My Mom’s Corruption Ch. 06 Pt. 01

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“There she is,” said aunt Maria.

I looked over at where she pointed and there was mom walking next to Seth. They walked very close together and were talking about something, which mom was smiling at. She noticed us about halfway.

“Hey baby boy,” said mom as she rushed over to me and gave me a hug.

“Hey sis,” she said turning to aunt Maria, “you guys waited long?”

“Nope just got here a bit ago,” said aunt Maria.

She then stared at Seth who walked up next to mom. Eying him up and down before speaking.

“So this must be Seth,” said aunt Maria, “the guy who was being a racist jerk to Doug.”

Mom nods her head briefly. Then looks at Seth too.

“He’s turned over a new leaf,” said mom smiling, “I made damn sure of that.”

“Is that so?” said aunt Maria.

There was a silence between the four of us.

“Shouldn’t you be going now Seth?” I said through gritted teeth.

I started tugging at my mom’s arm. Trying to pull her away from him. She just yanked her arm from me and gave me a cold look. Which was not like her.

“Don’t be rude Doug!” snapped mom, “We are still talking!”

“Can you him a ride Maria?” asked mom sighing, “his dad couldn’t pick him up due to car problems.”

I saw Seth stealthily place a hand on mom’s lower back. Which mom quickly removes.

“Sure,” she replied.

They then continued talking, as we walked to the parking lot. About halfway there, I saw Serh lean into my mom’s ear and whisper something. I then froze as I saw him grab a handful of her ass over her tight jeans and squeeze it.

Suddenly Mom stops walking.

“Hey I need to go use the bathroom,” she said “I forgot which way they were around this airport.”

“I have to piss too” said Seth immediately.

Aunt Maria sighs.

“Okay we’ll wait here,” she then said “just make it quick.”

Mom laughs nervously and follows Seth around the corner.

“His hand was on her ass aunt Maria,” I said.

“He had his hand on her ass?” she asked, “You sure?”

I nodded my head. She sighs.

“There istanbul escort is something off about her,” said aunt Maria, “like something happened between those two.”

After thirty minutes of them not returning, aunt Maria gets up and turns to me.

“I’ll be right back,” she said smiling at me, “just stay here and guard the luggage.”

She then walks around the same corner and disappears from sight.


I needed to confirm my suspicions. Monica was acting strange the moment they got back. I had an inkling before, when she called me a week before they came back. I knew she was probably fucking him or allowing him to fuck her.

I entered the ladie’s room and heard muffled moans and panting. I sighed. Knew it! Knew they just wanted to fuck! I banged on the stall they were in. The sounds stop.

“Occupied!” yelled Monica, “Use the next one!”

I went into the next stall and closed the door. Then climbed on the seat and peered over. I saw her straddling him. Her tits in his face as she rode him. His arms on her hips.

“We need to talk,” I said suddenly

Monica looks up and shrieks. Sweat was glistening her face and body. Seth looked up too while sitting bare ass on the toilet. He had an annoyed look on his face.

“Now,” I said.

I exited the stall afterwards and waited. Monica came out pulling down her shirt and zips up her jeans. Seth then came out with his shirt unbuttoned. He was built and toned. He was in the middle of stuffing his rather large 8 inch cock back into his jeans. I felt myself buckle a bit. When was the last time I saw or had a cock that big before?

“Please Maria,” panicked Monica, “please don’t tell him. Don’t tell Doug!”

“You should already now he suspects the truth already,” I smiled at her.

“Oh how humiliating,” she said covering her face, “I was trying to hide it from you guys.”

“Just one question sis,” I said, “why?”

“Why?” asked Monica.

“Yes why.” I repeated, “Why are you kabataş escort allowing yourself to fuck someone who was a asshole racist to your son?”

She looks at Seth and sighs.

“I don’t know actually,” she said sighing, “but I think what started me on it.”

“What caused you to do this with him?” I asked.

“His backstory Maria,” she said.

“His backstory?” I repeated, “What’s that got to do with this?”

“Let me tell you,” she said.

She then went into length about how his father raised him alone and how he never had a mother in his life. How the attraction they built over the trip, just exploded two weeks before they returned. How the sex with him was the best she ever had. Then gushing at how good he was.

She then walks back towards Seth and rubbed his chest. One hand reaching into his jeans and pulling out his flaccid 5inch cock.

“I mean just look at this cock!” she said, “Bigger than my late husband’s and twice as thick too.”

She slowly began jerking it in her hand. Right in front of me.

“Enough!” I said chuckling and yet getting aroused, “Fuck Monica, I never saw you this depraved before. What would his father say if he found out?”

She stops jerking him for a bit.

“I was thinking about that,’ she said, “I think to keep this a secret. I need to be with his father. As a cover. But still fuck Seth on the side.”

“Shit Monica,” I said, “I don’t know what to say.”

She managed to finally get his cock full mast. Jutting straight out in from of me and her. She licks her lips. I stealthily lick mine.

“I want Seth to have a mother in his life,” she said getting on her knees, “but I also want Doug to have a father figure in his too.”

She pops his head into her mouth. Then cups his heavy balls. I lick my lips more.

“I plan on fucking Seth everyday too,” she said while running her tongue along his shaft.

Seth grunts. I started to lose my composure.

“I think your sister wants a taste,” said Seth, “she’s probably already soaked and horny kadıköy escort as fuck too.”

Monica pulls his cock out of her mouth and looks up at him.

“Seth Dougerson!” scolded Monica, “Is that anyway to talk about your new aunt?”

“Aunt?” I thought, “What the fuck kind of kinky shit is this?”

“Sorry mom,” he said, “but do you think aunt Maria would like to taste it too?”

Monica looks at me from the corner of her eye. She then pops his cock from her mouth again and coughs.

“I think she might,” she said, “hey Maria. Want to share my stepson’s big cock with me?”

I automatically moved on my own. Then dropped to my knees and tugged his pants down.

“This better stay a fucking secret,” I glared at Seth, “I don’t want Doug knowing either.”

Then I began sucking his cock as Monica sucked on his balls. He laid down on the cool tiled floor. It made it better. We shared his cock together. Me and Monica licking each side of his shaft. When it came to him ejaculating, we each got a hearty amount of his delicious cum in our stomachs. I sighed and smacked my lips. Then got up. I felt horny all of a sudden.

“You feeling it too?” asked Monica smoothing out her clothes and washing her face in the sink.

I did so too. I had slobber running down my chin and a bit of cum on my lips. Which I lustfully lick off.

“You can tell?” I asked drying my face.

“Yes.” she said.

“How about we stay at your place tonight and we can share him again?” she said.

“I think he can handle the two of us,” I said.

We both stare at him pulling his jeans up and buttoning his shirt.

“To think I was originally going to just tell you to stop,” I giggled, “I can see why you are in love him now. I think I am too.”

We both laughed for a bit. Then headed for the bathroom door. Luckily this side of the airport doesn’t get foot traffic. So it was clear to leave the bathroom together. I gave Seth a peck on his lips. Which Monica soon followed. But hers was a rather long and drawn out kiss. I looked around and noticed nobody was paying attention. I sighed and cleared my throat.

“We should really get back to Doug and go home.” I said.

They quickly broke apart and held hands like lovers. She really did move on from her dead husband. But the problem is, will it remain a secret still or be uncovered?

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