My Marriage to 8 Men: A Story of Polyandry Ch. 02

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I woke up about two hours later, my head resting gently on Nanjan’s lap. I sat up and he smiled lovingly at me. I returned his smile. “I can’t believe I fell asleep at my own wedding,” I said guiltily.

“No worries,” he said, ” You had such a long plane trip. It’s too bad you were delayed a day coming here when your first flight was delayed and you missed your connecting flight. We almost delayed the wedding a day but the food had already been half-prepared.”

“I feel good,” I said, “I slept well in the hotel yesterday. I just needed a slight catnap.”

Nanjan nodded. I looked around. Almost everyone was gone, including his brothers. “It’s time we should leave,” he said. I suddenly felt anxious. I wondered what would come next. He saw my anxiety and put his hand on mine. “It’s okay Trina. It’s just going to be you and I tonight.”

“Not your brothers?” I asked, wondering.

“No. Not tonight. I’m the oldest so I have the right to have you for myself for one night.”

I felt relieved, “I admit the thought of being married to all of you slightly terrifies me. I had only intended to be married to you Nanjan. Your mother sent my family a picture of you and you were so handsome and I felt a connection. When I came here and your mother pleaded with me to marry you all I wasn’t sure I wanted to but I agreed and now here we are.”

Nanjan sighed, “I know you came here thinking you’d only marry me. The truth of it is I wish it was true. When I saw you I wanted you to myself. But its not like that here. Trina, I need you to know that. If not for you my brothers could likely become old men without the joys of a woman. My parents asked me to let my brothers into our marriage and I relented. It is what I hope they would do for me if I was in their spot. However, as the eldest I will take my right to have you for this first night. So just for tonight Trina, forget about my brothers and cherish this night with me. Please.”

I smiled, “I will do that Nanjan.”

“Come then,” he said and held out his hand.

I took his hand as we began to walk, ” Where are we going? Back to your house?”

He grinned, “No. I have something planned for us. beşiktaş escort Just come and I’ll show you. But first-” He lifted me to him then and we shared a long passionate kiss. When our lips finally parted and he put me gently down, my head was spinning and my heart was beating so fast I couldn’t think. We walked down the street and out of the village, down a narrow country road, the moonlight lighting our way. A short time later we left the road to go down a path through some bush until we arrived at a beach of a small lake. There on the beach was a large tent. Nanjan lit a lantern that was sitting in front of the tent and we went inside. In the tent was a woven mattress and cushions. We sat on the mattress and gazed at each other, our eyes locked upon one another.

I was worried then, suddenly aware that this would not be my first time. My mother had told me to pretend it was but now I knew I could not. I just couldn’t go through with the lie. I suddenly jumped up and quickly went out of the tent, hot tears falling down my cheeks.

It took Nanjan a few moments but he finally emerged from the tent, “Trina, what’s wrong? Is it that you’re afraid? If you are, it will be okay. I know your first time is scary but–“

At those words,I let out a sob, “No Nanjan. It’s not that. I…its not my first.”

I expected him to be angry but he wasn’t. “It’s alright Trina. Come. Come back inside. We can talk.” He took my hand and led me back into the tent and we sat, “Now tell me about it. It’s okay. I want the truth.”

I took a deep breath, “About a year and a half ago I was just a lonely student at a college. I longed for someone to love but I was shy and it never seemed to happen for me. I spent most of my time in a library studying and reading. I also tutored other students for some money. One student I tutored was a man named Armand and eventually he talked me into going out on a date with him. We went to dinner and then when he drove me home he talked me into letting him in for a cup of tea. From there he started making advances on me. I never wanted to but he talked me into it somehow. I’d never had a boyfriend beylikdüzü escort before and he said all the right things. He managed to get me to and then…it was over so quickly. And then he laughed at me and said I was easier than he thought then he left me and I was so upset. Nothing went right for me after that. And then when my mother told me about accepting an arranged marriage I…I thought maybe it would be the right thing for me. And when I saw your picture I just had to come.”

Nanjan sat thoughtfully for a minute then said, “I’ve been with other women too, when I went to Delhi in India for university, but its not important. Our pasts are in our pasts. What matters is us, together, now. You know, when I first saw your picture I was amazed at your beauty. I wondered how it was that you were husbandless.”

“You think I’m beautiful?” I asked, incredulously.

Nanjan smiled, “You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen Trina.”

My heart skipped a beat as I smiled contentedly at him, “Oh Nanjan. We’ve only known each other one night but I think I am already deeply in love with you.”

He cradled my chin with his hand, “And I with you Trina.” He bent himself to me and softly kissed me, his hand cupped my breast and our bodies pushed closer together. He gently pushed me down onto the mattress, still kissing me. I could feel the weight of his body on me as our kissing intensified. I could feel his hand slipping under my dress. I felt his hand pulling at my panties, “I want you so badly Trina.”

I sat up slightly as he helped me pull off my dress. He unhooked the front of my bra. He paused, looking down fondly at my breasts as they lay exposed in front of him. He lowered his head to them and with his hand caressing one nipple, his tongue began to suck the other. The pleasure I felt at his action was immense. I let out a few moans. He switched to the other nipple then. “Oh Nanjan,” I moaned, “That feels so good.”

He spent several minutes sucking my breasts and then suddenly he lifted his head and said, “I can’t wait too much longer,” He tugged his pants off and his underwear.

I gasped. beyoğlu escort His cock was far bigger than anything I’d imagined, over twice as big as Armand’s had been. It was long and thick and I could see it throbbing, “But its so big Nanjan. I’m afraid it will hurt me.”

He grinned, “Oh Trina. Do not worry. I will be gentle. Do you want to touch it?”

I nodded, nervous. I had never done such a thing before. My knowledge of the male sex organ was limited to a quick brief fling and high school sex ed. I reached out and touched it. He must have shaved in preparation for our night together as it was smooth to the touch. I felt around the head of it, feeling the large roundness of it then I let my hand slide to his sac as I gently prodded it. In that sac could be the sperm which might impregnate me, I thought, awed. My other hand went to my stomach, contemplating the possibility. The idea of Nanjan making a baby in me thrilled me.

Nanjan slowly pushed my back onto the mattress and I let go of his cock as he positioned himself better. I felt his cock begin to push at my opening and then as it entered I felt a burst of pain as it tore me slightly, “Ow,” I cried, unable to stay quiet.

He kissed me gently as he concentrated, “I’m trying to keep from hurting you Love but you are still very tight.”

He was slowly bringing his cock in and out of me and while it was still painful, I began to feel pleasure beginning to come into me too. I let my body get accustomed to his rhythm. In and out. In and out. In and out. I was moaning in both pleasure and pain as his pace began to quicken. I felt the pleasure begin to intensify and suddenly the most wonderous feeling came onto my body and I yelled out, “Nanjan!”At that instance he let out a huge moan as I felt his seed begin to shoot inside of me. The wetness from him helped to quell the pain which I also felt. He suddenly collapsed on me and flipped onto his back, breathing heavily as he pulled me on top of him.

“I love you Trina,” he said.

“I love you too Nanjan,” I returned and on that night it was truly just us, alone and together. Our bodies had joined together as one and now there was no going back. We made love two more times that night and each time was better than the last.

In the morning we made love one more time before we had to leave to return home. As he walked ahead of me on the path I silently wondered how I was going to handle having 8 husbands when one was already so much for me.

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