No Regrets Ch. 08

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Susan lay in bed waiting for Tracey to finish her shower; she could hear it still running in the adjoining bath. “This should be a good weekend,” thought Susan. “Allan gets back tomorrow afternoon from the three and a half day, orientation session at the University. Damn, I’ve missed him. Even though he called twice. It’s not the same.”

Susan crossed her arms over her breasts and hugged herself as she thought of Allan, “God, I miss him and I miss that beautiful prick of his. When we talked tonight, my panties were so wet, I was afraid Mom would be able to see a wet spot on my shorts.” Susan sat up and removed her teddy top and her panties, and lay back, naked on the bed.

Susan heard Tracey come into the dark room, and felt the bed shake as she got into the bed. Tracey snuggled up to Susan putting her arm around Susan and pulling Susan over on her side so that they were lying toe to toe, their tits pressing against one another. “Uh-Oh,” said Tracey, “some one is really hot tonight, already naked and ready to go. Did Allan’s call get your pussy all bothered?” Tracey ran her hand down over Susan’s stomach to her cunt and cupped her vulva in her hand. “Lord, you are hot and soaking wet,” teased Tracey as she kissed Susan, running her tongue into Susan’s mouth.

Susan tongued Tracey back, their tongues dueling back and forth in their mouths. Susan broke the kiss, and said jokingly, “If you had been in the shower much longer, I was going to go find my vibrator.” Susan flinched as Tracey’s finger slipped between her pussy lips and stroked her hole. “Lord, that feels good, but, even though I love you, I wish it was Allan’s prick in there,” gasped Susan.

“Good, I’m glad you’re so hot – I’ve got a surprise for you,” whispered Tracey. “I got it at the flea market today. Turn on your night light.”

Susan turned on the small light and Tracey showed her a dildo, one you strap on, but this one had two imitation penises on it facing in opposite directions. It looked like a capital letter ‘Z’ that had been mashed down so that the vertical line was shorter and the lower line curved upward.

Tracey eagerly explained, “Grandma and Mom were over at the other end of the place, and I was looking at the different vibrators this young girl was selling. When there was no one else there, she told me she had something I might be interested in and asked me to come behind the table. She got this out from under the table and asked if I was looking for something like this and showed it to me.”

Susan looked at it turning it over in her hands, “One prick goes in your pussy and you screw some one else with the other prick….both of you get off….that’s cute.”

Tracey laughed, “Yeah, I thought so too, that’s why I got it. The girl, Sharon, told me that she thought that it would work the way it is suppose to. She was grinning the whole time she told me that….she was real nice, our age and good looking.” Tracey gave Susan a quick kiss, “She’s attends the Junior College too, a sophomore.”

Tracey looked at Susan, “Do you want to try it? After all the trouble I had getting it home without Grandma or Mom spotting it, it had better work.” Tracey got up on her knees and spread her legs, handing Susan a small tube of K-Y jelly, Tracey said, “Work that up in me and help me get it strapped on.”

Susan put some jelly on the lower curved dildo. “This feels almost real, some type of latex,” said Susan. “This curves right up into your pussy and the other sticks out pretty straight.” Feeling the inside of the latex connector, the cup that would fit over Tracey’s vulva, Susan asked, “Did you notice that this has a bunch of little bumps or knobs inside that will rub your clit?”

“Yeah I did. Sharon pointed them out me too,” said Tracey.

Susan began to work the fake prick into Tracey’s pussy, slowly stroking it in and out, going a little deeper each time. The prick was about five inches long and about 2 inches wide. When Susan had it totally buried into Tracey’s pussy and the front was flush with her vulva, she began to fasten the straps while Tracey held the dildo in place.

“Damn, Susan, it already feels good,” whispered Tracey.

With the straps in place and some K-Y jelly on the other fake prick, Susan laid back on the bed and held out her arms to Tracey, “Okay, lover, come fuck me,” chuckled Susan.

“Slide a pillow under you, so your pussy will be up higher,” said Tracey. When Susan had the pillow under her buttocks, Tracey guided the head of the dildo to Susan’s pussy and rubbed it up and down her pussy, teasing Susan’s pussy by sliding it between her pussy lips. “How does that feel?” asked Tracey.

“Good…but I want it in me….I want to you to fuck….fuck me hard,” gasped Susan.

Tracey slid the dildo into Susan’s wet pussy, pushing it all the way in. As their bodies met, Tracey could feel the dildo, the prick in her own pussy, fucking her pussy with short strokes, while she was stroking the other prick, with long slow strokes in and out şirinevler escort Susan’s throbbing pussy. The false pricks were very flexible, allowing Susan to pull Tracey down to her breasts while Tracey pumped her ass driving the prick into Susan.

Susan wrapped her legs around the back of Tracey’s thighs and grasping Tracey’s buttocks with her hands, pulled Tracey even harder into her pussy. “Oh Tracey…..Oh kitten….it feels great….that’s it fuck me hard….deep,” moaned Susan. Susan buried her face in Tracey’s neck, tonguing her way up to Tracey’s ear and then to her lips, kissing her deeply. As she kissed Tracey, Susan began to thrust her hips up against Tracey, trying to drive the prick even deeper into her throbbing pussy.

Tracey lowered her mouth to Susan’s tit and took the nipple between her lips and began to suck and tongue it. Tracey could feel the prick in her own pussy move every time Susan pushed her hips up driving her pussy against Tracey downward thrusts. Tracey left Susan’s tit, raising up slightly so she could drive her fake prick into Susan’s pussy with even greater force, squirming closer, Tracey forced Susan’s legs even wider, allowing the prick to go deeper into Susan’s pussy. Tracey would draw the prick almost out of Susan’s pussy and then ram it back into her as deep as she could.

Each time Tracey thrust the prick into Susan, the cup holding the prick in her was rubbing Tracey’s clitoris with the little knobs on the inside of the cup – the sensation was driving her wild. Tracey drove the prick into Susan’s cunt and held it there, grinding her hips into Susan, Tracey could feel her own swollen, engorged clitoris being massaged by those knobs inside the cup. Each time one rubbed her clit hard, she felt a spasm in her pussy and could feel the fake prick in her pussy even more strongly.

“Ohhhhh…..That’s good….that’s goooood,” moaned Susan. “Fuck me faster….harder…That’s it fast…as fast as you can.” Susan began to ram her hips into Tracey even faster and harder, as though she wanted Tracey to be totally in her pussy. “OOHHhhhhhh…..I’m going to cum……NOW…..NOW…HARDER….HARDER ..OOOHHHhhhhhhhh….I’m cumming…I’m cuuummmiiiinnng,” moaned Susan.

When Susan moaned and pushed hard against the prick ramming into her cunt, Tracey felt the tension building up in her own pussy and as Susan started to cum, Tracey felt her own orgasm begin deep in her pussy and sweep through her body. “Ohhh God,” moaned Tracey as she collapsed upon Susan’s body, “that was good…. Oh Susie, that was good.” Tracey lay there holding Susan, the fake prick still buried deep in Susan’s pussy.

Tracey rolled off Susan letting the prick slip from Susan’s pussy. Susan turned to her and hugged Tracey and then started laughing quietly. “What is it? asked Tracey.

“You lying there with your prick sticking straight up the air, it looks like you have a permanent hard-on,” laughed Susan. Susan sat up and lowered her mouth onto the fake prick taking it into her mouth, tasting her own pussy juices on it. Lying back down Susan kissed Tracey, “It doesn’t taste as good as Allan’s, there’s no cum to lick up,” whispered Susan. “But, little sister, it does fuck pretty good, or rather you do.” Susan kissed Tracey deeply running her tongue deep into her mouth.

“I’m glad you liked it, Susie,” said Tracey. “Sharon was right it does work. When you ground your hips into me, it rubbed my clit so hard that I thought my pussy was going to explode. I started cumming and couldn’t, didn’t want to stop….it felt great. Now, why don’t you quit laughing at me and help me out of this thing.”

Susan laughed, and helped Tracey unstrap the dildo rig. Susan pulled Tracey over to her, “Kitten, you’re a good fucker,” chuckled Susan. “Next time you’ll have to let me wear it.”

“Oh Susie, did you really cum good…did it feel like you were really being fucked?” asked Tracey.

“It’s not as good as Allan’s prick…just doesn’t feel the same. It was still good, because it was you, because you were trying to please me, and because I love you – love to have sex with you.”

Tracey kissed Susan and gently stroked her breast, “Good, I wanted to surprise you. I was real proud of myself.” Tracey chuckled, “I think that Sharon would have volunteered to try it with me if I had asked.”

Susan laughed, “I expect she would have. You don’t realize just how beautiful you are and what a body you have. Although, I expect Brent has already told you that.”

“I can hardly wait for this weekend,” said Tracey. “Tomorrow is Brent’s last day at the Park and he’s going stop here and spend Saturday and Sunday with Allan. We’ll be able to double date,” Tracey laughed, “or should I say double-fuck.”

“God, I know, kitten,” whispered Susan. “Talking to Allan tonight got me so worked up that I was afraid that Mom and Grandma would be able to see how wet my pussy was. I was afraid I had soaked through the crotch of my shorts.”

Tracey şişli escort kissed Susan’s tit and tongued her nipple still hard from their sex. Tracey nestled her head between Susan’s tits, kissing her skin, “Hmmm…I love sleeping with you, having sex with you. I love to screw Brent, but this is different. I don’t want us to ever stop loving one another,” said Tracey as she raised her head and kissed Susan passionately. Tracey pulled back from the kiss and looking at Susan, said, “Susie, I want you again….I want to make love to you again.”

Susan whispered, “I want you too, want you a lot. I enjoy making love to you, and we’ve got all night to make love to each other.”

Susan walked into the auditorium of the Jr. College, it was Monday, registration day, with classes starting Thursday. Allan had left yesterday for the university. She smiled as she thought of the past week with him. Susan glanced around; there several lines set up, A-H, I-N, and O-Z. Susan got in the O-Z line. There were six people ahead of her. As she stood there, she thought about how good the week had been and how much she was going to miss Allan. She thought to herself. “At least I’m luckier than Tracey, Brent was able to spend only a few days before having to leave for home. Tracey won’t see him again until he can get back down here or we go up there.” Susan was so deep in thought that the voice behind her didn’t register at first.

“Tracey? Tracey Strand?”

Susan turned and saw a girl about her own age, and quite pretty, with a very good figure and beautiful auburn hair. “No, I’m Susan Strand.”

“Oh, you must be Tracey’s sister. I’m sorry, but the two of you look so much alike. Very beautiful, I might add,” laughed the young woman. “I’m Sharon Stoddard, Tracey and I met at the flea market. I thought she had said she was a freshman and I knew they register tomorrow, but I saw you and thought maybe I had misunderstood her.”

Susan laughed, “We do cause confusion some times. Tracey told me she met you.”

“I was working one of the tables, trying to get a little additional tuition money,” said Sharon. Then with an impish gleam in her eyes, she looked directly into Susan’s eyes, and said, “Tracey bought something from me there, that’s how we met.”

“I know, she’s always finding interesting things at flea markets,” said Susan with a smile.

“Yeah, you can find some pretty useful stuff,” Sharon had a broad grin on her face, “enjoyable things as well.”

Susan laughed at the code they were talking in, “I like this girl,” thought Susan. Aloud she said, “Your right, Tracey had a pretty good time with her purchase.”

Sharon laughed, “I hope she wasn’t stingy with it, it’s meant to be shared.”

“Oh no, Tracey and I share everything,” Susan was enjoying the twinkle in Sharon’s eyes. “We’re pretty close that way.”

Both girls were laughing softly now, enjoying the repartee. The line had moved and Susan had to begin her registration. “I’m glad I met you,” said Susan, “I’ll see you later.”

“It’ll be lunch time when we get through. Do you want get a burger at the Student Union snack bar?”

“Sure, if I’m finished first, I’ll wait for you just outside,” replied Susan.

Susan and Sharon sat in the snack bar comparing schedules, Susan had registered in the Pre-med program – she was considering veterinary medicine like Allan. Sharon was also registered in Pre-med for nursing. Comparing schedules, they found they had three classes together, their first morning class at 9 o’clock and then the 11 and 1 o’clock classes. They finished their lunch and then talked for almost an hour and a half about themselves and their goals, dreams.

Susan learned that Sharon’s parents were dead and that she lived with her older brother, who was a pharmacist. Susan told her about having to move to Madison after her father was killed, and about meeting Allan, who was off to the university. Sharon knew who Allan was, but didn’t know him personally. Sharon told Susan that she had been going off and on with a guy her last year in high school, but he had left for an out of state college, so the relationship was over — it hadn’t been that serious to begin with. Susan found out that Sharon intended to walk home so she offered her a ride and Sharon accepted.

“Turn left at the next corner,” said Sharon. “It’s the third house on the right.”

As Susan pulled into the driveway, she commented, “Pretty nice, but that’s an awful lot house for just you and your brother.”

“I know. I do most of the cleaning, but Dad left it to both of us,” explained Sharon. “We’ve both lived here most of our lives and just hate to move. Mainly, because it’s all paid for.”

Susan laughed, “That’s the best reason I can think of.” Turning to look at Sharon, Susan said, “I’m really glad we met today. I haven’t had a chance to meet many people and was dreading starting school without knowing anyone.’ Susan smiled at Sharon, “I feel much better taksim escort about it now that I’ve gotten to know you — I don’t feel as alone.”

Sharon put her hand on Susan’s forearm and gave it a light squeeze, “Susan, I like you,” said Sharon. “I hope we can be friends. I’m going need all the help I can get in chemistry,” she said chuckling quietly.

“That may be the blind-leading-the-blind,” laughed Susan. “Since you don’t have a car, how about me picking you up Thursday? You can help me. You know where to park and everything.”

“Sure, that’d be fine. Save Gary from having to drop me off,” replied Sharon. “About 8:15? That will give us some time to get organized after we get there.”

“It’s a deal,” said Susan, “see you then.” As Susan backed out of the drive and headed home, she thought, “I like her. I hope we can be friends. Funny, but she had not made any more references to the Tracey buying the dildo, probably didn’t want to pry.

Six weeks later, Susan smiled to herself as she turned down the street to Sharon’s house. She and Sharon had become good friends, and had come to know each other pretty well. Since Sharon didn’t have a car, she and Tracey picked Sharon up each morning and dropped her off after school.

Sharon’s brother had to go to a, Pharmacy Convention in the state capital; Susan was going to stay with Sharon tonight and tomorrow night. It would give them a chance to study together for some tests. She was smiling, because as she started to leave home, she went back in the house and got the dildo that Tracey had purchased from Sharon. “Who knows,” thought Susan, “it might come in handy. Sharon is certainly beautiful enough.”

“Well, that ought to do it,” said Susan, closing the chemistry book. “If we don’t know it now, I’m afraid it’s hopeless.”

“I agree,” said Sharon with a laugh. “I’m ready to hit the showers. Studying this stuff is as bad as a workout.” Sharon looked at Susan, “Susan, if you want to, rather than sleep in separate rooms, we can both sleep in the big bedroom. It has a king size bed, plenty of room.”

“Sure, we’ll make a slumber party out of it,” laughed Susan. “But, I can’t stay awake talking all night the way we did when I was 13 and 14.”

Sharon laughed, “Neither can I…we must be getting old.” As they started up the stairs, Sharon said, “Why don’t you use the shower off the bedroom and I’ll use the hall bath, that’s where all my stuff is anyway.”

Susan looked at herself in the mirror. She had brought two of her sexist nighties with her and had decided to wear the white one. It was so sheer that it was almost transparent, showing her nipples and pussy hair through the thin fabric. Susan turned and entered the bedroom just as Sharon entered it from the hall. Sharon was also wearing sheer nighty, a thin rose colored one that accented her hair.

“That teddy goes perfectly with your hair,” said Susan. “It brings out the red in it.”

“Oh thanks. That’s a nice one you have…with that tan you still have, you’re beautiful in it,” said Sharon, turning back the bedspread.

“Can I ask you a personal question?” asked Susan.


“Well, I was just wondering, is your hair, your pubic hair, as pretty as your hair…does it have those reddish hi-lights in it? If I’m being too nosy, tell me to mind my own business.”

“I think so,” said Sharon. “Here you tell me,” she said as she pulled her bikini panties down and raised her top so Susan could see her pussy hair. Sharon was blushing as she held her top up so Susan could see her bush clearly.

“It’s just as pretty, has those same reddish hi-lights,” said Susan, then she noticed Sharon was blushing. Pulling Sharon’s top back down, Susan gave her a quick hug, “Oh honey, I didn’t mean to embarrass you. I’m sorry.”

“No, it’s not that. I’ve always been a little shy that way. I use to hate to have get undressed for PE.” Sharon laughed, pulling her panties back up, “I really didn’t mind, not with you.”

Sharon turned the lights off and they got in bed leaving just a night light on in the bath. Susan slid over a little closer to Sharon so they could talk. Since Susan had told her earlier about Allan and how serious their relationship was, Sharon asked about him. When she learned Allan would be able to take Susan to the school dance next month, she said, “You’re lucky Susan, you’ve got Allan. I really envy you having some one that loves you that much…it must be wonderful.”

“Sharon, as beautiful as you are, you could have any guy you want. I’ve been with you a half dozen times when some guy asked you for a date, and you turned them down. Some pretty decent looking guys.”

“Yeah, I know. And, it’s not that I’m pining for David. I tried to get serious about him, we went together almost a year.”

“Were you and David having sex?”

“Not all the way. We did some heavy petting toward the end. You know…he’d finger fuck me, and I even let him fuck my mouth, sucked him off. But, I’m still a virgin. From the way the girls talked, I think I was the only virgin left in the whole school,” said Sharon pensively.

Susan didn’t say anything for a moment, she thought Sharon would continue. Then she heard a soft muffled sob. “Why, she’s crying,” thought Susan, “and trying to not let me know.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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