Our Very First Time

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Do you remember our first time together? You were 20 and I was 19, it was winter 1979. We drove a couple of hours up to Northern Virginia on a Friday for the weekend and we stayed at my grandparents’ house.

I don’t remember exactly what we did Friday afternoon, but I sure do remember that Friday night! We had dinner with my grandparents and spent most the evening just talking. You were to sleep in the basement family room on the couch and I was staying in my grandparents’ guest bedroom upstairs on the second floor.

After my grandparents finally called it a night, we went down to the basement for some quality alone time. I remember that I was dressed nicely, I had on a short black skirt, a nice soft cream colored button-up blouse with a vest that matched my skirt and of course my sexy red “fuck me” high heel pumps – I looked hot; you were wearing jeans and a dark shirt and your athletic body looked very sexy.

We sat on the couch watching TV. The lights were low and we began to kiss. As things moved forward, I excused myself to go to the bathroom to touch up my red lipstick. I decided to take off my bra – it would just get in the way – removed the vest and unbuttoned the top three buttons of my blouse. I looked in the mirror – I was fucking hot! I walked out knowing that I smelled sexy and wonderful as I had freshened up my Chanel perfume. I sprayed it on all the normal places on my body, wrists, neck, between my breasts, but on a whim, and just for fun, I sprayed some around my pussy.

Even though I was not a virgin – my first and only sex was a drunken quickie with a guy in a car and it was not memorable – I was very, very inexperienced when it came to sex, but I had some very hopeful and naughty expectations for what was to come. I was very nervous but uninhibited and determined.

I took a deep breath and walked into the room as sexy and seductively as I could. I came up to you and straddled your lap and I kissed you hard grinding into you. We began to make out on the couch. We were pretty new to dating each other and were very much into kissing hot, heavy and passionately. We had done some light petting during past couple of weeks with some hot make out sessions in your car and at my house, but for the most part our clothes had remained on.

You began to unbuttoned my blouse and your hand stroked my face as our lips touched lightly. As we began to kiss harder, our tongues slowly tangling in what in my mind was a highly erotic french kiss, you opened up my blouse exposing my breasts. “Oh my,” I thought, just knowing we were going to end up naked. You softly kissed my neck and moved down to kiss my bare breasts. “Yes! Suck my tits!” I screamed in my mind as I sighed grabbed your head and pushed my breasts into your face – I really wanted to say it to you, but I could not bring myself to do it. I was breathing heavily anadolu yakası escort and moaning softly as you caressed me, kissing my firm tits, licking and lightly nibbling on my hard nipples as I pushed you back on the couch grinding on your package through your jeans as I kissed you passionately. We rolled on our sides facing each other, kissing and touching.

I found my hand busy rubbing your hard bulge through your jeans. All I could think of was how I just wanted to pull it out and suck on it! I had never given a blowjob before and I began to fantasize what it would be like to get on my knees, lick your balls and go down on your cock! I wanted to suck and kiss it and then have you cum all over my face and lips. “I want to suck your cock so bad, Steve,” I imagined saying to you as I rubbed you while you kissed me and fondled my tits. I just couldn’t bring myself to actually say it. My desire made me moan and that really turned you on.

We were going at only for a short while when you slid your hand away from touching my breasts, your fingers caressing down my belly and along my scar… you pulled my skirt up and lightly stroked my inner thigh, you lightly touched my pussy through my panties and then you slid your hand down into my panties. You rubbed me for a bit and I gasped at how nice and exciting it felt as you finally slipped your finger into my very hot, very wet pussy. I almost asked, “Do you love how wet my pussy is?” but I again chickened out.

I had been finger fucked before, but this time I really got into it. I began to ride your finger, imagining in my mind I was riding your cock. This and my moans of pleasure excited you, but I wanted even more. I was getting very excited as well; my mind was racing with wild, naughty thoughts. As we kissed and touched, I kept thinking about how badly I wanted to suck your cock and I would make my move. I wanted to go for it but for some reason I held back. I was just shy – after all I had never sucked cock before!

My panties and the way I was moving were making it hard for you to rub my pussy and finger me, so you slid them down my legs some. I was getting extremely turned on! I was making quiet sounds of pleasure as we groped each other and kissed madly. I grabbed at your jeans and excitedly unbuttoned and unzipped them so I could get at your hot, hard, throbbing cock! I thought this was going to be it – I would finally feel hard cock between my lips and in my mouth!

I reached into your boxers, grabbed and stroked your hard-on and touched the head and felt a little bit of cum oozing out, oh my! I wanted to taste it! Your fingers were busy with my pussy and I was so wet riding your finger. As we were laying on our sides kissing, I began to pull down your jeans and underwear; just when I thought I was going to finally get your ataşehir escort cock in my mouth I made a slight mistake by reaching down, pulling my panties off throwing them on the floor. I think if I had left my panties on, I would have gone on my knees and sucked your cock right then and there! But you had other things in mind.

We were kissing and moaning. Our kissing and touching was intense, hot and sexy. I started to wonder what it would be like to get my pussy licked and feel your tongue inside me. I thought about sitting on your face. I was fully exposed. Too much was happening too quickly and due to my lack of experience, I just couldn’t decide what I wanted to do next, to suck your cock or for you to lick my pussy! You were in control; my hot body was yours for the taking.

We were both breathless, neither of us said a word but we both knew we were going to fuck. My bare pussy was more than ready. You still had your shirt on and your jeans were pushed down around your ankles stuck above your shoes when you rolled on top of me. I was trembling in anticipation. I thought, “Oh yes, yes, fuck me Steve.” I wanted to scream at you to “shove that hard cock in my pussy and fuck me hard!” I really wanted to talk dirty to you, but I just could not bring myself to do it!

It was dark and you were really hard and super aroused. I finally got up the nerve to say somewhat meekly, “Fuck me, Steve,” in between our hot kisses. You said something like “yes, yes” as you pushed my skirt up above my hips. “Please, please fuck me,” I begged softly and a little more urgently as I spread my legs. You were kissing me intensely, moaning excitedly and I thought you would lose it before we ever got started.

Things were starting to get really intense and urgent. I could see the passionate lust in your eyes. My mind was racing and my heart was pounding. I was going to get fucked! I was going to get fucked! I felt your hard cock excitedly and repeatedly pushing and sliding between my pussy lips but not penetrating. I wanted get fucked so bad and I thought to myself “just shove that fucking cock in me Steve and fuck me hard!” You were moaning and still having difficulty getting inside me – you were overly excited, clumsy with poor aim, I guess . I was getting very frustrated so I reached down and helped you out by grabbing your hard cock and pulling you inside my hot wet pussy. “Yes! Yes!” I thought, “Oh Steve! Fuck me!” I whispered in your ear.

Your cock felt wonderful slowly sliding into my dripping but tight pussy. I felt a warm wet erotic ache as my pussy squeezed around your thrusting shaft. I reached up and grabbed my the heels of my red pumps with my hands, pushing my thighs and calves farther apart with my arms and then spreading my legs straight, my sexy “fuck me” red heels pointing to the ceiling, and your ümraniye escort hot muscular body on top of me pounding my luscious pussy. I could feel you penetrating me hard and deep. You began grunting as you fiercely rammed your cock into me. I really, really wanted to talk dirty to you but all I could do was moan in pleasure, in my mind I was telling you all sorts of naughty things, “Fuck me! I love your hard cock! Fuck my pussy! Give it to me, Steve! Do you love how my pussy feels on your cock? Fuck me harder! Oh fuck! Cum for me. Fill my pussy!”

I could feel how hard and thick you were as you fucked me. I grabbed your ass with both my hands cupping your butt cheeks and pulling you on to me as hard as I could. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!” I think I heard myself saying to rhythm of your thrusts. Your cock pounded me faster and faster. I loved it! I loved getting fucked! I thought to myself that this was sooo much better than the other time. My body was tingling and on fire, “Uh, uh, uh, fuck, oh fuck, uh” I moaned every time you slammed into me. Finally, I found my voice, “Fuck Me! Fuck me Steve! Fuck my pussy!” I was so turned on that I decided right then I was going scream for you to fuck me like a dirty little slut. Just as I was about to really, really get into it, I felt your cock explode and you moaned loudly as I felt your hot cum fill my pussy. My first thought was “oh no, too soon, not yet! I didn’t get to cum!” Talk about stamina – Not! But I knew how excited you were and I felt so fucking awesome! You pumped me a few more times slowly and I felt your warm cum start to drip out of me as your cock slid out. You rested heavily on my body and then I smiled and tightly wrapped my arms and legs around you I grabbed your face and kissed you sweetly.

You laid on top of me for a bit, holding me close, your pants down by your ankles, my blouse undone, my skirt hiked up to my belly button and my legs and arms wrapped around you. We kissed some more, we said very little… After a little bit, I quietly picked up my panties and headed up to my bedroom for the night. As I went up the steps, I looked over the railing at you and smiled before running up the stairs.

Up in my room I quickly hopped into bed. I was very flushed and a little sweaty. I touched myself and felt your still very warm cum in my pussy. I tasted it, yum … when I was finished licking my finger, I rubbed more of your cum on my clit. My body was still aroused and I was still thinking about what had just happened as I shut my eyes and began and finger my cum filled pussy and rub your seed on my clit. It did not take me long to finally cum… WOW!

I do not really remember what we did the next day, but I do remember that we fucked all Saturday night in my grandparents’ basement! We tried so many different things. I finally sucked your cock and loved how excited you were when I asked you to cum on my pretty face! I got my pussy licked for the very first time too and I had my first orgasm with a guy! The second time, I got on top and rode your cock long and hard and put you away wet! The third time we fucked, I finally got the courage to really, really talk dirty! It was so hot!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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