Never Let You Go Ch. 02

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Jenna’s POV

“How are you?” The tall man says, huskily. His voice is… hypnotizing. It takes a minute for me to realize he’s talking to me.

“Hi,” I mumble, “Uhhh, I’m, I’m good.” Oh my god, can you sound any more stupid! I yell at myself in my head. I look down at my feet, embarrassed at the fool I’m becoming. This guy is going to think I’m an idiot. I look back up, hoping my cheeks aren’t too red, and he’s staring daggers into me. His eyes are dark. I stare at his rough face; his beard is scruffy and thick. I have always found facial hair sexy. His size is massive, another trait I’ve always liked. The bigger the man the better. It makes me feel dainty. He looks like something from a lumberjack commercial, minus the flannel though.

His brown hair is a little longer and thick, tousled. It curls a little by the top of his ears, giving him a boyish cuteness. But he’s certainly NOT a boy. He is all man. I scan my eyes down his body and back up again. God, I’m acting like a horny toad here! I think to myself. I’m not usually so… drawn to someone. But this guy, he just, I don’t know. My eyes go back to his face and I realize he’s still looking at me.

I blink, what the hell do I do? I blink again and hold my breath. His lips curl a little and he looks away. What was that? Is he smiling at my stupidity? Uh, yeah, I tell myself. Nice. I look back at Amy and she just smiles. She can tell. She can tell I feel dumb, she can tell I think this guy is ridiculously good looking. She can tell, and she thinks is funny. God, she sucks.

The istanbul escort blood is pounding in my ears so loud I’m not sure what is being said by Greg and Amy, but the men leave and Amy and I are alone again.

“What was THAT?” she asks me laughing, lowering her voice to a whisper and giving me the eye.

“What?” I say casually, twisting my eyebrows in and shrugging.

“Mmmmmhmmm, you know what.” She watches me as a grab my coat and purse from the counter.

“I don’t know what you mean, but I need to get home, it’s late and the roads are just going to get worse.” I throw my coat around my shoulders and pull my arms through.

“Ok,” Amy smirks at me, her lips curled in a devilish, I know what you’re thinking, smile.

“Stop that,” I say, frowning up at her as I walk to the door, “I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“Yup, bye, drive safe!”


I close the door and enter the freezing cold, holy moly, its colder than it was when I got here. I look out at the backyard and see the snowy crystals dancing miles wide. I take a deep breath and enjoy the crisp air filling my lungs.

It may be cold, but I do love it. It’s so peaceful out here, and quiet. Not like my tiny apartment. I wish I lived in the country. I had as a child, but now I can only afford a crappy apartment on my single, first year teacher salary.

I walk to my sea foam green compact car and get inside, as I pull out I think about the man I just met. I’ll probably see him again, avcılar escort right? Then maybe I can fix that first impression. As I pull away and slowly make my way home, my thoughts are lost in those dark eyes. My stomach is churning and I feel butterflies. I feel like a teenager. Not a 25 year old. I haven’t had a guy make me feel that way since… I don’t know when. He was so big. So strong looking, so manly. I notice the wetness in between my legs and rub my thighs together to relieve the ache. Well, I know what I’ll be doing tonight when I get home.

Max’s POV

I watch out the window as her car pulls away. Get home safe, I think to myself. I wonder what her home looks like, who she’s going home to. Of course she’s going home to someone. She has to have someone. A girl like that isn’t alone. A girl like that has a waiting list of men after her. What was I thinking, she wouldn’t want me. She wasn’t looking at me with interest. Or was she?

You’re an ex con, she’s out of your league. But, she doesn’t know that. I smile to myself, she doesn’t know that, and she doesn’t need to ever know that. Greg said it himself, Amy couldn’t know, so Jenna wouldn’t know either. No one has to know.

I grab my things and make my way to the bathroom for a shower. A solitary shower. It’s been a while since I had one of those. I strip down; my clothes wet, but body sore now from the walk, from the cold. I turn on the hot water and glance at the mirror while I wait for it to heat up. I look disheveled, my hair crazy şirinevler escort and curly, my beard a mess. Jesus Christ, no wonder she stared, I look like a fucking serial killer.

I shake my head at myself and frown. You’ll never have someone like that. I sigh and step into the shower. The water is scalding hot, it burns the skin, but I don’t change the temperature. I place my head under it and let it consume me for a while. Let it burn the stupidity out of me. After a while it gets cooler on its own. I then start to scrub and clean.

I still can think only of her. I grab my member and realize it’s already stiff. It has been since I saw her. I wrap my hand around its thickness; stroke the full length of it. It’s a hefty size. My hand feels alright around it, nothing new.

I close my eyes and now it’s her small hand. She traces her finger down my cheek to my chest, her nail tickling me. She plays with my chest hair and giggles her sweet laughter. She’s looking into my eyes, her big blues piercing daggers. She licks her lips as she trails down and grabs me. I feel her warm hand wrap around me, it barely fits in her delicate hand.

“You’re so big,” she whispers in my ear, her voice full of raw heat. I’m breathing heavy. She pulls on me slowly, moaning into me. She starts at the base and pulls all the way to the tip, perfect pressure, perfect timing. She picks up speed and squeezes hard, my cock throbbing against her. “Mmmmm, you want me don’t you,” She looks up at me, a pleading look in her eyes. “‘cus I want you.”

I feel the pressure building inside, I brace my hand against the shower wall and she gives me one more good jerk. I cum and it’s the best fucking orgasm I’ve had in over 5 years.

I open my eyes and take a deep breath. No, she can’t find out about my past. I need to figure out a way to make her mine. I NEED to.

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