My Nieces New Job

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Connie came in the bar down the road from my house very seldom. Usually, it was with her mom and dad or her girl friend Carol. Tonight she was alone and standing just inside the door as if she was looking for someone. I figured it was me, so I waved at her.

She smiled as she saw me and waved back. Then she headed my way. Connie is short and looks round the way she dresses. Sloppy black jeans, an over sized t-shirt, and a large man’s jacket hides most of her and adds to her bulk. She’s not fat, just round with very large boobs and a big ass. The tattoos on her upper chest seem to add to her also.

“What’s happening, young lady?” I asked as she stopped next to me and then kissed me on the cheek.

“I need some advice,” she said. “Mom and dad wouldn’t give me any straight answers, if I did ask them. So, I thought about you. You’ve always been honest with me.”

“Drag up a stool and I’ll order you a beer. Talking is thirsty work.” I paused a second as she sat down on the stool next to me. “You are old enough to drink, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Uncle Rick, I’ve been legal to drink for over a year now.”

I ordered her a beer and a refill on mine. “So what’s the problem you can’t discuss with mom and dad and don’t say you’re pregnant or I’ll spank you.”

Connie looked at me hard and grinned. “An over the lap, with my panties around my knees, spanking? I hate to tell you but that’s not much of a threat, more of a treat.”

I held up the pointing finger of each hand and made the sign of a cross. “You’re going to make me blush talking like that.” I told her.

“Yeah, right, and the Pope is Jewish,” she shot back. “No, this is about me wanting to make some money and get out of the prison guard business before I kill one of the idiots in there and became a prisoner myself.”

I grinned and whispered, “Three meals a day, a hard mattress, and all the pussy you can eat, what’s the problem?”

She made a face and stuck out her tongue. “I like a little fresh air every once in a while, not to mention sunshine.”

“So, what do you have in mind… for a job, that is?”

The bartender delivered our beers and I paid her.

Connie took a sip of hers and then another before she asked, “How much money do dancers in clubs make?”

I gave her a long look and then asked, “Topless or nude dancers and can you dance?”

She pulled back her shoulders and sat up straight. Her chest even under the baggy t-shirt was more than impressive. “Would it really matter whether I could dance or not?”

“Uh… that’s a fair question, I guess,” I said, my eyes still on the front of her shirt. The longer I stared, the bigger the little tents where her nipples were, got. She normally wore a bra but it was obvious she did not have one on tonight.

She finally shivered, relaxed her shoulders, and pulled her jacket together. “Somehow I feel naked from the waist up, right now.”

“Only in my mind,” I said with a grin and then sobered as I answered her first question, “The dancers work mostly for tips and sometimes they have to split with the club. A headliner or specialty act might get paid an appearance fee.”

“It’s got to be more money than I’m making now and a hell of a lot more fun.”

“Yeah, but there are no health benefits or insurance, and no retirement like there is working for the state,” I pointed out. “Also the places you would or could work are limited by your short stature, among other things.”

Connie gave me a funny look and I nodded. “Yeah, they even discriminate in titty bars.”

“Ain’t that a bitch,” she whispered.

I nodded again and said, “This is the point where your mom and dad would expect me to talk you out of this “insane” idea. Their word, not mine. Me on the other hand, I’m going to leave it up to you and your common sense.”

Connie grinned. “Only you would refer to me and common sense in the same sentence. Most people don’t think I have a brain in my head.”

“Oh, you have a brain alright, a very good one as a matter of fact. You just don’t use it a lot of the time,” I teased her.

She made a face and stuck her tongue out again.

We sat in silence for a time just sipping our beers and then Connie asked, “What did you mean by specialty acts?”

“Uh, a set of twins that dance together or someone who dances with a big ass snake. Another one I’ve seen is a baby girl type act. Someone who looks younger than she really is and dresses the part.”

Connie looked thoughtful for a moment and said, “I like snakes but I don’t have one. I used to but I gave her away.”

We were silent again for a while and then she said, “I look younger than I actually am. I get carded every time I go out to a bar.”

“Yeah you do but your tattoos are a problem with that idea.”

Connie ran her hand over the top part of her baggy sweatshirt and the two large coy fish that covered a good part of her upper chest. “I love my fish but you’re right, they do kind of mess up the image of a young girl”

Then I said the wrong thing or maybe the right thing, fulya escort according to your point of view. “There’s always the young, naive, impressionable young girl act.”

With a laugh, Connie said, “Yeah right. I’m anything but naïve and impressionable. Hard headed and highly suspicious, is more like it.”

“That’s why they call it an act,” I pointed out.

She looked thoughtful for a moment and then said, “Thanks, Uncle Rick.” Then she waved at the bartender and order two more beers.

After that, we talked about everything but her changing jobs. When she finished her beer, she gave me a peck on the cheek and left.


Thursday, a little before noon, Connie called me at home.

“Hey, Uncle Rick, are you going anywhere this afternoon or maybe early in the evening?”

“Hey yourself. Nope, I’ve got nothing planned but getting a little sun out by the pool this afternoon,” I told her.

“Good. I want to come by and bounce a few ideas off you after Carol and I go shopping,” she said.

“Ideas about what?” I asked as my mind went back to the latter part of our conversation earlier in the week.”

“Let’s leave that as a surprise, shall we,” she said and then clicked off the line.

I shook my head as I put the phone back on the charger. “I have a feeling that won’t be good news for her parents,” I said aloud as I returned to my computer desk.


It was a little after four when the bell that announced that someone was in my driveway went off. I sunbathe nude, so I scrambled to get my shorts and t-shirt on as I remembered Connie and Carol were supposed to drop by.

A minute or two later, the side gate to my backyard opened and Connie stuck her head inside. “Are you decent Uncle Rick?”

“And what if I wasn’t?” I asked in return.

“I want to see,” Carol said as she pushed by Connie. Two steps inside the gate and she stopped. “Damn it, he’s dressed.”

Connie laughed and came in the gate; she had a double handful of shopping bags. “I’ll bet he wasn’t three minutes ago.” When Carol looked at her funny, Connie grinned and said, “He has an alarm bell on the front driveway.”

“Hey, that’s no fair,” Carol, said.

“What do you two squirrels want?” I asked as I sat up in my lounge chair.

“A cold beer would be nice,” Connie said as she crossed the yard to the patio by the pool and sat the bags down on the table.

“You know where I keep it,” I said as I looked at Carol. She was a tall thin blonde with nice legs, small tits, and a fine ass. The tight halter top she wore looked flat but the short shorts, made her legs look even longer. “I guess you want one also?”

“It’s always five o’clock somewhere,” she said.

I pulled my beer bottle out from under my chair and eyed it critically. Looking at Connie I said, “Make it three, I have a feeling I’m going to need another one and maybe a few more.”

She laughed as she went up the steps to the porch and opened the old icebox next to the back door. I noticed that she had on shorts this afternoon and her legs looked very nice. Thinner and trimmer than I last remembered seeing them, which had been a while ago. Back before she married that punk from down south of town, as a matter of fact.

“Have you been working out or has all that walking at the prison made your legs looks even better than before.”

She looked over her shoulder and then got the three beers and used her hip to shut the icebox door. “A little of both. Since I got divorced and moved in with mom and dad, I’ve been using the gym at the apartment complex.”

“Has it worked on the rest of you? I can never tell with those baggy t-shirts you always wear.”

“I’d exercise but I’m afraid I’d loose what little I have for boobs,” Carol said. “She exercise and her boobs get even bigger. It’s just not fair, I tell you.”

I turned my head and looked at the front of Carol’s tank top. Her breasts were small swells but her hard nipples added twin peaks to the scenic view. “There is nothing wrong with small breasts as long as they are sensitive enough to make you happy,” I told her.

She raised her hands and covered her breasts. “Quite staring, you’re making my nipples hard,” she protested.

As Connie came down off the porch, she grinned and said, “Your nipples are always hard, just like your panties are always wet. The two go hand in hand.”

“Hey, don’t be telling him everything,” she said as she lowered her hands and then raised them again. When Connie held out a beer, she looked at it a moment and then took it with one hand.

“You should have brought her two beers,” I said with a chuckle. “That would have really confused her.” Carol was somewhat of an airhead at times.

“Hey, I resemble that remark,” Carol said and walked over to the edge of the pool to squat down and test the water temperature. “I wish I had brought my bathing suit, the water feels great.”

Connie handed me my beer and took a sip of her own. I winked at Connie as I said, “Skinny dipping is allowed gebze escort in my pool anytime.”

Carol looked around at me and then looked up at Connie. “He means it,” Connie said.

Looking back at the water and then at the high wooden fence around the whole backyard, Carol said, “I’m tempted, very tempted.” Then she sighed as she stood up.

“She wanted to see you naked but she’s too shy to get that way herself,” Connie said to me.

I nodded. “The story of my life,” I replied.

Carol came back over to where we were and sat down in a chair by the table. “I’m not shy, I’m too skinny and flat chested to run around naked. I embarrass myself.”

“Let me be the judge of that,” I said, giving her a leering grin.

“Speaking of being a judge….” Connie said and then paused. I looked at her and arched my eyebrows questioningly. She went on, “I have a couple of outfits I would like your opinion about.”

“Is this about what we were talking about the other night?” I asked with a glance at Carol.

“Don’t worry Uncle Rick, she already knows about my wild idea. She was a lot of help picking out the outfits. She may or may not be naïve but she is gullible, which is nearly the same thing.”

“Hey, I resemble that remark too,” Carol, said with a grin.

We both ignored her and I said, “Put them on and let me see what you have in mind.”

Connie grinned as she grabbed the bags off the table and hurried into the house.

“You could change out here, ya know,” I said as the door closed.

“Don’t worry Uncle Rick, you’ll see more of her than you ever have, I can guarantee that,” Carol said with a big grin.

I looked hard at Carol and said, “I’m her Uncle, so does that ring any warning bells over what you just said?”

“Uh…. Yeah…. But….” Carol sputtered.

I chuckled and shook my head.

A minute or so later, Carol shifted in her chair. “I wish she would hurry up,” she whispered a few seconds later.

“She’ll be here when she gets here and not a moment sooner,” I said and then added, “Unless she chickens out.”

A moment later, the back door opened a little and Connie stuck her head into view. “Bare with me, it’s been a long time since I’ve worn high heels.” She ducked back out of sight.

A minute turned into two and Carol looked at me. “She’s going to chicken out, isn’t she?”

A second later, the door opened and Connie stepped out onto the porch. I nodded in that direction for Carol’s benefit, I was too busy looking already. She had on a schoolgirl outfit consisting of a short plaid skirt and a white blouse.

The skirt ended at mid thigh and half the buttons on the blouse were undone. The blouse was far too small to cover her big boobs. There was a red tube top covering most of her breasts underneath the blouse. She had her hair combed with short bangs and pigtails tied with red ribbons. My eyes dropped lower to the gray knee socks she was wearing and the platform heels.

Carol must have looked around because she gave out with a sharp gasp. “Holy, shit, girl friend,” she whispered. “You are gorgeous.”

Connie took a couple of wobbly steps forward and then stepped out of the heels. “I’m going to kill myself if I try to walk down the steps in those,” she said and then walked to the edge of the porch.

“Those shoes don’t go with the outfit anyway,” I said. “Saddle oxfords or tennis shoes would work much better and they would be much easier to dance in.”

“That’s the kind of information I need,” Connie said with a big grin and did a little dance step to the side and then back before spinning around sharply. Her black French cut panties coming into sight as her skirt rose up.

“Those panties are wrong also. You need to be wearing plain white cotton ones or maybe a pair with happy faces on them. You’re going for young girl naïve.” I told her.

She stopped her dance moves and frowned. “Why didn’t we think of that?”

“I tried to get you to buy a couple of pair like that and you ignored me,” Carol said and then she jumped up and hurried off toward the gate.

“Where are you going?” Connie asked.

“I have an extra pair in my purse in the car. They are really absorbent, if you know what I mean.”

Connie laughed and shook her head as she looked at me. “And you thought I was joking with the wet pussy remark.”

I shook my head. “I never take wet pussy as a joke,” I said with a chuckle.

Connie stared at me hard and then with a light blush, she whispered, “In this outfit and you two looking at me, mine is getting a little damp also.”

“That’s natural, not to mention your nipples getting hard,” I told her as my eyes went to the red tube top and the large bumps in the front of it.

Connie’s hands came up to cover her nipples and then she slowly lowered them and pulled her shoulders back. Her breast seemed to grow larger and more prominent as she did. With a shy smile she whispered, “I guess I need to get used to people staring at the money makers.”

“Those are gültepe escort the attention grabbers, what you sit on and how you shake it, is the money maker,” I corrected her.

Before Connie could say anything, Carol came back through the gate swinging a pair of white cotton panties above her head. “They may be small but I think they will stretch enough to fit.”

Connie met her half way and carried the panties inside to change. A few minutes later, she came out and down the steps. She was wearing her tennis shoes and when she did a spinning turn, I could see the white panties stretched tightly over her ass.

“Much better,” I said and then added, “Those baggy pants and t-shirts have sure hid some great changes in your shape, I must say.”

Connie grinned and said, “Well thank you, I’ve been working hard at it.”

“Speaking of working hard at it, remember this gig is a job and you get out of it what you put in. Do it half assed and that is what you will make, half assed tips. You don’t want the dancing to be too polished. Keep it on the amateurish side. Also, let things kind of hang out, as they want to. Those panties being too small are perfect.”

“I don’t understand what you mean?” Connie said as she came over and sat down in the chair by the table.

“You are naïve and don’t pay attention to your body, posture, clothes, or what is or isn’t showing. You don’t just take your clothes off like the other girls; you accidentally on purpose show your body off. Like sitting in that chair, slide forward and let one knee fall to the side and then slowly rock it back and forth.”

I turned and looked for Carol. She was standing behind me. “Carol, come sit next to me and tell me what you see sexy.” Carol sat down on the chaise lounge next to me.

To Connie, I said, “Okay, look off in the distance like your mind is elsewhere. Now, slowly slide forward and drop your right knee to the side.”

When she did as I asked, Carol whispered, “I caught a glimpse of her panties.”

“Now, slowly rock the knee up and then slowly back down,” I told Connie.

As she rocked the knee, Carol said, “I keep getting glimpses of her panties.”

“Sit on the floor by my feet and tell me what you see. She will be on a stage, remember.”

Carol moved forward and sat on the ground. A few seconds later she giggled and whispered, “I can see the cloth outline her slit as her knee comes up and then stretching back out as it goes down.”

“That is perfect,” I said softly. “You will be teasing the hell out of anyone sitting in front and below you without showing anything at all. Give the illusion that you don’t know what is showing and you will make a fortune.”

“I’ll need a big mirror to work on this stuff, I guess. And I now see what you mean or rather, I heard what Carol said and it all made sense,” Connie said slowly.

Connie looked thoughtful for a moment and then asked, “Is there an act like this anywhere you know of?”

“Little One, I haven’t been in a titty bar in fifteen or twenty years.”

“Couldn’t we go to one and look?” Carol asked.

“Whose we, paleface?” I asked her.

“The three of us, of course. I’m sure not going with just Connie and me. I’d be scared to death.”

“Scared of who?” I asked.

“The guys in the club, who else?” Carol shot back.

“How about the dancers?”

“What about the dancers?” Connie asked.

“For one thing, most of them are lesbians or at least bi. Number two, most are on drugs of one sort or another and yeah, I know, those are sweeping statements but I used to manage a couple of clubs, so I’m talking from experience.”

“I’ve never….” Connie started to say and then shut up.

“Me, either,” Carol said and then blushed deeply.

I grinned at Carol and whispered, “Yeah, but you’ve thought about it long and hard and probably masturbated to it also.” When Carol blushed hotly again, I added, “It’s only natural for some women to have those fantasies.”

“Yeah, but those women usually end up bi,” Carol whispered.

“So? It just gives them twice the number of people to choose from. What’s wrong with that?”

Carol leaned back and looked up at me. “I hadn’t ever thought about it that way.”

When Carol looked at Connie, Connie grinned and made the sign of the cross with two fingers. “I’m having enough trouble with just men, thank you very much.”

Carol sighed deeply and whispered, “There goes that fantasy down the drain.”

Connie crossed her legs slowly giving Carol a good long look at her panties. “Who knows, girl friend, maybe one of these days….” She left the sentence hanging as she crossed her legs the other way.

“Well done,” I told Connie. “Just don’t ever forget to wear your panties and do that in front of Carol.”

Carol looked up at me and then her eyes dropped to the tent in the front of my shorts. “What do we have here?” She asked softly.

Connie saw where Carol was looking and said quickly, “I think I’m getting a wet spot in these panties from you two looking at me.”

Carol looked her way and grinned. “So what’s new? Mine keep a wet spot most of the time.” Looking back at my shorts, she licked her lips and whispered, “Right now, I’m drooling on both ends.”

“Down girl,” Connie called out. “That’s my Uncle Rick you’re drooling over.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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