My New Master

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I walked around the house, I couldn’t think about anything else. All that ran through my mind was one thing. No matter what I tried to concentrate on, nothing could push the wicked thought that kept intruding on me in my reverie. I walked around like a man possessed. And that was the problem. For that was what I wanted. More than anything. I wanted to be possessed. And by nothing other than my neighbour’s dog. And the best part was that the moment was drawing closer every second.

A beautiful black retriever. He stood almost three and a half feet to four feet tall. I had seen him parading around the yard. The master of his domain. And all I could think about every time I watched that dog strut around his yard was one thing and one thing only. I wanted that dog to fuck me. Nothing more. No morals. No special feelings of affection or playfulness. Nothing so sublime or nice. I just wanted to be fucked and fucked hard by that black beast.

I would lay in my bed at night and imagine those legs wrapping around my waist. I could literally feel his weight as he lay on my back. Feel his hind legs scraping against the back of my legs as he humped forward to bring his cock closes to my asshole. And, finally, the moment of bliss as I would feel his cock probing at my ass. And I wouldn’t have to guide him at all. Something in me knew that the moment that dog got me in the right position, he would just jump on me and rip my ass apart.

In fact, as I paced back and forth, I decided to face the facts once and for all. I didn’t want that dog to fuck me. I wanted that dog to rape me. I wanted that dog to fuck me so hard that I would be crying from the pleasure and the pain. I wanted to find myself trying to move off, only to feel him pull me back with his forelegs, hump up to me to seat his cock better in me, and fuck my brains out. To fuck me whether I wanted it or not. To make me a bitch in the best way possible. And to fuck me for as long as he wanted to. And all I would be able to do would be to couch there as he fucked my ass and wait for my master to finish with me. I would service my master’s cock like a good bitch and be happy that he was fucking me.

I had been planning this for over two weeks now. It had started the night I was in my living room getting fucked by my dog. I happened to look out my living room window at one point and was startled to see the neighbour’s retriever standing in the yard staring straight at me. I was so stunned by the look of intense concentration that dog was giving me I could only crouch there, as my dog fucked me, and stare back in mute shock. I know it sounds weird, but I’m almost certain that dog knew exactly what was happening. I was so wrapped up in staring back at him I never felt when the knot entered my ass. It was only when it started to swell up inside me that I realised that I hadn’t wanted to tie that night. But it was too late. And suddenly, it didn’t matter. In fact, I wanted to tie. I realised how crazy my thoughts were, but all I could think of was that I wanted that dog to see me tied to my dog.

When my dog was finished fucking me, he stopped for a few seconds, then lay down on my back. I had trained him to lay on my back and not turn on me, because it normally hurt too much during the process, but this time, I couldn’t wait. The moment he stopped, I started trying to get him to turn. At first, he didn’t want to, but instinct soon took over. For a while, I was sure his knot was going to rip out of me and damage me, but I didn’t care. It was almost as if there was one person performing the maneuver, and another standing back watching it. I finally got him to turn and there we were. Me on all fours, my dog, ass to as with me, his cock locked solidly in my ass, the knot tugging on me from inside my ass. And all I could see was the retriever staring at me. During all this time, he hadn’t moved. He just stood there, that concentrated look on his face.

Now I was in heaven. I started stroking my cock, never taking my eyes off of him. My dog decided to move about a bit to get more comfortable and his cock immediately started pulling on me from inside my ass. I had no choice but to stop masturbating and backpedal with him. Luckily, he didn’t move very far and I was able to keep the retriever in sight. When he stopped, I immediately started masturbating once more. It was one of the most erotic moments I’d had in my life. My dog ass to ass with me, his cock in my ass pulsing as he pumped his sperm into me, the retriever standing in the next yard, staring at me, never moving, all while I crouched there stroking my cock,. I finally came so hard I had to clench my teeth to stop from screaming out. I lost all control of my muscles and started jerking in place. My body rocking as the electric shocks of my orgasm ripped through me. My cum spraying all over me, and the floor, as my cock twitched again and again as I came. And all the while, I could still feel the heat of my dog sperm spraying inside me as his cock pulsed in me to lay his seed in me.

Finally, I started to come down from the orgasm and looked up to find the retriever. What I saw made my heart jump in my chest. While I was being wracked by my orgasm, he had moved over to the fence and was now standing on his hind legs with his front paws on the fence itself. This had allowed him an uninterrupted view of my orgasm. That was the moment I knew. I had to have that dog. I had to get his cock into me. I didn’t care what I had to do. I just knew that I wanted that dog to fuck me. I wanted to be his bitch more than anything in this world.

It took my dog about fifteen minutes before his cock got small enough to slip out of my ass. When he did, I got up, his sperm running down my ass and walked over to the window. As I got closer to the window, I could see him start to twitch in that way that dogs have where they seem to move and stay still at the same time. When I got there, all I could do was stand there and stare at him. Finally, I did something I have never done in all my life of zoo sex. Staring him straight in the face, I reached down, scooped up some of the cum running down my leg, and, never taking my eyes off of him, began to smear it all over me. I can’t begin to describe the feeling running through me at that point. I knew I was putting on a display for him and it felt right. I reached down again, caught some more in the palm of my hand, and started rubbing it on my chest. Slowly running my hands up and down my body. Until I reached my cock. I could se his tail start to wag and I knew he understood that I was doing this for him.

I don’t know how long I stood there doing that, but the next thing I knew, I felt my dogs, nose probing at my ass. Then I felt his tongue start to lick up and down my legs and he started licking me clean. When he got to my asshole, I leaned forward until I was pressed against the window, spread my legs to allow him better access to my asshole, and stood there staring at my future master as my dogs tongue flick back and forth over my ass. And, deep inside of me, it felt right. I was putting on this show for my master. I was letting him see what he was going to possess. I was giving him a preview of the bitch he was going to fuck. I was letting him know that I was his and he would be able to do anything with me he wanted to.

What scared and excited me at the same time was that, no matter how many times I had been fucked, I had always had some modicum of control. I had always felt that I was the one that allowed my dog to fuck me. I gave his access to my ass. I loved to have them fuck me, but it was always on my terms. I could always say no.

Not this time. This time, there was no game here. This dog was going to be my master. And I wanted him to be. I wanted him to take me like nothing ever had before. I wanted to prostrate myself before, offer my ass, and have him fuck me blind. To put his cock so far into me I would feel it all the way inside my stomach. And to finally cum and spray his seed deep into me and make me his. To feel his cock pulsing in me. To feel his knot swell inside my ass and tie me to him until he was finished spraying his cum deep inside me. Like the good bitch I was going to be. His bitch.

When my dog was finished, my head started clearing and I realised that I had been standing at my window, stark naked as my dog liked me clean. Anyone who had been looking hard enough would have caught sight of me. But I didn’t care. I took one last look at the retriever, and, smiling at the thought of what was to come, went off to the bathroom. That night, I made my plans to become a bitch.

For the rest of the week, I would wait until the entire neighbourhood was asleep, then, silently making my way out to the back yard, I would strip by the fence and let my dog fuck me. As I crouched there, I would hear the retriever come up to the fence. Sometimes he would just stand there on the other side of the fence while I was getting fucked. Other times, I could hear him prancing about, sometimes scraping against the fence as if he was trying to get through. And I knew he was. I knew he understood what was happening on the other side of the fence. illegal bahis Another dog was fucking his bitch and he wanted access to her. I wasn’t a man to him. I was a bitch and he wanted badly to fuck me. I could practically feel his craving through the wooden fence. One night, I heard him whining and I knew right then, at that moment, that I was his. I knew the moment this dog got me alone, he would go to town on me. He would fuck me like crazy and that was exactly what I wanted.

The next day, I struck up a conversation with my neighbour and found, almost bursting with joy and anticipation, heard the words I had hoped against all hope to hear. He was going out next weekend to fish with his buddies overnight. He would be back the next day and would appreciate if I’d keep an eye on the place for him The best part of this was as we stood at the fence talking, the retriever came up and sat there watching me. He never moved. He didn’t bark. He didn’t wag his tail. He just sat there watching me. And he caught me. The look I gave him was to let him know that I knew my place and was willing to accept it. Wanted it. Needed it. At one point I cast my eyes down from his for a moment, then lifted them back up to stare at him. Only to see him open his mouth and start to pant as he watched me. Then, with a feeling that can only be described as utter joy, I saw his tail start to wag. And I knew he had understood. He knew what was coming and was letting me know that he was ready.

In the following week, I let my dog fuck me by the fence five more times to let my master get a hint of what he was going to get. On one particular night, I don’t know what got into my dog, but he was fucking me so hard I was grunting every time he slammed his cock into me and I had to brace myself to stop from being pushed forward from the force of the fucking. Normally, when he gets his knot in me, he slows down. But not this time. I could not only feel his cock in me, I could feel the knot sliding inside of me. And tugging on me every time he pulled back to slam into me again. During that time, I heard the retriever jumping up and down against the fence and I knew he was going crazy over there. I didn’t know if he wanted to come and protect me, or just take over and fuck me some more. I came so hard that night that I almost passed out. I ended up slightly hanging from my dog’s cock, the knot in my ass keeping me suspended in the air.

But, finally, the day arrived. It was Saturday morning. Then lunchtime. Then afternoon. And finally, after a day of constantly walking around the house, pulling on my crotch and running my hands all over myself; of standing in the bathroom as the water ran over me and holding onto my ass and kneading it in my hands, the moment arrived. At one point in the bathroom, I slipped one finger into me. It was all I could do not to scream as the time seemed to slow down as the hour approached. But finally, it was night. I heard a car pull up my neighbour’s driveway. I went outside and saw a Suburban packed with people. They honked the horn and, after a few moments, my neighbour finally came out. He saw me standing in my doorway and, as they drove past, waved to me. I waved back and smiled as he left. At last, the time had come. I was going to my master.

And I was going to get the fuck I had been craving all this time. I was finally going to let him take me. To possess me and turn me into his bitch, and his bitch alone. I went back into the house and sat down in front of the television. I stayed that was for about two hours, not really watching, but marking the time by the passage of the shows. Finally, it was late enough. I went to my room and changed into a T-shirt and a pair of shorts. I took one last look at myself in the mirror, then I went outside to meet my master.

Chapter Two

This was it. This was the moment I had been craving all week long. The moment I had been dreaming of, and wanting more than anything ever before. I knew that tonight was going to be different than any of the other times. All those times, I had been a willing partner in the sexual adventures. Not tonight. Tonight, I was going to assume my place. I was going to be a bitch tonight. A receptacle for the seed of my master and nothing else. I would let him do anything he wanted to, and I knew that after he was done with me, I would crave for even more.

As I walked towards the fence, I could feel my cock start to rise up in my shorts in anticipation of the coming fuck. Because that’s what was going to happen. I was going to get fucked. And fucked good. And I wanted him to fuck me. I wanted him to slam his cock into me so hard that I could only scream in pain, and joy, and ecstasy from the feel of it ramming into my ass. I wanted him to fuck me till I cried. Till my heart stopped. I had always heard women talk of getting their brains fucked out. Tonight, I knew I would understand exactly what they meant.

As I got closer to the fence, I could make out a vague outline through it, moving back and forth. And I knew exactly what it was. My master was waiting for me to come over so he could climb on my back, put his cock in my ass, and service me properly. By now, my cock was so hard it was beginning to hurt. My shorts were sticking out in front of me, almost like a signpost to the beautiful sex awaiting me. As I got even closer, I started to hear the sounds that transported me. He was whining. My master was whining. As beautiful a sign as I could have asked for. He wanted me. And as much as I wanted him.

I finally got to the fence and, after stopping for a second to try and slow my heart, I went to it and leaned over. And there he was. In all his beautiful, dark, sleekness. His body quivering in excitement as he waited for his bitch to come over so he could start fucking her. And I immediately knew what I had to do. It came to my mind as clearly as if the words were spoken to me.

As I stood there watching him, I slowly reached down and drew my shorts off. First one leg, then the other, all the while never taking my eyes off him. When they were completely off, I threw them away from me. Next, slowly, as if to make him understand that this was for him, I pulled my T-shirt up and off, then threw that away. Then I stood there. My skin shivering in the heat of the sexual excitement and the chill of the night air. And I understood what I had done. I was not going to profane the area of my master with unnecessary items. I was an offering to him. I was to be his and his alone this night. And I would make sure that I was prepared for him to do with me as he pleased the moment I stepped into his domain.

As I put my hands on the fence and started to climb over, he immediately stopped moving. He sat down and just watched me coming over. Almost as if he was inspecting me before he fucked me. To make sure I was prepared. There was no sound, no communication between us. That was unnecessary. I knew why I was here. And so did he. And the sooner I came over, the sooner he could start servicing me. I finally jumped over the top and, my heart beating like a hammer, I landed next to him. Still he sat there watching me, and I knew what he expected. I slowly lowered myself down until I was on all fours, my ass willingly waiting for my master to fuck me. He stayed still for about five seconds, then, with a slow movement, got up and walked over to me. He stood next to me for a second; then he started walking all around me. Sniffing me on my arms. Then my neck. Then my face. He looked me in the eye for a second, then continued his perusal of his offering. He came to my cock, and, pausing for a second, licked at the head of it a few times. The feel of his tongue sliding on my cock almost made my heart seize in my chest. Finally, he walked around to the back of me and I waited. My body was trembling in anticipation at what was coming. Then, I felt his nose brush against my ass and, oh god…oh joy..he started licking my asshole.

I was in heaven. The soft rasp of his tongue scraping against my asshole was transporting me to levels of excitement I had never felt before. Every time his tongue brushed against my asshole, my cock would jerk from the sensation. I was moaning and crying from the feelings coursing through my body. Like minute, electric shocks; causing me to jerk and twist in place. Then he stopped. And I knew this was it.

I braced myself for what seemed like forever, then I felt his paws on my back. I immediately dropped my back lower and thrust my ass higher into the air to allow him easy access. For a second, there was no movement on his part. Then, with a brutality I could never have imagined, he slammed himself into me. I cried out in shock, delight, pain, and absoloute joy as I felt his cock slam into my ass. Now, he humped himself forward, grabbed my hips, and proceeded to slam his cock into me. I was grunting and moaning with each stroke of his cock inside of me. I grabbed onto the grass beneath me to steady my self as he rocked me forward with each thrust of his cock into my ass.

“Ohh goood…yes… fuck me..master..fuck me…make me your bitch…fuck illegal bahis siteleri me…make me scream. Fuck me…. Fuck em..”

Then his knot popped into me and I did scream. It had gotten quite large already and I felt my asshole stretch open as he slammed his entire cock up into me. Then I felt the knot swell and lock into me and knew bliss. My master, with his knot now locked solidly in his bitch, never slowed down. I could feel the knot pulling on me inside every time he pulled back, then I would feel it scrape along the insides of my ass as he slammed his cock back into me. Now he picked up the tempo. All I could do was crouch there and moan and beg for more as I felt his cock swelling even bigger inside me and moving and jerking in me as my master fucked me as hard as he could. For that is what he was doing. Days of frustration on his part at not having gotten to fuck his bitch were now coming out.

Now, I could no longer stop myself. He was fucking me too hard. I started moving forward from the force of his thrusts, his cock ramming deep up into me as he fucked me. Tearing at my insides as he tried to get as much of his cock into me as he could. And I begged him for more.

“Yes. Please….yes…oh god, yes. Oh, pleeeaassee, fuck me..Please fuck me. Ram your cock into me..fuck me..fuck your bitch good. Please fuck your good bitch.. harder.. HarDER… HARDER!!! PLEASE!!!”

By this time, my head was down on the ground as I tried to get my ass even higher in the air to allow him to put as much of his cock in me as he could. I wanted to feel his cock in my ass. I wanted to feel his cock in my belly. I wanted him to put his cock so deep in me that I would feel it in my chest. As he slammed his cock into me, I kept grinding my ass back to try and allow him to get his cock deeper into me. I wanted all of this dog’s cock in me. I didn’t want any part of it outside. I wanted to give him full access to his bitch. To allow him to make sure that he fucked me properly and to let him know that I was his bitch and he could have me any way he wanted. I had been craving his cock all this time and I wanted to make sure I got as much of it as I could.

For the next few minutes, I just lay there, my grunts getting more guttural with each thrust into me and wallowed in the joy of my master’s cock inside of me. Thrusting and slamming into my ass with the force of his fuck. Fucking me good and making me a bitch. Pushing his cock up into me so that I would know that I was getting fucked properly.

Oh god yes. The feel of that beautiful cock. His legs holding my hips to make sure he could get up enough leverage to ram his cock in deep. To slam into me. To fuck me. Fucking me. Oh god. I was getting fucked and it felt wonderful. My master was fucking me up my ass with his dog cock and I wanted him to keep fucking me as hard as possible. Just keep ramming his cock in my ass. Keep slamming his hips into me with each thrust. Moving me forward with the force of his fucking. Please master. Yes. Fuck me. Fuck me, master. Fuck you bitch. Fuck me hard. Plunge that beautiful cock into me. Keep reaming me out. Fuck my ass. Rape my ass. Ohhhh godddDD!!!

Finally, I could feel him speed up and I knew he was cumming. Now I ground back even harder and tried to raise my ass even more. I wanted him to plant his seed in me. I wasted him to spew his cum as deep in me as he could. I held on as best as I could and waited as my master started impregnating me. Making me his own. Making me his bitch. I could feel his warm seed spilling me and it felt like I was filling up, and empty at the same time. I wanted it all. His cock. His seed. Anything he could give me. And more. He started making a high pitched yelping sound and, with a last push that drove me almost six inches forward from the force of it, slammed into me one last time.

Then, he stopped moving. He lay there one my back, and I reveled in the feel of his fur across me as he started filling me up with his cum. I could feel his cock throbbing inside me. Each pulse of it a joy as I knew that meant more of his seed filling me up. Then, he did what I hoped he would do. He started to get down and, with a pain that filled me with ecstasy, he turned on me. Now, his cock was pulling on me so hard I felt like I was going to explode. I crouched there, my ass tight against his as he continued to service me, his cock throbbing in my ass, his cum spilling in me and I knew that it had been worth it. But it wasn’t over.

The next thing I knew. He started walking forward. I felt his cock pull on me with almost tearing force and gave a cry. I looked around at him, but he never even slowed down. He continued trying to walk forward. I had no choice. I started to back pedal. Trying to keep my ass planted firmly against his as he pulled me with him, his knot locked in my ass making sure that I followed him wherever my master wanted to go. Tugging on me with each step he made as I tried to keep up with him. He walked along for about ten feet, me, with my ass in the air with his cock in me, following him. Finally, he stopped and I was able to look around and see where we were.

To my amazement, I could see that he had dragged me towards the fence. Now that we were there, he started barking. I couldn’t understand what he was doing at first. But I didn’t care. Because, every time he barked, his cock would jump inside me and his knot would tug on the inside of my ass and the sensations were driving me over the edge. I knew I was cumming and there was nothing I could do to stop it. Even though I hadn’t once touched my cock during the entire time he was fucking me. The constant tugging, the feel of the length of his cock in me jerking as he continued to spew his cum into me; it all combined to finally sent me into a spasm of pleasure. Now, I started squealing as wave after wave of pleasure washed over as my orgasm wracked me. My cock was jerking and I could feel my cum splashing on my stomach as I spilled my seed. I cried and writhed on the end of his cock, and finally collapsed to the ground.. The only thing keeping me up being my masters cock locked in me.

When the orgasm finally started to wear down, I realised that he had stopped barking. And I also realised that I could hear something else. And I finally understood what he had done. The other sound I was hearing was my dog, on the other side of the fence, whining. Whining because he understood what had happened and he wanted to get over here, but he couldn’t. And I understood what my master had done. He had deliberately incited my dog to come to the fence so he could see my on all fours, my masters cock in me as I was serviced. Ass to ass like a bitch as he dragged me around the yard. Letting him know who the master of this bitch was. I couldn’t believe it. Then, I screamed into my hand as he did something NO OTHER DOG HAD EVER DONE! He started turning on me again.

I could believe it. Not only that, I couldn’t believe the incredible amount of pain I was suddenly in. And I couldn’t do anything about it. I tried to move my body around to get into a better position, but there was no use. I could only crouch there, my fist in my mouth as I bit down and continued to scream as he turned on me. His cock and his knot seeming to want to tear my ass out of me. I desperately reached back and brought his hind legs over my back, while trying to support his body, to help him. Anything to get the pain to go away and before his cock ripped my asshole open. All the while moving my ass around to keep it as close to his so his cock didn’t come out. Then, he climbed up on my back once more. I was starting to recover from the pain when suddenly, without warning, he started fucking me once more. I flipped.

My ass was already sore and sensitive from the first fucking. Not to mention his turning on me twice. Now, it felt like I was being ripped open to the very core of my being. Tears started running down my face as I cried and moaned from the force of his knot rasping back and forth in me. And he wasn’t being gentle either. He was fucking me just as hard as the first time. Ramming into me so hard that my body was shaking from the force of his hips slamming into me. And then, I realised something incredible. Through my tears, through my pain, I had started grinding back into him again.

I wanted this. I needed this. Wanted him to rip me open with his cock. I wanted the feel of that beautiful cock sliding inside me to go on forever. I wanted the feel of his knot, tugging on me every time he pulled back , then pushing up into me every time he thrust forward. The feel of his cock sliding inside of me as he fucked me. In fact, I realised that I had started begging him again. And that was the moment that I knew for sure that he was my master. He was my owner. I was his. Body and soul. To fuck. To ream. To impregnate. To spill his seed. Anything, my master. Just please keep fucking me like your good bitch. I was writhing under him and begging him for his cock.

“Yes master…oh god yes master. Fuck your bitch. Oh god, fuck me good…..oh god…slam your cock up in me…yes..oh god… oh god… ohhhhh gooodddd… yes….fuck my ass… canlı bahis siteleri fuck it…. yes…YES. YESSS!!

His hind legs were coming off the ground with the force of his fucking me. I was rocking and moving and falling down, only to get back up and make sure my ass was properly in the air for him. I didn’t want him to miss a beat. Just to keep that cock ramming in me as hard as he could. Keep slamming his cock into my ass. Keep fucking me as hard as possible. Please keep fucking me master. Fuck me.

And, as he speeded up and started to cum again, to my own amazement, I could feel my own orgasm building up. My body started shaking again as it ripped through me. Overflowing my senses and causing my muscles to jerk and freeze from the pleasure. His front paws ended up on my shoulders in his frantic attempt to shove as much of his cock into me as possible as he came and I freaked. Now he was almost upright in his effort to get as much of his cock into my ass as possible. He was whining and growling as he fucked me. And I was squealing, and crying. Begging him to keep fucking me and make me his.

I screamed as my orgasm hit, and lost all sense of time and where I was as I crouched there and tried to stop my heart from bursting. I had NEVER cum like this. Sensations and pleasure were flowing over me from head to toe and I couldn’t stop them. I could only crouch there and wait for them to end. And pray they never did. Meanwhile, I could feel his cock start to jerk in me again as he started to cum in my ass. I could feel his wonderful dog cock jerking in me and I knew that I would never be the same again.

Finally, I stared to come down once more and this time, I just let go. My legs and my hands both gave out at the same time and I ended up hanging in the air from the cock in my ass. It felt like it was going to rip out of me with the force it was tugging on me with as I hung from it, but I didn’t care anymore. I just couldn’t do anything. I was lost in the after sensations of the orgasm and couldn’t move.

After about three minutes, I finally got up enough strength to get my hands and legs under me, but I decided that I didn’t want to. I wanted to hang from my master’s cock. I barely gave myself enough leverage to make sure I wasn’t hurting him and hung there from his cock. Feeling his cock throb in me as his knot, locked solidly inside my ass made sure I didn’t get off until he was finished spilling into me.

After a while, I started to feel his knot go down. Finally, It got small enough to slip out of my ass and his cock popped out of me. I immediately collapsed to the ground and just lay there for a few moments; trying to gather myself. Meanwhile, he moved about three steps away from me, lay down on the ground, and started licking his cock clean. I knew that I should be the one doing it for him, but I just couldn’t move. I could only lay there and watch with pleasure the beautiful sight of his pink cock as he licked it and frustration rampaged through me that I wasn’t the one licking that cock. I tried to move again, but my muscles seemed to be made of Jell-O and weren’t responding. Not to mention the fact that the sensations coming from my ravaged ass, with each beat of my heart, made me want to just lay there and not move.

Then, joy; wonderment…happiness. He stopped licking his cock and looked at me. My gaze was solidly locked on his cock. I wanted that thing in my mouth. As if he’d understood my craving, he got up, strode over to me, and then, stood over me. I was ecstatic. There it was. Hanging over me. His beautiful cock .Right there. I gently reached up and caressed it. This wonderful tool that had just fucked me like no one ever had before. I grabbed it and he immediately growled at me. And I realised that I had to be gentle. He was sore as well. Softly, slowly, I raised myself up on my elbows and, taking a deep breath, reached for his cock with my tongue. I stared running my tongue over it. Licking it softly. Then, I softly took it into my mouth. Now, I started to softly suck on it. His cum was still spilling from it and I would swallow it as I felt it drop into my mouth. Then, I licked it some more. The sensation of my tongue on the smooth surface of his cock was one of the most beautiful things I have ever since felt. The feel of it in my mouth as I sucked on it and felt his cum sliding down my throat was a joy to me as I was bring filled by my master from both ends.

Finally, he pulled away and his cock slipped out of my mouth. He moved away from my face and went around to my ass. I felt his tongue brush against my ass as he gave it a tentative lick. Then, he burrowed his head between my cheeks and started licking my asshole. My asshole was still sore from the fucking and I almost screamed out, but I just bit down and held on. I wanted to make sure and not disappoint my master. I lay there on the ground and, after a small while, the pain started to subside and the pleasure returned. It was wonderful, feeling his tongue lick me as he cleaned me up. Cleaned up his bitch.

Finally, he stopped and came back around to stand in front of me. Then he lay down next to me. I reached up and started running my hands along his head. He lay his head down flat on the ground and I continued to stroke him. I don’t know how long we stayed like that, but then, he suddenly got up and walked back to the fence. Then he stood there and turned to look at me. Then back at the fence. And I understood.

I gathered my strength, pushed myself to my feet, and almost immediately collapsed to the ground again. I stood there swaying for about fifteen seconds, then managed enough strength to stagger over to the fence. When I reached it, I stood there holding on to it for a few seconds, then started to climb over. As I was about to raise my leg over for the last bit, I felt something grab hold of me. I looked down, and saw that he had my leg in his mouth. For a second, we stayed that way, a frozen tableau on this night of discovery, then he released me. And I felt my heart slam in my chest as understanding came. He was letting me know that he wasn’t finished with me. He was just letting me go for now. And I smiled at my master to let him know I understood.

I collapsed over into my yard and was immediately rushed by my dog. He started jumping about and yipping and crying as he ran all around, and over me. Then, a bark came from over the fence and he immediately quieted down. And I knew that my master had spoken for me. Not now. Leave him alone. He is MINE!

My dog gave a soft whine and moved off a step from me, all the while casting glances at the fence that separated my from my master. I smiled again, got up, and walked over to my door. I didn’t care about anyone seeing me this way, or about the clothes I had thrown off earlier. I went inside and made for the bathroom. Once there, I turned on the shower and stood there under the warm water for what seemed like forever. Then, after getting our and toweling myself off, I went back out to my living room. I knew what I would find, but I had to be sure.

And there he was. My master. Standing in his yard. Looking over at me in my robe. I immediately let the robe fall to the ground and stood there for almost five minutes letting him look at me properly. While I was standing there, my dog came over to me and started getting that frisky look that meant the wanted to fuck me. I looked over at my master and he was now standing, his tale wagging. Even though my ass was sore, I wanted to do this for him. I got down on all fours and my dogs immediately mounted me. I guided his cock into me and he started fucking me. However, I made sure to keep his knot out of me. That was for only my master. No one else. As I crouched there, my dog’s cock ramming up into me, all I could do was stare at my master in the next yard and know that I was pleasing him. And that he would make me pay for this the next time he got me down on all fours.

Finally, my dog finished fucking me and I got up from the floor. Then I waved at my master, turned, and went over to the window and lay down. My dog came over and started licking my ass as his cum leaked out of it. I stayed that way for a while, laying there as my dog cleaned me up; just staring at him in the next yard and thinking about what he would do to me the next time. I realised that I had a raging hard-on and proceeded to masturbate while facing him. When I came, I cried out and arched my back against the pleasure. My dog cleaned up my cum from me, then went to lay down and see about himself.

I then went over to my couch and lay down for the night. I woke the next morning feeling like I had never seen sunlight like this before. Out of the window of my living room, I could see that my neighbour had come back. He was standing in his yard, playing with my master. And I smiled. Not because of his lack of knowledge of the treasure he had there. Or his lack of knowledge a what I’d done. But at my luck in his moving in next door to me. And my luck at finding a master who would fuck me properly. And most of all, at the surety that he would one day, sometime in the future, be going out again and I would once again be with my master and let him service me the way I needed. Because a good bitch must always be ready for her master’s cock. And I was. Whenever my master called.

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