My Life as a Cuckold

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I heard the door open and my wife stumbled in. It was late but no later than her usual night out with the girls. She staggered into the bedroom and I could see in her eyes that she was drunk, which was also the norm for her weekly girls night out.

I knew what would come next.

She peeled her clothes off and left them in a pile beside the bed which creaked as she climbed onto it and straddled my head. Her strong muscular thighs touched my cheeks as she steadied herself against the wall.

I could smell the sweet aroma of her arousal as she lowered her wet pussy to my waiting mouth. My hands slid up her flat stomach to her pert b cup tits and gently squeezed them as gravity combined with her contracting cunt muscles to fill my mouth with warm thick cum. I swallowed the creamy goo and then sucked her meaty pussy lips into my mouth as she ground her hard clit against my nose.

“Suck my cunt piggy,” she moaned softly as I licked and sucked her well fucked pussy.

She had been fucked hard and her pussy was gaping. He’d been well hung but his load was disappointingly small.

“Did his cum taste good piggy?” she teased as I continued to swallow drops of man juice that I licked from her lips.

“Mmm,” I moaned into her grotto as I plunged my tongue and bottom jaw inside my wife’s gapping pussy in search of more cum. She rode my face hard and it was coated with her delicious juices when my lips found her hard swollen clit. I sucked it into my mouth and flicked my tongue across it over and over until she came hard on my face.

“You’re a good cunt licker,” she praised as she collapsed on the bed in a disheveled drunken heap. I started to stroke my hard cock hard and fast as I savored the flavor of her cum filled pussy on my lips.

“Cum on my tits,” she slurred. That was her thing. She liked to watch it fly from my dick. She liked a lot of things.

I rose onto my knees and pointed my cock at her perky tits as she reached under me and forced two saliva coated fingers into my ass. I groaned loudly as she expertly massaged my prostate while I furiously pumped my hard rod.

“Cum for me piggy,” she said softly as I passed the point of no return.

I moaned loudly as I unloaded an enormous load of thick cream onto my wife’s tits. My load was much bigger than the one I had just ingested and it covered her chest with the glorious thick white cream.

“Good job now clean your mess up piggy,” she said playfully as she grabbed my head and guided it to her cum covered tits. That was my thing. I loved cum. I loved how it felt and how it tasted. I loved a lot of things.

I obediently licked my seed from her body and held it in my mouth savoring its salty flavor before finally swallowing it all as I moaned softly.

“Good piggy,” she praised. “When are you going to quit the straight boy charade and let me watch you take a load from the tap?” She chided. It was my wife’s contention that my willingness to eat a creampie from her pussy or my own cum from her tits meant that I was gay or bisexual. The truth was that I was not attracted to men at all and in my mind that made me completely straight.

“No thanks baby, but feel free to bring your lovers over so I can watch them fuck you.” I answered with a smile.

“If I brought the guy who fucked me tonight home you would beg to suck his cock,” my wife taunted. “His body was right out of the pages of Muscle and Fitness and he had the cock of a porn stud,”

“You would enjoy that wouldn’t you?” I teased.

“Damn straight I would. Of course canlı bahis you aren’t straight are you sweetie,” she continued as she scooped a drop of cum from her navel. “You’re my cum loving hubby and your just waiting to get it right from the source aren’t you.” She was really slurring her words at that point and it was evident that the alcohol and the late hour had caught up with her. She fed me the last drop and I sucked her finger until it was squeaky clean.

“I may love eating creampies from your just fucked pussy but I am not gay,” I replied. “Much to your dismay.” She fell asleep before I finished speaking.

I tried in vein to go to sleep but gave up some time after 2:00am and went out to the family room to watch TV and surf the net on my laptop.

I could still taste cum on my lips and it made me want more so I searched for a story to read so I could get off again. I was a cuckold husband, a submissive piggy and truth be told my wife was right; I wanted to suck a cock.

I found a good story about a cuckold man and his first creampie. I slowly stroked my cock as I read but I wanted more. Something visual. That led me to youporn where I searched for a creampie video. What I found was much more than a creampie video and much more exciting.

I watched as the guy on the screen guided an enormous cock into the pussy of a sexy porn starlet and then lowered his face to their union. He licked her pussy and the guys giant shaft until the guy pulled his monster cock out and came all over the his face. I groaned as I spilled my seed onto my stomach. I scooped up my cream and licked my fingers clean as I imagined it was the porn star’s load.

I watched TV for another hour and then went back to bed beside my passed out wife.

A week later I was home alone while my wife was out with her girlfriends. I surfed the web and watched a few videos as usual. I didn’t jerk off because I wanted a nice big load for my inevitable romp with my wife.

I was sitting in just a pair of boxer briefs when I heard the door open down the hall. It was only 10:30 which was much earlier than usual. I closed the web browser and walked out of the bedroom expecting to see just my wife but she was not alone.

They were locked in a deep passionate kiss as my wife tore at his clothes. She took her shirt and bra off before pulling his tight black tee-shirt up over his head to reveal his broad chiseled physique.

He looked to be in his mid twenties with long brown hair and a muscular body with no body fat. His chest was shaved smooth and I presumed that the rest of him was as well.

He looked at me and smiled as my wife pulled her shorts and panties off and sank to her knees. She pulled his pants down to his ankles and took his flaccid cock in her hands.

I watched in silence as my wife took his semi-erect dick into her mouth and sucked on it as it grew in her mouth. His dick was long and thick and my wife struggled to fit it into her small mouth. It looked delicious and I wondered what it would feel like in my mouth.

I pulled my boxer briefs off and grabbed my cock with my right hand as I watched my wife give a blow job to another man. I slowly stroked my cock with my eyes riveted to his long hard cock.

“Come closer,” he said as he motioned for me to sit beside my sexy wife.

I moved slowly, as though I was in some sort of lust induced trance. I knelt naked beside my wife and watched as her spit covered his big dick. He was circumcised and between 7 or 8 inches long with big smooth shaved balls. I wanted to bahis siteleri touch it and hold it in my hand. I wanted to feel its warmth. I wanted to take it in my mouth and feel it throb.

“Want a taste,” my wife asked softly as if reading my mind. She pointed the thick bulbous head of his throbbing meat at my mouth. “Do you?”

“Yes,” I said softly. I felt a tremendous weight lift from my chest as I admitted my desire. “I want it.”

My wife put her hand on my head and guided it to his cock. I hesitated for a moment as I pondered the ramifications and then I parted my lips and accepted his hard rod into my mouth.

I could taste the briny flavor of his precum as his cock slid against my tongue. ‘I am doing it’ I thought as I closed my eyes and surrendered to my lust. My cock twitched and saliva spilled from my mouth as I slurped on his thick rod.

I marveled at how erotic his cock felt in my mouth. Its shaft was hard like granite but covered with skin so soft and smooth it was like fine silk. The hard shaft was juxtaposed with soft pliable veins and a spongy head that tickled the back of my throat as my head bobbed rhymically over his meat.

“I knew you wanted to suck a cock piggy. You thought you could keep your cock lust a secret?” My wife whispered in my ear. “You want him to cum in your mouth don’t you piggy?”

I moaned around his thick shaft. She knew me too well.

I wrapped my hand around his shaft and sucked on the delicious drooling head with my eyes closed tightly. I had never experienced such an erotic feeling. I could feel the veins and ridges of his meat as they slid over my lips and across my tongue.

A cool liquid ran over my exposed asshole as I sucked and stroked his cock. I wanted to look back to see what my wife was up to but my mouth refused to release his warm hard cock from its grasp.

I could feel the smooth lubricated head of a dildo rubbing against my asshole and I moaned softly. I wanted it inside me.

“Relax piggy,” my wife said as the fake cock entered my virgin asshole.

I groaned loudly as I continued to slurp on his delicious cock. I felt her hips slap against my ass and I surmised that my wife was fucking me with a strap on as I sucked her lovers cock.

She fucked me slowly at first with long strokes that massaged my prostate and made my cock twitch with each thrust.

I sucked on his spongy cock head as I pumped my fist over his smooth hard shaft hard and fast while my wife fucked my ass. She increased her pace to match mine and my orgasm began to build.

I can hard and almost without warning. My dick spasmed and pumped a tremendous load of thick cum onto the floor as my wife continued to fuck my ass.

“Clean up after yourself piggy while I get fucked,” she said as she pulled the fake cock from my gapping asshole and removed the harness.

I reluctantly released his cock from my mouth and lowered my face to the hardwood floor and licked up the copious amounts of thick cream as he knelt behind my wife and slid his cock into her liquid core. I swallowed my load and then slithered beneath my wife just as I had seen in the video a week before.

“You can’t get enough of that cock can you piggy,” my wife teased.

“No,” I panted as I pressed my lips to her pussy and started to lick.

“Oh fuck yes,” she hissed as my tongue flicked over her engorged clit while he fucked her hard from behind.

My wife came hard. Her body shook uncontrollably as she moaned and cried out loud enough for the entire neighborhood to hear.

He bahis şirketleri continued to pound his huge cock into my wife as I moved from licking her hypersensitive clit to his slippery shaft. His breathing became erratic and it was clear he was going to cum.

I was torn. I wanted a fresh thick creampie to lick from my wife’s cunt but I also wanted to feel his cock spit his seed directly into my mouth.

“I’m gonna cum baby,” he grunted as he furiously pounded his dick into my wife. “Where do you want it baby?”

“Put it in his mouth baby,” my wife said without hesitation.

“Open wide,” he said coarsely as he thrust his girl juice covered cock into my mouth.

I felt his head hit the back of my throat as it began to spit. I swallowed the first two blasts and they slid down my throat like a warm salty oyster. He pulled back until just the tip was in my mouth and his cock continued to spurt into my mouth.

I closed my eyes as he filled my mouth with his warm tasty cum. I held it in my mouth and savored its salty essence before swallowing it all like a whore.

My cock was stiff and my wife pushed me onto my back and sat on my hard dick as her new lover recovered. They kissed and he caressed her body as she rode my cock hard.

I had already cum once and despite her fervish pace my climax was not close.

Her young lover recovered quickly as we fucked and in no time his giant rod was back at full attention begging for a suck.

“Suck his dick piggy,” my wife said playfully as we continued to fuck.

I turned my head to the side and began to lick and suck his big cock while my wife bounced on my rod.

“I want you both inside me,” she panted. My jaw was sore and despite my desire to keep sucking his cock I welcomed the relief.

My sexy wife positioned him on his back and guided his giant tool into her wet pussy. She looked back at me over her shoulder and batted her long eyelashes. “Lick my asshole piggy. Get it nice and sloppy wet and then lube your cock and fuck my ass.”

She didn’t have to say it twice. We had done anal before and while she always enjoyed it we did not do it often.

I knelt behind my wife’s gorgeous ass and lovingly licked it as her lover fucked her soaking wet pussy. I drooled and spit on it before pouring copious amounts of lube on her ass and my cock. I eased my slick dick inside her ass as she groaned loudly.

I could feel her lovers cock rubbing against the underside of my dick through the thin membrane that separated the two holes and it was incredibly erotic. We fell into a steady rhythm that drove my wife crazy. A steady flow of tremors shook her body until she came so hard she nearly blacked out.

Her lover pulled his dripping wet cock from my wife’s pussy as I climbed off her and dropped to my knees. I took his big wet tool in my mouth and sucked the juices off it. I opened my mouth wide and forced it down my throat until tears streamed down my face. My arms wrapped tightly around his strong thighs forcing his rod deep inside me. My head bobbed as I slurped and sucked his giant cock until he filled my mouth with another delicious warm load of cum. I swished his seed around my mouth as I stroked my dick until I came on my wife’s tits. I swallowed his load and then licked mine from her chest and swallowed it all.

My wife’s lover left soon after I came. She and I went up to bed together and she kissed me deeply tasting man juice on my lips.

“I knew you wanted to suck a cock piggy. Next week I’ll find a guy to deflower your ass. You will like that won’t you?”

“Yes, I will baby,” I replied honestly.

“You know you’re bisexual, right piggy,” she asked.

“Yup. Does that bother you?”

“Not at all. In fact it is really hot.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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