My Husband’s Brother

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Ben’s twin brother was travelling the world when Ben and I met. He then decided to stop and work in South America and didn’t come home for our wedding. I was beginning to think I’d never meet Matt when one day there was a knock on my front door. I opened it and did a double take because on the step stood Ben, only it was a tanned Ben with slightly longer hair. I realised it must be Matt.

“Matt?” I asked incredulously. I hadn’t heard that he was coming home.

“The one and only,” he smiled and kissed my cheek. “You must be Leanne.”

“I am,” I replied. “Ben’s just gone out to get some wine. Did he know you were coming?”

“No, nobody did. I just broke up with my girlfriend and decided that it was a good idea to move on before her father and brothers found out. May I come in?”

I invited him in and asked him if he wanted to stay for dinner. He accepted and I set another place at the table and continued cooking. He sat and watched me at the breakfast counter.

“I can see why Ben fell for you,” he smiled the same smile that I adored in my husband. “You’re unbelievably sexy.”

I didn’t know what to reply so I stayed silent. I wasn’t used to people complimenting me in such a manner. Although I was 25 when Ben and I married, he was the only lover I’d had, losing my virginity to him on the night we got engaged. Ben was 5 years older than me and I knew that he’d been with a few women before me and that had never bothered me since he treated me with such respect. I didn’t think I’d ever have dated Ben if he’d spoken to me the way Matt was speaking now.

I didn’t have to feel uncomfortable for long as I soon heard Ben’s car in the drive. The brothers’ reunion was touching to observe and I immediately forgot all bad thoughts I’d had about Matt. We sat down to a meal and it was a wonderful occasion. Ben and Matt were busy catching up with each other and reminiscing about the old days, but they never made me feel left out and kept explaining things to me.

After dinner we went into the living room for coffee and I curled up next to Ben, the way I always did in the evenings. I was surprised to feel his hand on my breast, teasing my nipple until it got hard. He usually did that, but only when we were alone. Now we were sitting beşiktaş masöz escort with his brother next to us and Ben was tweaking my aroused nipple.

“You’re a lucky man, Ben,” Matt smiled at us. “Leanne has fantastic tits and an ass that’s just begging to be felt up.”

Rather than telling his brother to shut up, Ben moved his hand down between my thighs and squeezed my pussy lightly.

“And her cunt is wonderfully tight,” he smiled and kissed me.

“I bet it is,” replied Matt. “Are your tits all real, Leanne? I’ve been dying to feel them all night.”

“Leanne, honey,” Ben said. “Why don’t we show my brother your lovely, natural D-cups?”

He left me no time to think, but unbuttoned my blouse and then unhooked my lacy white bra. I found myself sitting between the two brothers, wearing only shorts. The cool air made my nipples erect and I could feel my pussy tingling in response.

“Mind if I?” Matt looked at my husband who smiled in return. Matt then cupped my tits and squeezed them around his face. He then started sucking on one of my nipples, making me even wetter than I already was. I started moaning as Matt kissed, sucked and nibbled at my tits and my husband took that as a sign to move on. He pulled off the last of my clothes and kneeled between my thighs.

I soon felt Ben eating my shaved pussy while Matt was playing with my tits. Ben’s tongue lapped up my juices before he settled his lips around my clit and started teasing it. Ben then grabbed one of Matt’s hands and inserted two of his fingers inside my pussy. I moaned louder. My husband and his twin brother were pleasuring me in a way I’d never imagined. I’d never felt anything so erotic before in my life.

All too soon my body betrayed me and I screamed out as the orgasm possessed my body. Ben and Matt kept doing what they were doing until I’d stopped whimpering and started breathing normally again. Matt then pulled his fingers from my cunt and licked them. He smiled and kissed me.

“You taste wonderful, Leanne,” he smiled.

“He’s right,” my husband scooped up some pussy juice and licked it off his finger. “You have the sweetest cunt I’ve ever tasted.”

“Only problem now of course,” Matt beşiktaş otele gelen escort continued. “Is that my cock is so hard I’m about to tear these jeans apart.”

“Why don’t you get his cock out, Leanne honey,” my husband asked. I looked at him with incredulity but he nodded encouragingly. I slid down on the floor and positioned myself between my brother-in-law’s legs. I unzipped his jeans and pulled out a cock that was as long and thick as the one I knew so well from nearly nightly fucking. I looked at Ben again and he motioned for me to do to his brother what he himself loved so much.

I pulled Matt’s jeans open enough to get his full cock and his balls out. I then started sucking Matt’s balls, teasing them and tickling them with my tongue. Then I licked the full length of his shaft until I reached the swollen mushroom head and I cleared it of precum. Then I finally wrapped my lips around his cock and I could tell that Matt was enjoying it from his gasp. I sucked him in as deep as I could and then I kept him deep as my gagging reflexes did the work for me. Matt’s moans got louder and louder as I deep throated him.

I hadn’t noticed that Ben had undressed next to us, but all of a sudden I felt him behind me and he was rubbing his hard shaft along my wet slit. As my head was bobbing up and down Matt’s cock, Ben slowly penetrated me, filling me with his wonderful shaft. I moaned around Matt’s meat in my mouth and I felt his hands on my head, making sure I stayed focused on my task of sucking his cock.

Ben had grabbed my hips and was now stroking in and out of me, long deliberate strokes at first, but then harder and harder, faster and faster. His balls slammed into my swollen clit and I wanted to cry with satisfaction but Matt’s cock stopped me from making much noise.

I kept slurping around Matt’s shaft and using my tongue to tease him as much as I could. My hands were helping me with my task, I had one hand wrapped around the base of his cock and the other hand cupping his heavy balls.

Ben was slamming into me fast and furiously. He held my hips in position to make sure I felt the full size of him and with every penetration he stopped momentarily to grind himself beşiktaş rus escort into me, making sure that my entire cunt felt his presence. There was only one way out. My body started shaking and I cried out against my brother-in-law’s penis as my husband’s cock gave me an orgasm that threatened to never end.

I nearly collapsed with post-orgasm fatigue when Ben pulled out of me and pulled my face off his brother’s crotch. He then kissed me deeply as Matt stripped and lay on the floor. Ben helped me straddle his brother and guided me down on his rock hard cock. He then stood before my mouth so that I could suck his pussy juice covered cock while riding Matt’s shaft.

I sucked my husband’s cock with gusto and moaned with pleasure as Matt started kneading my tits and teasing my clit with his hands as I rode him. Matt’s cock was as delicious in my tight cunt as Ben’s and the flavour of my own juices on my husband’s cock turned me on even more than I already was.

The only sounds in our house were the heavy pants and moans from our fucking, coupled with the sound of wet skin slamming into wet skin. I was riding Matt like a woman possessed and Ben had to hold my face in place so that he could fuck my mouth.

This time Ben was the first to let go. His groan grew louder and louder and I sucked him as hard as I could, teasing him with my tongue and my hands. He grabbed my head tight and with a final thrust he shoved himself to the back of my throat and started shooting his cum into my mouth. When he finally let go, he was still cumming and he shot the sticky liquid in my face and on my tits.

Eating my husband’s cum was all I needed. Once again my body shook and my cunt convulsed around the cock that was filling it. I moaned out loud as I squeezed Matt’s cock hard and the added pressure must have been what made Matt go over the edge. He grabbed my hips hard and forced himself all the way in and my throbbing cunt started milking his cum-filled balls.

Soon the three of us were lying on the floor. Each twin brother had a hand on my tits and we were all starting to breathe calmer.

“That was amazing, Leanne,” Matt said. “I can’t wait to fuck you again.”

“Baby,” Ben smiled at me when he saw the quizzical look in my eyes. “I never told you, because I didn’t want to scare you, but Matt and me… All our lives we’ve shared everything, even our lovers. I hope that you’ll be happy to fuck both of us in the future as well.”

Was I dreaming? I’d already married the most wonderful cock in the world and now I was going to get its identical twin as well! I was in heaven!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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