My Sister Shannon Pt. 04: Conclusion

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The summer was nearly over. It was down to three days to go before Shannon went back to school. I had to start up school too a few days after that. Shannon was mostly packed, her room crowded with stuffed bags and bins and boxes. She kept teasing me when she could, but was so busy with school prep, we weren’t getting much time to be alone long enough to do anything other than a quick flash or feel here and there. Any spare time she did have, she spent with her friends. I was starting to look ahead, thinking maybe we could have our next encounter if she came home at Thanksgiving, or maybe I could even visit her at school?

Shit, every day that last week I did my best to get her alone long enough so we could fool around, and every night I ended up settling for jacking thinking about fucking her.

Finally a day arrived where Mom stopped worrying about Shannon not being packed on time, and she and Dad were out of the house at the same time during the day.

I found Shannon in the laundry room, folding some of her clothes. She was wearing yoga pants and a sports bra but no shirt. The bra supported her titties well, but also showed off how huge and round they were. Her blonde hair was pulled back in a ponytail. I quickly moved in behind her and reached around to cup her big tits, grinding myself into her ass as I did. I loved the feel of her curvy body pressed back against mine.

She laughed, and let me fondle her.

“Oh you poor boy,” she said softly. “Mom’s not going to be gone long…”

“I don’t care,” I grunted. “You turn me on so much!”

She laughed again and turned, looking at me for a long moment, as if trying to come to a decision. Finally, biting her lip, she took me by the hand and lead me out of the laundry room and into the rec room. She gently pushed me into the couch and then knelt on the floor between my legs. Her hand went to my crotch and she sighed as she felt my cock under my shorts.

“Holy fuck you’re already rock hard!” she said and started to unzip my fly. She pulled my hard dick out and began to slowly stroke it, breathing heavily as she watched her hand sliding and twisting up and down my long shaft.

“I never, ever thought I’d be jerking my brother off,” she said. “It’s so naughty. I never thought my brother’s cock would be so big either. Damn, I’m still shocked!”

She continued to stroke it and then she sat up a little higher in her knees and leaned in closer to my crotch.

“I definitely never thought I’d suck my brother off,” she purred and took my cock into her mouth.

I moaned with pleasure. It felt so good and was so taboo that I nearly came in her mouth right there. But I held off and she began to bob her mouth slowly up and down my shaft, pulling off now and then to kiss up my length and lick all around my swollen head.

Just as she started to pick up her pace and I was getting really close to cumming, her phone rang. She pulled her mouth off me and took her phone etiler eve gelen escort out of the waist band of her pants.

I was about to complain and tell her how close I was when she looked at the display and said “Shit, it’s Mom.”

I cursed in my head. Shannon accepted the call and brought the phone to her ear with one hand, and started stroking me again with the other. Mom was obviously asking her about her packing and probably about last minute things she needed. Shannon kept assuring her that everything was good, but when it was obvious she wasn’t going to get her off the phone quickly, she rolled her eyes at me.

She stopped stroking me and I thought that was going to be it, but instead she lifted the bottom of her sports bra and guided my cock under the band so that it was now sticking under her bra, squished between her juggs! I could just see the head of my cock poking up between her cleavage. She started to move her body up and down a little, titfucking me with her boobs pressed together, her bra holding my cock tight. She continued to talk to Mom on the phone, looking me in the eyes while she slid her titties up and down my shaft.

“I think he’s outside,” Shannon said after a minute or so and I realized Mom was asking about me. Shit! I hope she didn’t want to talk to me. “Yeah, I think I see him, hold on.”

She held the phone away from her ear for a second and whispered “hurry up!”

Putting the phone back to her ear and virtually bouncing on her knees now, fucking me good with her tits, she continued talking with Mom.

“OK, I think he’s about to come…”

That was so hot and naughty it brought me right to the edge. She bounced a couple more times and I tried not to moan too loudly, breathing heavily through my nose as my cock throbbed between her tits and started to spurt.

“Oh! Yep, here he comes!” Shannon said, probably way too enthusiastically. The more she talked, the harder I came. “Here he comes. He’s coming right now Mom, hold on. OK… OK, here he is.”

She handed me her phone as my intense orgasm finally ended. I tried not to sound like I had just shot a load all over my sister’s cleavage while she was on the phone with her.

“Hi, Mom,” I said. “Yeah, sorry I was swimming. Little out of breath.”

I listened briefly while she reminded me I had to go online and finalize my courses.

Shannon lifted her bra and my cock plopped out. She was giggling as she teased me by licking some of my cum off my length.

“Yep it’s all good, Mom.” I said. I was still hard; talking to Mom on the phone while Shannon licked my cock was crazy hot!

She said OK and ended the call. I hung up.

“Holy shit!” I said and we both laughed. I still wanted to do more of course, but Mom would be home any minute and we both now had to get cleaned up.


It was the night before Shannon was going to head back to college. etiler grup yapan escort The mini van was packed with her stuff and Mom and Dad had gone to bed early since they’d be leaving first thing in the morning. Shannon was originally going to go out with her friend Zoey, but Zoey had to change her plans and leave for her own college a day early, so Shannon was left without any plans. Mom thought that was a good thing anyway as it would be a very early morning and a long day on the road.

I was in the rec room watching Gotham, when Shannon came down to watch with me. It was only about 10 PM, but Mom and Dad had been in bed a good 45 minutes already.

She was wearing a loose white t-shirt that barely hung below her ass. I could see her red panties peeking out. Her huge braless titties bounced around underneath. Her hair was wet as she must have just had a shower.

She had barely sat down when she turned to face me.

“I want you to know I’ve really enjoyed fooling around with you these last few weeks,” she said, staring me in the eyes. She was so close to me, I could smell the sweet body wash she used in her shower. “But I’m heading back to school…”

Before I could say anything, her hand went to my crotch and she squeezed my cock over my boxers. I went hard immediately.

“… We’ve got one more night…”

She pulled my stuff dick out through my fly and leaned over me to take it into her mouth; my sister’s warm, wet, hot mouth. She bobbed on it slowly, concentrating on the swollen head, teasing it with her lips and tongue. Her mouth made slopping noises as she slowly sucked me off.

I moaned, running my hand through her wet hair as she expertly sucked my cock. God, I didn’t want it to end… I didn’t want her to go back to school! I wanted her to give me a blowjob every fucking night!!

She pulled off me and moved on top of my lap, her legs straddling me. My heart pounded in my chest as I realized what she was doing. One hand pulled her panties to the side. The other grabbed my cock, guiding it to her exposed, smooth pussy. She gasped as she rubbed my head along her very wet slit. Finally she lowered herself into me, and I felt her pussy surrounded my hard cock as she slid down my shaft, taking me all the way in.

She kissed me, looking at me with the sexiest fuck-me face I’d ever seen as she slowly began to move up and down, riding me. I loved the feel of her voluptuous body on top of me. We both moaned softly and breathed deeply as she sensually fucked me.

I pulled her shirt up, and she raised her arms to allow me to remove it completely. Her big boobs came into view in front of my face and I grabbed hold of them, kneading them with my hands, covering them with kisses as she pressed her ass into me. I was so deep inside her! I licked her erect nipples and while I sucked on one, she brought the other to her own mouth.

She slowly fucked me etiler masöz escort like this for a while; five minutes? Ten? Time meant nothing to me at that moment.

“You wanna get me from behind?” she suddenly whispered to me.

“Oh fuck, yes…” I moaned.

“Yeah?” she said and pulled off me. She got onto her knees on the couch beside me and bent over into her hands. Her big, curvy ass pointed out at me. I stood and moved behind her. My hands shaking slightly, I guided my cock under her cheeks to her pussy and slowly pushed it into her hot, wet hole.

She gasped and I moaned as I slowly pushed myself all the way inside her. My hands grabbed her butt cheeks and I started to fuck her. I went very slowly at first, just watching my hard cock slowly slide in and out of my sister’s pussy. It was the most amazing sight I’d ever seen.

I eventually picked up my pace and knew I wouldn’t be able to last long in this position. She breathed heavily, grunting softly with each inward thrust. I moaned and was aware of how loudly my body was smacking against her ass, but I really didn’t care if our parents heard. This was a dream come true; I was fucking my sister hard!

I looked down the side of her body as I fucked her and watched as her huge boobs swung and swayed as our bodies moved. God damn that was hot! I fucking loved her huge tits! I continued to watch her juggs as I fucked her and she reached underneath her body to start rubbing her clit while I rammed my hard rod in and out of her tight, shaven pussy.

“I fucking love your dick!” she blurted suddenly as her body started to shake. She moaned loudly as she came, her ass quivering. “Oh god, I’m cumming… I’m cumming on your cock!”

“I’m gonna cum!” I blurted out, my body shaking out of synch now.

“Cum inside me!” she almost yelled. “Cum in your sister’s pussy!”

I slammed hard once, twice, then held myself deep inside her as my cock throbbed hard, over and over, shooting my hot jizz deep into her pussy!

I came so long and hard, and when I finally finished, I fell back into the couch, breathing hard. My legs were like jelly. She turned and lay on the couch, gasping for breath.

“Holy fuck that was awesome…” she purred.

She still lightly rubbed her clit and I could see some of my cum leaking out of her pussy. We didn’t stay like that very long though, as some of our senses returned and we got dressed, not wanting to push our luck any further and risk Mom and Dad catching us.

“I really need to get some sleep, bro,” she said. She kissed me long on the lips. “That was fucking hot.”

She turned to leave the room but stopped at the stairs.

“Keep that cock hard for me little brother,” she whispered. “I might want to suck it at Christmas.”


I didn’t sleep that night and I made sure to be up bright and early to see her leave. I couldn’t believe how sad I felt. I wanted to feel her body and eat her pussy and fuck her. I wanted to suck on her tits and lick her asshole and cum all over her. I wanted to feel her hands and mouth on my cock…

But she was gone. I thought Christmas was going to take forever to come. I had no idea my Mom would be the one to take my mind off Shannon…


Cumming soon:

“Lusting After Mom: Part 1”

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