Obsessed with BBC

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I’m not sure what started this obsession of mine. Somewhere over the past 10 years or so something changed me. I day dream of submitting to black cock almost constantly. If I’m lucky I have real dreams about sucking BBC.

The first time I had the privilege of sucking black cock was when I lived in Hawaii. Up to then I had sucked plenty of cock but would trade them all now for a superior black cock in my mouth.

I remember every detail of my experience with DJ. We met after I placed a personal ad on an alternative lifestyle website. My profile described me as a submissive sissy cocksucker that craved humiliation.

DJ replied to my ad and asked for my phone number. I remember being hesitant but did anyway. He called and we had a short conversation that ended with me giving him my address. He told me he was coming over and told me to wear some panties. I had several pair in my collection but settled on a tight black pair with pink lace. I put them on under my shorts and waited for him.

He arrived and let himself in the door. DJ was a bit younger and shorter avcılar escort than me but projected a dominance that made me quiver with excitement.

We made small talk for a few minutes then he asked to see my computer. He said he wanted read my profile again. I just stood silent as he read it out loud. It felt strangely humiliating to hear someone else reading it. When he finished he asked me if I was wearing the panties like asked. I slid my shorts down for him to see. He nodded approval and told me to turn around and show my ass. I remember him saying, “so you wanna be a bitch.”

He sat down in a chair and I submissively went to the floor next to him. He asked if I had ever tasted a black cock before. I told him I hadn’t. He pulled his out and told me to kiss it. I leaned in and put my lips to the tip. I kissed it but I couldn’t help taking the head of it in my mouth. Kneeling there, submissively at his feet I sucked his cock.

I started to take it deeper in my mouth, when it hit the back of my throat I gagged on it. avrupa yakası escort I reached up with my hands but he told me to get them down. I put them behind my back struggled to keep from choking myself. He laughed at my predicament and pushed on my head.

It was at that moment I became his bitch. He was my master and could use me as he pleased. I was overwhelmed but I sucked and submitted to him. He pushed my limits and ignored my struggle. I was hopeless to do anything but continue slobbering up and down on his thick black cock.

I was surprised when he told me to stop sucking, to stand up and turn around. He put his hands on my ass and gave it a few slaps. I hadn’t planned on getting ass fucked but he had different plans for me. I knew it was inevitable when he asked if I had condoms.

DJ put me face down and ass up on my living room floor. Thankfully I had lubed up when I went to get the condom. He pulled my panties down and started slapping my ass hard. Then I felt his cock against my asshole, it felt wonderful as it slowly bağcılar escort slid in my hole.

He fucked me and I pressed back against his thrusts. I clenched my anus on his cock to give him pleasure. I begged him to cum in my mouth, I wanted to taste him. He told me to call him “sweet daddy” and I did. My neighbors probably heard me but all I wanted to do is make DJ cum. I desperately wanted him to shoot his load in my mouth.

I’m not sure how long he pounded my ass but it was best ass fucking of my life. When he was ready he pulled out and had me crawl on the floor to a chair. He motioned for me to rest my head back on the seat. He stood over me and stroked his big black cock just inches from my face. I kept my mouth wide open and tongue out hoping to catch as much of his load as possible.

He came in buckets, all over my face and in my mouth. I reached down to play with my cock and he kicked my hand away. He told me wait until he was gone. He went to the bathroom to get cleaned up leaving me there, panties around my ankles and face painted with cum.

I managed to crawl over to my computer and start my web cam to take a picture of myself. Something to jerk off to after he left. He came out and saw me so I asked if he wouldn’t mind getting in the picture. I still have it – me with his beautiful black cock in my mouth, face covered with cum. I was addicted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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