Nan, Mom and Me

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A bit of family history.

I live at home with my Mom. My name is Dan and I am a 20 year old college student. My Nan also lives with us but in another section of the home that my Dad had built when he and Mom first married. It is a large house and if not for Nan, I think Mom would have moved into something a bit smaller just for herself and me.

As I said earlier, I am 20 years old and Majoring in Health Education at College. I have a very fit body and pronounced Abs and muscles throughout the rest of my physique. I have short dark red hair, more like a dark chestnut color, with bright blue eyes and I stand about 6ft 3inch.

My Mom (Fran) is now 37 years old, also tall at about 5ft 10inch, with a slim athletic body but with a great rack, about 38C and weighs about 120lbs. She also has a lighter chestnut shade to her hair which she wears in a chignon at the base of her neck when she is at work; but when she is at home she lets it flow freely and it reaches to her waist. It is such beautiful hair that all I want to do is run my hands through it. She also has bright blue eyes that sparkle the whole time. She is a joy to watch when she speaks to someone as she usually has a smile on her face when talking to a person, and always makes people feel happy after a few moments in her company.

Of course, she is in the Real Estate business and she has to speak and deal with people all the time, but she genuinely seems to enjoy the contacts that the business brings her way.

Now Nan (Grace), well what a lady she is. The majority of the time I don’t see her around the house. She lives and works in her part of the house most of the day. She usually comes through to our section and nearly always prepares dinner for the three of us as Mom often has to work late. I do know that she makes Jewelery to sell in some of the boutiques in town. It is beautiful work.

Nan is now only about 54-55 years young. She had Mom when she was only 17 and Mom had me at about the same age. (It must run in the family). Both were married at the time so they weren’t shotgun marriages, just young people in love. Nan stands about 5ft 9inch., she has a fuller figure than Mom but had been slimmer when she was younger. Her breasts were voluptuous, about a 38D and she had thickened at the waist and her hips curvy and a joy to watch when she walked in front of one.

I had had sexual thoughts about my Mom for a few years but never acted on them. I had glimpsed her many times either coming out of the shower or getting changed in the bedroom when she had forgotten to close her door properly. The last time I saw her she was standing in her bedroom getting ready to go out to dinner with some clients. She was wearing a dark blue bra with lace along the top, matching panties that were high cut in the legs and she had on stockings with a garter belt, and wore 2in heels. She was about to slip into a dress and had half turned küçükçekmece escort to look in the mirror, when she caught me staring at her.

“Dan, w..what are you doing?” she asked angrily.

“I’m sorry Mom, I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to look at your beautiful body when I got the chance. It doesn’t come along too often.”

“But Dan, I’m your Mother. It just isn’t right.”

“Oh Mom, don’t be mad, I wouldn’t do anything to you that you didn’t want. I have been having such erotic dreams about you for so long though..”

“Dan, I have to go out soon, but I think you and I had better have a talk when I come home or tomorrow at the latest, OK?”

“Righto Mom, and I’m sorry.”

“I will see you later. You better get downstairs and have dinner with your Nan.”

Mom arrived home about 10.30pm that night having made the sale she wanted. She was a little tipsy and very happy. Nan had already gone to bed and I was just sitting at my computer looking at some porn pix of mature ladies while playing with my man meat.. Mom saw my light on and the door open and tapped lightly but walked straight in to my room.

Whoops, she just caught me looking at the porn and wanking my rigid cock. I have about 7 ½ inches and I am quite wide all round. I almost lost the lot of CUM I had built up.

“Dan, what are you doing? My goodness, what is that you are watching on your computer?”

I thought this was the time to tell it all.

“Well Mom, as you noticed I was playing with my cock while watching mature ladies parade across my screen. As you will also notice they all have similar bodies to yours, so you know I was not kidding when I mentioned earlier that I’d had sexy thoughts of you for years.

“Well Dan, I don’t know what we are going to do about this. It is beyond my comprehension at the moment.”

“Mom don’t be mad at me, I was just trying to be honest with you. I know you haven’t got a boyfriend at the moment, and that it is a long while since you have even been out on a date, so what do you do for yourself?”

“Mom, I have had these fantasies of you for so long. I would love to lick and suck your beautiful breasts until you came for the first time. I want to bury my head between you wonderful mounds of flesh and just rest there. It is a long time since I have been able to feast on those nipples. A very long time!!!!! I have dreamed of slowly stripping your clothes off you, just leaving your stockings and garter belt on; then laying you down on the bed and kneeling before you and delving my tongue into your bowl of sweetness. I want to tongue fuck you for hours and suck up all that sweet nectar that I know you can give me. I would do that until you begged me to fulfill me last dream, and that is to fuck you.

Mom turned towards the door and walked out and down to her own bedroom.

I was sure kurtköy escort I had blown it now. I should have watched my tongue and not told her all about the feelings I had been having.

I shut down the PC and climbed into bed leaving the bedside lamp on so that I could read. I had some magazines with images of the same types of women that were on my computer screen. I lay naked on the top of the bed on my side, turning the pages with one hand and playing with my cock with the other one.

I heard a sound and looked up. Mom stood there in the doorway dressed in a filmy negligee and robe, watching me.

She advanced into the room and came and sat beside my bed, placing her hand on my hip. It was so very close to where my cock lay twitching and raising its head.

“Oh Dan, I’m sorry about tonight. I was so shocked at what you said and I couldn’t believe it. It wasn’t until I started to undress that I realized I had become aroused while watching you at the computer, and then I knew that all those things that you wanted to do to me, were the selfsame wishes I had had myself about you.”

“Can I lay down beside you while we talk?” she whispered.

“Mom you can lay down with me anytime you want. Just be prepared for anything that may happen while you are there. I don’t know if I can contain myself.

Mom lay down and I slipped my arm around her shoulders and she cuddled into my chest. We lay there for a while and I began to rub her arms and shoulders, all the time gradually working my way round to her bounteous boobs. I let my knuckles brush softly against the nipple of the boobs closer to my hand, not venturing any further, for the moment. I slipped the sleeve of her negligee down her arm and there was no rejection, so I became emboldened and slid it right off. I then turned on my side and gently kissed her on the forehead. She looked at me and sighed but still didn’t say anything. I became even bolder and lowered my lips to her luscious mouth and kissed her there. I slid my tongue along her lips until she opened them and allowed me to engage in a tongue fuck of her mouth. It wasn’t long before she joined me and her tongue teased and tormented me and led me down a path of which I knew I never wanted to return.

I sat up and slid his hands beneath her and slipped her robe off the other shoulder and arm, then removed her negligee.

I lifted my eyes and looked at her, taking in all the wondrous beauty before me. I had eventually stripped my idol of all her clothes and she lay before me the way I had envisioned her for years.

“Mom, I love you so much. This is what I have wanted for so long. Please stay with me and let me hold you tonight.”

“Dan, I love you too baby. We shouldn’t be doing this. I am your Mother.”

“Mom, who is going to know. We are the only ones and I know that I can keep it a secret. I think you can maltepe escort too!!!

I bent my head and began to kiss her starting at the forehead, the cheeks, behind her ears and her lips. I didn’t stop there. I then continued down across her neckline and down to the upper curves of her buxom boobs. Laving and licking each of them in turn he concentrated on her nipples for a long time. It became so intense that Mom cried out, ‘Stop it Dan, my nipples are so sensitive.”

I ceased when I heard her cry out and after giving her another French kiss, I proceeded down her stomach to her belly button where I twirled my tongue into the hole there. I then went on down to the place that I had been longing for. My Mother’s Garden of Eden. I got quite a surprise when I got there. Mom’s mound was shaven clean and she looked and smelt so tasty. I lowered my mouth to take a taste of the nectar that was starting to leak from her heavenly hole. My tongue did a dance on the labial lips on each side of her cunny, then I rounded my tongue and delved into the pussy that was waiting for me. I let my tongue drift upwards and tickle her exposed clit. Mom jumped then and wriggled her hips around. I grabbed her buttocks and held her as I continued to feast at that sweet love hole. Mom really began to get agitated then and I knew that she was close to an orgasm.

I raised my mouth from her cunt and said, “Come on Mom, let me drink all of your cum.”

“Oh Dan, I’m cumming darling.” And she let loose with a great gush.

She lay in my arms and told me that she had never had an orgasm like that, not even with my father.

“I’m glad that I was the one who helped you achieve that then Mom. Whenever you want another one, I’ll be here for you. But I haven’t finished yet.”

I raised myself up and climbed between her legs, kissing her all the time.

“Are you ready, Mom.”

“Oh Yesssss…………,” she sighed.

I lowered my body and my rampart prick towards the tunnel of love that I knew was waiting for me, and slid in ever so slowly and gently, into the hot, moist abyss. I worked my hips in and out slowly at first, but when Mom started moving with me, I upped the movement and began to move harder and faster. I knew that this would not last too long. I had waited for such a long time to fulfill this dream. I also knew that I was not going to have to just dream any more, what I had wanted for so long had become a reality. On a long, strong movement of my hips I rammed my cock into my Mother’s cunt and let loose with a yell; and a large load of CUM. It blasted its way inside my Mother’s cervix and maybe into her womb, it was so strong.

I collapsed on top of her but then rolled to the side.

“Oh Mom, thank you so much for allowing me to make my dreams come true. I love you so much, I want to spend the rest of my life making you happy. Will you let me do this?”

“Dan….. how can I do anything else, you have made me happier than I have ever been. And I love you too, my darling boy.

As we lay quietly drifting off to sleep, Mom turned to me and said a strange thing.

“Dan, tomorrow I am going to let you in on another family secret.”

“Now what could that be, you wonder?”

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