My Wife and Sister Ch. 01

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This is the first part of the series and I hope to continue with a few more naughty incidents.


I am 36 and from an island in the Indian ocean. Lovely country, awesome weather and beaches which are rated as best in the world. One thing I didn’t mention yet were the ladies in this country. Being descendants from India, big breasts and wide hips are common. Dusky maidens with long dark hair capture the hearts of many Europeans that frequent this island.

I am married to a wonderful lady who is 32 years of age and doesn’t look a day older than 25. Her skin is creamy and fairer than average. Her face is oval shaped with long dark hair falling almost to her waist which she loves to wear loose. Her lips are luscious, pink and full which makes any man want to suck on them. Her body is slightly thinner than average. Her best feature is her breasts. She is a 34 D with lovely pink nipples that are as thick as my little finger and extends almost 1.5 centimeters. She used to wear t-shirts without a bra that used to drive me nuts. Her tummy is flat with just enough fat to maintain her femininity. Her hips are wide but not as wide as her counterparts. Her thighs are full and smooth. Although her butt is not as shapely as her sister who is 26, my wife is awesome to look at.

Her sister Amali, who is known as Amy from the age of 6 is not as busty but makes up for it with her awesome figure which puts an hourglass to shame. She is a bit darker than my wife with shorter hair. Her spine is curved a little more that accentuates her butt and gives her the appearance of having a bigger tummy and does wonders for her 32 C cup breasts. Amali has a higher level of energy and is vivacious. She has the ability of lifting the spirits of any person she comes into contact with. My wife is usually a quieter person but in bed she is insatiable.

My sister Mali, was 30 years old and a sweet lady with a figure that stole my heart long before she got married. Her skin is darker than Shani and Amy and she was taller than them. She reaches my height of 5 feet 10 inches. Both Shani and her sister were 5 feet 3. Although its taboo to talk about her body, with one kid she is awesome. Her breasts got bigger after her child and reached a D cup. As a teen I was fascinated by her and had a few encounters with her that I would love to forget.

My wife, Shani and I live alone in our apartment in the city where I work as a Consultant which suits my preference to work on my own keeping to hours which is the envy of most of my friends. My wife helps me with my consulting practice which enables me to spend more time with her. However, things changed when her parents died suddenly and her sister came to live with us. I like Amali or Amy as she is known to close friends. She started adding more color to our apartment. Amy worked as a photographer. One thing I liked about it is that she would bring some of her models to our apartment to do indoor shoots. I couldn’t help but notice some of the young sexy models who would give me longing glances and flirt every time I was around.

Luckily my wife is not the possessive type and she viewed this attention with amusement. The two sisters were quite close and that made it very cozy at home. It is a nice feeling to have too loving sisters under one roof with one man they respected and loved. I have never looked at Amy with anything other than sisterly affection. However, something happened to change that fact. This happened when my wife was out shopping and I came back home earlier than I expected since one of my meetings got cancelled. I entered the house and found it apparently empty. I went towards my study to leave my laptop and I saw that the door was slightly open. I usually leave the door closed but it is not locked. I heard faint sounds of someone typing away and I walked slowly towards the study. What I saw made me stand rooted to the spot.

My dear sister in law was on the Internet chatting away with one hand. One hand was inside her shorts. Obviously she was having an erotic chat with someone. She had a headset on and was making moaning noises and saying something indistinctly. I stood there wondering what to do. I couldn’t help but stare at her while she rubbed her pussy. She was facing the wall and hence I couldn’t see her fully. But the way her back arched as she kept typing and playing with herself and the moaning sounds she made and the graceful movement of her hand made me hard within seconds. She made a move to get up and I was rooted to the spot. I could not move. But she made no move to leave. She pushed her shorts down exposing a pair of panties that barely covered her ass and straddled the arm of the chair. I have a nice comfy chair at my PC with leather covered arms. She started rubbing her pussy against the soft leather while she chatted freeing both her hands to type words describing what she was doing at that moment.

I was excited to the extreme and just at the wrong time my mobile phone rang. Luckily she could barely hear it bostancı escort with her headset but she must have seen a movement and she looked back suddenly. There I stood with a stupid grin on my face, the phone in my hand blaring out R.Kelly’s latest Hip Hop song, not to mention the huge erection if she dared to look lower. I cut the call and walked away with whatever shred of dignity I had, not waiting to even apologize.

I rushed into our room and locked the door, not knowing what to do. My heart was hammering against my chest and my erection refused to subside. I kept conjuring images of my sister in law rubbing her wet crotch against my favorite chair. I decided to take a shower. When I came out of the room, I heard the television and went to the hall dreading the prospect of facing Amy. She was seated on the couch. She had changed into a pink short skirt and t-shirt that I loved to see her in.

I knew I had to break the ice. She looked at me and there were tears in her eyes. I didn’t know what to do so I sat down at the other corner of the couch.

“I am so sorry Amy. I shouldn’t have done what I did,” I said.

She remained silent, looking at the Television but not registering much that was happening on it.

She turned to me slowly, her face lovely and vulnerable.

“Its OK Sam, I am sorry I put you in that position.”

“No its not your fault. I should have knocked or made a sound. I thought there was a burglar in my study.”

“Its OK, I will tell Akki(sister) and leave tomorrow. I can stay with my friend.”

“Oh Amy, don’t be crazy. This is nothing. I have done the same when Shani was out for a couple of weeks visiting your mom and dad.”

“You have?”


“I am sorry about your chair. I will buy you a new one.”

“Hey, its perfectly fine. If you go by what we have done on that chair, we should have thrown it away a long time ago,” I laughed trying to cheer her up.

“You both have?” she asked me looking surprised.

My wife and I would sometimes go on chat as a couple and play with other couples in front of a Web camera. So I told her about our experiences with other couples and Amy started feeling better.

“Did you realise I played with a girl?”

“No. But that’s OK.”

“Well not really. I did something bad.”

“Nothing is bad as long as you enjoy it.”

“Well trust me, this was really bad.”

“But I didn’t see you doing anything bad.”

“Well, I can’t tell you what happened, but it was quite bad.”

“I don’t know about that. As long as its a fantasy, most things are not bad. I am not going to judge you.”

“Thanks Sam! You are awesome,” she said, coming over to me and bent over and kissed my forehead. I got a good look at her cleavage and for a moment I lost my control and didn’t avoid looking at the lovely pair of breasts staring at me in the face. Her breasts were squeezed together in a somewhat tight bra. I wanted to bury my head in there and my mind started moving towards unchartered territory.

If she noticed my glance, she didn’t react. I continued to stare. My face was inches away from them as she kissed my forehead. She proceeded to hug me in the same position and I could not avoid bumping my face against her cleavage. My face rested against the warmth that can only be found in a woman’s bosom. I sighed as I felt her soft flesh and silky skin against my face.

Those few seconds she held me were the longest and best ever seconds I had ever felt, apart from my wife, that is. I got up along with her and she hugged me again. By now I had no control over my erection and I am sure she must have felt it against her tummy. She hugged me fiercely, crushing her breasts and body against me as I held her awkwardly at first, since I was scared what she would think of my erection.

We hung on to each other for what seemed like eternity. I could feel tears in her eyes as she lay her head on my shoulder. I rubbed her back murmuring soothing words.

Gradually, to my amazement, her legs parted and I felt one of her legs push against mine. She made me part my legs and pushed her leg in. I didn’t realize what was happening until her leg was fully between my legs. I felt her crotch rub against my thigh. It started with an infinitely small movement. Her other thigh rubbed against my hard-on. I had to try hard not to run away from this wonderful sensation.

Here I was standing in the middle of our hall hugging my wife’s sister who was gently rocking herself against my thigh. She continued to rock against me, her breath against my shoulder making it comfortably warm. Her soft body felt much like her sister, but at the same time different. I had no choice but to hold her rocking body. Before long our movements lifted her skirt so that her panties came into full contact with my thigh. I felt it get wet as her pace increased. Her face looked up at me, her lips searching for comfort. I bent my head and met her lips halfway. büyükçekmece escort My mouth touching her lips for the first time.

She shuddered as I sucked on each lip tasting her sweet flesh. Her hand lifted mine to place it against her breast, her gesture unmistakable. I started to knead her breast through the thin material of her t-shirt. My hand shook as I felt her softness. Her hand impatiently pushed it down so that I could creep in under her t-shirt. She moved away so that I could feel her full breast under my hand over her bra cup that was flimsy enough for me to feel the warmth of her skin.

She moaned as I ran my hands over her breast, rubbing the material of her bra against her mound. Her nipple was hard under my hand and I proceeded to pinch it over her bra cup. Her reaction was immediate as her crotch rubbed even more fiercely against my thigh and her mouth started sucking my lips hard. I have learnt that one of the best ways in which to get feedback about what you are doing to a girl is to fine-tune your senses to her reactions when you try out something. Gentleness and patience was key. If the intensity of her kisses or caresses increase, you are on the right track. Amy was practically sucking the lips off my face as I pinched her nipples. I tested her sensitivity by pinching her some more and her response was even more intense. After a few moments she pushed my hand towards the other breast indicating that the nipple had become too sensitive. I gave the same treatment to the other nipple and kept kissing her hard as I coaxed that nipple out of its resting place. One of her hands started to go into my shorts.

I slid one of my hands under the cup and got hold of her full breast. It was warm against my sweaty palm. She moaned into my mouth as I squeezed her breast gently.

I felt her inexperienced fingers slip through the waistline of my shorts and cup my hard cock over my underwear. Her hands were tentative and trembling with emotion. I pushed one hand down and gave her a little lesson on the way to grip a cock. I prefer a more forceful grip on my cock and balls. After a few tries she got the intensity right. I pushed one hand down to her panties and found that she was completely shaved and her pussy felt smooth against my hand.

My fingers maneuvered inside her panties and rubbed her clit. Her clit was hard and I could feel it partly jutting out of its hood. Every rub on the head of the clit made her jump. I slipped one finger into her pussy which was tight and wet as I rubbed the clit with another. She started rocking against my hand, her breath coming faster and faster indicating the nearness to her climax. I was not prepared in any sense for what happened next. She basically went wild as she neared her climax, grinding her pussy against me and she almost drew blood from my mouth as she kissed me. Her hand squeezed my balls and cock so hard as she got closer and closer to the edge. I kept fingering her and moved a little more towards her clitoris once I realized she was close. Her orgasm toppled me backwards onto the couch as she pushed against me wildly her mouth sucking my lips and tongue as if she wanted to merge with them. Her body rocked with an orgasm that would have made any man proud. Her body shuddered repeatedly and finally came to rest against me on the couch.

I let her be there for a while to get her bearings back. She slowly came back to earth and looked at me with sleepy eyes with a slow smile on her face that women have right after climax. That is the most vulnerable moment for them. Then she seemed to remember something and slid down my body to my shorts. She had my hard cock out in 2 seconds and pulled down my shorts and underwear to get better access to it. Before I could say anything her mouth started to suck my cock very hard. She didn’t lick around the head but dived right into it by sucking it all in. I am not big and therefore, she found it easy to suck it all in. The sensation was awesome as she made me fuck her mouth. Her hands caressed my balls that were full of cum by now. I felt one of her fingers rubbing the area between my balls and my anus making the sensation all the more pleasurable. But before we could reach any conclusion on this action, we heard the unmistakable sound of the lift opening which shocked me out of my pleasurable state. I was sure it was my wife and my cock shrinked to nothing in a few seconds.

I don’t know how we did it, but in a flash Amy was sat down to watch TV and I rushed back to our room. I heard my wife Shani coming in and I managed to lock myself in the toilet. I managed to clean up Amy’s saliva from my shorts and made myself presentable.

I felt so guilty about what happened and knew there was no way that we could undo the incident. I managed to hide in my study until I heard her open the door to our bathroom and heard the shower being turned on.

My wife returned after a wash. She immediately noticed something was wrong çapa escort and we went into our room and I told her just the part about me catching Amy in my study and then the hug. I had to change that into a long hug rather than what happened for real. I didn’t want to lie but was worried as to what the reaction would be.

She had a sly smile on her face.

“Is that all that happened?” she asked looking down again at my erection that seemed have appeared out of nowhere.

I nodded, not trusting myself to speak.

After noticing the erection she smiled and reached over and kissed my cheek.

“That was sweet of you to hold her like that.”

“But I had a freaking hard-on!”

“Yeah, I know. That’s natural.”

“Natural? What’s natural about holding your sister in law in your arms and having a hard on?”

She didn’t say a word. She took my hand and before I knew what was happening, she pushed it under her skirt. She was not wearing panties. To my horror and subsequent delight I realized that her shaved pussy was dripping wet. Now my wife is someone who needs a lot of foreplay to get wet and I was astonished at what I found out.

I looked at her, my face questioning. She nodded gently and reached across and started rubbing my erection.

“Just like you got a hard-on thinking about my sister. I got wet thinking about what happened.”

“Now tell me what else happened. I know that you are lying to me.” she whispered staring at me, her lips in a sweet pout.

“Did she rub against your thigh?” she asked, laughing at my reaction. I almost fell off the bed.

I nodded.

“Did she get you to pinch her nipples really hard?”

I nodded again.

Her hand was now rubbing my erection softly. She parted her legs so that I could see her glistening lips.

“Oh my gosh! I don’t believe this,” I moaned as I felt her hand go inside my shorts.

“Did you like her hard kisses?”

I nodded dumbly, her voice mesmerizing me. It never even occurred to me to ask her how she knew.

She pushed my hand towards her pussy and for the first time since we married, we rubbed each other.

Her pussy was so wet that my fingers slipped in easily. She bit my shoulder as she felt my fingers in her pussy. Her hand held my cock firmly and started to move up and down. The sensation and the emotion was however was short-lived. The blasted phone rang and as a practice we didn’t have an extension in our room. My sister in law answered the phone and it was for my wife. We were frustrated as hell when she had to go and that was the end of our playing.

During lunch Amy was quiet and my wife kept on trying to get her to speak but she remained quiet. My hard-on refused to budge with my mind being constantly bombarded with incestuous thoughts. I kept seeing my wife and sister sharing my cock. Every time I tried to shut out the image, I started having thoughts about Amy’s breasts and how good they felt against me.

I almost jumped out of my chair as I felt my wife’s’ foot rub against my crotch. She gave no indication to her sister what she was doing. Amy was too engrossed in her own thoughts to notice the little foot rub.

I got so uncomfortable that I left the sisters at the table and rushed into my study. I heard their voices at last and started to concentrate on a report that I was supposed to submit that day. But my mind kept going back and forth making it all but impossible to concentrate. I finished the report and was about to log off when I saw that the IM tool on the PC was active. I launched the window and to my surprise my sister in law had forgotten to log off. Against my better judgment I went in to the saved chat logs. I immediately regretted going there since what I found shocked me.

My sister-in-law was fond of role playing with siblings. Her chats portrayed a sexually frustrated sister who loved to make love to her sister. My cock ached as I skimmed through the chats. Then I came to the bombshell. She fantasized having sex with a girl and a man at the same time. I realized that my snooping uncovered something that should have remained a secret. I was confused at how hard my cock felt after reading those encounters. It seemed that my sister in law was bisexual. I couldn’t figure out what made me hotter, was it the fact that she liked playing with a sister or was it the fact that she was interested in a threesome. I logged off and dragged myself out of the seat. I did something that shocked the living daylights out of me. I bent over the arm of the chair and smelled it. It still gave the smell of a woman’s vaginal fluid. I pictured her pussy rubbing against it and without realizing, my lips came into contact with the leather and a moan escaped my lips as I smelt her womanly fragrance.

The realization of what I was doing came slowly to me and I jumped away from the armchair in panic. What was I doing? I couldn’t understand what was happening to me.

The next two days were spent with a client and we didn’t have much time to discuss matters further. We ended up coming home early in the morning and leaving back again quite early. So I didn’t see Amy for a couple of days. The weekend was soon approaching and I was dreading the thought of spending two days among two ladies I was desperately attracted to.

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