Nobody Becomes Somebody Ch. 2

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Lucy woke up smiling. At first she couldn’t remember why. She noticed with a start that the sun was high in the sky. She’d never been one to sleep late, but then she remembered. She’d been awake until nearly sunrise buzzing with excitement.

Yesterday she had been a lonely, ugly little girl, not much caring about the future. Today she was a Beautiful Young Woman. Her cousin Kevin had told her so, and he was so smart, and so handsome. She shook her head, amazed because yesterday he’d been just a kind of irritating guy who had invaded her private world, apparently just to make her miserable.

She flashed back to the impromptu skinny-dipping party they’d had the night before, wondering how something so innocent (if a bit naughty) could have transformed them both like butterflies emerging from cocoons.

She stretched languidly, loving the feeling of the sheets on her bare skin, her wonderful skin which had so hypnotized her cousin only a few hours ago. Glancing at the clock on her nightstand she suddenly went rigid with shock.

“Holy COW!” she said out loud, “It’s almost NOON! I’m in hot water already and the day hasn’t even started!”

She leaped out of bed pulling on her clothes as quickly as she could. Lucy’s mother detested “lazy, no-good layabouts” and expounded on the subject at length as often as she could. Besides it was Thursday: “Shopping Day”, and she probably had a list of chores for Lucy to do while she and her husband went across to the lake to the “mainland” to get groceries and run errands.

In hardly a minute she was dashing into the kitchen, only to find her mother there with a stern and disapproving expression. Obviously, Lucy had missed breakfast, and she was barely in time to help with the preparation of lunch.

“Honestly,” Mom said sounding miffed, “how late were you two up last night? Kevin hasn’t gotten up yet either. I sure wouldn’t have expected HIM to be such a lazy, no-good layabout.”

Lucy set the table, mouthing her mother’s exact words with her back to her. She knew the speech by heart. “Next come the chores” she thought, and sure enough she heard her Mom say…

“While Dad and I are out shopping, I want you to do the vacuuming, the dishes and clean out this fridge, it’s full of junk. Wash the shelves too, so we’ll have a clean place to put the groceries when we get back. Sweep the kitchen, we won’t need to mop it until Monday or so.”

“Okay Mom,” Lucy said trying to sound cheerful, actually surprised that the list wasn’t longer. “Where’s Dad?”

“He’s getting the boat ready and putting together some papers to send to the office.” Mom sounded a little less severe, reacting to Lucy’s cooperative attitude. “Do you and Kevin want to come to town? You could you know.”

Lucy knew that the trip would be boring for her, and that she’d just end up lugging packages. Her parents seemed to prefer to be alone for these trips anyway. She was much more interested in being alone with the first man who’d ever seen her naked. It seemed like he was the first man to have ever SEEN her at all.

The sound of Kevin’s door opening signaled that he was awake too, and he came into the kitchen looking a bit disheveled, but he sure looked good to Lucy.

“Boy, this country air sure knocks you out. I NEVER sleep like that at home.” he said, beaming at his cousin with a look of puppy like devotion on his face.

“Oh really?” Lucy said with a challenging tone, “Doesn’t the air from the SWAMP do that to ya? I mean swamps are in the country aren’t they?”

Kevin’s jaw dropped and then he kind of pouted as if he’d been slapped. He looked so dejected that Lucy danced around him so that her back was to her Mom again. She smiled affectionately at him and silently mouthed, “I’ll tell you later.”

Out loud she said, “I suppose I’ll hafta make supper for this lazy, layabout too. You guys will be eating in town as usual wontcha?”

“I’m not even sure we should go. I swear the way you two fight … do you think you can refrain from KILLING each other?” said Mom sounding a bit concerned.

“Yeah … I suppose so, but won’t I get paid my usual babysitting rates?” Lucy growled.

“I’m not sure Auntie Rose, I can’t PROMISE I won’t bump her off before you get back.” Kevin said, grinning and getting into the game.

She sighed loudly, shaking her head. Just then they heard her husband hollering “Let’s GO!” from the dock. Aunt Rose jumped and grabbed her purse and began to prattle.

“We had a late breakfast, unlike some people around here, so we’ll catch a bite in town. We’ll be back before it gets dark. Now you two be GOOD! And NO SWIMMING!”

Lucy followed her out the door and to the dock as Mom kept up a running monologue of inanities. Lucy waved as her parents floated out into the lake, the outboard motor revving up from a putt-putt to a loud whine.

She ran back to the kitchen entrance. Kevin had stayed inside. As she opened the screen door she nearly screamed when she was grabbed by two strong arms, and before she could make a sound her mouth was covered topkapı escort by two soft lips, surrounded with a little scratchy stubble. Almost immediately Kevin let her go, jumping back as if expecting to dodge a punch.

“There! Now I HAVE kissed a girl! That’s one less piece of ammunition you can use when we fight, I wouldn’t want it to get around that I was ‘Sweet 16 and never been kissed’ for three YEARS.”

Lucy found herself trembling, partly from the adrenaline released when Kevin had grabbed her, partly because it had been HER first kiss too. She’d been a bit of a tomboy in high school, with several male friends but never a “Boyfriend”. The guys she knew would have laughed even to think of kissing her.

“You’re sure full of surprises … you taste like tooth paste.” she said, her voice a little shaky.

“You’re surprising too, I felt like you shot me through the heart when I first saw you today. I thought you might be mad at me for … seeing you … naked and everything … or something.” he stammered, “You aren’t are you? Are you mad that I KISSED you … geez I never thought of that.”

Lucy laughed, her body relaxing, but still feeling wobbly as a new born colt. “Naw, I’m not mad. Just surprised … kissing me was okay, kinda short though.”

Kevin blushed and gave out kind of an “Aw, shucks” grin. Lucy felt her heart thump at how appealing he looked.

“You could use a shave too.” she said boldly stepping toward him and rubbing his cheek with the back of her fingers, then walking straight past him to the plate of sandwiches her mother had left on the counter.

As she set them on the table and got some KoolAid out of the refrigerator she continued, “Yeah, I was hoping you’d catch on. I didn’t think we should let my parents see us … getting along, you know? ‘Cause they’d never leave us alone, and no matter WHAT happens between us, I like it when they take off on Thursdays. I need a little time to myself.”

“Oh I see…” he said looking dejected again, “Well, I’ll just grab one of these sandwiches, put on my boots and go sit in the woods so you can be alone.”

“You dope!” she laughed pushing her fist up against his chin. “I oughta just…”

Kevin laughed too and they settled down to eat, while Lucy explained about the chores she had to do, and about “Shopping Day”. Kevin gladly volunteered to help with the chores, seeming very pleased that they would be alone until almost sunset, which was fairly late in the evening in June in Minnesota.

After lunch was over Lucy moaned, “I suppose we ought to do the chores next. Would you rather vacuum or clean out the fridge?”

“I’m still a little hungry, I bet I could clean out the fridge in no time!”

“No! You big dummy … you hafta take out all the food, scrub the shelves, then put back the good food, throw out the old, stale food, then you could wash the dishes…”

All the while Kevin was hunching over lower and lower as if she were putting sacks of cement on his shoulders. As her assignment seemed to get longer and longer he started to sing “Tote that barge, Lift that bale…” until she punched him in the arm.

“Don’t worry, I think I get the idea. I’ve had a mother all my life. I think I know what your Mom’d like to see.”

Lucy left the kitchen, laughing to herself, “I know what I want to see…” She was thinking about last night and how she hadn’t really gotten to see any of the “private parts” of Kevin’s body.

She started dusting the living room, and generally straightening up. The sun came beating on the front of the cabin after noon and the temperature began to rise. She was starting to sweat by the time she got out the vacuum.

Her mind had been toying with slightly obscene thoughts, so it wasn’t just the sun and the exertion causing her to saturate her T-shirt. She really wanted to go swimming again … with Kevin … naked. Now her jeans were getting soaked too. She wondered how she could be so sweaty “down there”.

How could she manipulate him back into the light as she had the night before, without making it clear that she just wanted to just stare at him. Last night it seemed so innocent and accidental. This seemed so calculated. So … BAD!

It wasn’t FAIR! He had gotten quite an eyeful last night, and he’d LIKED it! He SAID so! He said she … was BEAUTIFUL.

Oh oh … now she was really melting down. She was STEAMING! She was just going to go into that kitchen and DEMAND that he take off his clothes … RIGHT NOW!

By this time she’d vacuumed the carpet so violently that she was about to wear holes in it. Shutting off the vacuum and sitting down, she felt quite breathless. She was burning up! She went into her room and yanked off her top, mopping her streaming face with it. Oh GOD it was hot! She pulled off her jeans and panties noticing that the crotch was wringing wet.

She grabbed a clean beach towel from her dresser and wrapped it around herself. When she peeked into the living room, she could hear Kevin thumping around and making tuzla escort cleaning noises.

“Everything going all right in there?” she hollered.

“Yeah…but…” Kevin called back, “there aren’t any faucets on your sink. How do I wash things up?”

“The big red jug on the counter is fresh water. Heat some up on the stove and put it in the basin under the sink. Soap’s down there too.”

“OK!” he said sounding confident. She took the opportunity to scoot around the corner of the living room into the “bath room”. It was a room with an old fashioned bath tub, the kind that stood on little claw feet which clasped crystal balls, with a high backrest. There was a stand with a basin on it and a mirror on the wall.

She hung the towel up, then filled the basin from another plastic water jug in the corner and splashed some water on her face and soaked a washrag in the cool water to sponge off her sweaty breasts.

She stepped back onto the bath mat as she continued to bathe, down her belly to her already soggy pubic hair. She watched herself in the mirror trying to imagine how Kevin had seen her. Now that her focus was no longer on her problematic face, she began to see that she had a lot of good points … especially at the rosy tips of her breasts.

She had always liked her breasts, ever since they first developed. Not saggy or too flat, she twisted back and forth letting the light play on them, forming endlessly interesting patterns of shadows. She flexed various groups of muscles, raising and lowering her arms, pushing her breasts together and lifting them with her hands.

Suddenly she realized what she wanted to do. She dried off, a bit cooler now, brushed her teeth (in case Kevin wanted to kiss her again). She dumped out the basin into the tub drain, then tip-toed to the kitchen. She saw Kevin doing the dishes, he looked pretty sweaty also … hot, in both senses of the word. He was concentrating on a pan that had some really baked on food and never saw her, so she stood for a moment just watching him.

He was fairly tall, nicely muscled from all his outdoor activities, kind of sandy blonde hair, but she wanted to see what was under the baggy, battered jeans he wore. She figured the best way to satisfy that curiosity was to take control of the situation herself.

Glancing down at her body one last time she saw that the dim blue green light coming from the screen porch was lighting her back. This contrasted with the golden yellow light from the walls and cupboards of the kitchen lighting her front.

“A very nice effect,” she thought “let’s see what kind of effect it has.”

“Is there any KoolAid left?” she asked aloud. Kevin smiled, then glanced toward her to answer. His eyes popped wide open, his jaw dropped, he let out a “Whoof!” as if he’d been kicked in the gut.

“Oh, didn’t I tell you? I’m a part-time nudist.” Lucy said lightly, “I was born that way, you know?”

“Oooh…” he said shakily, “I’m … glad.” a smile slowly creeping over his face. “That seems … very sensible in this weather. Could you teach me to be a nudist too?”

Lucy felt a thrill of victory at having accomplished her goal. “Well … one must learn by example of course.”

“Of course, and a fine, fine example you are.” Kevin grinned broadly, still absently scrubbing the pan in the sink. Lucy walked straight toward him, pulled open the cupboard door to get a glass then reached into the refrigerator for the KoolAid pitcher.

“Hey! Nice job on the fridge! Did you defrost the freezer too?” she asked as she grabbed some ice for her drink. She was exercising all the will she could muster to pretend that life was just going on as it always had.

She sat at the kitchen table in such a way that he could see her if he turned his head, but she could stare at him all she wanted. “You know, one of the first rules of nudism is to be comfortable. If you’re going to be playing in the hot water like that, you really ought to shed a layer or so.”

Kevin make a strange, fast chuckling sound, then wiped his hands on the dish towel with a jerky motion. He seemed to be getting pretty nervous and Lucy feared that he was about to change his mind.

“Yeah! hehehe…that’s a good idea! Why don’t I go do that? I’m gonna go … shed a layer. I’ll just put my things in my room … okay? Then I’ll be right back.”

As he left the kitchen, Lucy was mystified. He was acting so unnatural, so nervous, something must be wrong. She decided that maybe it had been a bad idea. She got up and headed across the living room to his door thinking that she could apologize and let him off the hook.

When she got to his door she saw that it hadn’t closed all the way. As she peered through the three inch gap she could see Kevin sitting nude on his bed, wiping his crotch area with his now discarded underwear.

“Oh … I guess he gets sweaty down there too,” she thought, “maybe that’s why he was so nervous.” She slipped back into the kitchen so he wouldn’t think she’d been spying on him.

In pendik escort a few moments he walked into the kitchen, blushing a little and seeming awkward, but not as tense as he had been before. Lucy felt relieved for a second, then that feeling of butterflies came back as she took in the image she had been so eager to see.

His shoulders were broad, a fine layer of light hair across his chest. He was not the V shaped muscle man she had seen in magazines, but trim, toned and he looked strong. His biceps had a pleasing bulge to them, and his legs were long and quite well muscled. Where they met she saw, finally, that mysterious area that was always covered in the pictures. No fig leaf here! He seemed aware of her attention, but didn’t seem to mind. He seemed prepared to let “turnabout” be fair play.

She saw that tubular part, hanging neatly over what looked like a small bag with two pecans in it. “So THAT’S why they call them nuts.” she thought.

For now she resisted the urge to get close up, or try to touch him, she was already overloaded with sensations she’d never dealt with before.

“Now THIS is PROGRESS.” she thought, wondering what she could make him do next? Was he still her willing puppet? She spoke up …

“So … you done with those dishes yet? Mom’ll be back in about 7 hours, and you know how moms are.”

“Juss about done Mizz Lucy, den you be wantin’ me t’slop them hawgs, n’chop y’all up some firewood?”

She broke out laughing at that, telling him that their tasks were almost done and that they would have the hottest part of the day to take it easy. He went back to the dishes while she sipped her KoolAid and watched him.

The muscles in his back and arms rippled as he washed and dried the last of the dishes. She directed him as he began to put the clean dishes back where they belonged, but felt herself falling into the same kind of trance that Kevin had been in the night before. It was like watching a fire until the flames begin to look like images and you feel as if you’re dreaming.

She found herself drawn more and more to his buttocks, rounded but firm and smooth. She really wanted to touch them, though she’d never really thought about a man’s ass before. She knew that she’d never use the term “butt ugly” again.

Lucy wondered, “What can I do to make him turn around so I can see his … penis, prick, pecker, dong … whatchamacallit again… HA! I know what to do!” She grabbed the broom and started to sweep the kitchen floor. She swept as if she were dancing, making sure that her boobs jiggled, and turning so he could have a good look at all of her. “This’ll make him turn towards me and give me another glimpse of … that thing.”

At first he did just what she had hoped for, once again getting that stunned look on his face. But in a very short time he turned away, he appeared to be getting nervous again. He also seemed to be talking to himself.

Whisking the dust out the door, she slowly approached him from behind. Quietly getting closer she heard him saying, “Stop it, just cut it out, you’re messing up everything.”

“I’m sorry!” she said, “But … what did I do? How can I make it better?”

Kevin laughed, but with a note of sadness and frustration in his voice. He said over his shoulder, “You didn’t do ANYTHING wrong, you’ve been wonderful! THIS damn thing is my problem.”

He turned around and faced her, but it took her a moment to notice the thing that was the problem. His penis had swelled to three times the size she had seen before. It was flushed, almost red, and sticking out like a flag pole on the side of a building.

“Oh my GOD!” Lucy cried, “Is it all right? What can I do? Does it hurt?” she reached out to touch it, thinking that she should take it’s temperature. It looked feverish.

“NO! Don’t touch it!” Kevin shouted, making her jump back a foot. “I should have known this would happen, but it seemed like so much fun. I thought it would be okay after…” He sounded a little crazy, half laughing but on the verge of tears at the same time.

Now totally confused, and more than a little frightened, also a little let down that she was no longer in control of the situation, she decided the only way to find out what was going on was to ask.

“What’s wrong with it? Tell me the truth!” she stared him straight in the eye, letting him know that she wasn’t going away. She was going to help him get better no matter what it took.

He met her gaze, surprised at the determination she displayed, then realizing the absurdity of the situation he began to laugh loudly. Lucy really thought he’d lost his mind now, and she slapped him yelling, “Calm DOWN! Don’t get hysterical! We can fix this! Stay with me now, you’re going to be all right!”

At this he thought he would lose his mind. He began laughing so hard he fell to his knees nearly passing out, but he couldn’t stop. Lucy now had no idea what to do. His cock seemed to be getting better, the swelling was slowly going down, but the patient was out of control.

She was afraid that he was having some kind of fit and might faint or have convulsions. He seemed to be in pain, yet he actually seemed to be laughing at something funny, and that made her angry. She didn’t see anything funny about their situation, and if there was a joke she was missing, well … that just wasn’t fair.

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