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I had been off the market for over 36 years. Sex only with my wife was the rule but when she passed away I tried to make up for my dull sex life by joining an online dating service.

I joined for several reasons not the least of which was the desire to fuck a hot body and experience receiving Oral sex for the first time.

I was fortunate enough to date nearly 25 gals in the first 60 days I was online but unfortunately most misrepresented themselves, lying about their age or weight or in some cases posting pictures that were 20 years old. I most likely could have had sex with most of them but I was holding out for a hottie. My buddy Jim works for a computer company and uses online dating services often. He’s much younger than I am and has sex with over a 100 women in the last two years he been dating girls he finds online. He had sex with most of them on the first or second date.

My first conquest was Michelle a 3 time divorcee with a hot body sporting 36 C or D breasts which I’m pretty sure were surgically augmented. She proved to be a challenge but after 3 weeks halkalı escort I convinced to go to my back woods cabin. I figured I could seduce her fairly easily but the wine and the dancing was only partially successful on the first night. She insisted on sleeping in another room. I tucked her in and we kissed. In a few minutes I was playing with her nipples so far so good. I reached under the blanket and started playing with her clit. I had an enormous erection but she suddenly said ” Stop” being a gentleman I complied with her request and went to my room to sleep it off.

Day 2 started with me making her breakfast and going to play tennis with her. We then went to the lake for a swim she was wearing a revealing swimsuit. Her huge breasts and stiff nipples made me hard but I played cool. After dinner we retreated to the hot tub for more wine and relaxation. Later that evening we danced and I maneuvered her towards my bedroom. She resisted a little but I knew she wanted me.

We lay on the bed taksim escort kissing and I managed to remove her bra. I played with her breasts and eventually her pussy which to my surprise was shaved. After finger fucking her for awhile I managed to remove her dress and panties. I immediately started eating her pussy. She went wild and had a violent orgasm. She started stroking my cock and guided me into the tightest pussy I had ever had (based on a sample of 2). For whatever reason, quilt I presume I could not cum. I quickly jumped out of bed and retrieved a vibrator and started using it on her cunt. She protested at first but soon started to really enjoy it.

She soon pushed me down and started sucking my cock. I was really my first blowjob and I really enjoyed it cumming in her mouth after 30 minutes.

The next morning I received a quickie blowjob from her. By afternoon she turned nasty and I knew she was a nutcase and decided it would never work.

Still I wanted to keep her as a fuck buddy but never got in her pants şişli escort again so I decided to move on.

I dated a few more ladies but none turned me on until I met Linda online. She was an extremely hot lady with 36D breasts and when I first saw her I said to myself “that’s the one don’t blow it”. We talked for over an hour about a project she was working on which made her miss her next online encounter of the day. I asked out to dinner the next evening and managed to sneak in a kiss. We met again the next day for some cycling and the settled in to watch a movie. I had been working out a lot so my body was fairly muscular. As we kissed she asked me to take off my shirt. I told her you too and we soon ended up in bed kissing. She had asked me and I had told her about my encounter with Michelle. I soon was eating her pussy, we fucked and she sucked me off swallowing my load. Later I learned that she was not going to be out done by Michelle.

Well I ended up marrying her and in the last five years we have had sex 2500 times including 1345 blowjobs. My previous story about Linda in Hawaii with 3 guys is only a small part of her wild sex life.

Every night she either tells me about her past sexual experiences or reads me a Literotica story while she strokes my cock with her vibrator in her cunt or ass. I usually get a blowjob then fuck her silly.

This story and the “Hawaii 3 guys and a gal” are true.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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