My Time with Roni – The “Board” Pt. 01

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Wow! Time keeps flying between each time I return to drop off a story.

I thought I had loaded these 2 months ago when I wrote them. My greatest apologies to those who may have been waiting or wondering when I’d post again. You can thank Roni for that.

She called a few days ago when she could while her husband was in Paris for 2 days for work. She needed to vent about the women at work, “kids” she called them, her lazy daycare provider and the women at church. I let her rant for as long as she needed. After 20 minutes she laughed and thanked me “Thanks, I needed that.”

I told her she should just flip off the “Kids” at work, they probably never had an orgasm and are frustrated. Tell the daycare people they need your money more than you need them and as for the women at church, just go fuck their husbands. She laughed then said she wouldn’t fuck any of them.

Roni asked why she couldn’t see these two stories, so I hoped online and saw I never actually loaded them. My ADHD kicked in when I started training for a local ½ marathon and forget I hadn’t actually done it. My Bad

After meeting over a recent holiday weekend with several who were involved in these two stories, and getting their OK as they read the other Roni stories, they gave me a thumbs up to write/publish as long I change names, don’t reveal a location, to protect those not so innocent. Enjoy while I work on the one I am currently writing – A request from Roni. :o)


The following took place over Memorial Day weekend, in a nearby large city, in 2006. I hope you enjoy!

When Roni and I returned to the US and I retired not too long after, as you know, we settled back in my home town. As luck would have it, two couples we’d met along the way (at different duty stations) lived in a nearby large city, so we had a standing invitation to visit either of them when it was convenient. We eventually introduced them to each-other so we visit them alone or together for fun weekends, usually taking in a sporting or other even as well.

Over a number of months, our circle of friends grew to include 15 couples. It ended up being like our own little private club. Sometime 3 or 4 of the couples would get together, go out and enjoy an evening… then fuck like rabbits. Over one such weekend, all 15 couples suggested meeting between each-other, at various places, at different times. After several rounds of phone tag, we all decided to meet at a nearby resort. One of the wives who worked in the travel industry booked 15 rooms for the group, taking up the nearly entire top floor of one wing, with one room left open… luckily it that one was never occupied.

After arriving, everyone got settled, the women all met by the pool for the afternoon to catch up on mom/women chat, and all of the husbands got together at several tables in the corner of the poolside bar. Needless to say, the drinks were flowing.

The three bartenders/waiters were hilarious. All were 24/25ish and definitely preoccupied eye fucking the herd of hotties by the pool. One of them was soaking wet after having fallen into the pool after serving Susie, Chris and Roni who were right at poolside. He tripped as he backed away after handing them drinks. The entire pool area let out a roar better associated with a sporting event. Not the slickest cool move… Rule

, If you’re wanting to seem suave, cool and collected, don’t forget you are standing on the edge of the pool already. He did regain cool points however, taking a big bow in all direction and sauntering off as if nothing happened.

At that point, one of the quieter husbands in the group, Ted laughed and said “Well, we are a lucky bunch of bastards, aren’t we? Each of us has, at one point or another, fucked each and every one of them, somethings in groups of 3 and 4 in a night.” And you three, he said, pointing at Me, Bob and Rick, need to control your women… scaring this poor boy into the pool, point at the blushing young waiter who had just brought him another beer. All 15 of us, and the waiter busted out laughing. Hmm, he is actually good looking, Roni would like to fuck him I think…

We all had to agree with Ted though. It was an awesome assortment, these ladies. Tall, Short, Blonds, Brunettes, a redhead, long hair, short hair, big breasts, small breasts, shaved, trimmed – they came in every combination. The only thing each of them had in common was that they loved sex, to please and be pleased, by us and each-other. They taught each-other all kinds of “tricks”. Roni’s contribution was to teach them all to give better blowjobs… she was proud of that… and the husbands all vehemently approved… LOL

It was then that Don spoke up: “Guys, how many of your wives have said they’d like to try a gangbang? Not just 3 or 4 of us, they’ve all done that once or twice. I mean most or all of us… or even more?… I know Connie has”

Everyone looked around at each-other. Slowly, one-by-one, several began raising their hands, including me. Only two didn’t, but they stated that they were pretty ikitelli escort bayan sure their wives would if given the chance. The sight of Roni taking each of these cocks made me flush, as it appeared to do to everyone around the seating area. Minds raced, smiles appeared, Cocks got hard.

Richard suddenly laughed. We all looked at him with “what-the-fuck” looks on our faces. He laughed again and said: “How could we do that?” Silence greeted his question. After a long pregnant pause, Cliff offered, “We could use a hotel room, not enough room for that line of pussy… We’d need a boardroom table. And thus, our group had a name, the “Executive Board”. As it would turn out, this would be our first meeting. It was fitting that everyone was present.

Everyone laughed. After a minute, Bob spoke up and told us he may be able to ix our dilemma and pulled out his cell phone and dialed a call.

A few minutes later, a hot sexy Blond showed up, Bob smiled and waved her to meet him at a nearby table and started talking quietly, her face turning a bright blushing red. That’s when Cliff hit my arm and whispered “look under the table.” Bob was finger fucking her under the table as they talked.

After a few minutes, she got up and walked away, but not before shooting a glance at all us with a devilish smirk on her face. It was a foregone conclusion that any one of us would have loved to fill her smirking little lips with cock and cum.

Bob came back with a smile on his face and sipped his beer. A few minutes later, Carolyn, the woman, came back and gave an envelope to Bob, smile, said “see Y’all later” and left. Bob opened the envelope and said “Problem solved” as he held a keycard between his first two fingers. We all must have looked confused. He laughed and explain: This key is for one meeting, buffet rooms on the 3rd floor… with a BIG, long table. Carolyn said we can use it for dinner this evening if she can get us some waitstaff otherwise we can just use it for our “Board meeting”

20 minutes later his phone rang. Dinner was on, but only if Carolyn and the three girls could she got to “work” could join. – Bob explained that Carolyn is how we got the whole floor we booked. – She was Bob and Susie’s “unicorn” but had recently started dating a friend of theirs. She had told Bob that was also wanting to become part of the lifestyle. Bob laughed: “Why do you think we introduced you to him.” Tonight, he’d be indoctrinated.

The three girls she was bringing to “serve” were also assorted local “Unicorns” to other couples she knew and dated single guys (including, but not exclusively, the three bartenders). About 3:00, all of the girls came over and grabbed a lap to sit on, some their husbands, some just sat down on any available lap.

Susie asked what we had talked about, curious after having seen Carolyn. Bob said that he had called Carolyn to get a room with a table big enough for us all to have dinner together. The girls all thought it was a good idea. We didn’t tell them about “desert” After 30 minutes or so we all went to our rooms to relax for a while, before we would all met at the bar before dinner at 8:30.

After taking showers and Roni spending forever trying to decide what to wear, he settled, of course, on a forming fitting but loose mid-thigh yellow and pale blue sundress with G-string and of course no bra over her perfect tits… so predictable, she loves guys staring at her tits, which makes her nipples rock hard, which makes guys stare… it’s a vicious circle. As we walked to the door to head to the bar I remarked: “Hoping that dress gets you some cock tonight dear?” Roni’s reply, with a grin: “Yes, is that OK”, she teasingly replied. I said “sure” all you want, fulling knowing what would be coming in the next several hours.

By 7:30 everyone was in the Bar, all gathered on one side. Carolyn was talking with Bob as Susie made the rounds. Carolyn left at 7:45 and Bob made the rounds. As he did, he let each of the men know Carolyn had also brought in 3 the three bartenders from the pool. They were three of Susie’s young, single male playthings. When she asked them if they’d enjoy what was going to happen they didn’t hesitate. She told them what to wear and to just follow the lead.

At 8:15 we all went to the meeting room.

The room was down a long corridor and around the back corner of the hotel, with 2 closed doors between us and the rest of the hotel, it was basically in a sound vacuum. It was fairly big, with a long oak table in the middle, under a long large typically tacky, low budget chandelier. You could dim the light, so it set a nice ambiance in the room.

Everyone enjoyed dinner and drinks. Carolyn and her new BF Drake joined us as thanks for having been excellent hosts. T the girls and guys were very attentive, making sure to be friendly and flirty the whole time, with those of us having dinner, and with each other. The girls dressed in short skirts, white button-down shirts just tight enough kartal escort bayan to show the tops of their pushup bras and bulging breasts, the guys in nice dress slacks, White shirts and ties. As a more than one of us had come to find out, none of the girls had panties on… go figure… LOL

After dinner was over and a lot of spirits had been drunk, about 9:30, the lights dimmed more and the back-ground music came on, Carolyn went out and brought the girls and guys back in and told them to relax, their work was over and we wanted to open the bar to them as well. They pulled up chairs around the end of the table and joined the party. Everyone chatted for a while and enjoyed the company. What none of the wives noticed was that Carolyn had locked the door after entering.

After an hour or so, everyone god and buzzed, Bob knocked his glass on the table to get everyone’s attention.

Welcome one and all he began. It’s so nice that we have all been able to get together at this time. Other than these six young people, he said pointing to the Bartenders/Waitresses.

We, the men, decided earlier today to give this group a name. Hence forth is brought up for a vote that we be known as “The Executive Board” All in favor, say Yes. Giggles and a unanimous chant of yes. Then it shall be, we are “The Executive Board. (clapping/toast)

Ted then stood, I hereby nominate Bob and Susie as Chairmen and Lady of the Board. – More cheers and toasts.

Dan then stood and asked, what is our first order of business, sir?

Bob, pausing for effect, then states: Carolyn and Drake, please stand and join me at the head of the table.

Carolyn and Drake, is has been brought to our attention that you would like to be members of the board, based on your affiliation to myself, Susie and other members of the board. Do you so wish? Group, is there a nomination

Susie: I nominate them

Bob: Does anyone second the nomination?

Two other couples respond in the affirmative.

Bob: Carolyn and Drake: Do you ask that we approve our status?

Carolyn/Drake: Yes

Bob: Does the Board approve?

The Group: Yes!!

Bob: The motion is granted, pending initiation.

At this point, everyone claps and toasts the newest couple saying Speech!! Speech!!

Laughing, Drake says a simple thank you. Carolyn says thank you as well, but continues.

Carolyn: “These six, pointing to the girls/guys sitting off the corner of the table, would also like to be inducted as associate members until such time as they become official couples. As singles, they will willfully support your needs as full members. I hereby nominate them.”

Bob, to the singles: Please join me.

Carolyn and Drake sit back down, the six newcomers move to Bob, girls on his left, guys to his right.

Bob: “Look to the Board assembled before you. Each of these 15 couples have fucked all of these others. At times alone, at times in groups. If you go forward, you agree to fuck each of them when asked. Until you are full couples and members, that will be your purpose.”

He then asks each of them, by name, if they truly wish to join and go through the initiation process. Each state that they do.

Bob: Very well.

He moves the girls to the head of the table, lined up tallest to shortest. Members of the Board, Kristen, Angela and Kate wish to join our group. Which of the young men should stand with them?

Laughter, whooping and names fill the room. In the end, Dennis is matched to Kristen, John with Angela and Toby (pool boy) gets matched to Kate who is barely 4’11” which is why the girls matched her with Toby, since he is short as well. If only they’d known. Each male moved behind the matched girl.

Bob: let the initiation begin

Bob turns the girls around and tells them to kiss the man in front of them. Whenever a direction is given, you must obey. They all begin kissing. After a few minutes, Susie says stop, ladies face the table, men, remove their clothing… slowly and then caress them from behind. Slowly, to horny people in their early mid 20s, is relative, especially in front of 32 other horny people. Clothes flew off in a matter of seconds and the 3 girls were nude and being groped and finger-fucked while feeling every pair of eyes on them.

After 5 minutes, Michelle (Ted’s wife) yells out, turn sideways and strip your men. Feeling a need to be out of the limelight for a second the girl willingly complied, turning themselves and the boys sideways to the table, and strip their clothes off. All three couples now naked, with a hard cock raise up in between them. Another female voice yells out, Stroke it!! With that each girl took hold of their matched man’s cock and began stroking it. When Kate looked down, she was, as we would latter find out, greeted with the biggest cock she’d ever seen

Roni’s eyes were fixed on Toby’s cock too. It was by far the largest, a good 9.5 inches, thick and obviously rock hard. She kadıköy escort bayan was nearly drooling. “You want that one, don’t you my little slut” “Oh fuck yeah” was her short breathy response. It was time to tease her.

Getting up, I took her by the hand and started to walk to the head of the table. When we got there, the girls were still stroking the guys and had them fully erect. Girls, get on your knees and kiss and lick their cocks I said.

Roni stood there, staring at Toby’s, and barely heard me when I asked the crowd if the girls should suck them and if they had problems I could make Roni train the girls. Everyone started chanting SUCK THEM SUCK THEM SUCK THEM!!

Each of the girls knelt down and started to suck. As I expected, (and I knew from Bob) Kristen and Angela had no problem and devoured their respective cocks. Poor Kate struggled to get much of Toby’s cock in to her mouth. I put my hand on Roni’s shoulder and guided her to her knees.

Roni, show her how to do it. Roni, looked at me and I repeated what I had said. Roni gently back Kate of and licked Toby’s cock, making sure it was nice and wet. It took her 5 strokes of her skilled mouth and she had her lips all the way to his pelvic bone, stroking his entire cock with her mouth for a minute. I backed her off and told her to tell Kate how to work a cock. I knew it would be mostly fruitless, Kate as just too small for the cock. She did surprise everyone after getting half of it in her mouth by the time he filled her mouth with so much cum that it spurted out the side of her cheeks and ran down her chin. She actually had a real sense of pride on her face afterwards and thanks Roni for the pointers.

All of this took about 20 minutes to transpire. When this was done, Bob spoke again.

Men, stand up behind your wife and move all the chairs away… pause, chair are moved… remove their clothing. In less than a minute they women were all naked and the men soon followed. Soon, Susie and Carolyn had passed tubes of lube to each woman and as directed by them, all the men move to and were huddled at the head of the table.

Susie came a directed the three new girls to stand at the end of the table and she covered her had with lube and prepped each of them, making sure to slip her slender finger deep inside to get them lubed… not that they needed it.

The girls were told to crouch down. In groups of three, the men moved to them and held their cocks forward. The three, in unison, sucked each of them. After a few minutes, Bob signaled the men and they lifted and turn the girls, bending them over the table and slipping in to their wet young pussies. After a few minutes, Bob told the men to rejoin their wives and the next three men got sucked and fucked the new girls before returning to their respective positions. This went on until the only three left were the bartenders – they had to wait.

Ok Board Members, each of you has fucked to new young members, do you approve them for membership. All agreed – the wives clapped. Bob then laid out the rules for what was about to happen.

Young ladies, he said, speaking to the newest girls, you have been gangbanged by 15 men, and you are about to be fucked by your three new male members. Do you think it is only fair that the rest of the ladies fuck all 18 men as well?

Kristen, Angela and Kate looked at each-other and with Devilish grins said yes, tiny little Kate added: “and they have to suck them as well” and paused before adding for affect: “IN WITH THE COCKS!!” like a queen ordering an execution.

Bob to the group: Everyone will kiss for 60 seconds, then the ladies have two minutes to suck his cock and then the lady will then lay back on the table or turn and bend over it, her choice. The man will then fuck her for two minutes at which time, I will call move and everyone will shift in a clockwise motion. Does anyone have any questions? – There was silence.

Ladies: Time starts… now!

With that, every couple kissed, Bob said time, each woman in the room started sucking their man’s cock. Two minutes later, Bob called time and every pussy was full of cock. This went on until each cock had been in each pussy and mouth. What in theory should have taken an hour and a half (18 cocks/pussies x 5 minutes each), lasted over two hours… Bob sometimes wasn’t real good eyeing his timer… especially when his large cock was in tight little Kate, who, surprisingly was STILL as tight as the first few minutes when she got to me again. The sounds of fucking, moaning and orgasms filled the room.

Roni, loving to be fucked from behind, always chose to bend over the table. We were seated at the end of the table and because of that, I was able to look in to her eyes as each cock took it’s turn slipping in to her tight pussy. Roni made use of her tube of lube to keep fucking, she didn’t want to miss anything, especially Toby. When he came up behind her, I, and everyone else, watched her face. Like me, they’d all seen her fuck a big cock at one time or another and knew she’d cum almost immediately and it would last. True to form, when he slid his long thick cock in to her, it only took three thrusts, after all that fucking and anticipation, for her to let out a yelp like a wolf howling at the moon. It was all over once she had an orgasm. Every cock that entered her after Toby made her cum, hard, and at that point, she goes crazy and will fuck until she passes out.

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