My Older Friend

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This is a story of how I came to succumb to a little sexy pressure and persuasion.

At the time I was 23, recently married, with a very young daughter. My husband worked in another country so I was on my own at home.

I had a work too at a small local company and Jenny was my office manager. Our desks were in the same room and to cut a long story short, we became friends and shared a lot of free time together. I also knew Jenny’s husband, Mike.

Jenny and her husband were quite a bit older (Mike, was in his fifties, Jenny about 10 years younger), but I loved this mellow couple. Mike was very kind and Jenny had a colourful and uninhibited way of talking that always seemed to be filled with sexual innuendos that had me laughing constantly.

She didn’t speak too openly about it but I got the impression that she was a hot wife. There’d been talk of a few indiscretions in her past (one at work with a previous boss, years before, one with a divorced neighbour and a few other shorter affairs up to a total of five). It was as if she had an understanding with her husband.

Even though my husband was an ocean away, I never considered cheating on him as we’d been married for only a year and half, but I have to be sincere, sex had always been an interesting topic for me, and our conversations became quite intimate.

I also loved the way Jen managed our friendship.

I am a bit submissive, in other words, I like being told what to do.

My mother sent me to a catholic school, and I was brought up in a very strict, non-sexual household.

At first Jen persuaded me to dress more sexily, “Your ego needs at least a few naughty looks from other men while your husband’s away, Claudia. You can’t act like a nun. You have nice legs and a beautiful pair of melons, let the world see them and enjoy it,” she told me.

I nodded and accepted it as a boost to my ego.

My skirts started getting shorter and when I was in the right mood, I removed my bra; something I dared more and more often, especially in Jen and Mike’s company.

Jen noticed and complimented me on my new look, praising my braless status.

Mike is a man’s man and he couldn’t stop looking at my legs and my bouncing boobs.

My friend wasn’t a jealous wife and when I mentioned Mike staring and perving me, she would just laugh and put me at ease, saying “Just like any man would, you are so beautiful and sexy.”

Apparently, they talked about me in bed and Mike admitted having erotic thoughts about me.

There didn’t seem to be much planning about what happened later on. Jen explained to me that she wanted to use me in their sexual games as a part of her husband’s fantasies.

She said that he’d been much hornier since I came into their lives.

We started to sunbathe topless when Mike went fishing. Being alone we shed our tops and tanned our naked boobs, enjoying the free time.

This became a regular occurrence, except when Mike was at home.

We kept our tops on when he was there, but Jen told me that as part of her “pillow talk” with Mike he had asked her how my naked boobs looked. He’d also asked her to try and persuade me to go topless for him.

After that Jenny regularly kept asking me to sunbathe topless in their garden in front of Mike, pointing out that she knew I had a secret desire to show off my body. I was flattered and I made her a half-promise, “let’s see”.

One Sunday the three of us were eating and talking near the pool. Jenny dived in and her bikini top came off. She came out of the pool topless.

Her boobs looked rather flat and floppy.

She asked me to take my top off as well, as Mike was a tit-man, and wanted to see some fresh flesh from me.

Mike nodded enthusiastically making me smile.

I thought about Jen’s request, but was feeling a bit guilty about my husband far away over the sea. I told them I was still a bit shy about showing my boobs but I appreciate the compliment. This was an error from me as they insisted and Jenny, more than Mike, was very good at persuasion.

“Be good, Claudia, and make him happy, nobody can see us and nobody will know about it,” she said.

She also reminded me of my half-promise to show Mike my boobs and tis time my good intentions began to crumble.

Mike for his part also joined in. He begged me to do it and make his day. He told me that my breasts made him so horny and Jen also added that a sexy young woman like me shouldn’t have any problems showing off for a mature admirer with no other real intent. I felt helpless under the prolonged pressure from my older friends. By then, I had also become aroused and on getting an assurance from both of them that it really didn’t matter, I untied my top showing off my large areolas and my hardening nipples.

Looking at my swollen boobs (I am rather heavy in that department) Mike was like a boy in a candy shop and Jenny thanked me. She explained that she was hoping I was awakening her husband’s libido, to her advantage.

We giggled and this was a real blast etiler escort for my ego.

I remained topless, running around in just a tiny thong all afternoon.

Since then I regularly sunbathed topless in front of Mike, twice (once on their boat and once in their garden) I also went totally naked.

They both complimented me on my newly relaxed attitude to nudity and Mike seemed absolutely fascinated by my totally shaved pussy. He was constantly watching me and after he begged me, I showed him my open pussy. Again it was only for a sort of adult play, not really for sex. The three of us were good friends now and Jenny was nude also.

This was a bit sexually daring maybe, as my husband didn’t know, but Mike never made any blatant sexual remarks or advances, and I thought that being naked in front of my best friend’s husband with her consent was okay. Since Mike was being so nonchalant and respectful about my nudity, I also let him put oil my back, while I was lying naked on the sun bed.

He was behaving like a gentleman but Jen encouraged him to put oil on my boobs as well.

I didn’t object when he did it.

After some begging I also let him stroke my breasts.

I felt like a doll between this couple and I must say it was so pleasurable. All Mike had done was cup my boobs, nothing more.

Jenny and her husband Mike had an older friend, Paul, whose wife had left him for another man a year before.

He often came round for a drink and some sympathy.

Jen also told me, in confidence, about their relationship with Paul.

She said that she and her husband have had a few threesomes with him, just to cheer him up after his wife left.

She also said that the last time Paul came over, he had brought some pretty little summer beach things that his wife had left.

Jenny admitted that they were far too young for her, “I may still have nice legs,” she commented, “but my tits are too floppy now for those low-cut styles.”

She said they would be just right for me as part of my new braless wardrobe.

Jenny told me what a nice guy he was and I was curious, and wanted to meet him.

Jenny also mentioned how sad their friend was at that point in his life, and she was sure he would love to see a young woman, in those skimpy dresses.

I took time considering Jen’s proposal; after all they only wanted me to try on some beach dresses and a few bikinis in front of them and an older man.

I sunbathed with no clothes on with Jenny in front of her husband. Their friend was old enough to be my father, so it wasn’t a big deal, really. To try on some sexy dresses for him, since he was giving them away.

Jen added that I could take any dresses that I liked, and this definitely convinced me.

I worried that my husband was 1500 miles away at work and I had not talked to him about my newfound sexually permissive behaviour, but I decided to go over and try on the clothes anyway.

Jenny hugged me when I arrived, and she introduced me to their friend Paul. He was a very good looking man in his late 50’s or early 60’s, and his face lit up when he met me.

Presenting me as the model for the evening Jenny hinted that I had a nice body, making it clear she had seen me naked before.

We were seated in the lounge talking and getting acquainted.

Paul was well educated and polite. In fact he was 62 but looked at me with hunger in his eyes, and flattered me by telling me how beautiful I was.

While we sat and chatted, I started to relax as we became more familiar with each other.

Thirty minutes later, after good conversation, Jenny giggled and said “Come on Claudia, let’s go try on some of those clothes.”

She showed me some of the things Paul had brought with him. Paul had admitted that his wife liked to dress a little bit “slutty” and he didn’t have any intention of offending me. He only wanted to see those dresses on a beautiful young woman again.

Jenny said, “Don’t be bashful, Claudia, we are all adults here. It will make Paul happy seeing you in the clothes he brought, and you know that Mike will be gaga over you.”

Paul and Mike applauded and yelled, “Let’s have a fashion show.”

He was so kind and her encouragement removed any reservations that I had.

I said “I will be very happy to try them on for him, let’s go for it.”

He said I was like an angel, and that my husband was very lucky to have such a beautiful wife.

Jenny and I retired to the bedroom with all of the clothes that Mike had brought with him.

The first two outfits were rather elegant, showing my legs, one from side slits to my hips, and one with a slit up the front to just below my panties (styles that I had worn before), and both showed some deep cleavage.

Paul was obviously very impressed with my slim figure and lavished strong praise about my long legs.

Between each outfit we chatted and had another drink.

After I was done modelling the second dress, Mike suggested that fatih escort Jen give me a really sexy dress to try.

She handed me a short mini skirt with a matching halter top.

The skirt came down to about halfway between my knees and my nether regions.

The top was backless with a front that dipped all the way down to the bottom of the halter top, between my boobs, showing all of my cleavage.

I was nervous about being so revealing in front of Paul, but the drinks were starting to have a very relaxing effect on me, so I modelled it for them anyway.

Claudia winked at me handing me the next outfit of the evening, which was a very short beach dress, and Jenny said it would look wonderful on me but I needed to wear it without a bra. She also gave me a G-string to go with the dress.

The little dress hardly covered my cute little bum as I nervously came out of the bathroom trying to tug the hem down, and my thick nipples also stood out blatantly beneath the light fabric of my top. The atmosphere was electric.

I was excited by the attention I was receiving from my friends but I was also a bit shy to walk in wearing the revealing outfit, in front of Paul, a stranger. He was gawking at me with eyes like small melons as Jenny tried to make me feel relaxed, and Mike complimented me.

After I tried that dress on, we had a rest.

I sat on the sofa still in the outfit sipping a glass of white wine, trying to arrange my clothes to cover as much of me as I could. Paul was a gentleman complimenting me on my legs (even my panties were on view in that short outfit) and on my cleavage. He begged me to try on other items. At that point I was pleasantly at ease and I agreed.

Jenny was holding up another skimpy outfit for me to try on that had a neckline that dropped even lower than the previous top. My back was totally naked and my boobs swung from side to side and bounced with every move that I made.

By this time the alcohol was making me so relaxed that I was unlikely to be able to resist anything Jenny suggested.

Jenny hinted that I’d allowed Mike to oil my naked back. She invited Paul to touch my body, as my skin was so velvety smooth and tanned since he hadn’t touched a young woman in a long time. She didn’t even ask me if it was okay for him to touch me, but their compliments had me flattered and I didn’t try to stop him. I was thinking that a bit of skin contact wouldn’t compromise my faithfulness to my absent husband. I stood and he caressed my arms and even my legs for a minute or two without getting too personal. He ended the caresses by cupping my ass cheeks for a moment making me giggle.

It was now time to try on the last article of clothes that Mike had brought over.

Mike, smiling, handed me a beaded thong, saying that there was no top to go with it, and he hoped that I would try it on anyway. Jenny added that I would have to let them all see my beautiful breasts.

Paul’s caresses had me all hot and bothered by this time, so, once again I agreed.

As I went to the bedroom to change, Jenny stopped me. She pointed out that she and Mike were used to seeing me naked, and when I came back out they would be able to see almost all of me anyway, so I should just change right there in front of them.

She quipped that she was sure that Paul wouldn’t be offended.

I tried to say no, but Jenny softly urged me to “Let Paul see your pretty body completely.”

I was so horny by this time, I said okay.

I undressed completely with my back to them, and put the skimpy beaded thong on, showing them my ass.

Holding my breath, I turned around and paraded in front of them, covering my boobs with my hands.

Jenny whispered encouragingly to me that I was beautiful and not to be embarrassed and that I should lower my hands, so I did.

I was nude, except for the beaded thong, which clung to the folds of my pussy like a second skin, clearly showing its smooth contours and my camel toe.

Paul and Mike encouraged me by clapping and cheering.

They said that I was very beautiful and should be proud of my body.

It was at this point that Jen told Paul that I had a beautiful pussy and asked me to lower the beaded panties.

I don’t know why but I removed my panties and stood there totally naked in front of them.

Jen suggested that Paul go back to caressing me. As Paul started to stroke my back again, his hands were trembling and his touch was sweet. He was so good and tender that I hadn’t the courage to shrug him off. He whispered his thanks for letting him touch me and gave my neck a little kiss.

That little kiss came as a surprise to me and being embarrassed, I moaned and giggled.

Paul then took me in his arms and kissed me on the lips. I felt so excited, that this older man wanted to kiss and pet me. His hands were cupping and stroking my bare tits as Mike and Jenny sat watching us with satisfied smiles on their faces.

At that moment my marital state prevailed, I forced fındıkzade escort myself to stop him, saying it was late and that I should go home.

I got dressed again and left.

I thought the episode was closed, but I was wrong.

The next day, Jenny called me to say thanks. She complimented me for having been so brave (in fact she called me a little slut).

I blushed, feeling guilty. I wanted to confess what happened to my husband, begging him to forgive me for being so easily persuaded to show off for Paul, and allowing him to take liberties.

Jenny told me that I really hadn’t done anything so terribly wrong.

She said that I was fantastic for letting Paul, who was so lonely and depressed, after his wife left him, look at and touch such a beautiful young girl in all of her naked glory.

She thanked me again for helping their friend cope.

My show had turned both Mike and Paul on so much that they ended up ravishing Jen after I left.

She said that as far as she was concerned, it was their best threesome ever.

For the first time she gave me details of what happened between them.

As soon as I left, Paul confessed that my modelling the clothes and my subsequent stripping to complete nakedness, caused him to get a major hard on. Jen offered to give him some relief by sucking his cock, so he dropped his pants to reveal an amazing erection. She started to suck him as Mike watched.

It didn’t take long for Mike to strip off too as he couldn’t take anymore. He was also sporting a huge boner.

When Jen saw this, she called him over and she started sucking him off. While she was tending to her spouse Paul removed the rest of his clothes, and then Jen reached for both their cocks, sucking one and then the other.

The men couldn’t take much more of this, so they took turns having three-way sex on the sofa until they all collapsed from exhaustion.

Before hanging up, she said that Paul wanted to see me again, and that she gave him my number.

I was upset at first, as I not gave her permission.

She apologized profusely, but then she had me think about the situation. Paul could be wonderful company for me, a discreet friend with a lot of experience, and a very nice house of his own. He would be the perfect man for me to have a bit of sex on the side with, while my husband was overseas.

Nobody would know about the affair, if I agreed to let it happen, apart from her and her husband.

Jen also offered to let her daughter babysit for my baby, in the case I stayed overnight at Paul’s.

I had never seriously thought about cheating on my new husband, but I was so horny after such a long time with no sex.

I began to consider about Jen’s proposal and could feel my pussy starting to get wet. I immediately reached down with my hand and using the juice dripping from my hot love box for lubrication, started rubbing my already hard clit.

That night I masturbated like mad until I passed out.

The next day Paul called me and offered his apologies for having been so forward and naughty, touching my naked back, breasts, and cupping my ass cheeks in front of Jen and Mike.

He was polite and well spoken, saying that I was so beautiful and charming he just couldn’t stop himself.

This made me feel flattered and it put me in a forgiving mood.

He invited me to have dinner with him at a very fine restaurant, and I accepted.

We had a nice fish dinner. On the way back to my house, he asked if I would like to have a nightcap on his terrace.

He said that there was a great view of the harbour.

I could feel a tingling and a dampness starting to form between my legs, and knowing where this was going, I thought about my absent husband.

He had left me alone less than a year after being married, with no alternative but self-pleasure, so I agreed to go with Paul.

We sat on his terrace sipping wine and chatting under the moonlight.

The view of the harbour was truly beautiful.

While we sat and talked, he put on some slow music and asked if I would like to dance.

I agreed, and he put his arms around me and held me close while he steered me expertly around the room..

I could feel his cock getting hard and pressing on my belly. I could also feel that dampness between my legs and the little tingling sensation in my clit.

I had wanted to keep our first date to a moderate level, limiting our interaction to some petting and kissing.

Maybe it was the romantic atmosphere, or probably the lack of sex for the last three months, but I felt so excited as this older man kissed and caressed me. I returned his kisses and he lowered the spaghetti straps of my dress, exposing my breasts to his ravenous eyes.

He started to cup and caress my bare breasts.

He began to kiss my trembling breasts ever so gently, stopping every so often to lavish attention on my rock hard nipples with his tongue.

He brought his hands up and finished removing my dress. I felt his fingers slipping down my stomach until they found their way inside my skimpy panties.

He was so good at it. His fingers teased my boiling cunt and clit.

I nearly came on the spot as he touched me.

He then pushed my panties down until they lay in a pool around my feet along with my dress.

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