No More Limits Ch. 01

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Big Tits

Chapter 1:

As Mom delivered a new stack of pancakes to my plate, I looked around, and marveled at my new life.

Beside me, Lucy was lifting a forkful of her syrup-laden breakfast to her mouth, taking care not to get any on her bare breasts. In front of me, my mother’s magnificent tits were dangling, just begging to be touched.

Mom blushed when she noticed me staring, but she didn’t say anything. She turned the stove off and sat down to join us at the table.

It was cold that morning, and all four of the nipples staring me in the face were hard. I knew from experience how sensitive Lucy’s got when erect, but I could only wonder about my mother’s. Was the gentle breeze enough to turn her on? Was she getting aroused just from sitting there, topless, or would she require some more direct stimulation? Was I imagining the visibly damp spot in the middle of her panties?

The meal went quickly (the combination of great cooking and an even better view will do that) and all too soon, Mom was clearing the table.

“I should get dressed for work,” she said, and – as instructed – Lucy got up to give her a hug before she left the room. There was nothing quite like it: four huge breasts pressed up against each other, their soft skin coming into contact, the look of lust on Lucy’s face when she noticed me staring…

As soon as Mom closed the kitchen door, Lucy was on her knees in front of me, desperately swallowing my cock as fast as she could.

“Cum for me,” she gasped after a few minutes, taking a break from bobbing her head up and down. “Please…cum on my tits.”

I moaned, and she started stroking me faster and faster, looking up at me pleadingly, pinching her nipples so hard I thought she was going to rip them off.

“Cum on my tits and imagine they’re Mom’s…”

It was that mental image which set me off, and soon my cock was spurting, coating Lucy’s tits with my cum. She shut her eyes and began rubbing it in, and soon she was shaking with pleasure.

I smiled down at her, watching as she silently came from the sheer pleasure of getting me off. She was everything I’d ever dreamed she’d be, and more.

As she came down from her high and started to clean herself off, I glanced at the kitchen door, wondering if Mom was pressed against the other side, touching herself as she listened to what her children were up to…

Session A62:

I froze.

What had Marcie just said? Had she just called me master? In front of Mom and Lucy?

Why the fuck would she…oh.

It suddenly dawned on me. I vaguely remembered telling her to call me that when she was under. I’d told my sister’s best friend to call me master, and I hadn’t thought to specify when it was or wasn’t appropriate…like when we were in front of my unsuspecting mother and sister.


For the last few months, I’d been hypnotizing my sister Lucy, her best friend Marcie, and my mother. See, as long as I can remember, I’ve been attracted to my family mecidiyeköy escort members. You might think that’s sick, but you’ve got to understand – both Lucy and my mother have perfect bodies.

I know. I’ve seen them.

The trouble is, even when hypnotized, you can’t make someone do what they don’t want to do. Trust me – I’ve tried everything, but if you push someone too hard when they’re under, they just wake up.

What you can do, however, is work out when people will do things. Like take Lucy – she would never normally show me her tits.

She’d never show me her tits.

But if we were at a nude beach, if she was showing the world…sure. Then it wouldn’t be so weird for her brother to see her tits. (She has no idea how I feel about her – as far as Lucy’s concerned, I’m just her sweet, precious little brother, not someone totally obsessed with turning her – and Mom – into my own personal sex slaves.)

And if I’d already seen them, then suddenly it’s not as big a deal.

The trick, I’d worked out, is hypotheticals – “What if I’d already seen your tits at the beach, and you were feeling insecure about them, and you wanted the opinion of someone you can trust – someone you know isn’t trying to sleep with you.”

Suddenly there’s a situation where it makes total sense for a sister to bare her tits to her brother.

It’s all about limits. If you can find someone’s limits then, with enough time and effort, you can move them. I’d discovered (totally by accident) that if you set up a hypothetical that tests the very edge of a limit, that thin line where their answer could go either way, where they want to say yes but feel like that have to say no…

They wake up. And they accept the hypothetical as reality.

If you can find someone’s limits, you can alter their very memories. And what are we, if not a collection of memories?

So far, I’d managed to use this to turn Lucy’s friend Marcie into my own personal sex slave, I’d gotten Mom to start walking around the house in skimpy outfits, and I’d managed to get Lucy topless, licking my dick until I came in her mouth.

I had done so much already, but I was sick of pushing limits.

Now: I wanted to destroy them.

I wanted to fuck my sister. I wanted to watch her fuck Mom. I wanted them to wake me up each morning with their mouths, and I wanted to drift off to sleep each night with my cock deep inside one of their asses.

But first, of course, I had something more pressing to deal with.

Session B34:

“I belong to you.”

“Call me master.”

“I belong to you, master.”

“So if you belong to me, you’ll fuck who I tell you to fuck. I own your pussy, don’t I?”

“Yes, master.”

“I own your boobs, don’t I?”

“Yes, master.”

“And I own your pleasure, don’t I?”


Session A62:

Trying to look natural, I glanced nişantaşı escort at my sister and mother, hoping they hadn’t noticed what had just slipped out of Marcie’s mouth.

They were both staring at her, a curious look on their face.

Yeah…they’d noticed.

My mind was racing. How the fuck do you explain away your sister’s best friend casually calling you master, in front of everyone? A thousand possibilities ran through my mind: pretending it was a game, laughing it off, acting like Marcie was crazy, telling them I was a dom and she was my sub, telling the truth…

Before I had time to land on any of them, Lucy spoke up.

“What’d you just say, Marce?”

“Yeah,” I said, trying to sound casual. “What was that?”

Feigning ignorance wasn’t much of a plan, but it was all I had.

“I was just saying hi,” Marcie said. To my great relief, she was looking just as confused as the rest of us – I barely remember telling her to call me master in the first place, so it clearly hadn’t been a big deal. She might not even have been aware there was anything weird about it.

Mom and Lucy still looked suspicious, but the moment passed, and Lucy took her friend away to catch up.

I breathed a sigh of relief, and turned around to see Mom looking at me suspiciously.


Session B34:

“Who owns your mouth?”

“You do.”

“Who owns your body, Marcie?”

“Y—…you do.”

“Who owns you?”

“You do.”

“Who decides when you cum, Marcie?”

“You do.”

Session A62:

Without even meaning to, my eyes flicked down to Mom’s chest. There were obviously more urgent matters at hand, but I couldn’t help myself – they were so big, so beautiful…

Of course, I’d convinced her that family members never, ever saw each other in a sexual light, so she didn’t even register my glance.

“What’s up?” I asked, still trying to be casual.

“Is there something going on between you and Marcie?”

My heart-rate quickened.

“What do you mean?”

There was no reason for Mom to connect Marcie calling me master to our hypnosis sessions (Mom didn’t even know I was hypnotizing Marcie – she knew about Lucy, but not her friend) but I still felt like I was standing on the verge of everything collapsing.

“I mean…”

Mom paused, and pursed her lips. I would have given anything to know what she was thinking – stupidly, my main impulse was to hypnotize her. I wanted to ask what was running through her head…but of course, if anything would make her start to question hypnotism, it was asking to put her under when she was already suspicious.

No, I had to talk my way out of it. And then I had to wait for her to approach me for another session – anything else was just too dangerous.

“…never mind. I just thought I’d ask.”


Now I was going to spend the next few weeks too nervous to do otele gelen escort anything with Marcie when Mom was around. Not, of course, that we were exactly fucking in the living room before then, but I’d been planning to sneak Marcie into my room as soon as she was done hanging out with my sister…

Oh, shit.

Marcie was with my sister right now. And Lucy was not the kind of person who would just leave Marcie’s “master” slide. Marcie was probably getting the third degree right now…and there was nothing I could do about it.

I thought my instructions had been clear – that we couldn’t do anything that drew attention to what we were doing. But I also didn’t remember telling her to call me Master in front of everyone, so clearly I hadn’t been as thorough as I thought.

In that moment, everything could have collapsed. My sister could have found out that Marcie was my personal slut. She could have learned about the hypnosis, and asked herself what I could have changed about her. She could have realized that the way she was dressing – the way Mom was dressing – it was all weird, new. She could have banned me from ever hypnotizing her again…or she could have done what Mom did the other day, and just totally shut down.

As Mom headed up to her room to get changed (her revealing outfits were just for around the house…after all, what did it matter if family saw your body?) I didn’t even glance at her yoga pant-encased butt. My head was spinning – I’d been so foolish, taken so many risks.

Everything I was working towards was at risk of falling apart. I didn’t know what to do…

And so I just took some deep breaths. Nothing had happened yet – I’d wait until Marcie came back out. If everything was okay, I’d put her under, and I’d find out what they’d talked about. She’d tell me – I knew she would.

Until then, all I could do was I wait. And wait. Mom left for the shops, our grandfather clock chimed the hour, empires rose and fell, my heart-rate slowly returned to normal, and my mind stopped constructing elaborate, terrifying fantasies.

And after what felt like a thousand years (but was probably less than a decade), my sister’s door opened, and I could hear the sound of footsteps. Marcie came into the lounge room, and after glancing around to make sure that no one else was around, she smiled at me.

“Hey master,” she said. “Want to go to your room and fool around?”

Session B35:

The first thing I did, of course, was get rid of that “master” shit. I couldn’t believe I’d managed to survive this long without it biting me in the ass.

Don’t get me wrong – it was hot, but way, way too dangerous. Even when we’re alone; you never know who’s listening in.

The second thing I did was ask what her and Lucy had spoken about. And that was when I ran into an unexpected roadblock.

“Thanks for that – I’ve missed it.”

She paused, reached out one hand for my crotch, and a saucy smile came upon her face.

“Of course, not as much as I’ve missed this…”

Asking Marcie about what she spoke about with my sister woke her up. Just the act of asking her. There was no hesitation, no clarification – one second she was under, and then as soon as I asked about the conversation with Lucy, she woke up.

What the fuck had they discussed?

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