My Own Private Glory Hole

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Big Tits

Copyright 2006 by the author.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: The type of encounter described in this tale is, if not new, certainly a lot more common now. While private glory holes may have existed before the Internet, cyberspace is an ideal way to advertise them. The story is based on incidents related to me by a friend, who insists they really happened. Whether they did or not, I hope you enjoy. KN


A man’s best friend is his fuck buddy. Sure, relationships are great: but when you’re in between them and horny, there’s nothing like having someone you can count on for hot mutual fun, no strings attached.

I have a picture of one of my favorite fuck buddies. It’s a close-up of an open mouth, nice even white teeth, a dark mustache with a hint of gray on the upper lip.

The tongue is hanging partway out, coated with thick white liquid that’s foamy with air bubbles. The same stuff forms sticky strings between the upper and lower lips, and a blot of it is hanging off the mustache.

It’s cum, of course. Mine.

Mark took that picture of himself, he says, just after one of our encounters, before he spit out my load, pointing the digital camera into the mirror and carefully cropping the result. He e-mailed it to me later that night, so I’d find it the next morning.

Mark’s mouth is the only part I’ve seen of him, besides his cock.

I’ll admit it, looks have always been important to me. So how did I get hooked up with someone I wouldn’t recognize if I passed him on the street? It was like this. I was surfing the net one night, checking out one of my favorite cruising sites. I was scrolling down the list of guys in my town when one I hadn’t seen before caught my eye.

His name was Mark, and nothing about him stood out at first. He was a little older than I like, “average” body, no face pic. There was a nice shot of his cock, seven inches uncut. But it was a sentence at the end that hooked me.

“Have a private glory hole at home.”

Now I knew what glory holes were, of course-those openings cut in stalls in public men’s rooms, or between peepshow booths, where men stuck their cocks through to get blow jobs. But I’d never heard of anyone having one at home.

A little icon at the bottom of the box said he was online and could chat. In a flash we were sending instant messages to each other.

“It’s simple,” Mark wrote. “I leave the door open. U come in, go upstairs, stick your cock through the hole, I suck u off, you leave. No strings.”

“U don’t want my pic?” I asked.

“Nope. Unless u have cock shot .”

He wouldn’t send me his picture either, though he assured me that he was “not ugly.” Looks weren’t important to him, only cock. I had to admit the thought was hot, and told him so.

“Then cum on over.”

Ten minutes later I was on the road, following the directions he had sent, my cock hard in my pants. I parked a little distance away and walked up the driveway to a modest duplex in a pleasant, nondescript neighborhood.

Mark had told me the door would be unlocked, and instructed me to ring the bell once before I entered. I heard the musical chime inside when I pushed the button. I turned the knob and sure enough, it was open. I stepped into the entryway to a pleasant, impeccably neat living room. I wasn’t really interested in checking it out, though–I quickly headed up the stairs.

At the top, I turned and looked down the hall. At the end, where there would have been a door, I saw a plywood board filling the frame. A little bit below the middle I saw the hole that had been cut in it. Light filtered through from beyond and I saw shadowy movement on the other side.

As I watched, a finger came through the hole, beckoning. I hesitated a moment, but the lust coursing within me was too strong. I strode down the hall, unzipping as I walked. My cock sprang out of my open fly in full erection, as it had been ever since I started my drive over here. I paused before the opening, trying to quiet my loud breathing.

The finger was withdrawn. Then I saw a tip of a tongue snake through the hole. That was enough. I took one step forward and put my cock through.

“Mm, nice,” a voice whispered on the other side, just before my cock was engulfed by warm, slippery pleasure. Then Mark began to slide back and forth on my steel-hard rod.

My invisible sucker knew what he was doing. He varied the pace and depth of his strokes, using plenty of spit and kurtköy escort tongue on the head. Sometimes he held just the head in his mouth, then he took me down to the root, so that I could see his mustache hairs come through the hole. He flicked his tongue in and out of my leaking piss slit until I saw stars. Eager fingers pulled my balls out and through the hole in the plywood, and he worked on those as well, before attacking my dick again.

After a while I started to moan. My fingers clutched the doorframe, my head tilted upward, eyes closed as I savored every sensation. The erotic charge of being blown by an unseen mouth was indescribable.

Finally I couldn’t take anymore and pulled back. Mark didn’t want to let me go but I insisted. My cock and balls slid back into view, soaked with spit. I stood, my hard-on raging, legs trembling with fatigue from tensed thigh muscles, amazed at the effect this encounter was having on me.

It took a while but I managed to calm down a bit. Then I heard something move. A small brown bottle appeared through the hole.

“Take a hit,” came the whisper. “Then put your cock back through. Hurry.”

By now I would have done anything he asked. I unscrewed the cap and took a hit of the poppers in each nostril. As the blood rushed to my face I leaned my pelvis forward and slipped my organ back into Mark’s waiting mouth. The rush from the poppers, my unseen partner’s skill and, most of all, the thrill of anonymous sex pushed me over the edge in seconds. I threw back my head and howled as my hips shoved and bucked against the board, my body trying to ram every possible centimeter of my pulsing organ down that hot throat as it unloaded in hard spurts into Mark’s mouth.

Finally my balls were emptied. I pulled out, let go of the door, and stood gasping. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d cum that hard. Dimly I heard noises behind the board. My unseen partner was hawking and spitting. Apparently he didn’t want to swallow me, which I could understand.

I stuffed my still swollen cock with some difficulty back in my pants and zipped up. I stood for a moment, feeling awkward. At last I said to the empty air, “Hey, thanks, bud.”

The sound of a throat being cleared, then, “My pleasure. Take care now.” The voice was deep, pleasant. I left the bottle of poppers on the floor and walked downstairs. I shut the front door firmly behind me and got in my car, looking over my shoulder, half expecting someone to be looking accusingly at me, but of course there was nobody.

When I got home I checked the computer. He’d sent me an e-mail.

“That was hot, man. Hope you cum back. Mark.”

I did, several times over the next few months. It was always the same. We’d first make contact online, or I’d send him an e-mail asking whether he was free on a particular evening. If he was, we’d set up a time. He’d leave the front door open, and when I got there, I’d ring the bell and go in. After the first time he told me I could use the bathroom off the hall to clean myself up afterward, which was considerate. Mark seemed to be a nice guy, as much as I could tell.

After the first few times, when the chemistry between us was obvious, our encounters got more elaborate. I started stripping when I got there, leaving my clothes downstairs. It made it hotter for me, and him too I think, to be naked when I walked down the hallway, swinging erect, pausing in front of the hole, knowing he was waiting, licking his lips in anticipation. Then I’d shove my dripping hard-on through the opening.

Mark’s cocksucking was so hot I had trouble not cumming too quickly, even though he was obliging enough to back off now and then and not just drive me to an immediate climax. I wanted our sessions to last as long as possible, because I enjoyed them so much. His uncut seven-incher was a nice piece of meat too, so I was more than willing to take a breather and get on my knees for him as well. The groans and murmurs of pleasure from the other side of the partition as I worked on him were unmistakable, but he never came. I realized after a while that it was a power game. He was going to be the one who made me shoot, not the other way around. Sometimes when I’d get close and try to withdraw he wouldn’t let me go, forcing me to ejaculate. He laughed when I complained.

“Just be glad I didn’t bite it off,” he said once. Of course he was kidding-I think.

Though maltepe escort Mark knew almost everything there was to know about oral sex, I managed to teach him something new.

One night when I was over at his place we were into our usual scene. When he let go of my cock and I got on my knees to take my turn as sucker, I whispered into the glory hole before he stuck his meat through.

“Damn, you’ve got a hot mouth. I’d love to snowball with you.”

“Snowball?” he asked, in a puzzled tone.

I explained what it meant. “Sounds hot,” was his response.

“Then give my load back to me after I cum, okay?”


When I got back on my feet and shoved my cock back through the hole he went to work with renewed energy. As usual it was only a few minutes later that I lost the battle and emptied my balls into his oral cavity, groaning with pleasure. As my orgasm at last began to subside I pulled my still twitching dick out and sank down to the floor, my legs rubbery.

“Now. Give it to me,” I hissed at him through the glory hole.

His mouth came into view, cum leaking out and running down his chin, more staining his mustache. I put my lips to his and opened them, emitting a muffled moan of satisfaction as he forced my hot load back into me. I felt his tongue tickling mine as we swapped sperm back and forth, making out through the glory hole, invisible to each other except for our hungry mouths. Finally I swallowed and we broke apart. I sat back, panting, my mouth full of the bitter taste of my own jizz.

“Fuck, that was hot, man,” Mark said. “I never did that before.”

“Glad you liked it,” I told him.

After that we always finished that way. It was after one of those sessions that Mark sent me the pic of his mouth full of my cum.

I would have been content to go on the way we were for a long time. But Mark had other ideas in his nasty mind.

One night we were chatting online. He asked me what other sexual stuff I was into.

“I like fucking. Watching and being watched.” I told him.

“Not into anal at all here,” he said. There was a pause, then another message.

“You top or bottom?” he asked.

“Versatile, but like a hot top who fucks hard.”

A few days later I got an e-mail.

“Got another regular who wants to meet you. Steve’s been asking about having a three-way. Still interested?”

Of course I was, and Mark arranged a meeting at his place a day or two later. I was to get there first and Steve would join us.

I was always hard on the way to Mark’s place, but that night I thought I was going to cum on the way there, I was so horny at the thought of a three-way at the glory hole.

As soon as I rang the bell and got inside I stripped naked and headed up the stairs, my erect cock swinging in front of me. Mark was waiting behind the plywood, of course, and I lost no time in shoving it through.

After he had worked on it for a while I pulled out and knelt to get a taste of Mark’s meat. While I was sucking him I heard the doorbell ring.

Footsteps came up the carpeted staircase and down the hall. I sensed the newcomer stop right behind me. I could feel the heat of his body, hear his breathing, smell his scent-a heady mix of sweat, alcohol and cigarette smoke.

I heard a belt buckle being unfastened and clothing dropping to the floor. A rough hand fell on my bare shoulder, massaging it. After a while Steve’s grip tightened and I knew what he wanted. I turned and saw a pair of legs, sneakers on the feet, khaki shorts around the ankles. A blunt cut cock jutted up between the thick thighs. Steve had nothing else on except a plain white tee. I finally looked up and saw his face. He was attractive in a rough, blue-collar kind of way, with dirty blond hair pulled into a ponytail.

Steve didn’t say anything, just grabbed my head and shoved it into his crotch. I was happy to oblige, inhaled his cock down to the root and went to work. As I pulled out all the stops, twirling my tongue around his knob, licking up the precum, washing his balls, getting my hand into the act, I was finally rewarded with a faint groan.

“Yeah, suck it good,” he whispered.

After a while he pulled out and stepped out of his shorts. He moved toward the glory hole and stuck his cock through so Mark could have a go at it. Watching Steve’s butt muscles contracting as he strained to get as much of his pendik escort length through the hole as he could, seeing his face grimace with pleasure as Mark slurped noisily on his rod, kept me hard and leaking as I stroked my cock.

Then I saw Steve pull his wet cock back out of the hole. Mark’s fingers appeared, holding a square of foil, which Steve took and tore open. He hooded himself with the rubber, then turned and gestured to me.

“Suck him.”

Mark’s cock came through the hole and I obeyed, standing and bending down to take it in my mouth. I knew what was coming next. Sure enough, Steve got behind me as I blew my unseen buddy, gripping my hips. I felt the head of his sheathed cock bump my butt, then slide into the crack. I’d gotten myself greased up before I’d left to come to Mark’s place, so I knew I could take him without too much trouble. There was a brief flash of pain when he pressed through my ring and slid up my ass, but it soon passed. I felt the familiar tingling warmth fill my lower body.

I was in heaven, my mouth and ass stuffed with cock. I braced myself with my hands on the doorframe to keep Steve from shoving me into the plywood as he fucked me hard, his hips slamming into my butt cheeks with every thrust. I moaned continually, becoming a human vibrator for Mark’s cock down my throat.

After a while Mark withdrew and signaled with his finger through the hole. I straightened and Steve moved with me, keeping his cock firmly embedded in my hole, as I put my own cock through. Once Mark had me in his mouth Steve began to pound me again. It was harder to stay joined in this position and not lose my balance and fall against the barrier. My arms ached from gripping the doorframe, but I didn’t care. The combined sensation of Mark’s hot mouth and tongue on my cock and Steve’s cock hammering on my prostate quickly brought me to the edge of cumming. I tried to hold back but was helpless against the combined onslaught. I raised my head and howled in delight as I unloaded into Mark’s mouth. The orgasm was so intense I saw stars, and thought I was going to pass out. I wanted to finish with my favorite dessert, so as soon as I could catch my breath I bent, making Steve step back so I could put my mouth to the hole to receive my fresh load from Mark.

As we swapped cum Steve muttered, “Fuck that’s hot.” He hadn’t cum yet, and still had his cock buried in my asshole. Normally I get real sensitive after cumming and want to stop whatever I’m doing sexually, but the three-way had me so hot I didn’t care. I turned my head to look up at him, letting him get a good look at my cum-stained mouth and face.

“Cum in my ass, fucker,” I said to him. Now that I had cum Mark knew I didn’t want any more of his mouth on my cock. I heard his voice through the hole.

“Turn him so I can watch,” he said to Steve, who obeyed, bending me double at the waist. I braced my hands against the floor, painfully stretching my hamstrings, and waited for Steve to cum, but the guy had stamina. Minutes passed and he kept pounding my butt. Unbelievably I felt myself getting hard again, despite the fact I wasn’t touching my cock.

As Steve fucked me like a rag doll once again I felt the fire building up inside. All of a sudden I felt cum dribbling out of me and onto the carpet beneath us. I had reached another orgasm from his fucking, this time without even touching myself.

“I’m cumming,” I groaned. I heard Steve grunting hoarsely, rhythmically, and knew he was finally shooting his long-delayed load into the rubber in my ass. After cumming twice I was really sore and couldn’t wait for him to quit. It was a few more agonizing minutes before he stopped his thrusts and pulled out. I cried out as he popped his cock out of my stretched, abused hole.

Now that he was finished Steve took no more interest in me. He pulled on his shorts and left without a word, not even bothering to get rid of the rubber. I heard the door slam downstairs as I sank on my hands and knees to the carpet, utterly exhausted and drained.

“You okay?” I heard Mark ask.

It was a few moments before I could answer. “That was… fucking fantastic.” After a while longer I got another sentence out. “Your carpet’s a mess.”

I heard his deep, throaty chuckle. “Don’t worry about it. It was worth it, having you cum twice while he fucked you. Hot.”

“You didn’t cum, did you?”


We haven’t done another three-way since that night, though I’ve paid my buddy several more visits. Mark talks of other scenes he wants me to try, either with him alone or with him and Steve, or maybe another guy–stuff with blindfolds, handcuffs and dildos. I’m willing to go with him wherever he wants to take me-sight unseen.


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