had the house to myself and I invited Don, my cousin over to spend the night and to celebrate his birthday. We had always gotten along good, we were not only first cousins but also good friends. Just two guys that got along well you know?

So anyway, it was a very warm July evening when Don showed up at my house. I had managed to get some beer for the birthday celebration so we were set for a good time watching movies and bullshitting around. Don came in and we talked about how hot the weather was as we drank a cold beer, then I looked through the movies for something to watch. I finally found something that sounded like it may be good and slid it into the DVD player. Don got up and went to get us another beer from the refrigerator so I sat down on the opposite end of the couch that Don had been sitting on.

When Don came back in he handed me a beer and sat down beside of me. We popped the tops and took a good long drink. We watched the movie for a few minutes in silence. Then a scene came on that showed two men in a bar, one had his hand on the other guys leg as he told him he had beautiful eyes and he wished he had a girl that was as good looking as he was. The guy with the beautiful eyes smiled and told him he could have that girl if he wanted to. All he had to do was ask. The guy with his hand on the other guys leg said, You want to be my girl tonight? I’ll treat you just like my girl. Of course the other guy smiled and said, Yes.

I looked over at Don to see what his reaction was to this kind of movie. He was looking at me. I smiled and said, They seem to like each other a lot. He winked at me and said, Yeah they do. I need to find me a girl like that, you know one that’s easy. I smiled at him and said, There’s a lot of guys that like to be treated and used like girls. You may be surprised who would like to be treated like your girl and used like a girl. All you would have to do is ask them.

Don’s a real good looking guy, slim, slightly tanned with beautiful brown eye’s. He looked back toward the movie as he put his hand on my leg and said, How would you like to be my girl tonight? I had always thought Don was really sexy, and good looking but I never thought I would get a chance to enjoy him the way I like enjoying other guys. I mean he’s my first cousin you know. I swallowed hard and said, I would really like to be your girl tonight. I can be any kind of girl you want Don.

He looked back toward me and said, Any kind of girl? And I told him, Any kind of girl you want! He caressed my thigh and said, I would love to spend the night with a real horny, slutty girl. One that would do anything I wanted her to, one that loved being talked dirty to. Called names, and told what to do. You want to be that kind of girl for yabancı escort me? As he was looking at me I licked my lips real slow and seductive like, and said, I would love to be that kind of girl for you!

He smiled and said, I know you have a few pair of sexy panties and maybe a black nightie you could put on for me don’t you? I just smiled and said, Yes I do as I got up and headed for my bedroom. I twisted my hot ass as I walked from the room going toward my bedroom. As I opened the door to my bedroom I told Don, Your hot, horny slut will be right back! He yelled back at me, Make it quick baby I’m a horny fucking guy you know.

I quickly stripped and put on a black thong, and my favorite black nightie. I really loved wearing thongs. They show off my sexy ass real well, and I wanted Don to get real turned on by my sexy ass, and my desire to do whatever he wanted. I walked back into the living room and stopped in front of Don and twirled around for him to see me. I looked at him and said, What do you think you stud? He smiled and said, You’re one sexy little slut you know that? I smiled and said, I’m your sexy little slut tonight!

He stood up and said, Well, you sexy little slut why don’t you get down on your knees and show me how good a slut you really are? I want to see how hot your cock loving mouth is before I slide that thong off your cute sexy ass, bend you over and slide my aching cock up in your sweet little man-cunt!

I moaned and said, Ohh Donnie, you sure know how to make a hot slut want your cock even more! I dropped to my knees and leaned forward to kiss the huge bulge in his pants as I unbuttoned them and unzipped them. He pulled off his “T” shirt as I was sliding his pants and underwear down. His huge rock hard cock popped straight up when his underwear slid down far enough to allow it to be free. When it popped up it hit me in the chin with a thump! I moved my head back to see it. It was magnificent! It was really fat, and about 8 inches long! He kicked his pants and underwear aside as I wrapped my hand part way around his awesome cock. It was too big around to wrap my hand all the way around it. It was really big around! It had a huge mushroom head, and as I leaned forward and licked the pre cum from the tip of it I was thinking how fucking good that was going to feel spreading my hot little man-pussy wide as he slid it in me!

I run my tongue all around the huge dark pink head of his fabulous cock as I slowly stroked it’s dark shaft. He moaned and said, Oh yes that’s it girl, fuck that feels great! Show me how much you love my hard cock baby. Show me how much you want it! I slid the huge head of his wonderful man-meat into my mouth and licked the underside of it as I formed a seal just behind the rim of it’s sweet mushroom head and sucked! He instantly started moving his hips back and forth slowly as I sucked and licked. Every time he humped forward I allowed a little more of his sweet cock to slide into my hot mouth! I removed my hand from yeni escort it’s thick shaft and cupped his big balls with it and gently caressed them as I took more of my first cousin’s queer pleaser into my mouth. It was really hot to be sucking my first cousin’s big cock for him.

It wasn’t long before I was taking all 8 inches of his marvelous cock down my throat, and I was fucking loving it! He put his hands on my shoulders and said, Fuck man you sure know how to suck a cock. I suspected you like sucking other guys cocks, but damn you’re fucking great! I should have ask you to be my hot slut a long time ago! I looked up into his eyes and I know he saw my pleasure there as he watched me taking all of him into my hot pussy-mouth. I was loving sucking his cock as much as he was loving me sucking it!

I sucked him for about 10 minutes before he said, Fuck girl you better slow down unless your ready to get your hot little mouth filled up with hot cum! I slowly slid my horny mouth off of his throbbing cock licking it clean of saliva as I did. I slid my tongue down the long fat, dark shaft of his splendid cock to his huge balls. I licked and sucked his big balls as he moaned, and told me what a great cock sucker I was. He told me I was the best fucking slut he had ever had go down on his cock! I let his huge right ball slide from my mouth and said, You’ve got a great cock, it’s so big and thick! I fucking love it man, and I love the fact that your my first cousin too! Sucking my family’s cocks is a big turn on for me! I fucking love it.

He asked, So you’ve sucked other people in the family have you? Maybe we can get together sometime and one of us can fuck your hot little man-pussy while you suck the other one off. Would you like that my little queer slut? I run my tongue over his big balls and said, Oh yes I would love that! Having two family members putting cock in me at the same time would be fucking awesome man, fuck yeah!

He said, Then we will have to do that for your horny ass. But for now you need to get up and bend over the end of the couch so I can slide that sexy thong off your hot ass and fuck your slutty little man-pussy! I quickly got up and went to the end of the couch and bent over it because I so wanted Don to fuck me like a slut in heat! He came up behind me and rubbed his big hard cock up and down the crack of my horny ass several times before he said, You want it don’t you slut? You’re so horny for cock you can’t stand it can you? How bad do you want it? How bad do you want this big, hard cock in your hot little ass? Beg for it if you want it. Tell me how bad you want it in your hot ass! Beg like a cock starved queer. I’m going to fuck the hell out of you, but I want to hear you beg for your cousins cock first!

He backed up a little as I turned around and dropped to my knees. I looked up into his eyes and said, Donnie please fuck me. I really need fucked right now! I’ll be your little queer slut anytime you want if you will just fuck my hot horny ass. yenibosna escort I’ll do anything for you if you will just fuck me! I want your big fucking cock in me so bad. I want you to fuck my damn ass like a hot pussy, slam your wonderful cock in me like I was a fucking whore man! Please fuck my pussy-ass, fuck my queer ass Donnie! Bend me over and fuck the shit out of me. Spread my fucking pussy-ass wide with your big wonderful cock and make me moan like a cock loving queer in heat!

He said, Oh fuck yeah! You little cock loving queer. Get up and bend your faggot ass over if you want fucked hard! Damn I’m going to fuck the hell out of your hot little ass! I jumped up and quickly turned around and bent over the arm of the couch. I was so ready for some big hard cock! He yanked my thong off my hot ass and slapped it hard! I moaned with pleasure and pain and said, Oh Fuck Yes, fuck yes, as I spread my legs wide for him to fuck me!

He must have came to my house with the intention of fucking me because he squirted lube on my hot horny ass. I still don’t know where he got it, but he was ready to fuck me! He slid the big mushroom head of his cock up and down the crack of my hot little ass spreading the lube all over it! Fuck I loved feeling it sliding up and down my hot crack. Knowing I was going to be taking it deep inside of me in just a few seconds make me weak in the knees! Finally he took his hands and spread my hot man-pussy wide and pressed his huge cock head against my cock craving asshole! I loved it! He pushed harder and I could feel his massive man-pleaser start to spread my horny ass as the head began widening my pussy to make room for his awesome cock! It was really starting to hurt, but I was fucking determined that I was taking this awesome cock in my pussy. I was gritting my teeth and moaning in pain when the huge mushroom head finally slid past the tight rim of my tortured man-pussy! The pain disappeared and the pleasure took it’s place! I moaned loud with pleasure and screamed, Oh Fuck yes, Oh Fuck yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!

Don slammed all of his massive 8 inch cock as far into my horny man-pussy as it would go. His balls slapped against mine as he buried it in me! I screamed with total pleasure! He pulled it back until just the huge mushroom head was inside my hot ass, and then slammed it into me again! I screamed with pleasure and moaned, Fuck my cunt Donnie! Fuck my hot ass cunt! Fuck your queer, fuck me like a fucking cock crazed slut! And he did!

He pumped my hot ass for about 15 minutes before he said, I’m there baby! I’m cumming bitch! I moaned, Cum in me Donnie. Cum in your queer slut. Cum in my hot fucking ass! Cum in me! Cum in me! His fabulous cock began to swell in my hot man-pussy. Then it started to pulse as he grunted and shoved it as far up in my ass as it would go! I felt his hot cum squirting deep up in my hot pussy as he unloaded his huge balls into me! When he pumped his big hot load of cum into my hot ass I started Cumming too. Fuck it was great! After he filled my hot ass with sweet cum he let his half-hard queer pleaser slide from my pussy-ass. I turned and dropped to my knees and started licking his wonderful cock clean for him. I wanted him to be completely satisfied because I wanted some more of my first cousins huge wonderful Cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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