Oh My! Such Naughty Family Ch. 2

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Chapter 2: Daddy’s Dutifull Daughter!

The suburban home where Robert lived with his Mother was deep-set and secluded by heavy folage of trees. So the heated discussion I’d have with Robert would be private. I didn’t want his Mom, Aunt Monigue, to hear us fight. I liked Robert a lot, and I wouldn’t want him in any trouble.

But he had no right to take advantage of my dear Mother.

The cottage was very subdued as I entered the foyer, angered that Robert wasn’t home. I wanted to kiss Aunt Monigue hello, and question her of Robert’s whereabouts. It’s a good thing that he wasn’t home!

“Ohhh Monigue! Shit, I…I’m gonna cum!”

Aunt Monigue was in her housework attire and was on her knees. But she wasn’t cleaning!

There was Robert’s Mom, in the washroom sucking greedily on the thick girth of…my Grandfather’s cock!

She twisted her head from side to side, winding her mouth around his large meaty cock. And Grandad fed her his cock with lunges, his balls obviously set ablaze. She forced as much of him down her throat as she could, amazing me that only a couple of inches separated her nose and his hairy groin.

She was gagging at the huge cockhead, and then choking from his rumbling nutts as his cock exploded deep in her mouth.

“Ohh!” I wimpered, my cunt immediatly warming with sudden wetness. My shock and horror not yet realized as I stared at my first real blowjob.

Grandad stood fully dressed but his hard cock was sticking from its fly. He stood in awe and enjoyed his daughter’s milking maw, her tongue switching at the underside of his cock. She worked ardently to mouth the very root of the shaft, drinking his molten of fatherly seed at the same time.

She knows what she’s doing!, I thought. I never pictured Aunt Monigue…!

But sure enough, she began bobbing her head at istanbul rus escort his thick hard-on as if she was raise on nothing more than his cockjuice! Excitment beamed of her face with each bolt of his spurting cock.

My now leaking pussy was on fire as I watched Auntie gulp down his mature cock-slime in an horrid display of servitude. Her gagging and choking produced frothy bubbles of thick cummage around her stretched sucking lips.

“Unphff!” she gulped, popping her mouth from his heavy fuck organ. It was spent and hanging and shined oral secretions.

My handsome Grandad, 60yrs old, slumped back as his whole body shuddered violently with the aftermath of his climax. He wanted to tuck his trout back in his trousers but his daughter apparently adored it too much.

“I love you ‘Nigue’!, the best!” he told her. But as he spoke, she had re-attached her lips to his fat cockcrown, milking out the last drops. Then she would tongue his piss hole lovingly, coaxing out another trickle.

“I…I’m sorry dear, I have to go so soon”. He looked down at her with approval, caressing her thick mane of hair. She now kissed his crown several times before moving to his rubber-like stalk.

“Oh Daddy, your jizz is boiling hot! And such a bellyfull!” she enthusiasticly cried, between warm puckered kisses she planted along his shank.

“You deserve a gooood long fucking sweetie, but I have to go”, he seemed guilty.

“I want you to fuck me too Daddy, when you have time. You make me sooo hot!”, she smiled up at him. “But you know how I love eating your cum, so be sure to make time for me to suck you off, everyday for now on!”.

Aunt Monigue was now frenching her own Father’s mouth as he zipped up his pants.

“And don’t make me have to go find you at home, Mommie kadıköy escort might catch us” she said, seamingly a taunt.

Damn! I still had my hands under my skirt as I hid behind the door when Grandad hurried out. Auntie saw him to the door and waved with a promise…

“I’ll keep you very happy here Daddy, so you can keep away from your slutty little daughter-in-laws”, she winked and shut the door.

********** Later that night my cousins picked me up from home. Chad and Khalee were Uncle Colt’s children, though both were grown having graduated from college. We partied in their pool house, the only place that I illegally drink. We had a fun time but I was distant, having the wild images of sex the past two days. I couldn’t confide in them because they were such the perfect family I thought. But the more I drank, the more I hinted.

“You’re not crazy kiddo”, Chad comforted me. “Sometimes things happen. I mean Robert is a horny guy at that age, why wouldn’t he look at your Mom that way. I am suprised he hasn’t tried anything yet”.

“Yeah Lovett, and Aunt Monigue is very sexy!” added Khalee, as she stroked my thigh. “I bet both our Daddys wish they could have her, she’s even prettier than our Moms!”

“You should know Khay’, after what she tried with you”, Chad said.

“What!?” I blurted, hoping not to sound too curious. After all, I had not told them the whole story of either incident.

“Show Lov’ where she touches you Khay’…and don’t pretend you don’t like it!” Chad insisted.

“Chad!…I told you not to…damn! Well, Lovett, she buys me clothes and…then I go there to try them on. I mean they are always too small and…see…”

Chad and Khalee handled me in my intoxicated state, standing me up to face Khalee. I wasn’t very drunk but my reactions were kartal escort a bit slow. Chad was pulling my clothes very taut from behind for effect of his sister’s claims.

“…and then she holds me right here and say ‘Its not too small honey, if you where in my house'”. And Khay’ mimmicked Aunt Monigue by palming the underside of my braless tits and squeezing them.

Soon my nipples were poking at my shirt when she removed her hands. I felt weak all of a sudden and defensless, but this was only a demonstration. But then they focussed lower.

“‘My my honey, you are certainly growing into a lovely young woman’, she sais”. Khalee now caressed the curves of my girlish hips, the top of my thighs.

“Ulmp”, I thought Khalee swallowed, as she looked into her brother’s eyes. And she looked at the tight ‘V’ of my hips that was grossly defined by Chad’s hold on my sweat pants. Before I knew it, I felt wickedly on display when her gaze grew still and her breaths seemed short.

But before I could tear away…

“Then she say ‘I didn’t know you were so full here…’ Her hand touched me here Lov'”, Khalee voice lowered.

She had her hands right on my pussy, staring in my eyes for response. She hoped that my cunt would wake before my liquor fixed mind would. And it did!

Khalee was stunning in beauty, sexy and convincing. Many times as children I’d follow her lead into trouble. And now the thought that our flawlessly beautifull Aunt was groping her body had my mind spinning. Why not me! Does Auntie thinks I’m pretty?

And what about Robert? He’d find me exposed many times but seemed more turned-on by Mother?

I sort of felt left out now, and needed to be admired by someone in the family, strange as it was.

Chad’s tall muscular body was so close now that I felt his sweet breath at the back of my ear. His manly strength held me immobile. My neck was warmed by his sister’s exited breaths as her body came up to mine, her hand nearly clutching my little cunt! I was getting all of the admiration that I could handle!

But even had I not wanted it, my mind was floating and my pussy?…It was wet as hell.

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