Ode to Love

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He awakes with a start. An imperceptible tremor rocks the bed. Instinctively, he turns his head towards her.

She is splayed on her back, sheets and blankets balled up at her feet, her nightgown pulled up around her shoulders. Her breathing ragged. He watches her raise her hips and lovingly stroke the length of her glans. Her pleasure barely audible, her mouth open wide, she begins to flick her hooded lady with her thumb as she thrusts two fingers deep inside her pussy.

He adjusts his position, moving to face her. A broad smile crosses his face.

Her eyes flash open as she feels the bed move beneath her. She shoots him a look of uneasiness. He reaches out his hand, running it across her brow, gently pushing the dewey strands from her forehead.

“Go on.” He whispers.

She beams at him and returns to her private dance. Languorously, she moves one hand across the flat of her stomach and down to rest against the head of her mound. Bringing her finger up güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri along the length of her slit she works herself, moving her hand harder and faster against her pelvis. Her breaths catch as she continues and pushes her fingers deep inside her folds. She arches her head back and grabs hold of the edge of the mattress to brace herself. She furiously pounds her clit, teeth clenched, sweat gathering at her neck. She gasps for air, shudders, and lets out a tiny laugh.

Her movements slow down and then halt. She sits up on her elbows and reaches for the glass of water perched on her bedside table. One, two, three long gulps, a wipe of her damp brow as she prepares to continue.

He reaches out to touch her, his hand running down her back to her round ass cheeks. She is the embodiment of beauty. Daring and Cautious. Lissome and unbending. A paradox. Her beauty undoes him. His desire to hold her and consume her is insufferable.

She smiles güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri at him and wraps her pussy stained fingers around his hand. She meets his understanding gaze. She lifts her hand off of his. They are in concert in this end game.

She takes her fingers deep inside her mouth, lubricating them with her tongue. Closing her eyes she brings her fingers back to her pussy. Her lips are soaking. The slapping sound of her fingers meeting her lips fills the space between them. She rocks back and forth against her fingers, buried knuckle deep inside of her. Her thumb reaches towards her swollen nob and she flicks it, letting out a sharp moan with each tap.

He smiles in knowing. He knows of her pleasure and the tenor of her moans. He knows that before long, her orgasm will engulf her in a wall of flames. He grabs hold of his rigid cock. Stroking slowly, he watches her face contort, and nods as her guttural moan grows to a high pitch cry. güvenilir bahis şirketleri

Her orgasm is infinity. She lifts her hips as the first contraction shoots through her cunt. The contraction reverberates through her core and like the ripples of a stone skipping across the water, the contractions spread gracefully to her clitoris. Her cries keep her rooted in her bed. In her home. In her life with him. While her body soars and mingles with the sublime.

He watches as her orgasm consumes her. The abundance of her loosens his heart and he is unbounded.

She lies still.

She turns to face him, running her sticky hand over his cheek, down the center of his chest, following the hair in a line to his groin. She places her hand over his.

The two move their hands together up and down the length of his shaft. His fingers capture his precum. He runs his sticky finger across her knuckles. She slips her hand over his mushroom top head. He pulls her to him and presses his cock against her belly. She wraps her arms around his waist and drapes her legs across his thighs. He kisses her forehead. She nuzzles the tip of her nose against his chest.

They hold each other tight. The rhythm of their breaths in sync. Closing their eyes now, they settle back into slumber.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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