My First (Time) Taboo Ch. 07

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Hi, Lucy again, this continues directly from part 6, so if you haven’t read that (or the others) you’ll be lost right away.

The Sunday I got back from thanksgiving break, I was so excited to see Denise again. We now had a relationship. I was falling in love with her and yet we hadn’t made love yet. That’s what this chapter is about. Also I was struggling with wanting to come out, and of course worrying about what Denise would think of my lesbian relationship with my mother, plus I was trying to figure out just what that relationship was.

I got back to school before Alley and Denise did. I was there a good hour before Alley came back. She stayed in the room with me and we talked about our weekends for about an hour. It was great that even though she knew I was a lesbian she didn’t seem to look at me any differently. I even talked to her about Denise and she seemed fine with it. She is a good friend.

Now when Denise came back, Alley left and I asked her if she’d please give us a while alone. She told me she’d be gone the rest of the day and that was fine with me. For a good hour Denise and I just talked, and the whole time I couldn’t help but feel like I was hiding something from her. I so badly wanted to tell someone, anyone about my mother and me, and finally I had a friend that I felt like I could open up to and share anything, but this was just too big and I was afraid Denise would never understand.

After a while I started finding an excuse to touch her or hold her hand and finally we kissed. I get light headed every time I kiss her. She is such a great kisser and feeling her next to me just makes me feel so amazing. We kissed a long time and then I began to take her shirt off and she asked about Alley coming back. I told her she wouldn’t and we suddenly both started stripping like our clothes were on fire. My mouth was on her breasts first. They are so fricking huge, and soft and firm at the same time. Her nipples get so big in my mouth and Denise loves when I suck them. I spent a long time on them, but this time I wanted to make sure I tasted her pussy. She lay back on the bed and I licked her pussy. She loved it and so did I. I tickled her clit with my tongue and spread her lips and licked deep into her hole and then brought my tongue up to the clit again. I did this over and over again as I watched her rubbing her own breasts. Occasionally she’d put her hands on my head and I liked how that made me feel, feeling her fingers running through my hair. She’d look down at me every once and a while and we’d stare into each other’s eyes. I will never forget the look on her face. She was completely in ecstasy and she didn’t have to say anything for me to know exactly what she was feeling right then.

When she climaxed she tried so hard not to make any noise and part of me just kept wanting to tongue her so I could hear her moan, and screw anyone who overheard us. Instead I stuck my fingers inside her. I hadn’t even thought at the time I did it, but Denise was a virgin. I was gentle with her and all I could think was how I couldn’t wait till she would hopefully share a dildo with me someday.

After a while she returned the favor and licked my pussy. She wasn’t quite as good this first time as my mother or even Sydney, but I was so caught up in the moment that it took me no time at all. We lay around naked for quite a while afterwards. I just kept looking at her and smiling and feeling like this was what true love was, and looking at her body and thinking how did I get so lucky.

I bet my hands found an excuse to touch her breasts at least once every five minutes. As time flew by I decided we should probably get dressed before Alley came back, but we still stayed on the bed in each other’s arms until she actually did come back. We kissed so much and just couldn’t get enough of one another. I wished so badly that I could be her roommate so we could spend every night in each other’s arms.

When Alley came back she was alone and the three of us talked. She acted like she didn’t know about Denise and I and neither of us made a fuss. I certainly didn’t want to ever make Alley feel uncomfortable around us, but when Denise left for the night I did kiss her in front of Alley without even thinking. After she left I was all giddy and silly acting and Alley just laughed at me. That night I lay their thinking about Denise and how I wondered if we would spend the rest of our life together.

Over the next couple weeks Denise and I found time now and then to be alone, and we talked about if we should come out or if we should keep it all a secret. We did a good job of hiding our relationship from everyone except Alley, though we wouldn’t do anymore than hold hands in front of her or maybe a quick kiss goodnight. Denise and I did make out one morning in the shower. She actually jumped in and joined me which surprised and scared the hell out of me, but after just a short time she was out and in her own stall. Still it was very hot.

After she was out though I stood their just staring as the water ran over bağdat caddesi escort my body and I was thinking about my mom. I knew I shouldn’t have. I knew I was in love with Denise and had gotten to the point where I was ready to give up any sort of a sexual relationship with my mother now that I had found the girl of my dreams, and yet as I stood there in the shower that morning all I could think about was running my hands over my mother’s ass in the shower and sticking my tongue up her asshole. I suddenly felt very horny and not at all like I had been feeling the last couple weeks. Sex with Denise was wonderful, amazing, but sex with my mother had been dirty and risqué and taboo.

I suddenly wanted to feel that way again. That day after class I called my mom and during part of the call I talked dirty to her to see how she’d react. She loved it and it made me want to touch myself. At first I just told her how I missed making love to her body and how much I had loved our long weekend together, but then I told her things I wanted to do to her and I told her I wanted to make love to her in the middle of a busy restaurant right on the table in front of everyone. She told me she was touching herself too.

Then my mom said she’d like to make love to me while Anna watched and I mentioned I’d like to let Anna join us and that made my mom cum. After I climaxed, we both talked about how crazy we had just been, but I wondered if my mom had really wanted me to do something with Anna. I certainly did have a fantasy about making love to my mother in public for all the world to see, but I would never ever act on it.

Alley brought Nikki into the room later that night and Nikki brought up how Alley had told her I was a lesbian, but that she wouldn’t tell anyone. I was actually kind of pissed at Alley, but Alley later insisted she had done so only because she had been really drunk the weekend before and it slipped. We sort of had a fight that night, but before we went to bed I was feeling actually a lot better about it, and since Nikki had been pretty cool about the whole thing it made me wonder if maybe I could come out to everyone.

My only concern was would Nikki, and Alley especially, act the same around and towards me as they did now, if everyone else knew I was a lesbian. Or would they be afraid what people would think of them. It was sort of bullshit. I really didn’t know them that well. They could very easily become back stabbers, but for now they were sweet so I just enjoyed the openness.

Then one night I finally flirted with Nikki. I’m not sure why I did it. She was always such a flirt with everyone, and such a dominate personality that I just felt like putting her in her place. I rubbed her shoulders and kept brushing my breasts against the back of her head, and when she teased me about how I’d never enjoy a man’s dick, I told her I could make her cum in seconds with just my tongue and fingers. She actually gave me a look that was a cross between pure shock and curiosity. I wouldn’t act on it, but part of me wondered if Nikki would experiment with me if I wanted her bad enough.

Winter Break came soon enough and I had to say goodbye to Denise, but I promised her I’d text her all the time and also that I’d have a big surprise for her when we got back.

Over break my mom and I were different. First off she took Anna and me on a trip to Hawaii. The problem was they spent so much time together that I felt like I was intruding on their romantic get away. Now seeing the two of them in bikini’s all the time was great, and we had separate bedrooms so it wasn’t awkward at night, but I still wished Denise had been with us. There was one night when my mom and I stood on the balcony and I snuggled up next to her and just for a moment I pretended that I was with Denise. Feeling my mother’s huge breasts against my back made me think of her, and I turned and kissed her not even thinking if Anna was around to see. She kissed me back just for a second and then stopped herself. I told her that I wanted her, and she just smiled at me. She reached around me and grasped my breast and I just melted at her touch. I would have had sex with her on the balcony, but she would have none of that. She cupped my breast and kissed my shoulder and then with a wanting sigh she left me there.

After we got back from Hawaii the first night that the two of us were alone we didn’t even hang out in the same room, and she also didn’t come to my room that night. The next morning I went to her bedroom and crawled in bed with her. We didn’t say anything. I kissed her very passionately and we just rubbed our bodies together until we both climaxed. Then I sucked her enormous breasts until I finally just collapsed on her body and we fell back asleep.

When I woke up my mom was running her fingers through my hair and I just rested on her chest and we smiled at one another. We hung out all day until she went on a date with Anna. She brought Anna back that night and as I lay in bed hearing them moaning I bahçelievler escort crept to her bedroom and listened at the door. I could hear it was Anna and I assumed my mom was doing her with the dildo from the sound of it. I wanted to just barge in and watch them, but instead I masturbated outside their door. When I orgasmed I went back to my room and thought about Denise and wished my vacation was over.

The next morning I just left the house early and went to a friend’s house. I talked with her a long time and when she asked me if I had a boyfriend down at school I told her I was dating someone. She asked me all these questions and I had to watch what I said so that I didn’t say “she” or “her”. I couldn’t wait to change the subject. I was away at school now and I really considered just telling her I was a lesbian, but I knew if I did she’d tell everyone. That’s just the kind of girl she was.

That night I went to the movies with a group of people and also spent the night at a friend’s house. I’m not going to mention her name, but I will say that I slept in the same bed as she did and it made me very horny, nothing happened though.

I tried to spend the next couple days busy and my mom stopped me once and asked if everything was ok, and I told her I just missed Denise, but in reality I was wondering why I couldn’t stop thinking about having sex with my mom even though I was happy with Denise. It really bothered me.

I was and am still so confused about my feelings for my mom. They are entirely lustful, where my feelings for Denise are more romantic, and yet I have two relationships and basically live two different lives.

Before break was over my mom came to my room one night and she made love to me. We didn’t kiss much it was all about our bodies. My mouth was on her breasts a lot and hers on mine, and we used our hands to please one another.

Then I asked her if she’d use the dildo on me, and she smiled at me and went to go get it. When she was doing me from behind I begged her to be rough with me and she did gladly. I arched my back and kept my hands on her ass pulling her cheeks apart as she held my breasts and did her best to make me moan. I know I asked her if she fucked Anna like this the other night and she told me only we did it this way. That turned me on so bad and I started licking my own nipples as she held them up to my mouth. That made her fuck me even harder and she started grunting and making all sorts of noises.

I touched my finger tip to her asshole and she tightened her ass around it and started cussing. It was kind of cute. Suddenly my mom just started pounding the shit out of me to the point where I couldn’t do anything. It was a little painful, but I just wanted it so bad. The wilder she got, the more out of control she was the more I loved it. I just collapsed on the bed and let her drill me for the longest time until she was just exhausted.

The next morning we walked around half dressed just enjoying each other’s touch and then she helped me pack and I made sure I brought my special surprise for Denise without my mother seeing it. I didn’t want her to know I had it, because I didn’t want her to think I got it for us.

This time when I returned from vacation Alley was already there. I told her all about my trip and she told me all about this ex-boyfriend of hers and how they got back together over break. I didn’t go into details, but I did tell her I would have enjoyed it more if my mom hadn’t brought along her girlfriend. She did go into details and I listened for the longest time about every little thing and believe me I would never think to bother you with it.

So, then as I’m unpacking I found my gift for Denise and I just suddenly felt crazy and decided to show Alley. She was shocked when I suddenly turned to her and was holding a double dildo. I told her it was for Denise and I, and she just couldn’t take her eyes off of it, but she kept saying how she didn’t want to know about stuff like that, yet she held it in her hands for a while. It wasn’t a huge one at all, but I guess the length of it confused her and I’m not even sure she understood that we both use it at the same time.

I asked her if she had had sex with her “boyfriend” and she said no and that she wasn’t so sure she was going to stay with him or not and that he had cheated on her last time and she wasn’t sure he’d changed. Still they had had a wonderful break together and she was considering taking him back, but I could tell she wasn’t going to stop seeing guys down here. In fact I had thought she was getting serious with someone and wondered why she had even bothered with this guy over break at all, but who knows and I’m sure you guys reading this don’t care.

So when Denise got back she came to my room right away. I had texted her all the time, but it hadn’t helped and seeing her was just the greatest I’ve felt in forever. We hugged really big and I kissed her quick on the lips, but we didn’t do anything else, because Alley was there, but she bahçeşehir escort left after a while and as soon as the door was locked we kissed passionately for the longest time.

Denise seemed so much more fervent. She was very aggressive and that got me excited because I realized just how much she had missed me. I told her that we needed to get away for a weekend so that we could just be alone, and she suggested that we go to my house since my mom knew about us. I was leery, but it sounded like a great idea so I agreed. Then I showed her my present and she wasn’t nearly as excited as I thought she’d be. In fact she didn’t seem like she was interested in it at all. I told her she’d enjoy it if she tried it, but changed the subject both because it seemed awkward and was killing the moment and also because it had kind of killed my excitement.

The two of us spent every minute we could together that week, but most of the time we couldn’t be alone. Her roommate was totally getting on my nerves and she just isn’t a friendly person, though thank God they seem to get along most of the time. Still she was around all the time and Alley and Nikki seemed to be there more than not. So by Friday we actually pulled the car over on the way to my moms and found a side road and just made out. It was very hot. Still it was daylight so nothing too crazy happened.

When we got home I said “surprise” to my mom as we walked in the door, and she was very surprised, but happy to see us. She asked if we wanted to go on a double date with her and Anna tonight, but I said we needed to be alone. She understood. Still we made plans to do something with them on Saturday.

My mom could not leave soon enough, and when she did I took Denise up to my bedroom. I took her clothes off and then I stripped for her. She said it was very sexy, but while I was doing it I felt so stupid. Still it was fun. Then I crawled on top of her kissed her all over her body and then we finally rubbed against one another and kissed until she climaxed. I thought I would soon, but then it just never happened and she wanted to go down on me, but I told her I didn’t need it, that I just wanted to lay naked with her. I can remember her telling me that she wanted to please me and by the look on her face it made me want her too.

She was better this time and when I came it was so intense. I think it must have been the fact that I knew we were at home in my bed and that it seemed like we were living together. I don’t know if I can explain it, but it was wonderful.

We just lay together and touched one another and kissed for the longest time, before we got dressed and went down stairs. My mom and Anna came home late and we were watching TV. I introduced Anna to Denise and after we talked for a while we all played cards together. It was fun. Once during the night Anna winked at me and said “wow she’s busty.” I think Anna likes big boobs as much as I do, obviously since she’s with my mom. So later Anna and I somehow got to talking and next thing I knew my mom and Denise were in the other room looking at something.

I sort of had this fantasy that we would switch partners for the night, but I didn’t like the idea of Denise and my mom together for some reason. It sounds sexy, but when I think about it I just don’t like it. Still I started talking to Anna about how much I enjoy Denise’s huge boobs and she starts telling me about my mom’s and sex with her. It was so weird, but also so cool. I loved how I could be open with her and just say everything and I loved it that she could feel comfortable with me enough to share intimate details about her and my mom. I told her I had bought the dildo and everything and she talked to me about using a strap-on with my mom. There was just nothing we couldn’t share and I had the best time talking to her.

When Denise and my mom came back they had one of my year books and my mom was bragging about me. I actually have to admit I loved it, but of course I acted like I was embarrassed and told her to put it away. My mom sat so close to Denise and as Denise held the book, my mom’s wrist would bump Denise’s breast occasionally. I didn’t want to believe she was doing it on purpose yet I was still a little jealous.

When I went with my mom to go get her book, my mom told me how great of a time she was having. I told her I was too, and then I teased her about brushing up against Denise. My mom just joked back and then asked me how our alone time had been. I told her all about it as she looked for her book. Then I kissed her on the cheek and she just looked at me with this really cute smile, and then I kissed her. I mean it was quite a kiss. By the end of it I was laying on top of her and our tongues were just dancing around inside each other’s mouths. I have no idea what came over us, but I was so incredibly horny for her. There is something about the danger of someone seeing us that excites me.

As hot as it was, we gained a little composure and grabbed the book and went out to see what Denise and Anna were up to. They were just sitting on the couch talking. When I walked in the room Denise was laughing and I was happy that my girlfriend and my mom’s girlfriend seemed to be getting along. We laughed at my mom’s eighties hair, and I found out a few things about my mom that night that I had never heard before. We were really very much a like her and I.

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