One Night with Catalina

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Catalina was a strange girl, on a strange night, at a strange time in my life.

I had gone back to university with a promise of accommodation, the promise evaporated and I was homeless!

I rang around and found a backpackers hostel I could stop in for the night.

I arrived and booked in, I was in the only bed left! A triple room, 3 single beds, with 2 Canadian girls, Catalina and Jenni, Both of them were ‘doing Europe’ and were working as chamber maids in local hotels.

A group of people from the hostel went out to the pub that night. Catalina joined us when she finished shift, which was about 9.30pm. She came in, was introduced to me as her new temporary roommate, she sat down and started talking to me, I got her a drink and the conversation flowed. Catalina was not my usual type, she was very tall – legs to her armpits in fact! She had blonde curly – almost frizzy hair and acted blonde to go with it, a bit ditzy and giggly. She was very, very pretty though, and once we got talking she was not as dumb as she seemed.

As I said, it was a strange night. I was not deliberately trying to put a move on her but everything she said was a come on, and every response I made was coming on. It was like watching someone else seducing her, she was guiding me through seducing her, all I had to do was make the right responses, she was prompting me all the way into her knickers.

It was obvious what was happening and I went with it. We left about 11pm and went back to the hostel. We continued to make small talk, she explained she had a boyfriend in Canada, and I admitted pendik escort to having a girlfriend, but I also explained that we are very open with sex because we are so far apart so often.

She smiled, and whispered, “I’m quite nervous, I don’t make a habit of doing this but it just feels right… I’ll pretend that you’re Jean, you pretend I’m Sarah” and that was what we agreed.

The hostel was virtually empty when we got in and we went straight to our room. We stood in the square in the middle of the 3 beds and embraced.

I whispered to her “what about Jenni?”

She simply replied “Nights… we’d better make sure we are in our own beds by 6am!”

We undressed each other stood up, she was very impressed as I kissed her and massaged her back with one hand, the other undoing her blouse. She was surprised to find herself completely topless without even realising I’d done it,

she muttered “damn your good” and went back to kissing me.

We moved almost subconsciously to her bed, i shelled off my clothes as we took the few steps. I lowered her onto the bed and she led on her back, her head dangling over the edge of the bed. She took my dick into her mouth and began to gently but firmly caress it with her mouth, as she did so she reached into the bag that she’d put down on her bed, pulling out a condom. She drew her mouth back to the end of my dick and put the condom in her mouth. I’d seen this trick done in a porn film! She closed her eyes and looked as if she was concentrating 200% as she held my member at the base and kartal escort slid it halfway back into her mouth. Her tongue performed soft and incredible gymnastics and I hardly felt the condom slide on. It was magical as my dick sank to its base into her throat, and came out sheathed in a red featherlite condom.

Cat, as she’d asked me to call her, slid away from me across the bed, slipping me out of her mouth, but beckoning to me to follow her. I led down next to her and she spread her legs. I took my time; I wasn’t going to waste a girl this good. I kissed her and asked her to shut her eyes, she did. I slowly, very slowly kissed my way down her body, massaging her breasts with one hand, and holding myself up with the other, she was responding, arching her body to meet my mouth. I kissed her all the way down to the insides of her long, creamy silk smooth thighs. I could smell her arousal as I kissed back up to pubic area; she was shaved between her legs, but had a short bush of hair on her pubic mound and it was easy to coax her legs apart with just gentle pressure on her knees. I ran my tongue up her lips and I was able to taste her juices as they seeped from her opening.

My actions were deliberately slow and I could feel her urgency as she ran her fingers through my hair, holding the back of my head and forcing me down onto her. I tried my best to use my own pace, but Catalina had other ideas and was moaning at me to speed up and slow down to her wishes, she was directing me by pressuring the back of my head in the appropriate directions. maltepe escort Once she took control there was no stopping her and she had directed me into giving her 3 orgasms in a very short space of time. That is not my usual style; I prefer to hold girls right on the edge for as long as possible before tipping them over.

Once she’d cum a few times Cat was ready for the main event, she drew me up her body gently, tugging on my hair. I reached down and held my cock, sliding it up and down her slit before sinking deep into her. Cat arched and moaned, thrusting her breasts into my face. I had in mind to keep this going for ages, but again cat had very definite other ideas and almost tried to fuck me from underneath, bucking her hips hard to meet me, it was quickly obvious that I was going to have to play her game. I pulled out and she howled in disapproval,

I grunted ‘knees’ to her and, like her name, she rolled over, stretched then slid up onto her knees looking amazingly feminine but also incredibly feline!

I got onto one knee on the bed in a porno half-squat and went for her, I fucked her like harder and faster than I’d ever fucked before, she was a wild one, grinding her pelvis back against me hard. Her internal spasms were becoming so intense it was starting to hurt, she was clamping down with her cunt wildly and I had to settle for jamming it into her in tiny short thrusts, I could take very little of that and shot into the condom and she came seconds later, collapsing away from me onto the bed, the light of a street lamp illuminated her sweating, heaving body in a warm orange glow.

I lay down next to her and she whispered ‘thank you’.

Catalina and I never got the opportunity to repeat that night, although we did ‘go out’ a few times. She still sends me emails and christmas cards from Canada, and I know she’ll read this story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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