My Daydream Lover

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This isn’t a true story. It almost could be true, but unfortunately, it is not. This story is merely a fantasy I had between a very good friend of mine and myself that I wrote. She’s a very nice girl (never been kissed) and would never do the stuff that I’m about to write about, but a boy can dream. I, obviously, developed a bit of a crush on her by the end of my sophomore year but I doubt if the feelings were ever returned. Who knows right?? Ours is a story of acknowledgement of an undeniable attraction. Here it is, the highly possible, “Daydream Lover.”

It’s the end of the year. The freshmen in my mom’s class are antsy waiting for the last couple of days to end, and I was antsy, wasting my days off as a senior in her back room, helping her pack crap up. It was second period and there I was packing boxes. I should be out in the sun, enjoying my time out of school before summer officially started (after graduation). Thank God she’s here to help my mom. It’s a good life, hanging out back here with her, the gorgeous college freshman. I’ve known her since…oh sophomore year and I’m proud to say we’ve developed a really nice bond that I hope doesn’t ever die out. So now I’m zoning out in the backroom, taking a break with my feet propped up on the other chair…

My daydream was interrupted by something that was thankfully much better. She sashayed into the tiny room just glowing with this strong, sexy confidence. It filled the room and made my heart jump. “What’s up, dude?” she said in that voice that made me smile every time as she reached into the cupboard to grab one of those Hostess cupcakes. As she stretched, her stylish, gypsy-looking white skirt rose up just above her calves. I couldn’t help but admire her tanned and toned legs. I looked away and reached across my little desk to grab my water bottle.

“Nuttin’ much girlie, where’ve you been?” I said absent-mindedly.

“Mr. Mack was flirting with me so I just had to talk to him! He’s so dreamy.” She said with a mischievous and sarcastic smile. The thing is, that was probably true…the flirting part I mean. She turned around and leaned forward against the counter to open her cupcake and started telling me about the awkward encounter.

To be honest I had stopped listening. I like to think I have more respect for my friends than to ogle over their bodies while they’re right there (I check chicks out from a far). But this time I couldn’t help it. I started from where I left off:

I looked down at what little bit of smooth leg was exposed under her skirt and slowly moved up, imaging that my eyes were my hand and I was feeling over her every curve. I could only imagine the rest of her smooth toned legs underneath the folds of that pretty white skirt. The firm calves, her shapely smooth thighs, those damned hypnotizing hips. At this point I was almost happy she wasn’t facing the other way so I would have an excuse to think about that fit, round butt she had. She is a petit girl, so its not like her hips exploded from her sides with all the sex appeal of Beyonce. No, it’s more like the alluring, tight hips of Jessica Alba. Her brown tank top clung to her sides as my eyes roved over her firm belly and narrow waist. Even her arms on the edges of her frame accented her body with a sexy and toned tan. Her chest, nothing to brag about, but they were perfect in my hungry eyes. My eyes slowly made it up to her delicate collarbones, framed in by her long, sandy blonde hair.

Something about collarbones just turns me on like whoa…I can’t explain it. They completely set me ablaze…if they’re on the right girl of course. “Is that weird?” I thought to myself. While pondering this, I realized she had stopped talking. With a start I looked up to her big beautiful brown eyes to find them hanging on mine. She sighed and put the half eaten cupcake down. I looked down, embarrassed. I heard the light scuffing of flip-flops and the lighter still swooshing motion that her hips gave to the skirt as she breezed towards me. Every step made my heart pound just a little heavier. I could feel my pulse in every vein of my body. Damn…she’s not even into me, why does this happen?

I felt her hand on my shoulder. Well, not quite my shoulder, the hand was pressed gently close to my neck. I think the muscle is called the… “Trap”? Whatever. Her thumb was grazing my neck. Needless to say the pulsating in my veins froze. It took me until I looked up to realize I wasn’t breathing. When I did, I saw she was leaned forward, dipping her shoulders down while raising her elegant neck. I wondered to myself if she realized she was giving me the most perfect view of her tanned, supple chest. Her hair all fell to one side as she tilted her head, resting her fingertips on my chest. She began to lean in…

“My parents have a beach house on Hunting Island.”

Her breath was warm and sweet as it licked at my ear. The pent up air in my chest heaved out. In a flash we were leaving the school and headed towards my truck in the back of the parking lot.

Having avoided a scolding somehow, we took the drive to the beach just like good friends would. We talked back and forth and joked. She made fun of me for canlı bahis liking videogames and I made fun of her for loving musicals. All the while I stole glances at the way her hair floated in the wind and how natural the sun looked on her skin. I also gladly admired watching the way her chest moved whenever she heaved a sigh of contentment. Every now and then I would look over and see her glancing out my window for some reason before she would look away and smile, making the day brighter.

When I pulled my ’96 white Ranger into the pine straw driveway of her beach house, she immediately swung the door open, tossed her flip-flops and purse up on the wrap-around porch and made a break towards the beach. Letting out a bark of a laugh I cut the car off, tossed my flip-flops over my truck and up on the porch, rolled up my jeans and walked through the trees to the ocean.

“I’m not used to seein’ you run off like that haha.” I yelled to her when I found her, kicking and splashing, up to her ankles in the tiny rollers. She looked cute walking around holding her skirt up like that.

“You haven’t hung out with me at the beach very much then. Well there was when we all went to Costa Rica but we didn’t really hang together too much on that trip did we?” she said with a bit of a smile.

“Well then, lets do this!” I roared excitedly as I yanked my shirt off, tossed my stuff on top of it and yanked my belt off, all while running towards the water.

“Michael!” she laughed as I splashed head long into the oncoming waves.

The water felt amazing. It was nice and cool under the surface and when you broke out into the air, the sun was there to give you a big kiss on the cheek. I heard splashing right next to me when I surfaced and all of a sudden I was under the water again. I felt her thin hands pushing me down by my chest, so I grabbed around her wrists and kicked off from the ground. We both were jettisoned from the water in a great rush of foam. Before I could clear the water from my eyes, I felt her hands on both my shoulders and felt her entire weight jump on me (all 115 pounds of her). Except this time she slipped off and basically fell into the hoop that was my arms. Finally able to see, I looked down at her.

Her hair was pressed back over her head and her white skirt floated around us, nearly translucent. Her tank top was off one of her shoulders, and I could feel that the ruckus had pushed it up around her ribs. My arms were still around her and, feeling her skin with my fingertips, I wanted her. I looked down into her eyes and she looked up at mine. A tiny smile drifted across her face and she straightened her tank top. She grabbed my wrist, turned around and pulled me out of the water.

Her shirt clung wetly to her body leaving little to the imagination as to how well she kept her body. I visually traced her arm from mine back to her elegant shoulders and down her tight, athletic sides. My eyes traced the curvature of her hips and down her firm legs. Oh God, I thought to myself, she’s wearing a white skirt! I brought myself to look at her ample butt through the clinging, white mess that was her skirt. I could see it bouncing hypnotically left and right through the white and could tell her underwear was a very cute pink. Apparently wet denim isn’t too hard to move around down there.

She bent down to get her keys out of the purse, showing me the back of her thighs and, of course, that fantastic, tight, and quite frankly beautiful butt through the white of her wet gypsy skirt. I looked away, probably blushing. She’s not mine, I thought to myself. I followed her to the door and she looked back over her shoulder (whose tank top strap had fallen off again by the way) and said, “You all right?” with a look that could make Mother Teresa proud.

“Do wha? Yeah I’m good love.” I said with a smile faker than Hollywood and a stare just as far off.

“You know,” she said as she started opening the door, “I didn’t bring you here just so we could play around in the water.” I closed the door behind me and turned around to face her.

“Oh yeah?” She can’t be serious. She stretched up and planted one right on my lips.

“Yeah.” She said with a grin. I snatched her up into my arms before she finished the word.

Her still wet hands were grasping at my bare back, dying to be closer. I cradled the back of her neck with one hand while pressing her frame tight against me with the other. We drank each other’s salt-flavored kisses in while clambering into one another’s arms. In the heat, my hand strayed to the hem of her soaking tank top and I started to move it up with my fingertips then hesitated. She pulled her lips from mine for just a second to look at me and throw her hands over my shoulders and around my neck. Drawing me close, she kissed me with the long pent up passion that was apparently within both of us.


I considered this an open invitation. I reached down with both hands and peeled the damned brown tank top from her beautiful, beautiful, beautiful body. Before I could properly throw it aside, she jumped into my arms, wrapping her legs around my waist. Being that my shirt was already off, feeling the soft bahis siteleri slippery skin of her chest, stomach, and thighs was just way too much for me.

I caught fire.

I began to kiss all over her neck, lingering just under her jaw line and around her ears, letting her hear and feel my now ragged breath. She started to take her breath in deep sighs, only encouraging me to go stronger. My hand slid down over her thigh and under the wet folds of her skirt until I found her hip. I could feel goose bumps rise to meet my lips. I flipped my thumb up under the elastic of those cute pinks and held it there, in uncharted territory. I returned my hands to her shoulders and dipped her back to the wall behind us. I began to kiss the flat of her goose bump-covered chest and stroking her cleavage with my fingertips. I took her right breast in my hand, taking a second to savor its softness, and lightly kissed it just inside her bra. That built my courage up. So I brushed deeper and lighter still with the tip of my tongue. She took in a sharp gasp and let out a light mew with her accompanying sigh. I looked up at her with this stupid half grin on my face that seemed to say “no friggin’ way!” and I saw that she was staring intently back into my eyes with an obvious hunger and a determined and mischievous smile.

As I was returning to business, she let go of me, dropped lightly to the floor, and walked away. Surprised and honestly scared out of my mind I followed her down the hall and onto the back porch. “Did I do something wrong!?” I said, stopping and giving up. As I said that, I saw her hand go down and pull a white rope at her waist.

“Are you kidding me?” she said over her shoulder as she stepped out of her gypsy skirt. The next three seconds happened in slow motion. I thought her body was mystifying fully clothed; now I was getting a back view of her in her underwear! She was wearing pink cheeky underwear with dainty white lace on the bottom (the kind that doesn’t go all the way to the bottom of the butt so it leaves like, a third bare…good God!). Her body moved with the fluidity of the ocean just yards from where we stood. Her body flowed like smoke. Her body walked like a model. And I saw every inch of her glow with undeniable need.

Before I snapped out of it I heard her laugh at me and water turn on. It sounded like a shower. I pulled my mind out of the steam created by my own need for her long enough to get a grasp on what was happening. She was turning on the outdoor shower, walking towards me, and unhooking her bra!

To see her shimmering, shining, and nearly completely exposed wet body walking towards me was a thousand dreams come true. She glowed. My new lover giggled as she popped my jaw closed and reached down to unbutton my wet jeans. Then she turned and walked to the warming shower, giving me a replay of those revealing pink and whites. As she slipped her bra strap over her shoulder, I reveled: I am most definitely an ass man.

Nearly jumping out of my pants, I followed her to the shower door, heart pounding. I skidded to a stop when I saw her hands go to her waist, putting her thumbs under the elastic, bending down, and revealing to me her delicious, round, firm and all around gorgeous bottom. Again my jaw was on the floor. Shortly followed by my boxers.

I stood there, heart pounding and taking deep, calming breaths, with the late morning sun coming through the sea foam and porch screen to caress my exposed skin, staring at the most beautiful thing in the world.

She stood there, heart racing with the thrill of this new experience, collecting steam and sunshine in beads on her tingling skin, staring at this cute, sweet, and honestly hot (I hope that what she thinks) guy who had been under her nose for a whole year.

I grinned and walked toward her and our shower. I took her around the waist and we walked together into the steam. We washed one another with our bodies, writhing and grasping and gasping. She ran her hands down my chest, then my stomach, and rested them at my hips while I strayed my dripping fingers from her sultry hips, up her shimmering, tight stomach and let them come to rest just under her breasts; supporting them just a little bit. Just enough to feel the light cascade of water rolling and splashing down over them. Her chest glistened and sparkled in the sunlight coming in from the skylight. I looked into her beautiful brown eyes one more time to see them begging me hungrily. I reached forward, mystified, to her slightly parted lips.

My fingertips ran through the light film of moisture and I felt her breath ran over my hand. Back against the wall of the shower, she pressed a hand for support and what appeared to be balance while reaching up with the other. My hand cupped her cheek and my thumb remained at her lips, lightly straying over them. She took my hand in hers while clutching at the wall, and her breath became more ragged. Her chest heaved and her pert breasts seemed to shudder in anticipation. The water sprinkled from her taut nipples to the floor. She closed her eyes and, gripping my hand more urgently, pulled my thumb into her mouth. Immediately she began lolling my thumb around with bahis şirketleri her tongue. I could feel her tasting with the tip of her tongue when she began to move her lips forward. She began to suck seductively, with a ferocious need for more. Her eyelids rolled open, water dripping from her eyelashes like waterspouts, and pulled my thumb out of her mouth. She closed her eyes and gave it a slight kiss.

From that second on we were enveloped in each others wanting grasp, breathing into one another’s soaking bodies, and pining to feel every inch of each other. To feel her saturated skin against mine as she reached with her arms and legs to feel me was enough to satisfy me sexually for a lifetime; a hundred lifetimes. I drank in her beauty and breathed in her passion.

Planting kiss after kiss on her shimmering, smooth body, I kissed from her neck to her hip; lifting her leg, I kissed from her hip to her knee then back up. Still crouching, I draped her leg over my shoulder and slid my hands upstream to feel her chest again. Looking up into her eyes, I wondered at how amazing her breasts felt cupped in my hand. They were so soft and comforting while pert and firm; I could feel her nipples hardened under my palms. I kissed her right hip. I licked her left hip. I stretched my neck up and nibbled her bellybutton, drinking in the hot run off as I went. From her bellybutton I lightly kissed downward. Further down her soft, smooth skin I caressed with my lips until her leg trembled with anticipation. She reached down and grabbed a handful of my hair just before I plunged in.

I kissed and lapped at her with a furious desire at first. I could hear her gasps and light moans build above me. Savoring the taste, I slowed down and lightly kissed and licked, letting her feel the sensation of what I was giving her while feeling the steady sheet of water that was ever running down the length of her heavenly shining body.

I ran my fingertips up the length of her legs as I stood, rinsing my mouth out for her sake. She leaned over and put her hands in her lap when she looked at me, shaking slightly.

“Wow…” she said with a small smile, eyebrows raised. She had the look of a newborn child in her eyes. “Wow.” She said again when she straightened up.

“I’m gla-!” was all I had time to respond with before she leapt into my arms, wrapping me in her legs again.

While she leaned down to make love to my neck, I supported her body with one hand while I reached down with my other to position myself to a place where I knew she would enjoy feeling me. She took in a sharp breath and looked down when she felt what I had done for us. She wriggled with a squeal of pleasure when she felt the underside of me pressed against her clitoris (I wasn’t inside by the way, we’re still virgins haha). She began to move to the rhythm of the waves outside, flowing and sliding, all the while grasping tighter to me so as to feel me even better. She gripped me tighter, let out a light and long moan and took in a deep breath. With a manly grunt I wasn’t aware that I could make, I pressed her back against the shower wall again and her breathing grew deeper. Her sighs and whimpers grew into gasps and moans while I watched her wondrous, glowing body writhe and move like a fire. As I looked into her honey-colored eyes I began to feel her liquid movements burning on my skin. Her legs slid over my hips as she pivoted and gyrated on them. Still holding her gaze, I watched as she closed her eyes, opened her mouth and let out a small yelp of contentment. Eyes still closed and steam breezing over her face, she smiled and let out a pleasure filled “Ooooh woow…”

I immediately began to massage, knead, caress, and tweak her breast while kissing, licking and sucking on them. I let out a moan. Her chest heaved and shimmered with her breathing. She inhaled gasps and passion. She exhaled moans and desire. I began to move my hips complimentary to her gyrations and our breathing only grew louder. I slung water from my hair and took her breathing into my own mouth. We kissed and breathed together. I felt her eyelashes flash over my own and I knew her eyes had just flown open. Her breathing was ragged

“Michael! Something’s ha-ooh…mmm oooh! Ooooh Miiichaaaeel!”

Her back arched and her moans echoed in the shower. Her body convulsed against mine and her moan drifted up into a scream for a brief moment as she dug in deeper against me. I felt the warmth of her orgasm flood against me, tingling against my skin. For at least a minute and a half, the only sound in the world were her moans, gasps, sighs, mews, and groans. She clung to my body and I felt her go limp, body shaking and lungs heaving. I lowered her to the ground and let her slide over me, grinding her clitoris over me. The mixture of warm fluid put me in a daze. I leaned my back against the wall and wrapped my arms around her shoulders, pulling her against me. I held her in my arms and felt her back heave ragged breaths into mine and her body twitch in the aftermath of what she had just felt. She shuddered slightly and grabbed at my hand. She pulled it down between her legs and pressed it there. I blew the water from my lips to say something but said apologetically, “I’m sorry I just need to feel you there some more…” Staring blankly at the opposite wall, I just replied by moving my lips to her ear and cradling her breast in my arm. She whispered:

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