Nasty Little Sister Ch. 02

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Kelly smiled as she leaned back on her bed and threw her legs up over her head and spread them wide. It was an incredible sight to behold; my cute little sister, naked, except for her light blue panties stretched tightly across her pussy, so lewdly displayed in front of me. Her panties were so wet, they did very little to hide her mound, and they clung to her labia in such a manner that I could completely make out the shape of her lips as they pushed against the material. It was, without a doubt, the hottest and most vivid view of a girl in her panties I’d ever seen. My cock throbbed as I looked down at the juncture of her thighs, and all I wanted was to stop time so I could look at her like that.

Her breasts, although not huge, weren’t small either and they juggled on her chest while her nipples stood at attention. I’ve never been a ‘Breast Man’ so to speak, but, I do appreciate a nicely formed set of tits. Kelly’s were almost perfect, though. I don’t know if it was just the fact that my own sister was voluntarily baring her breasts to me, or that I suddenly became a ‘Breast Man’, but, whatever it was, they looked good enough to eat, and for a few seconds, I thought seriously about sucking one of her elongated nipples into my mouth and tonguing it until she screamed and begged me for mercy.

She stayed in that position, letting me look at her near naked body for several minutes. It was almost as if I was having my own slow motion fantasy with her posed there as she was — legs wide open and intentionally displaying herself to me. I’d always dreamed of having her like this and now, my dream was being fulfilled.

I looked up at her face and she was grinning at me. Then, as if she’d just had a brainstorm, her eyebrows peaked up three or four times. “Kyle,” she said seductively, “I wasn’t kidding when I told you I wanted to see you stroke that thing in your hand, but, I was just wondering if you’d rather I took my panties off so you can look at me completely naked while you make yourself cum, or, if you’d like me to leave my panties on so you can sniff them while I’m wearing them?”

Shit, Kelly wasn’t kidding about wanting to be a nasty little sister, was she! Believe me, I wasn’t the least bit squeamish about beating my meat in front of her, and here she was asking me if I wanted to masturbate with her baring all her feminine charms to me naked, or if I wanted her to keep her panties on while I did it.

“If you leave your panties on, can I touch you?” I asked.

“Well, duh!” Kelly replied. “If you’re eventually going to make love to me, you might as well go ahead and touch me as much as you want.” She said smiling.

“And,” I continued, “would you be okay with it if I…. you know….. rubbed my nose down there and sniffed and licked you a little, too?”

“Oh, I’d definitely be okay with that, big brother.” Kelly answered, giggling. “But, what ever you do,” Kelly continued, “you’re still going to play with your self while you do it – and I mean all the way, Kyle. I want to see your sperm shoot out. You have to face me so I can see you clearly when you’re ready to cum. Got it?”

“Fuck!” My mind cried. It’s like she pulled this from one of my own sacred fantasies. She was going to let me touch her — I mean actually touch her pussy and her panties, sniff and lick her, and all I had to do is let her watch me jerk myself off? Not only yes, but hell yes!

“Fine with me, little sister!” I exclaimed. “Leave your panties on, then.”

“Okay,” Kelly replied, “you tell me how you want me and you’re free to touch, lick, suck, rub….. whatever your little heart desires. But,” she added, “I don’t forget I get to watch you, too. This is Quid Pro Quo, remember? It can’t be all about you. I want a good view of what you’re doing to yourself.”

“I know, I know.” I said. I asked Kelly to move to the center of her bed and then pull her legs back up — way up, so her panty covered pussy was pointing straight up at the ceiling. I stripped my jockeys all the way off and climbed up on the bed on my knees right next to her. In that position, my cock hung over her belly button and my left hand could easily reach down to her panties while my right hand stroked my pole. God, this was going to be unreal. I was going to be able to feel between her legs while jacking myself off.

Kelly’s eyes were locked on my cock as I started to stroke it again. Wanting to give her a good show, I twisted my midsection toward her head and leaned across her body. In that position, my cock was right above her face, only inches from her mouth — and I smiled down at her as I continued to stroke it. Kelly’s eyes got wide when she saw how close she was to my cock, but you should have seen the look on her face when I stopped stroking for a minute and bent my hardened member down so it was pointing right at her mouth. My cock head was so close to her, if she’d have stuck her tongue out, I could have wiped my cock it.

I couldn’t have planned what happened next any better if I’d done it intentionally. And, I was just as mecidiyeköy escort surprised as she was when a drop of precum fell from my cock head and hit her on the side of her cheek! Her head jerked to the side when she felt it, causing the shiny fluid to run down her cheek, leaving a clear and slimy trail on the soft skin of her face. I laughed when she flinched, then I got a truly dubious idea.

Grasping my cock closer to the base, I waited until she moved her head back to where it was and I looked down at her. “It’s just precum.” I said. “It won’t hurt you.”

“I know.” She said, sarcastically. “I just wasn’t expecting my big brother’s penis to drool all over me.”

Thinking quickly, I replied, “Juice for juice, Kelly. Quid Pro Quo, remember?”

I don’t know what made me do it, but I lowered myself and guided my cock toward her lips. The look on her face as my cock traveled the few inches toward her mouth was priceless — it was a mixture of fright, surprise and longing. As I inched my pole closer and closer to her lips, my sister opened her mouth — just like a baby bird waiting to be fed, and I knew she was prepared to take the head of my cock into her mouth when I got close enough.

Instead, though, I stopped about an inch from her and started squeezing my cock, milking several drops of my precum out of the end of my cock. Each drop fell squarely into her waiting mouth as she held it open. Then to finish off my nasty display, I wiped my dribbling cock across her lips and raised myself back up and smiled down at her.

Kelly was completely blown away, laying there with her mouth still open and her eyes staring at my throbbing and pulsing cock. “Go ahead,” I urged her, “taste it.”

As if she was in some kind of trance, my sister closed her mouth and swirled her tongue around in her mouth as she tasted my precum. She never took her eyes off my cock, though, and as I settled back on my haunches to resume jacking myself, I casually asked, “When I’m ready to cum, where do you want me to shoot it? On the floor?” I asked.

It took Kelly a few seconds to snap herself out of her precum eating trance, and when she did, she asked, “Is it gonna be a lot, or a little?”

“I can almost guarantee it going to be a pretty healthy stream.” I answered. “Considering how worked up I am and the fact that I’m going to bury my nose in your panties and suck as much of your pussy juice through those panties as I can, you better be ready for a flood of cum.”

“Definitely not on the floor, Kyle.” She replied. “I want to see it happen….. I want to see your cock squirt right in front of me…… you know — I want to see the sperm come out. How about on my chest….. like on my boobs maybe.”

“No problem.” I said. Then having a better idea, I asked, “When I get close, do you want to take over and make me cum? Finish jacking me, I mean? Then you can control where it goes.”

“Oh, yes!” Kelly moaned. “Really? Do you mean that?”

“Absolutely,” I answered, “I’d love you to make me cum. Have you ever done that? Ever jacked a guy off?”

“Well,” she explained, “I tried to once. There was this guy at college and we were kissing and everything. And he pulled it out…… you know, his thing, and put my hand on it. I tried to rub him up and down like I heard my friends talking about, but he said I wasn’t doing it right and shoved my hand away.”

“Then what happened?” I asked.

“Then we got into a big fight because I wouldn’t give him a handjob and wouldn’t let him touch me. It was horrible.” Kelly sighed.

“Well,” I said softly, “I can see you’re going to need some lessons on how to please a man, starting with how to give a good handjob.”

Kelly’s eyes lit up and I could see the wheels turning inside her head. “How about this,” I offered, “I’ll teach you all the things you need to know about cocks. How to touch one…. how to stroke one, and even how to tease one.”

Kelly smiled back at me, and it was one of her sincere “Thank You” kind of smiles – like the smile she gives when she gets a thoughtful birthday or Christmas present. When I added that I’d even teach her how to suck a cock, she looked up into my eyes and said, “That’s one of my fantasies, Kyle. I know this is going to sound stupid, but, I’d like to start off with you soft and make you hard, completely by myself, and give you a blowjob all the way until I make you cum — no matter how long it takes.”

“Kelly,” I answered, “and it’s one of my fantasies to go down on you and make you moan with pleasure until you cum so hard you beg me to stop. Quid Pro Quo, little sister. If you let me do that to you, I’ll let you practice your blowjobs on me as long as you like.”

With that, I inched my left hand out and softly placed it on her stomach. Kelly looked down at my hand, and as if to show me she approved, she hitched her knees back as far as she could and opened her thighs wide. Gently, she placed her hand over mine and then pushed it down toward her pussy until nişantaşı escort I felt the elastic waistband of her panties against the palm of my hand.

She stopped, and held my hand there as she looked up into my eyes. “I used to fantasize about you touching me almost exactly like this.” Kelly said, as her face blushed a soft shade of red.

“Tell me about it while I stroke myself.” I urged, as I began a slow, deliberate stroke of my hardened cock.

“I used to lie in bed at night and slowly run my hands up and down my body, pretending they were your hands.” She began. “I’d close my eyes and go very slow, never touching my boobs or below my waist. I used to dream that you would start by kissing me all over, leaving tiny, light kisses from my forehead to my feet, telling me how beautiful I was and how much you loved me and wanted me.”

The soft blush that started on Kelly’s face spread to her chest and deepened to a dark red. Her eyes were closed as she spoke, and her grip on my hand tightened as she continued to tell me her fantasy.

“You would cradle my head and kiss my neck and behind my ears,” she said softly, “and eventually, your hand would find my breast and you’d caress my nipple lightly. Then your hand would move down my body, very slowly, to my tummy. I’d take your hand, just like I’ve done now, and guide it down between my legs and you’d lightly touch me — as if you were learning my pussy by touching it.”

Kelly kept her eyes closed and she began to move my hand down across the front of her panties. I dared not stop her — I could see she was getting into this, and to tell you the truth, so was I. She was leading me through one of her fantasies, describing to me not only what was going on physically with her, but, emotionally, too. It was quite moving and it was really turning me on in a big way.

As she moved my hand over her mound, I could feel the way her lips parted under her soft panties, but I didn’t make any intentional moves to interrupt what she was doing.

“I’d hold your hand still,” she continued speaking, as she lightly pressed my hand into the gusset of her panties, “with your fingers right at the entrance of my vagina, and wait for you to run your fingers up and down my lips. But in my fantasy, you never did. I waited for you to slip your fingers up into me, but you wouldn’t. So, I had to do it for you — taking your fingers in my hand and showing you what I wanted you to do and how I wanted you to touch me.”

Kelly held my hand directly against her pussy. If her panties hadn’t been on, my finger tips would be nestled right up against my little sister’s pussy hole. I could feel how wet and warm she was, but I dared not move my hand even a fraction of an inch. Kelly’s panties were soaking wet, and I mean that literally — they were sopping wet with her natural lubrication, and I could feel it, but I was helpless to do anything other than let her lead my hand to where she wanted it to go.

“After a while,” Kelly resumed speaking, “I’d get so turned on I’d start to masturbate. With every touch, I wished it was your hand and your fingers touching me, and for sometimes an hour or more, I’d masturbate myself slowly, torturing myself with little flicks of my fingers on my clit and around my pussy until I couldn’t stand it anymore and then I’d shove two or three fingers inside my pussy and rub myself until I’d cum.”

Kelly’s voice had become softer and softer as she told me her fantasy, and her breathing became more and more ragged until she was almost panting. Somewhere in her story, I’d became so mesmerized that I stopped stroking my cock and I didn’t even realize it until I glanced up at Kelly’s face to see her looking at me. The best way I can explain the expression on her face was to say she looked ‘incomplete’ and she was searching my face for a sign to say I understood her fantasy. And without thinking, I leaned down and kissed her lightly on her lips and then trailed a line of kisses across her cheek and nuzzled myself into the crook of her neck and kissed her there, just like in her fantasy.

When my kisses moved up to her ears, I felt her hand apply pressure to my own, pressing my fingers into the folds of her pantied pussy. I let her control my hand as I kissed her neck and nibbled on her ear lobe. I was almost out of control, but I didn’t care. At that exact moment, all I wanted to do was kiss her and make her feel loved. I forgot all about my cock and I devoted every ounce of mental energy to making her feel good, just like in her fantasy.

Kelly guided my fingers up her slit and I felt around for her clit through her panties. There, she pressed my fingers down and rubbed. I felt her other hand on the back of my head, cradling my head as I repeatedly kissed her.

“Oh, Kyle…..” Kelly moaned. “I’m gonna cum soon….. you’re gonna make you’re sister cum soon. I can feel your fingers… they’re right there — right on my clit and I can feel your hot breath on my neck… oh, God, it feels so good…….. otele gelen escort so good…..”

“Uuuuugggggghhhhhh,” Kelly groaned, “I’m gonna cum now. You’re making me cum now…..”

Kelly’s body went rigid and I felt her buck under me, thrusting her pussy up into my hand. She started to pant, breathing wildly and thrashing her head back and forth as she groaned.

I tried to remain silent and continued to kiss her neck as her orgasm flooded over her. It was one of the most touching things I ever witnessed in my life. It seemed like her whole body climaxed, not just her pussy, and when she started to settle down, she was gasping for air as if she’d held her breath once her orgasm started. It was an amazing thing to watch, and I was so engrossed with going through it with her, I didn’t even feel the way her panties flooded with her juices.

When Kelly opened her eyes and looked at me, I thought she was going to cry. Her hands flew up to cover her face and she turned her head away from me. “I’m so embarrassed.” She said almost so softly I couldn’t hear her.

“Why?” I asked. “It was beautiful and you were beautiful. I was totally captivated, Kelly. All I could think of was how much I wanted to kiss you and hold you.”

Kelly took her hands away from her face and looked at me. Then without another word, she reached out to me and hugged me to her. I completely lost track of the fact that she was my sister and it wasn’t long before Kelly and I were kissing deeply — like lovers. These were long, sloppy kisses and as our tongues danced together, I hear her whisper, “Kyle, I’ve always wanted to kiss you like that.”

I collapsed on top of her and we spent the next few minutes cuddling. Then, we laid together, side by side — neither one of us saying a word until Kelly finally said, “Damn! It happened again.”

I honestly had no idea what she was talking about. “Huh?” I asked.

“I gush sometimes, Kyle” she said, obviously embarrassed, “it’s all over me and probably all over the bed, too. We’re gonna have to change the sheets and wash them before mom and dad get home.”

“Really?” I asked. I’d heard of women that squirt — female ejaculation I think. I’d never known a girl who did that, but, just the idea of it tweaked my cock, that’s for sure. For a quick second, I imagined myself licking her pussy when she went off like that. I could visualize having my nose between her legs, sniffing her panties and then have her gush all over me.

“I’ve got to see.” I said. Sitting up and moving between her legs, I looked at the shiny wetness covering her thighs and crotch. The sheets under her were saturated, too. This was all too good to be true — my own sister was turning out to be my perfect fantasy woman.

Kelly, looked at me with wide open eyes waiting to see my reaction. I thought for a quick second to make sure I said the right thing. “Kelly,” I started out, “all kidding aside now and I’m being very serious…… the whole idea of you gushing like that, is a major turn on for me. So, like you said, little sister, Quid Pro Quo. You say you want to get a close up view of my cock when it cums, well, I’d like to watch you gush like that.”

Kelly’s expression changed immediately. “I though you’d be repulsed,” she replied, “it just happens sometimes, especially when I’m super turned on and have a strong orgasm.”

“Does that mean you were super turned on – telling me about your fantasy of how I’d touch you?” I asked.

“Yeah,” she answered, as she blushed again, “combined with the fact that I was telling you and actually showing you. It was a little embarrassing to say that stuff, but, it felt so good to finally feel your touch.”

“Hey!” I said suddenly, acting like I was mad. “I don’t know where we got track, but, I think we need to get back to what we were doing. I was going to jack-off while I looked at you and touched you. You were gonna make me cum, remember? What the hell happened to that plan?”

Kelly smiled and laughed. “I guess I got carried away with my story, huh?”

“You’re not getting out of it that easy.” I replied. “Pull your knees up and spread ’em.” I said, trying to sound as firm as I could with the big grin on my face.

Kelly giggled again and assumed the position she was in before we got side tracked. As soon as she pulled her knees up, I moved into position next to her with my hard cock hovering above her belly and reached down to her pussy. Carefully, at first, I laid my hand between her legs, directly on the gusset of her panties. Then, slowly, I began to feel her up, pressing my fingers in between the fold of her lips and then down toward her bottom hole.

“Ooohhh.” She gasped as my finger grazed between her butt cheeks. “I didn’t say you could touch there.” She said, looking up at me.

Not stopping what I was doing, I simply replied, “I didn’t ask.”

“That’s nasty, big brother. That’s really, really nasty.” Kelly said. “I guess I don’t mind, but, just remember what we said about Quid Pro Quo.”

I knew exactly what Kelly was getting at, and I suppose it meant I could expect Kelly would want to touch me back there, too. But, I didn’t care, my lovely sister was splayed out in front of me and I had her permission to touch and look, so that’s what I was going to do. If she wanted to finger my ass, I’d be happy to let her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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