Our First Meeting…

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The door opens and you are standing there. Your coat done up, cleavage showing through the top of your zip. My eyes follow your body down, a short skirt peeking from underneath. Your long legs, dark from your holds up are atop your pair of suede boots. You give the hint of a smile and I feel my heart begin to thump. Without saying a word, you turn on your heel and walk away, the implication clear that I should follow you.

I step inside and close the door, not taking my eyes of this stunning sexual woman in front of me, the bottom of your cheeks showing as you walk. I follow you, savoring the vision into your bedroom. You let me walk past and you stand there and stare at me through those eyes full of desire. You walk over to me, my heart going so fast I can hear it in my ears.

Stepping towards, you lift your arms and put them around my neck as my hands come up to your waist and we pull each other closer. Heady from the smell of your perfume, our lips touch, barely a graze, but enough to cause a spark. Softly, we kiss. Your tongue flicking out at my lips, encouraging me to to do the same back and our lips lock. A long, deep, lingering kiss, full of passion, as though we had never kissed before, your fingers caressing the back of my head as my hands slide around to the small of your back. Our bodies press against each other, before you suddenly stop and pull back, our breathing loud in the quite room.

You bring a hand up to my shirt and begin to unbutton it. its fiddly, so you rip it open exposing my chest. Your fingernails trace down my torso, making me shiver with anticipation before removing my shirt. You undo your coat, exposing your beautiful firm breasts, your skin almost glowing. Biting your lips, you let it fall to the floor before reaching behind you to undo your skirt. I have trouble holding back, but I know you are doing this, showing me your sensual, erotic side. Slowly stripping until you are wearing nothing but your holds up and boots. You step forward to undo my belt, my trousers bulging because of the incredible electric sexuality crackling between us.

You squat down in front of me, pulling my trousers down and over my feet, taking my shoes and socks off until I am naked in front of you. You run your hands over my strong legs, your fingers tracing up the back of my thighs, making me twitch. Looking up at me, you hold onto my bum anadolu yakası escort cheeks, your nails digging in as you lick your lips. Your full red lips open and you take the tip of my head between them, kissing it, leaving traces of lipstick on it. Your mouth opens wider, your tongue teasing the eye and making my helmet shine, before you slide your mouth all the way down, clamping onto my shaft and sucking hard. You moan as your eyes close and your hands pull me in, your lips sliding up my thick veiny shaft, feeling every little piece with the tip of your tongue.

Just as you get to the tip of my erection, you dip your head again all the way back down. You suck harder, your tongue driving me crazy, making me sigh and moan. I put one hand on the back of your head, my fingers wrapping in your hair as you go wild, slurping noisily , spit running down your chin and my erection, over my balls. The sensation is incredible and I start to pulse. You bring one hand around and cup my swollen testicles, squeezing gently, encouraging the cum from them. I cant hold anymore, reaching behind i put my other hand on yours, still holding my cheeks and i explode, crying out “oh fuck, yes angel, yes”. You moan loudly with pleasure as I shoot my first load into your willing mouth, my hand gripping your hair tightly whilst I spurt again and again, until i cant anymore.

Panting, i look down at you and grin broadly. You look back, my head popping out of your mouth before licking the length of me, making sure not to miss a drop. Wiping your lips with a finger, you suck it clean before kneeling up and placing your hand on my sternum, you push me back onto the bed…

I fall back and you leap up and pounce on me, grabbing my wrists and sitting astride me. I can feel the heat from between your legs on my stomach as you lean down to kiss me. I suddenly sit up and push you over so you are laying on the bed, our roles reversed. my fingers entwine in yours and I hook my feet between your thighs, pulling them apart. I kiss you passionately and although you are beneath me, you kiss back with equal eagerness, I taste myself on your lips, your lipstick smeared and your mascara running as we lose ourselves in the lustful embrace.

My lips trail down your neck, nibbling softly whilst I work my way down over every delicious inch of your ataşehir escort hot, wanton body. I kiss your skin, your breasts, your ripe pert nipples reacting to my tongue flicking over them, raising them up so easily.

My fingers glide down your arms as my head moves down, licking your belly button, my fingers tenderly teasing the side of your body, making you shudder. I bring my hands around your hips and down to your inner thighs, pushing your legs even wider, opening yourself, offering your glistening lips and prominant bud. My lips brush them, slowly from top to bottom, my arms now wrapped around your legs, my thumbs exposing your bright pink clit for my attention.

As I kiss it, you bring a hand to the back of my shaven head and gently pull it in. My tongue penetrates your sweet lips and I can taste you properly, delving deeply into your juicy cave. My nose presses hard onto your bud as my tongue devours you, making you squirm underneath and soft gasps escape your mouth as I find the spot, the point inside that will trigger the first of many orgasms. Your gasps turn into panting as my tongue hits the spot again and again, your hips gyrating against my eager tongue. I bring my hands up over your skin, with tingles with the feeling, to your breasts. Squeezing the gently as my tongue licks faster, I pinch your nipples, already proud and craving more. Your moaning increases, my tongue working faster until you cross the threshold and releases the building climax.

Crying out as you cum, your legs suddenly wrap around my head, clamping it in the spot where I can collect every drop of sweet, sticky nectar from your pulsating quim, your hips pushed up trying to get me even deeper. Both of your hands are forcefully keeping my head between your thighs as every pulse makes you entire body shudder before collapsing back onto the bed, your eyes wild, the largest, wickedest grin spread across your glowing gorgeous face. Releasing my head, you lay there in the afterglow, smiling. As you look down at me, you watch as I clean every drop of your juices from your delectable pussy. I look up and you say one word. “fuck…”

My hands slide down your silken legs, my fingertips teasing the skin underneath, down your thighs and calfs before lightly gripping your ankles. I bring your legs up slowly, your sweet grin still on your contented ümraniye escort face as you absently twirl your hair with two fingers. I rest the back of your legs against my torso and run my fingers up and down them. You can feel me becomes aroused again and you deliberately wriggle your bum against me to encourage the growing erection you are giving me. It doesnt take long for you to feel it, so holding your ankles, i spread your legs apart, kissing them from your feet down as you reach between your legs and take my firm thick shaft in your hand, stroking slowly.

I lean forward to kiss you, unable to resist your soft pouty lips and once again, our tongues dance wildly with each other, teeth nipping the others lips, the remains of your lipstick now across my lips. still holding my hot erection, you rub the head along your lips. They are so wet, so hot and sticky, so greedy, that I slip inside with ease, your eyes closing and head tipping back as my length enters you slowly. Once I am in, you grip me tight, enjoying the feeling of having your willing lover inside you.

I bring a hand behind your head as we begin to make gentle, passionate love, my other hand running softly down your spine, before I cup one of your buttocks holding you tightly against my skin. you bring a leg up and hook it around my waist, our hips moving in synch, a regular, powerful motion that will only end in one way. Your neck is delightful and I have to kiss it, yours hands roving over my back, my smooth scalp and my firm buttocks as my lips explore your neck, your chest, your magnificent breasts.

Our bodies starting to shine with sweat from the sheer raw lust as our movements get more and more. The feeling of your tight quim, your wet pussy as i slide back and forth, almost all the way out, followed by a long thrust forward, I pulse as I am buried inside you. Our hands explore, grab, scratch each other as the passion climbs, our kissing, more urgent than before stops as we stare into each others eyes, so close, almost daring each other to cum first, neither of us wanting to but both of us needing to. A game of dare that we both loose, because it happens.

We click and simultaneously, all inhibitions, restraints and frustrations are released out as our juices mingle in an explosion of mutual climaxing. My muscles tense and I almost stop breathing as the sheer exquisite joy of seeing you cum once again takes over. We collapse, breathing hard, smiling, almost giggling as we gaze into each others eyes and recover from the shared moments we’ve just enjoyed that belong only to us. Your smile has not faltered and neither has mine. You lean forward to give me a small kiss, then you say “hi…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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