My Knight in Shining Armor

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My name is Rikki, and this is the story of how my life changed one random day at work. I’m the receptionist at a small business of about 20 employees, run out of two residential houses in a pretty rural area of the city. The houses are separated by a little wooded lot, that is pretty thick and grown up, with a nice trail from house to house through it. It was a pretty regular day at work, lots of phone calls, lots of paper work. My boss then told me to run down to the other house, and get some product samples for him, this happens quite frequently throughout the day. It was pretty sunny and warm out today, so I usually like to take my time and casually walk down the trail. About halfway down the trail I ran into Landon. Landon was a jack of all trades at our shop, he fixed everything, ran equipment, and was basically a manager. Landon is about my age 23-24, and is a bigger guy, he’s not fat by any means, he’s muscular without being overly ripped. He is a very nice guy who is quirky and sweet, but not really my type. I’ve never looked at him as anything more than a funny guy who I work with, mainly because I have a boyfriend who I am happy with, and he is married with a baby on the way. As we passed each other on the trail we made casual remarks, and I continued on my way.

About half the day had passed when my boss told me to run down to the other house again. It had become overcast out, and as I walked down the trail I had an odd feeling that I was being watched. I picked up my pace and got to the other house, got the stuff and started to go back down the trail when I got the feeling again. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw someone standing in the woods, I turned and almost jumped out of my shoes. The black man starring at me was clearly on some sort of drugs, his eyes were all glazed over, and his stance looked very intimidating.

I was very frightened, and I told the man with fear in my voice,” This is private property sir, you can’t be here.”

He starred at me for a second, then said,” Oh, I’m sorry miss, I’ll be on my way.”

I turned, and planned to start running, when I felt his breath on my neck.

He said,” Could you help me with something?”

Thousand of things running through my head, I said,

” I have to get back to work sir.”

He grabbed me by my hair and threw me to the ground. I was terrified, I had no voice what so ever, all I could do was start crawling away. He grabbed me again and started dragging me closer to him, he was much more powerful than me, and I could do nothing but whimper and try and grab onto something. I only weigh about 115 lbs so it was very easy for the man to move me where he wanted to. He held me down with one hand, and started removing his pants. My god, he was going to rape me….I was crying now, and finally I found my voice, and screamed. He covered my mouth, and I fought him as he tried to undo my pants. Then suddenly like the wind picked up to 100mph he flew backwards. It was Landon, he grabbed and threw the man to the ground. He jumped on top of him, and started throwing punches, and the guy laid motionless. Landon has knocked him out. I was never happier to see Landon than ever before. I tried to stand, but realized that I had twisted my ankle during the whole process.

Landon then got up and turned to me and said,” Are you ok?”

His voice was so calm, and poised. I couldn’t find words with tears still running down my face, all I could do was shake my head yes. He tried to help me up when he realized I was holding my ankle. Then in one swift move he picked me up in his arms and started to carry me out of the woods.

He said, ” Don’t worry Rikki, I’m here.”

I just laid my head on his shoulder, and closed my eyes, a few tears still running down my face. I could smell his cologne, it was musky, but very appealing. In the very short time in his arms I must have passed out.

I woke an hour or so later in the hospital. The first person I saw when I opened my eyes was my boyfriend Kevin. canlı bahis I immediately started to cry and wrapped my arms around him. He smelled good, but the thought drifted back to me of Landon’s smell. Kevin told me that the guy was arrested, and had warrants for rapes over the years. He then told me that I had rest of the week off from work, and we could leave the hospital as soon as I woke up. The ride home was very quiet, and I drifted off again. It was just a nightmare of that man, but then again Landon was there to save me. It was that way for a week or so, every night I had the nightmare of being violated, but then Landon came to my rescue. Then one night the dream was going the same way, but after Landon rescued me he carried me out of the woods, and into the house. He laid me on the desk and began to remove my clothes. I offered no resistance to him as he began kissing my neck and rubbing my tits. He then looked me in the eye, and our mouths locked in a amazing kiss. He then took his shirt off revealing a nice sparsely haired chest with muscular arms. I then woke up, and looked around, I was home in bed next to Kevin, sweat dripping down my face.

But something was different. I reached between my legs and felt my wetness. My pussy was soaked, I entered a finger past my lips and let out a soft moan. I can’t believe that dream got me so wet. Also the fact I was dreaming about Landon. I was so horny I couldn’t take it, I started to rub my pussy, I then looked over and saw Kevin sleeping. I pulled the blankets down and pulled his cock out of his boxers and immediately start to suck it. I worked mainly on the head, then licked my way down to his balls. I wasn’t usually much for giving oral, but tonight was different. Kevin then awoke and didn’t say much, he just went with the flow. I needed his cock inside me. I suck for a second longer then decided I needed him. I straddled his dick and started to sit on it. It was going in easier than ever before. I was so wet and horny that it didn’t take long before I felt my pussy tighten and I was screaming at the top of my lungs in pure ecstasy. A minute later I felt his balls tighten, and he started to grunt, and I got off him and his cum flew up in the air, and landed on his stomach. I’ve never let him, or any of my past boyfriends cum in me, I just don’t want to take the chance of getting pregnant, even though I’m on birth control.

Kevin looked at me and said,” What was that all about?”

I couldn’t tell him that the dream about Landon fucking me got me so wet. I loved Kevin very much, and I can very well see myself marrying him someday, but tonight Landon was all I could think about.

I just looked him in the eye and said,” Just got in the mood baby, I hope you liked it.”

“Did I ever!!!” He almost screamed

We both said goodnight, and back to sleep I went.

It had been two weeks since the incident, and it was finally time to go back to work. The day was pretty typical, but I hadn’t seen Landon at all that day. My boss then asked me to run to the other house and grab something. I froze, and it all came rushing back to me, then he said not to worry, and I’ll see what he’s talking about when I get out there. I headed out the back door, and instantly saw Landon standing there with his shirt off, hammering nails into a piece of wood. Thoughts started running through my head, and I could feel the dampness in my pussy. Landon looked up and saw me standing there and smiled.

“Hey there Rikki!” He said.

“Hi Landon.”

He stood up and approached me sweat glistening off his skin. He held out his hand for me to grab it.

“Come on, I want to show you something.” he said.

I was hopping he was going to take me somewhere and fuck my brains out. He started to take me down the trail and I noticed that the bushes were all cut back, and that there was a big fence around the trail with cameras all over the place. All fear I had when my boss first told me to come down the trail was gone, but not because of the bahis siteleri fence, or the cameras, but because of the amazing man holding my hand walking me down the trail. Landon explained all the work he had done to make it safer, and make me feel better. He had been working on this for about two weeks, and all I could think about was his cock inside me. I threw my arms around his neck and hugged him, and he returned the hug.

“Thank you so much.” I said.

“No problem, I did what I could.” He said

“Not just for all this work you did, but thank you for what you did.” I said as I started to tear up.

“Hey, don’t cry Rikki, you don’t need to thank me, I did what had to be done. I’m just glad your ok.”

I couldn’t say anything I just cried with my head buried into his shoulder, smelling his cologne once again. I felt tingles in my pussy, and all the dreams and thoughts of Landon came rushing to me, and I kissed him on the lips. He stopped

“Rikki, I can’t do this, your not thinking clear. I have a wife, and you have a boyfriend.” Landon said

“Landon I’m sorry, its just that I have these feeling for you now, and these dreams about you, and I can’t stop thinking about you.”

“I’m sorry, but I love my wife very much. I think your beautiful, and a wonderful person, but this can’t ever happen.”

He was right, I had a good thing going with Kevin, and he had his wife, how could I be so stupid. He noticed that I understood, and took my hand to walk me back to the house.

The weeks passed, and the dreams about him continued, and it ended up with me waking up horny and wet, and I’d fuck the shit out of Kevin. Work was normal, except Landon basically avoided me. I finally got fed up with not seeing him so I confronted him one day at lunch.

“Landon, why are you avoiding me?”

He looked puzzled and said,” What do you mean, avoiding you?”

“You’ve haven’t been talking to me the way you usually do, and I like talking to you. Is this about the kiss?”

“No….well kind of. It just kind of changed things, and I want to avoid any sort of temptation.”

It was then I realized that he wanted me, but was fighting it off. I knew I could have him, and I needed him.

“I understand, it’s ok” I said, as I turned and walked away with a big smile on my face

I knew at that moment that I was going to tease him to the point of fucking me silly.

Over the next week I made it a point to walk by him, and brush up against him, or wink at him when he looked me in the eye. Then one day as I was walking down the trail I saw Landon walking the other way and I decided to tease him. I then dropped my files on the ground and squatted down to pick them up. On the way down I pulled my pants down some, so my thong was sticking out. As he approached me he was going to help me pick up the files when I looked at him and saw him starring at my protruding thong.

“Looking at something?” I said with a gin on my face

He stammered for a second, and then said,” I was going to help you with your files.”

I knew I had caught him, and as I stood up I lightly brushed my hand against his groin, and he almost jumped straight up in the air.

“Oops, sorry.” I teasingly said, as I turned and walked away, shaking my ass.

I didn’t see Landon the rest of the day, but I stayed wet the whole day. I had to go to the bathroom three time to play with myself I was so horny. At the end of the day just about everyone had left when I went to clock out, and I realized Landon and I were the only two left. I clocked out and as I was walking out the door, Landon was walking in. I looked at him and he couldn’t even look me in the eye, I knew he was fighting his urges. I walked to my car in the parking lot out back of the house, and took longer than usually to get to my car. When I got in, I saw Landon walking towards my car. He got in the passenger side, looked me in the eye.

“Just drive.” he said

I drove for a few minutes, and then he told me bahis şirketleri to pull into the Holiday Inn. We didn’t say anything to each other, we just knew what was going to happen, and I was just so wet thinking about it.

He paid for a room for us, and still even on the way to the room he didn’t say anything. As soon as we closed the door he instantly kissed me with force. Our tongues fought each other as we made our way to the bed. He gently laid me down on the bed and began removing his shirt, then removed mine. He kissed his way down my neck to my bra cover breasts. Smoothly he slid his hand behind me and undid the clasp. As he kiss my chest he removed my bra, gently sucking on my nipples. I was in heaven, he was the most gentle passionate man I’ve ever been with. He kissed his way down my belly, and started to remove my pants, I helped him as I lifted up and pulled them off. He then slowly removed my thong, the whole time looking me in the eyes. I laid on my back as he then began to gently lick and suck on my soaked pussy lips. I started to moan, and run my fingers through his hair. He was amazing, Kevin had gone down on me plenty of times, but nothing ever like this. He slowly entered two fingers into me as he sucked on my clit.

I could feel my body tensing up, and he still gently and passionately continued his way. Then it hit me, it was the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had I bucked and thrashed. When I finally calmed down he stood up and laid on top of me, and began to kiss me. I could taste myself as we made out. I rolled him on his back, and removed his pants. His boxers were tenting. I removed his boxers, and out it popped. His penis was only about 7 inches long, but it was really, really thick. It didn’t even fit in my hand, but I started to suck in like a mad person. I had trouble fitting it in my mouth, but I wanted it all the way in for him. He let out soft moans as I worked his shaft with my mouth and hands. After a few minutes he picked me up and laid me down on the bed. He laid in between my legs, and reached for his cock. He slowly started to insert it into my wanting, and waiting pussy. It was so massive, I could barely breath. He went very slowly, and gently rocked his hips in and out of me. He looked me straight in the eyes.

“Your so beautiful.” He said as he kissed me. It was then that I realized that in all my dreams I wanted him to fuck me hard and fast, but he was making love to me. He was making me feel like a goddess. He was treating me the way Kevin never did. He rhythmically thrusted in and out of me bringing me closer and closer to another amazing orgasm. Again I could feel my pussy tighten around his cock, and I moaned and screamed his name as he gently made love to me. I had another orgasm, and then another, and another, before I could see the sweat on his brow, and he started to pick up the pace a little. He was almost ready to cum, as he just stared me in the eyes. Then with one last thrust he empty his cum inside me. I wanted him to cum in me. No one ever had before, but something told me I wanted him to be my first.

We quickly showered making love one more time in the shower, then I drove him back to get his car. On his way out of the car I grabbed his arm and kissed him again.

“Landon, that was amazing…your wife is the luckiest woman alive.” I said

He kissed me one last time got out of the car and left. When I got home that night I fucked Kevin at least five times. I tried to make love to him, but all he wanted to do was fuck, and get it over with. The whole time, all I could think about was Landon. The next day my boss informed me that Landon had put his two weeks notice in. I quickly ran to find him.

“Why are you quitting??”

“I have to Rikki, It is just too awkward. I have a family, and I can’t ruin that. You are amazing, you have an amazing body, and you are amazing in bed. I think I’m falling in love with you and I need to leave before it ruins both our lives.”

He was right…I just wanted to run away with him forever, but I knew that would never happen. Two weeks later he was gone, and I never saw him again. That summer I married Kevin, and I’m now pregnant, but I still think about Landon every time I walk that trail at work.

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