My Wife’s Twin Brother Ch. 02

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“You doing alright over there? You want some help with that?” he asked.

My heart started beating rapidly as I looked at the both of them and thought about how I wanted to answer. I realized I was shaking, I don’t know if it was from being scared or excited. I had a lot of adrenaline pumping through my veins that’s for sure. Without even thinking I gave two quick nods in answer to his question.

They both smiled and stood up, Nick completely naked with a half shrunk cock hanging down and Jason who was still fully dressed. They walked over and both kneeled down in front of me.

“Relax a little and enjoy what is to come. Tonight we will take very good care of you and if you go with the flow it will be a night you will always remember.” Jason said.

As he was talking he moved my hand from my hard throbbing cock and placed his own in its place. He gave it a gentle squeezed and smiled. Nick leaned forward and started rubbing the spot of precum on my shorts. Between the gentle squeezes and the rubbing, butterflies in my stomach caused me to visibly shutter. What they were doing felt really good.

Nick reached up and undid the button on my shorts and then unzipped them. They both reached up and grabbed the sides of my shorts and underwear, and slowly slid them down. As I lifted my butt up off the sofa chair to help them out, my cock sprang free and it seemed to be looking at me begging for some release. It was at this point I decided I would follow Jason’s advice and go along with whatever my two friends wanted me to do. I was all in. This was going to be an all new experience and I wanted to enjoy it to the max.

Nick grabbed my cock, straightened it out and pulled it toward him. He rubbed the wet tip with his thumb and twirled the precum in circles on my now slippery head. With the pressure he was putting on my cock and it’s extra sensitivity right now, I thought I was going to cum right then. He must have sensed this because he stopped. He kept his hand on it to keep it straight while he and Jason leaned forward and started licking the sides of my cock.

I watch in fascination as they both hungrily licked beşiktaş escort my cock from my balls to just under the sensitive part of the tip. I watched as their tongues licked the veins of my cock while at the same time their tongues continuously touched each other. I don’t know why but I found this an incredible turn on. It made me feel like my cock was getting that much harder, if that was even possible. They carefully stayed away from the tip knowing that would probably push me over the edge.

I am not sure how much time went by when Jason stopped and slowly stood up. Nick continued licking my cock by himself. He finally worked his way up to the tip and lightly flicked his tongue over the top and licked up the precum that was there. He was very gentle and I so much wanted him to put the whole thing in his mouth. The tension was building deep inside me and I didn’t know how much longer I could take it.

As Nick was licking away, I watched Jason get undressed. He took his shirt off first and then moved to take off his shorts. When his hard cock sprang free, I could not believe how thick it was. Not to compare but we were all around the same size in length but Jason’s cock was definitely thicker. The head was average size but after that it seemed to really thicken up. It was not quite but it was very close to twice the thickness of mine or Nick’s.

He moved in closer to us and Nick stopped licking me. Nick turned toward Jason and put his whole cock into his mouth and started to suck back and forth on it. It wasn’t fair, that is what I have been waiting for this whole time. I wanted my cock in someone’s mouth. I watched in amazement as Jason expertly sucked his cock. He was pumping on the shaft and sucking on the head.

I reached down and wrapped my hand around my own slippery cock as I watched. I slowly started pumping my hand up and down a few times when Nick reached over and stopped me. As he held my hand in place he continued sucking Jason’s cock while he looked at me. I looked at him pleadingly and he finally let Jason’s cock slip out of his mouth with a loud beylikdüzü escort suction popping noise.

“Please do that to me!” I begged.

He smiled and said, “I just wanted to make sure you were into this.”

“Oh I am. Please come back over here and do that to me!” I begged again.

He smiled at me then turned back to my cock and put the whole thing in his mouth in one quick move. He stopped about halfway down and slowly worked his way back up while making sucking and slurping noises. It happened so quickly the electricity that seemed to shoot through my body was like nothing I had ever felt before. He let it pop out of his mouth and it throbbed back and forth but I didn’t cum yet. He leaned back into it and went back to licking the shaft some more. He was driving me crazy. It felt so good in his mouth. If he was going to tease me, I needed to distract myself a little.

I reached over and wrapped my hand around Jason’s hard wet cock. Nick continued teasing me by licking my shaft as I slowly pulled Jason’s cock toward me. It was so slick and warm. I wanted to see it up close. It was kind of weird holding another hard cock in my hand but at least I knew what a cock liked. After all, I had one of my own. I slowly moved my hand up and down on the slippery shaft that was only inches from my face.

While Nick was busy with my cock I decided I wanted to try some of my own. I leaned forward and licked the tip with my tongue. This was my first taste of cock. It was kind of musky and salty and at this moment that was a huge turn on for me.

I slid my mouth around the whole mushroom tip and swirled around my tongue and sucked. I was rewarded with more salty drips of precum in my mouth. I never thought I would taste cum but yet here I was with a hard cock dripping some in my mouth. I actually didn’t mind, it made me want more. As I slid it further in my mouth I was very careful not to hit it with my teeth. This all felt very awkward but I was committed now.

I slowly slid it in and out a few times. I only dared to take a couple of inches in at a time. I was beyoğlu escort trying to apply the right amount of pressure to please Jason. Pleasing him was all of a sudden very important to me. With that cock in my mouth, I had one goal in mind. Please Jason. He was starting to moan as I was moving forward with my new goal, when all of a sudden, Nick stopped just licking and slid my whole cock into his mouth again.

This brought me out of the zone I was in with Jason’s cock. The sensation was so intense, I let Jason’s cock slip out of my mouth. I leaned back and moaned in ecstasy. This time Nick didn’t stop, he expertly sucked up and down on the top half of my cock while pumping furiously on the bottom half. Now that he had worked me up so tight, he was finally giving me what I needed. Release.

As he was working away on my cock, I soon relized this was way more than I could handle. Before I could even let him know I was cumming, the first stream of cum shot through my cock faster than ever before. It went right into his mouth as he continued sucking and pumping my cock. It was so intense I moaned loader almost to the point of screaming. I pumped steam after steam of cum into Nick’s willing mouth. He never broke stride and never slowed down, he just kept milking and milking my cock for all it was worth.

It was so intense I almost passed out. Finally, he slowed down and stopped with my cock still in his mouth. He slowly moved his mouth up until my cock slipped free from the best blow job I have ever had. In my entire life. I was panting so hard I could barely catch my breath.

Nick smiled at me and asked, “What do you say? Do you want to help me make Jason cum?”

We both looked over at Jason who was slowly stroking his cock about an arms length away watching the two of us. It was obvious he wanted to cum too. I didn’t even hesitate to answer Nick’s question, I just reached over and grabbed ahold of Jason’s cock. He stopped stroking it and let go of it as I slowly pulled it to my mouth.

I licked the tip a few times and then slid it partway in and out a couple of times. I swirled my tongue around the tip while gently squeezing and stroking it as he let out a low moan.

I stopped what I was doing and looked over at Nick. “I hope that answers your question. Do you have something specific in mind?” I asked like a good little student.

Nick smiled and winked at me. “As a matter of fact I do.” he replied.

To be continued…

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