Office Fling

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Great editing by Babe4Dad!


Bill was an outsider and a new face in town. He had started working at i-Tech just a week ago and was on the lookout for hot women. It didn’t take long to find one. He spotted Gloria in accounting on day 3. He didn’t care that she was married. Her C-cup breasts and perfect ass made all of that irrelevant.

Gloria knew she was hot, enjoyed the attention she got, and wore high heels to showcase her curves. Bill wondered if she was serious or just a tease.

Bill didn’t know it but Gloria was casing him out too. Why not? He was young, handsome, and she always noticed when his eyes were on her breasts. Whenever she was on her way to his office to get an authorization signature, she unbuttoned an extra button on her blouse. It did not escape Bill’s notice that Gloria’s breasts were real . . . and spectacular!

Gloria had fucked a few men at the company – always older than her. Her husband was also 10 years older than her. But Bill, 13 years her junior, was very intriguing. She decided to seduce him and put in a phone call. When Bill answered his phone, it was immediately obvious that he was suffering from a terrible head cold.

“Hi Bill. This is Gloria from corporate accounting.”

“Hi Gloria. What can I do for you?”

“Bill, are you okay? You sound terrible.”

“I don’t feel nearly as bad as I sound.”

“I saw on the community board that it’s your birthday. I wanted to call just to wish you a happy birthday but now, I guess a ‘get well soon’ is in order.”

“Thanks, I am sure this will go away eventually.”

“Too bad, I was also going to come up to your office to give you a birthday kiss but I don’t want to catch whatever you’ve got!”

“You’re such a tease – don’t make me feel any worse.”

It was a crappy, persistent cold but Bill eventually got over it. He called Gloria a month later, on the same day of the month as his birthday.

“Hi Gloria. I’m a month older so this is like the month anniversary of my birthday.”

Gloria’s pulse quickened – Bill was interested! She told Bill that she might have something to file in the big walk-in vault behind his office later in the day if he was still going to be around.

“I’ll wait for you,” Bill said.

Gloria felt her nipples harden and warmth move into the area between her beautiful legs.

Gloria called back at 4. “Is this a convenient time for me to stop by?”

“Yes.” Bill hung up the phone and went to open the vault door.He was just finishing the combination when he heard Gloria in his office, calling out for him.

“Yes, I’m in the vault.”

He heard her heels clicking on the hardwood floor of his office as she walked toward the vault. Bill looked up as Gloria walked in.

“Hi, Bill. What are you doing back here?”

“Just looking over some of these old records. You know we have records in here going back more than 175 years. What is it that you need to put in here?”

Gloria put a pencil on a shelf. “That’s it?” Bill asked.

Gloria was dressed in a short skirt and a tight, white blouse with enough buttons undone to show off her wonderfully rounded breasts. Bill was sure one or two buttons must have been unbuttoned just before she walked into his office and he felt a little more blood rush into his hardening cock.

“Well, I really came to deliver your belated birthday kiss,” Gloria purred.

“That’s very nice of you to remember and save it for me all this time.”

Bill put one hand on Gloria’s lower back and she moved in to kiss his lips. At first, they shared a relatively proper kiss although it lasted longer than a birthday kiss should normally last. The longer it lasted, the more non-traditional the birthday kiss became.

Gloria was surprised at how good a kisser Bill was. No one she had kissed in her life had ever devoted such focus and attention to her lips. And Bill’s hand on her lower back exerted just the right amount of pressure to keep her close enough to feel the heat of his body. It was time to see how far she could take this kiss.

Gloria put out a tiny bit of tongue and Bill responded in kind. He also put his other hand on her other hip and pulled Gloria a little closer as he opened his mouth a little more. His mouth was immediately filled with Gloria’s tongue and Bill’s cock responded. Gloria sensed the growing hardness below Bill’s belt and it pleased her. Her pussy was getting damp and she knew her nipples were fully erect and hard. Bill moved a little so that Gloria would be sure to notice his hardening cock and she responded with a little movement of her own conveying her interest.

They kissed more and more passionately and soon Bill had to make an adjustment. He stepped back a half step “I need to fix something before it breaks”.

“I certainly wouldn’t want that to happen,” Gloria said. “I guess you really are enjoying your birthday kiss.”

“Absolutely,” Bill said; “and I hope you’re enjoying it as well.”

After Bill’s adjustment, they continued with istanbul escort another 10 minutes of very passionate kissing. Bill took a chance and moved his hand from the small of Gloria’s back down to her fabulous ass and pushed her lower mid-section into his hard package. Bill thought, We’re both married, kissing like teenagers. She can’t get too upset if I steal a feel of her fabulous ass.

Gloria pushed her pelvis into Bill’s groin area and said, “Yes, I am definitely getting moist.”

Bill couldn’t believe where this was going.

Gloria had not been with a lot of men. In spite of her sexy appearance, her sex life was completely vanilla. She married her husband when she was 19 and he was 29. She enjoyed being fucked by him but, of course, had nothing to compare it to yet. As she got older and her body grew more voluptuous, she attracted the attention of other men and gave in to those temptations a half dozen times. She found that sex with those other men was not much different from the sex she had with her husband. But this feeling in her pussy and her rock-hard nipples resulting from kissing Bill was somehow different. What IS this? she wondered.

Gloria’s comment that she “was moist” emboldened Bill to take things to a new level. He stepped back and put his hand on the front of Gloria’s skirt. “Hmmm, you’re warm,” he said. Of course, he really couldn’t feel anything, but putting his hand on her crotch was a bold move on his part and he loved doing it. He wanted to see what her reaction would be.

Gloria responded in kind. “Oh, you can’t tell from there,” Gloria said as she pulled the bottom of her skirt up another couple of inches.

Leaving one hand on Gloria’s ass – which she never objected to in any way – Bill moved his other hand to the bottom of Gloria’s skirt which she was lifting for him. Once Bill’s hand touched the inside of Gloria’s naked thigh, she moved her hand and let Bill continue. They started kissing again.

Bill’s hand reached Gloria’s bikini briefs after moving up just a couple more inches, and, yes, they were damp. Gloria responded by moving her legs apart as much as her tight skirt would allow. Bill’s thumb was at the top of her panties while his fingers were still exploring the dampness at the bottom.

Gloria had never experienced such a mutual seduction. While she had fucked a few men in her past, this level of kissing and touching was new to her – and she loved it. Other men just wanted to get their cock into her pussy as fast as possible. This was something else entirely.

Their kissing progressed to yet another level and Bill’s thumb hooked the top of Gloria’s panties. What the fuck, he thought, and in one motion moved his hand from the outside of her panty to the inside. Nothing had ever felt so good to Gloria as Bill’s warm hand directly on her pussy.

Gloria had a slightly furry, very wet pussy with a prominent clit. Bill moved his fingers down to Gloria’s pussy and once lubricated, moved his index and middle fingers up to her clit and began to massage it. She drove her tongue further into his mouth, and he responded by sucking her tongue out of her mouth and into his.

They kissed for another 10 to 15 minutes while Bill slowly massaged Gloria’s pussy until she came in his hand. He had to grab her under her ass when she did cum to steady her as her feet went a little wobbly. Gloria never broke contact with his lips, however.

Gloria had never experienced such an orgasm. If truth be told, having an orgasm was not a given in her sex life. It was so unfair, that such a fantastic body was not routinely brought to climax by her male partners. Of course, everyone who fucked her had a fantastic experience, but Bill was the first to focus his attention on providing her with pleasure.

“That was fantastic,” she said.

Bill withdrew his hand and sucked on his two fingers while looking deely into Gloria’s eyes. She straightened her skirt and began to move out of the vault.

As Gloria was unsteadily walking toward the door, Bill said that he would be a week older next week at the same time. Gloria winked at him and walked out.

On the walk back to her office, down two flights of stairs, Gloria could hardly believe what had just happened. She had an intense orgasm. The kisses were better than any she could recall. Bill’s finger moving inside her cunt were just fantastic. She couldn’t wait for next week. Bill went to the men’s room, masturbated and came in about two minutes.

Bill was a bit concerned for the next few days. Although he was not Gloria’s supervisor, her was her supervisor’s supervisor. But there were no repercussions at work and life went along until the following week when Gloria called Bill and asked if their 4 p.m. meeting was going on as scheduled.

Bill said, “Of course. I’m looking forward to it.”

“Me too,” Gloria said as her nipples hardened and her pussy got warm and wet.

15 minutes later, Gloria avcılar escort walked into Bill’s office and in one motion, closed and locked his office door. She had on a full skirt and pullover top. An additional cardigan sweater was strategically located over half of her breasts. The sweater concealed her nipples but when she moved it, they were hard and visible through her bra and top. Her skirt was longer than last week and not as tight –she was dressed for easy access.

Bill got up and came around from behind his desk. They met in the center of his office and immediately embraced. The kiss was even better than Gloria remembered. They kissed like school kids and Bill got rock hard immediately.. He was hoping that Gloria would reach for his cock and adjust it for him, but she kept her hands to herself. Bill was feeling her ass as Gloria rubbed her body against his hard cock. When Bill reached down to put his hand under Gloria’s skirt, he met with no resistance. Her response was to open her legs wider than last week since her full skirt allowed for more room. Gloria couldn’t wait to feel Bill’s hand on her pussy and she hoped that he would rub her cunt until she climaxed again.

Bill moved his hand right to the top of her bikini panties and immediately reached down to cup her wet pussy in his hand. As they kissed and sucked each other’s tongues, Bill rubbed and fingered Gloria to orgasm once again. It was even more intense than last week.

As Bill removed his hand from Gloria’s panties, she said, “Now I owe you two.” However, she did not reach for his cock or otherwise indicate how she intended to pay her debt. Gloria left his office in a semi trance. Her head was swimming. Her cunt was soaking wet. She had to stop in a lady’s room to clean herself and almost had another orgasm when she wiped her pussy. Bill again had to go to the men’s room to manually relieve his aching cock and balls. His orgasm was intense and his body shook as he shot rope after rope of cum into the toilet.

This activity continued for three more weeks. At one point, when Gloria called to confirm their meeting, Bill suggested that she stop in the lady’s room and put her panties in her pocketbook. Although Gloria didn’t answer, when she got to Bill’s office and he put his hand up her skirt, he was met by her naked pussy. This allowed him to more easily finger fuck her. He wanted to ask her to sit down in a chair so he could go down and eat her soaking pussy, but she gave no indication that she wanted to continue. She left as usual and he jerked himself off as usual. This is a great job, he thought.

Although Bill would have loved to have Gloria suck his cock and and have him cum in her mouth, he was more than happy playing with her pussy each week. Don’t press your luck he thought. Your fingering the nicest pussy in the company while running your hand all over her ass. Consider yourself lucky. And, she kisses like a school girl!

One day in the following week, Gloria came to Bill’s office with some actual business that needed attending to. As she walked into his office, she closed and locked the door.

Bill said, “I thought I just had to sign something, but this looks lik, uh, we’re having a private meeting.”

“No, you do have to sign something, but I thought it would be good to close and lock the door every time I have business in your office,” Gloria said.

“Good thinking,” Bill said.

Gloria wanted more from Bill but she had no idea where to take this arrangement. As Bill was signing some checks, Gloria said, “You’re so good with your hands, I bet you are also good in bed.”

“I hope I would not disappoint you,” Bill replied.

“Oh, I’m sure you wouldn’t. I would let you put your shoes under my bed any time. I would even open my legs very wide for you.”

Considering the fact that Gloria had never even touched his cock, he was surprised to hear this coming from her. But it had the expected effect on his body – his cock got hard to the point where caution was not the first thing on his mind.

Bill rolled his chair back and said, “I should give you a preview” as he loosened his belt, pulled down his zipper and extracted his fully erect cock from his trousers.

His cock stood straight up and about 5 ½ inches of it was sticking out of his pants. Bill liked showing off his cock and he had been waiting for an opportunity to offer it to Gloria.

Gloria stared straight at it and said, “It’s even better than I imagined.”

In fact, it was one of the nicest cocks Gloria had seen. Bill was circumcised, and the head of his cock was like a mushroom, only bigger. The sight of his cock excited her to no end.

“How long is it?” she gushed.

Bill opened his desk drawer and took out a 6-inch ruler. He opened his pants a bit more and pulled his underwear down below his balls. He put the ruler on top of his balls where his cock began, and his cock extended up beyond the end of the ruler. “Mmmmm, it must be 8 or 9 inches in total,” şirinevler escort Gloria said.

“I don’t know,” Bill said; “I never measured it before.”

Gloria now realized how small her husband was or perhaps he was average, and Bill just had an unusually large cock. Either way, she wanted to feel Bill’s cock in her wet cunt.

“You better put that away,” Gloria said. “I’ll see you later in the week.”

On Wednesday, Gloria once again came to Bill’s office for their weekly meeting and she left after experiencing another fantastic orgasm. She loved this, but she didn’t touch Bill’s cock at all, much to his dismay. Bill couldn’t figure her out. He decided that the next time she came to the office he was going to eat her pussy. Perhaps then, she would suck his cock for him. He was getting tired of masturbating each week when she left him without relief.

The following week, a day before their usual ‘meeting’, Bill’s private phone line rang. This was a phone that was linked directly to the outside without going through the company switchboard.

“Hi Bill, this is Gloria.”

“Why are you calling on my outside line?”

“I am at home and my husband is away until late tonight. Why don’t you to leave early and come over to my house?”

She gave Bill directions and said her car would be in the driveway to help him recognize the house.

“Just park in back of me and come up to the back door, near the driveway.”

Before lunch, Bill told his secretary that he had to go to the bank for a meeting and that he would go home from there. He drove to Gloria’s house with a hard-on.

When she opened the back door, she was wearing a short teddy. She led him to the sofa in the living room and sat down next to him. He could tell that she had nothing on under the teddy. Her nipples were just slightly visible through the diaphanous material. They were both shivering a little even though it was a warm day.

Bill started to kiss Gloria, knowing that he was going to finally get to play with her perfect breasts and eat her pussy and she might finally suck his cock. After all, she did “owe him” a number of orgasms. Gloria couldn’t wait to get naked and see Bill naked. She could think of nothing other than the size of his cock since she had seen it in his office. She kept the ruler on her desk where she could see and touch it all day long.

After just a minute of kissing, Gloria said, “Let’s go to the bedroom.”

She took his hand, led him down the hallway to her bedroom and promptly got onto the bed.

“Why don’t you get naked?” she said.

Bill did not need to be asked twice. Gloria watched intently as Bill removed his shirt and tie, his shoes and socks and finally his suit pants and then his underwear. His cock is just beautiful! she thought. Soon he was standing next to the bed, stark naked with his cock sticking straight up, touching his belly button. He climbed onto the bed and removed Gloria’s teddy so she was now naked as well.

They started kissing just as they did each week in the office. But now Bill could put his hands on her breasts – her naked breasts – and play with her nipples. Gloria ran her hands over his body but did not touch his cock. Bill went down and sucked on each of Gloria’s nipples so that they were hard and sticking out a good amount. He loved hard nipples and Gloria’s responded to his sucking and licking. Although a few men had kissed her breasts, Bill gave each breast a great deal of attention. He made love to her breasts! He rolled her nipples between his fingers and sucked each nipple deep into his mouth. She never realized how much pleasure she could experience from someone loving her tits. She just lay back against the pillows and let Bill have his way with her breasts – it was amazing!

Bill returned to Gloria’s waiting mouth and they kissed again. He sucked her tongue into his mouth and rubbed his tongue along her teeth. Gloria loved how he sucked on her tongue and her lips. Bill moved his hand down to her wet pussy and began to finger her just as he did each week in the office, but he had much greater access to her wet cunt today. Gloria hoped he would put a finger inside her as he had done many times in the office and she no sooner thought this than Bill was pushing his middle finger into her while massaging her hard clit with his thumb.

Gloria opened her legs a little wider and pushed her pussy into Bill’s hand. His hand felt so so good to her. Then Bill pushed a second finger into her – a first for Gloria. His two fingers moving inside her and the pressure he was putting on her clit had her cumming in no time. Bill prolonged her orgasm for a long time and her head collapsed onto the pillow. Bill took his hand out of her pussy and sucked on his fingers and then sucked on her nipples. Gloria could not imagine how much better this sex could get.

They kissed again more and more passionately, and Bill started to move down to eat her pussy. When he passed her tits, he sensed that Gloria did not know what he was doing. Could it be that no one has ever orally pleasured this woman? he thought. Would he be the first to suck on her clit and stick his tongue in her wet pussy? The thought got him more excited than he could imagine. His cock tingled and he just had to put his hand down and stroke himself a couple of times.

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