Night Sailing Ch. 03

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We awaken together after our short nap. We hold each other tightly, feeling the warmth of our naked bodies against each other. We are still sticky from the chocolate and we run our fingers over each other, looking for the last remnants of chocolate. I reach over and grab the chocolate covered strawberries and the champagne, and we feed each other berries and wash them down with the champagne.

“We need to clean ourselves off. Why don’t we go for a swim?” I ask.

You tell me that you didn’t bring a suit, and I laugh. I walk you, naked, up to the back of the cockpit and we lower a ladder into the water.

“Low tide about now. We should be able to stand here.”

I climb down first and you follow. The water is cool, but not cold. You turn around and see the Manhattan skyline fully lit, and you gasp at the sight.

“I had them do this all for you, sweetie” I say, smiling.

We swim around the boat for a short time, making sure that the current is not too strong.

We find that we can indeed stand in the shallows near the lighthouse. The bottom is rocky, and üsküdar escort we stand on some large submerged boulders, holding hands.

You turn and kiss me; I kiss you back and pull you tightly against me. I can feel the hardness of your nipples pressing into my chest. I hold you up off the bottom by your sweet firm ass, and you wrap your legs around me. We stand there for what seems like hours, kissing each other deeply with the lights of the city reflecting off the water and our wet skin.

With your legs wrapped around me, I can feel the warmth between your legs through the cool water. I start to get hard and you can feel my cock against you. You reach down and point my cock toward your waiting pussy… it slides in easily. I lift you slowly up and down. My cock feeling both the cool water and the warmth of your pussy as I lift and lower you on my cock

I move my face down and find a nipple with my mouth. You squirm at the almost hot feeling of my mouth pulling hard on a nipple. I suck on you harder and harder as I force tuzla escort you lower onto my cock. I kiss your open mouth and my tongue slides in. you suck on my tongue as your pussy squeezes my cock.

I lift you off my cock and turn you around. You grab hold of the boat ladder with 2 hands as I grab your legs and lift them up, you are now floating in the water suspended by your hands and knees…. I spread your legs and move between them.

You can feel my cock between your legs again, as I ram it hard into you. I support you by holding your hips. I thrust into you again and again, harder and faster, you can feel the mix of cool water rushing into you, followed by the heat of my hard cock thrusting into you.

I reach between your legs and massage your clit, rubbing it with slow long strokes, and occasionally flicking it back and forth quickly.

My cock pounds into you again and again and again, and you can feel an orgasm getting close. Your moaning sounds so loud in my ears, I love the sound of you cumming. I can feel my own pendik escort orgasm approaching. I force myself deep into you and I feel you shake and quiver as you squeeze my cock tight as you cum. I cum with you, pumping my juices into you harder with each deep thrust. We cum together for what seems like forever, you continue to shake as you have a multiple orgasm. You seem to melt; I have to hold you up in the water.

When we both regain our senses, we climb the ladder back onto the boat, you first. I follow, kissing the beautiful round ass I see before me. A magnificent sight, even more beautiful than the man-made scenery that unfolds around us.

I pull some towels from a locker and I towel you off first, starting at your feet, moving up your legs, to your beautiful pussy. You shudder as the soft towel tickles your swollen clit. I move quickly up your stomach and back, and lavish attention on your erect nipples, making sure that each one has been dried, wet (by my tongue) and dried again.

You dry me off, spending a great amount of time drying off my cock and balls, wetting them (with your mouth, making me hard again) and drying me off again. We go below decks again, finish off the berries and champagne and move to the forward cabin, where we find a berth with silk sheets, and some compartments on the sides of the bed, which you soon find out, contain some pleasant surprises.

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