My Lovers Dan , Ronnie

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I’m just like every other young girl. Cute looking, slim & slender, shoulder length hair with an attractive smile is how boys define me!

I guess I got the right curves in my body, especially my hip which many adore! I stood 5’5 tall and weighed some 50 kilograms roughly with wheat like, brown skin measuring at a decent 34B-27-36. My breast cups are pretty average, rather compact than being attractively huge. I had some wild fantasies in my teen years but when I turned 19 something different, purposefully unexpected happened. Something that changed my life forever — for good!

The incident left me like this – in the position as I’m right now. Bare naked — my boyfriends Dan and Ronnie on either side of me on the bed hugging me slightly. Their nude, semi-erect cocks were touching my thighs and hip often whenever one of them shifted positions. My slim, petite (compared to their bulky chests) form lay between the two, handsome guys who loves me dearly. When both of them proposed me on the same day, I never ever knew something like this would happen.

“Are you deep immersed in thoughts, Sharon?” Dan enquired me. He was wide awake now. His hands were nuzzling my erect nipples as he asked him while planting soft kisses over my elbow.

I smiled. “No, honey just about our relationship and how you guys so romantically make love to me.”

I gasped when he bent lower to take my erect brown nipples into his warm mouth and flicked his bağcılar escort tongue over them.

“Uggghh…” I moaned softly caressing his hair. My gasps and moans disturbed Ronnie’s sleep. Without a word, he moved to my lips and planted a deep, French kiss. Our tongues met while he rested his hands on my soft, flat tummy.

I met his tongue with passion as he continued to kiss me deep, his lips gently biting my lower lip and then my upper. My other hand was busy caressing Dan’s hair. He kept suckling my nipples as if there is no tomorrow and I loved every moment. A girl’s moment of pleasure when more than just one lover pleasures her cannot be put down in words — in any language.

I was experiencing it! Almost every day, something seldom girls get! Being adored and admired as if no other girl is in the world makes us feel special. Dan and Ronnie did it exceedingly well. All I could give them was ultimate pleasure with my well endowed beauty, my supple breasts, sweet lips and the nectar of love, my pussy for the love they showered upon me.

“Ahhh…Dan, go slow. I can’t bear it.”

“Mmmmppphhh…” my moans were muffled by Ronnie’s occasional smooches. Dan left my nipples and was busy sucking my clitoris. Mine was really sensitive and the guys knew it well, to tease me enough while enjoying seeing me go mad with pleasure.

Ronnie kneeled with his legs on either side of my face, his bahçelievler escort erect cock dangling in front of my lips. I rolled my tongue out to wet my lips before opening them up to slowly take his cock head inside my moist mouth. My lips engulfed his pink head completely and I started bobbing up & down his cock while lying down. He lifted my head up to go deeper and I accustomed to his rough passion.

“You are a damn well cock sucking slut, babe. You are so good at it,” Ronnie said mixing up compliments and scolding me on the go. I loved it!

“Dan…nnn…” Before I could concentrate on Ronnie’s cock, Dan did his job very well that made me orgasm, my pussy convulsing with pleasure as I screamed loud.

After I relaxed, the guys were impatient to cum and got into work. Dan took his position in between my spread legs with his hands resting on my smooth, plump thighs. Ronnie scooted me up with a pillow so that my head is in position for him to have better access to my mouth.

“Sharon, move a bit sideways baby.”


Moments later, I was mercilessly being rammed by my two lovers. I got fucked in almost every position with my legs spread wide, on my back, scooted up for doggy, 69, double spooning as I was nearly tossed back and forth in their strong arms.

From a third person perspective, anyone would find it arousing to see a petite, young girl being bahçeşehir escort tag teamed by two hunks. The sight was torrid to see the threesome couple build up pace as the guys switched positions occasionally but would never let her go.

I was caught in the throes of my multiple orgasms as Dan and Ronnie kept exchanging my mouth, pussy and ass as they continued fucking or should I say avid love making session! My breasts were wet with my sweat and the guys were no better either! Their hard cocks stood like rocks and I was a willing toy for their urging sexual needs.

“Sharon, spread your legs wider.” I was in missionary for Dan.

“Scoot lower, honey. Show me your pretty ass.” I switched my back to be pounded in doggy for my sweet Ronnie!

“Lower yourself slowly babe.” Ronnie held my hip for support as I lowered myself onto his cock while Dan positioned himself to enter my pussy. Sandwiched!

The great sex finally came to an end as the guys grunted, ejaculating themselves in my pussy and ass. I was satisfied, mentally and physically.

I’m no slut. Loving two people the same time doesn’t make a girl craving for cocks! Not every guy would understand my ideology but the sensible few could, I guess. I just loved the situation and my lovers equally. What made me accept two guys initially is a mystery but how they decided to share me, my love and body is even more surprising…but who cares, anyway?

Dan spooned me while Ronnie hugged me from the front. Their hands cupped my breasts and another set rested on my tummy — thighs just caressing my smooth, velvety skin. We drifted off once again to a sweet slumber.

So, how did I become Dan and Ronnie’s girlfriend? Maybe, next time…if the guys give me a break, I will share my story.

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