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Cain sat at his kitchen table and looked over the mounting bills. A month behind in rent, overdue loan repayments on his car and no food in the fridge; moving out of home and into his own place now didn’t seem to be the great idea it had been a year earlier. The last six months had been the killer. The construction company he worked for had lost a number of contracts leaving him working only two days a week turning a ‘STOP/SLOW,’ sign on a road project. His father’s advice not to quit school was now becoming more and more telling. Looking at the time on his phone he was thankful it was a Thursday and his weekly dinner at his parents house. His stomach grumbled as he picked up his keys and left more than an hour earlier than usual.

* * * * *

“What do you mean you’re only working two days a week?” Harold asked as he handed his son an open cola bottle across the table.

Evelyn approached and placed down a bowl of cut bread stick and Cain was quick to reach for a piece. “I thought you had a contract, aren’t they required to give you a certain amount of hours?” His mother asked, sitting down at the table with her husband and son.

Cain shook his head and finished a mouthful. “Not under the new agreement we all signed. There was a pay rise but no minimum hours.”

“Well that’s not good enough,” Evelyn protested. She reached out and touched the back of Cain’s hand. “Are you O.k for money honey? Your father and I are happy to help out.”

Before Cain had a chance to answer, Harold broke in. “Well, I did tell you not to leave school. I knew something like this would happen.”

Evelyn rolled her eyes. “Yes darling we’re all aware of your opinion. I’m serious Cain, if you need some help, just ask.”

Cain’s father again interjected. “I have an idea!”

“Oh my god Harold, give it a rest. He’s not going back to school!” Evelyn remarked, still holding her son’s hand.

“I was going to say, why doesn’t he go and work with you!”

Cain raised his eyebrows at the out of the blue proposal. He noticed his mother was also taken by surprise at the idea.

“What do you mean? I don’t have any experience at accounting.” Cain remarked.

Harold ignored his son’s comment and kept his gaze on his wife. “You were just telling me you have to employ someone. Why not our boy?”

Evelyn sat back in her chair, taking her hand from Cain’s in the process. He was slightly disappointed as her touch had felt quite nice. “Well I suppose…” Evelyn looked into space running the idea through her head. “The only thing is the anti nepotism code at Fisk & Tavish. I can’t directly hire a relation.”

“Who’s to know?” Harold retorted. “He’s a Trainor not a Parker. He has my surname not yours. Old Fisk will never find out! And it’s just down the road from him. He can walk to work.”

Cain’s head was spinning. “Wait what are you both talking about? Mom, what job?”

Evelyn straightened in her chair. “Well I’d just finished telling your father when you got here that our company had acquired another accounting firm. Morris Accounting. They weren’t much of a rival but dealt with hundreds of small businesses all over the place, regional towns, that kind of thing.” She stopped and took a hair tie off her wrist and began to tie back her blonde hair. The action pushed her chest out and even Cain noticed his mother’s ample breasts as she did so. “Thing is,” she went on. “Their records were all kept on a computer system that won’t communicate with ours. It’s old. Really old. Pre-Windows. Our tech guys have managed to write a code that could copy the files but in the process it’s created loads of discrepancies. Their only suggestion is to manually review both the physical and digital files in the system.”

“That could take ages.” Cain stated.

“Uh huh. And I’ve been tasked with it. I can employ someone though.”

It was the opportunity Cain needed. “I could do it. Mom you know I’m good with computers. I’m a fast typer and everything. Accurate as well. What’s this nepotism thing though?”

“Well that’s the rub. As I’m doing the interviewing and directly hiring, I’m not supposed to hire family, due to favoritism.”

“Poppycock!” Harold exclaimed.

“But your father’s right. You have his surname. You’re not at this address. They needn’t know your my son.” A cheeky smile came across her face. “We’d have to pretend we’re not related. It would be fun working together though wouldn’t it?”

Cain wasn’t thinking about how much fun it would or wouldn’t be. He needed the work. He’d pretend to be the King of England if it meant he could get back on top of his finances. “When do you do the interviews?”

“Monday. Do you think you can make it?” Evelyn answered, still beaming.

“Oh I’ll make it and don’t worry Ms. Parker. Cain Trainor is going to be the best employee you’ve ever had!”

* * * * *

The job couldn’t have come at a better time. With only a few weeks before Christmas, the money was what Cain needed to get back on his feet. And the salary was impressive. mecidiyeköy escort More than he was being paid full time with the construction company. He gave notice of resignation to his current employer straight after the interview on Monday and spent Tuesday buying new business shirts and pants to look the part. The interview had been humorous. A colleague of his mother’s had unexpectedly sat in and it was a perfect prelude to how they’d need to conduct themselves over the duration. Cain addressing her as Evelyn had made them both smile but they figured it had gone unnoticed.

Come Wednesday Cain was eager to get started. After a morning with HR filling out employment details, being shown around the office building and given emergency procedure training, it was after lunchtime before he even got to see his mother. It was strange, as in the interview, she seemed different somehow. It was like she was another person at work to how he knew her at home. She looked the same of course although he was seeing her dressed in her business clothes for longer than the half hour in the afternoon when he was growing up. Watching her interaction with workmates was fascinating. Her confidence, her demeanor, it was like he was seeing another side of his mother she’d kept secret or he just hadn’t noticed his entire life.

“So do I get my own office or do I just work in here with you Mo…er, Evelyn?” Cain asked as he waited beside his mother’s desk.

“Hah, no such luck. Records are kept in the basement. We, my friend are about to be banished to the dungeon!”

“The dungeon?” Cain repeated as he watched his mother rise from her chair and take her jacket from the seat back. Sliding one arm into the sleeve he again noticed her sizable breasts pushing against her light blue shirt. She struggled with the other arm and he quickly helped her out.

“Thank you Cain.” She touched his arm lightly in a gesture of thanks. “Come on, you ready? I’ll show you.”

* * * * *

The ‘dungeon’ was the basement between the first floor and the car-park and where the server and the records vault was kept. In adjacent rooms, both fire proof, their environments couldn’t have been more dissimilar. The room holding the server was air-conditioned and remained cool while beside it the physical records room was airless and uncomfortably warm. Evelyn used a pin code to unlock the glass door to the records room and as she entered fluorescent lights automatically illuminated the room’s length. “Sorry about the heat down here, the air conditioner is favored to the server room. I’ll get a fan if it gets too hot.” Evelyn remarked.

Cain looked at the number of large document boxes sitting atop the long table. Mentally evaluating the amount of work ahead of them, he envisaged at least two weeks wages, possibly longer. With the handsome remuneration for his labor he’d easily manage to clear his debts and come out with money to spare. Things were looking up.

“So, where do we start?” Cain asked, loosening his tie as the heat of the room began to be noticed.

Evelyn moved to the closest box and opened it, pulling out a manila folder she approached one of the many filing cabinets lining the left wall of the room. Cain followed and paid attention as his mother detailed the differences between their companies filing system to the new accounts and how the records should be arranged to conform. Turning on the two lap tops sitting on the table and logging into the database, Evelyn showed her eager to learn son the discrepancies the I.T. guys had noticed and the process of updating each account. It was all pretty straightforward and Cain felt more than comfortable with the system.

“So what do you think? All good?” Evelyn asked her son as she removed her jacket and placed it over the back of a chair. Nodding confirmation, Cain noticed small sweat patches at her armpits and wondered if he’d actually ever seen his mother sweat before then. The notion left his mind when she followed up with another question. “How about I go and get us a coffee before we get started?”

“Oh I can go.” Cain quickly responded.

“You sure?”

“Yeah. H.R showed me all the lunchrooms and how to work the coffee machines.” He was already headed towards the door before Evelyn could even think of objecting. “I’ll be two minutes!”

Cain found the closest lunchroom and set about making the coffees. A couple of men in suits entered and nodded at his presence whilst continuing on with their conversation. As Cain finished making his mother’s espresso one of the men addressed him. “So you’re the new guy, huh?”

Cain looked up and smiled. “Yeah I guess!” Holding out his hand to accept the other mans shake.

“Miles. Miles Bradley. This is Devon.”

“Cain Trainor. Nice to meet you.”

“So you’re working with Dolly? Lucky you.” The man named Devon laughed.

Cain was a little perplexed. “No, Evelyn Parker in accounts.”

“Yeah that’s who I mean.” Devon replied still chuckling to himself.

Miles nişantaşı escort was quick to explain the comment. “It’s her tits man. Dolly Parker. Like Dolly Parton. She’s got big tits! Surely you must have noticed?”

Cain felt like punching them in the face. “You call her that?”

“Well not to her face. It’s just her nickname.” Devon added. “Actually you started here at a good time. Christmas party is this Friday, you should have seen her last year. Fuck me!”

Miles looked to Devon. “You’ve still got the photo! Show him.”

Cain watched as Devon placed a hand into his suit jacket and pulled out his smart phone. He felt the conversation was ugly and entirely disrespectful. They were talking about his mother for God’s sake. He held his breath as the man began to navigate his phone in search of whatever he had to reveal.

Devon passed the phone opened on a photo to Cain. Initially the image wouldn’t compute in his head. It was his mother alright but the surroundings were unfamiliar, her appearance was unfamiliar. Her demeanor was entirely unfamiliar. Slowly the content of the photo clarified. His mother was wearing tight shiny black leggings and a black top. Her blond hair had been curled and with the fancy dress of the few other people that appeared in the photo, it was obvious even to Cain she was dressed as Olivia Newton John from the closing scenes of Grease. The background of the photo also became recognizable as the foyer of the very building he was standing in. These details were all eclipsed however by the action of his mother in the photo. Holding what looked to be a beer bottle in one hand she was using it and the other to lower the front of her top, exposing both of her bra-less, large white breasts.

Cain was having a hard time rationalizing the woman in the photo with the mother he knew and loved. So out of character, so outrageous and he had to admit, so sexy. The image seared into his brain. Years from then he could describe every detail. Her flushed cheeks and neck from the alcohol. The tightness of her pants, clinging to her groin like a second skin that the line of her vulva created a visible cameltoe. The wicked, drunken smile on her face and those breasts. Those wondrous, magnificent breasts. Whiter than snow under the flash and her pink nipples, erect and proud.

“Earth to new guy!” The voice filtered slowly through to Cain’s mind. “Hey man, you done with that? I know she’s hot but you look like you’ve just seen the Virgin Mary floating in a cloud or something!”

“What? Oh yeah, sure.” As Cain began to hand back the phone he tapped his finger on the screen and brought up the bin icon. As quick as he could he pressed the logo and confirmed the delete. “Oh shit, I think I’ve just deleted it.” Finally handing over the phone.

“What!?” Devon snatched the phone from his grasp and looked quickly at the screen. “What the fuck man? You deleted it! That was the only copy I had, why’d you do that?”

There was no way he was going to allow these guys to retain such a compromising photo of his mother. Cain felt exhilarated at the words. ‘The only copy.’ His action had proved more effective than he’d imagined. “Sorry, it was an accident.”

Miles calmed the situation. “Relax Dev. You said yourself, it’s the Christmas party this week. We’ll just ply her with booze again, who knows what she’ll do?”

Again the desire to punch these guys was overwhelming for Cain. “Anyway, I better get back to it.” He proclaimed, trying to extricate himself from the confrontation.

“Yeah, we’ll see you around.” Miles offered but Devon retained his focus on his phone, bitter at the loss of the photograph and ignored his departure.

Evelyn was at the filing cabinet when Cain returned. He looked at his mother from behind, her shirt tucked into her tight grey business slacks. He could see the faint line of her underwear cutting across her buttocks and as she turned to him he couldn’t help but to recall the photo of her flashing her breasts. He looked up from the swell of her bust to her smiling face. “Hey, you’re back. I thought you got lost.”

Cain was momentarily lost for words as he looked upon her and was struck by her beauty as if seeing her for the first time in his life.

“What is it?” She asked as she became aware of his lingering in the doorway.

Cain shook his head and approached the table, planting his and his mother’s coffees before them. “Oh it’s nothing. You just look pretty is all.”

Evelyn sat down in her chair and looked up shocked, smiling. “Was that a compliment? Well I’ll be!” She took a sip from the cup and moaned. “Mmm lovely. Espresso. You remembered.” Placing the cup back down she looked back at her son. “Oh. You weren’t trying to hit on me were you? Fisk & Tavish don’t look kindly on office romances!” She laughed at her joke and continued on with the next file, smiling to herself.

Cain swallowed hard and sat down quickly. More out of necessity to hide his growing erection than to get otele gelen escort started with work.

* * * * *

Lying in bed, Cain stroked his morning erection. The night before he’d done all he could to put the photo out of his mind but every time he closed his eyes his mother came to him. Her hair curled, the black leggings and those breasts. Finally he’d relented and masturbated to the image of her. His own mother. The guilt he felt fantasizing over her was eclipsed by the pleasure. His orgasm had opened the floodgates to his imagination. Throughout the night he’d envisaged the things he’d like to do with her, to her. To touch her, to kiss her, to fuck her. The incestuous fantasy had snuck up on him out of the blue. A week, a day before, he’d been oblivious to his mother as a woman, as an object of desire. Now, as he neared orgasm with the thought of her ass in grey pants, the tight blue shirt with sweaty armpits, her mouth, her tongue, he came and screamed “Mom” to his empty room.

Evelyn was alone in her bedroom. Harold had already left for work and she stood naked and showered before her dresser contemplating her days wardrobe. “You just look pretty is all.” The words came to her as though he’d just said them over her shoulder. Goosebumps broke out over her body at the thought of the unexpected compliment. Had her son ever said anything like that? As nice, as honest? She doubted it. Well I have to look just as nice for him today she thought. She opened the top drawer and removed a white lace bra and matching panties. I wonder if he’ll think these are petty? She asked herself and quickly shook her head at the absurdity of the question. “He’s your son Evelyn! He doesn’t care about your underwear, you idiot!” She told herself and set about finishing getting dressed.

The progress was slower than expected. By the beginning of the second day, mother and son were still only on the businesses beginning with A. Cain for one wasn’t unhappy. At this rate he’d added at least a week to the potential employment period which left him way ahead financially and would set him up for a good start to the new year.

Cain reached into the document box and retrieved two new files. “O.k Mom, I’ve got Alan’s Barbers or Angel Adult Toy’s and Video. Which do you want?”

Evelyn took a sip from her coffee and snorted. “Well I just had a haircut last week, so I’ll take the adult toys!” The attempted joke came out before she’d really thought it through and she began to blush at the real world implication. Cain laughed and noticed her redden as she took the file. Weird, he thought. It was just a joke. Evelyn placed the file beside her laptop and looked down. The room was suddenly a lot hotter and she undid another button on her shirt. She could see the white lace material of her bra and she thought of her morning pondering. I wonder if he’ll notice she thought and quickly admonished herself for even contemplating it.

Cain had noticed! He’d noticed everything about her from the moment he’d entered her office that morning. Waiting on a couch for her to finish a phone call he’d been able to admire her whilst pretending to be on his own phone. Her pantyhosed legs crossed beneath the desk, her tan colored skirt riding up higher than mid thigh. The thought of climbing beneath the desk and kissing his way between her legs had his cock hardening and it was all he could do to will it away when she ended her call and asked if he was, (in her words) “ready to go down?” With the current thoughts running through his mind, the irony of her question wasn’t lost on him and he answered with a simple “whenever you are Evelyn.”

They lunched separately. As luck had it Cain ran into the ‘two stooges’ as he was referring to them in his head at a local cafe. Devon approached singing. “Working nine to five. What a way to make a living.” He clutched Cain on the shoulder, digging his fingers into the joint. “How’s it going with Dolly Parker? You fuck her yet? I hear she likes ’em young.”

Cain shrugged off the physical intrusion. “That’s funny ’cause I hear she has a husband and kids!”

Devon looked to Miles as if to back up his theory and seeing no support headed off to purchase his lunch at the counter muttering “dick” under his breath.

“Ignore him Cain, I think he’s just pissed that you deleted that photo.” Miles offered. “Hey you’re coming Friday night aren’t you, have you got a costume?”

Cain thought of the Christmas party. His mother hadn’t said anything about it so he wasn’t sure if he’d go or not. “I’m not sure yet. I haven’t organized anything.”

“O.k well let me know by the end of the day, I’ve got a spare cop uniform if you want it.” Miles opened his wallet and handed Cain a business card. “Just give me a call. Oh and try and convince Doll…Evelyn to go. I heard from the receptionist on her floor she’s pulled out. It’d be a shame, they were all going as schoolgirls!”

Devon walked back past the table with his and Miles’ lunch singing ‘Islands in the stream.’ Miles waved goodbye and left Cain to contemplate this new information. Why hadn’t his mother mentioned the Christmas party or at least the fact she wasn’t going? The thought of seeing her in a school uniform was tantalizing, it would give him endless nights of masturbatory inspiration. He made the decision to confront her about it as soon as he returned to work.

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