Over Fifties Fun – Finale

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Over Fifties Fun – Finale
Jane arrived in the middle of the afternoon, full of excitement, wanting to tell Vera of the wonderful night she’d had with Lee.

“He’s so sweet V,” she said, as soon as they had poured some wine. They were walking through to the lounge when Jane stopped. “Why don’t we take these drinks up to bed, we can get ourselves worked up ready for tonight.”

Vera was quite happy with the suggestion, she had been horny all day, dreaming of Barry. Once in the bedroom, they quickly undressed and got into bed. Jane leaned over and kissed her, fondling Vera’s breasts, then tracing her fingers down to her pussy.

“God you’re wet,” she said as her fingers parted Vera’s labia. “Have you been playing with yourself?”

Vera pushed Jane back, rolling on top of her then sliding down, kissing Jane’s breasts, sucking her nipples, then moving down, kissing her way down to her friends vagina where she sought out Jane’s clitoris, sucking and nibbling it.

“Jesus you’re hot today,” Jane sighed as the first wave of pleasure surged up from her cunt.

“Mmmmm,” Vera replied as she continued to suck on Jane’s clit, sliding two fingers into her cunt.

“Hey, slow down,” Jane giggled as she managed to swivel her way round so that she could get her head between Vera’s thighs, both women in the classic 69 position.

Talking was over for now as both women concentrated on working on each other. Vera was the first to work two fingers into her friends bum hole, Jane giving a deep sigh of pleasure before doing the same to Vera.

There was little finesse to their lovemaking, mainly due to Vera, she was far too wound up to want to take her time. Her fingers worked furiously in her friends bum while she sucked and licked at her cunt.

Jane responded likewise, the room filled with grunts and groans as both women thrashed together on the bed.

Vera came first, a flood of juices pouring into Jane’s eager mouth. This just set her off, giving her friend a fountain of fluids that sprayed over Vera’s face and into her mouth. Both women clamped their mouths over each other’s cunts, sucking every last drop of fluid from each other until they both collapsed, exhausted.

They lay there, head to toe on the bed, their heaving bodies covered in perspiration.

“Fucking hell V,” Jane said finally, “that was wild, nice though,” she giggled.

“I couldn’t hold out any longer,” Vera replied, “l’ve been like a coiled spring all day, honestly, the way l felt, the first person through that door was going to get fucked.”

“I’m glad it was me,” Jane chuckled, crawling up the bed to lie side by side with Vera. They both sat up, reaching for their glasses of wine. “What brought this on?” Jane continued, “did something happen here last night?”

“Tell me about your night first,” Vera said, “l take it you had a nice time with Lee.”

“Oh he’s so sweet V,” Jane said, “ he’s like a little puppy dog, l love him to bits, he’s so gentle but he knows when to be strong, he was insatiable, l lost track of how many times he had me, l couldn’t believe his stamina, he fucked me to oblivion and back, we must have tried every position in the book, his cock is beautiful, not as big as Cam obviously, or Barry for that matter but still half as big again as Jack, and so comfortable inside me, even when he was pounding into my bum hole. When l got out of bed this morning my legs were like jelly, l’ve never been fucked like it before, then he even followed me into the shower and fucked me again. Oh V, it was paradise, he wants me to be his woman, but he says l mustn’t tell anyone in case H finds out, something about not using the…..”

“Merchandise,” Vera interrupted.

“Yes,” Jane giggled, “how did you know, did something happen here last night?”

Vera took a mouthful of wine, then told Jane about her evening, Jane gently caressing Vera’s breasts as she listened to her friend describe everything that had happened.

“My god, were you scared?” Jane asked as Vera described how they had stopped her in the park.

“At first l convinced myself it was Barry so l just felt excited,” Vera replied, “then, when l didn’t hear his voice, and they sounded much younger, and when they ordered me to strip l started to get scared. It was when l heard one of them say about me not wearing panties, l realised that Barry must have put them up to it, then l just wanted to put on a good show because l was convinced Barry was watching.”

“God, l wish something like that would happen to me, did they all fuck you?”

“Two of them did,” Vera replied, “the other one fucked my mouth while his mate fucked me.”

“Were they big?”

“Well bigger than Frank definitely, but as l was blindfolded l couldn’t really tell, the one in my mouth didn’t feel as big as Barry.”

Vera went on to describe how they made her walk home, desperately trying to conceal that she was naked under her jacket. She described meeting the three boys.

“Oh l bet they were wanking all night over that,” Jane said, taking Vera’s nipple into her mouth.

Vera cupped her breast, offering it to her friend as she went on to describe how Barry had arrived.

“Lee told me he thought Barry was at your place,” Jane said, replacing her mouth with her fingers, rolling Vera’s nipple, then putting her hand between Vera’s thighs, fingering her cunt. “Lee said he had told Barry he fancied coming over here and fucking you, but Barry warned him off, made it quite clear that you were off limits, that’s why he came to me…. Oh l don’t mind,” she went on, “Lee loves big tits and yours have always been better than mine, even back in our school days your tits were always better, l had to give blow jobs and the odd fuck but the boys still went after you, l was always jealous of your tits.”

“I think your tits are lovely,” Vera replied, caressing her friend’s breasts, tweaking her nipples.
“Oooooo, that’s nice,” Jane purred, “carry on, did Barry stay the night….what was it like?”

Vera felt Jane’s fingers entering her cunt, her thumb rolling over her clit. She reached between Jane’s thighs, doing the same to her as she told her about her night with Barry.

“You must promise not to say anything,” Vera said, her body relaxing as she felt Jane’s fingers working their magic. “Barry will be cross if he knows l’ve told you how gentle he was, he has to keep up the hard exterior to look good in front of H. What about Lee, isn’t he afraid H will find out he’s fucking you.”

“Oh H is his Uncle,” Jane giggled as Vera’s fingers found a sensitive spot, “lucky me l suppose, he enjoyed last night though, so l’m hoping he will do it again. God V, you’re so wet, let’s try something l saw on a porn site.”

With that she suddenly forced her whole hand into Vera’s cunt.

“Jesus Christ Jane,” Vera cried out, feeling her friends fist inside her.

“You do it to me,” Jane said, it’s no bigger than Cam’s cock.

“Do you mean it?” Vera felt a surge of pleasure as her cunt accommodated Jane’s fist.

“Yes, come on,” Jane said, parting her thighs, “let’s fist each other, see who cums first, Lee fisted me last night and he is much bigger than you.”

Vera slowly inserted her hand into Jane’s cunt, surprised at how easily it slipped into her well lubricated passageway. Once inside she balled her fingers into a fist.

“Now fuck me,” Jane said, grinning at her, “like this.”

Slowly she started pumping her fist inside Vera’s cunt.

“See, it’s easy,” she said, seeing the expression change on Vera’s face, “once you’ve had Cam’s cock up you, this is nothing, Lee’s fist is bigger than yours, it was lovely.”

Vera took her cue from Jane, slowly fucking her friend, matching her movements with those of Jane’s fist in her cunt.

Gradually, Jane increased the speed, Vera matched her until both of them were fucking each other furiously. Both of their bodies bathed in perspiration, their eyes glazing as they both approached orgasm.

“Try to cum together,” Jane panted, losing control of her rhythm as her orgasm built.

“I’m trying,” Vera cried, she was on the very edge herself.

Suddenly Jane cried out, jets of cunt juice spurting from her cunt as her body convulsed. She managed to ram her fist deep into Vera’s cunt. Vera screamed as her own orgasm burst, her cunt sending it’s own shower of juices over her partner.

They lay there, side by side, each with the others fist still inside their cunts, their bodies heaving as they recovered.

“What a couple of old tarts we are,” Jane chuckled, leaning forward to kiss Vera, “we should have been doing this years ago.”

They both showered together, playing with each other, giggling like two schoolgirls, then they went downstairs and prepared a light meal, still both naked, stopping every few seconds for a kiss or a grope of each other’s tits.

“This is so naughty,” Vera giggled, “we should do this more often.”

“It’s a new life V,” Jane replied, “l think there are going to be some big changes, we just have to have fun while it lasts.”

Once they had eaten, they went back upstairs to get ready, taking time over each other’s make-up, then making sure they both looked their best once they had put on their basques and stockings. They both preened in front of the mirror.

“We look like two old prosies,” Vera laughed.

“Well that’s what we are V,” Jane smiled, “only we’re not the ones making money out of it, just getting well fucked.”

“Just one more thing and we are ready,” Jane said, reaching for the jar of lubricating cream, “bend over and spread your legs.”

“God that sounds so naughty,” Vera giggled as she did as she was told, pulling her buttocks apart so that Jane could apply a generous amount of cream to her anus.

Jane worked it in all around the orifice, then slipped two fingers inside, applying more cream.

“Now me,” she said once she was satisfied her friend was well greased. “ l hope we’re going to get a few cocks up there, l must admit l really enjoy being bum fucked now.”

Jane bent over while Vera applied the cream to her. She had two fingers inside Jane’s arsehole when Jane began to laugh uncontrollably.

“This is so unreal,” Jane laughed, “we could never have imagined when we were in school that we would end up lubricating each other’s arseholes.”

Both women laughed. “You were such a tart in school,” Vera said, “l always envied you a bit but l was afraid to do the things you did.”

“Oh you were always so prim and proper,” Jane replied, “the boys were always feeling my tits or sticking their hands up my skirt, even old Mr.Jeffries the headmaster used to feel my bum when he knew no-one was looking.”

“Did you ever do anything with him?” Vera asked.

Jane hesitated. “Only once,” she said, “it was after we’d had our final exams, he called me into his office to ask what l intended to do, as l was leaving he put his hand on my bum, l just turned and asked if he’d like me to suck his cock.”

“Did you?”

“Of course,” Jane laughed, “not many men would turn down an offer like that, he had a tiny cock, and he came almost straight away, he was very embarrassed after, but l never saw him again. You on the other hand were the holy virgin.”

“You make me sound awful,” Vera said, “l wanted to do things, but l was afraid of getting caught, my father would have killed me.”

“Well you’re making up for it now,” Jane said, noticing a big, black car pulling up outside the house, Barry and Lee getting out. “It’s showtime baby,” Jane said, “Cam isn’t with them, l hope he will be there tonight, l want that monster cock of his up me.”

Vera opened the front door, making no effort to conceal her nudity, the very act excited her and she hoped it would demonstrate to Barry that she was prepared to do anything for him.

“Wow, you look fantastic,” Lee said when he saw Jane. She preened herself in front of him, caressing her breasts provocatively, Lee could not disguise the effect it was having on him, the bulge in his trousers was clear enough. “Have we got time for a quick shag Baz.”

“No we haven’t,” Barry replied, “don’t forget they’re just two more sluts, nothing more.”

Barry’s harsh tone had a stinging effect on Vera, she understood that he had to keep up appearances but it still canlı bahis made her flinch to hear him referring to her as just one more slut. Then he gave her a quick look that changed her completely, it was a look that told her that he didn’t really mean what he was saying.

Both women grabbed their coats and they walked out to the car. They were about to get in when Barry stopped them, telling them to stand by the car as he wanted a photograph. Both women stood together.

“Open your coats,” Barry instructed.

Jane hesitated, but Vera immediately did as she was told, displaying herself fully. Jane quickly followed suit and Barry took the picture. Just as Vera turned to get into the car she noticed her next door neighbour, old Mr.Jennings standing in his front window, Vera cheekily waved to him, opening her coat again to give him a flash before getting into the car.

“My god you’ve changed,” Jane giggled once they were in the car, “what if he says something to Frank?”

“To be honest, l don’t care,” Vera replied, “but l might go round and give the old man a blow job to keep him quiet.”

“You really are enjoying this aren’t you?” Jane said.

“You bet l am,” Vera replied, “l intend to enjoy myself while it lasts. Will tonight be the same as last time Barry?” She asked.

“No,” Barry replied, “H has arranged for you to put on a specialised show, he has brought in some experts to work with you.”

“That sounds intriguing,” Vera laughed, “what sort of experts?”

“You’ll find out later, H expects you to put on a good show, he needs to impress a few important guests so you two had better behave, H has a cruel streak in him for anyone who lets him down.”

Vera looked at Jane, feeling a few butterflies in her tummy.

“Don’t worry babe,” Jane said, taking her hand to reassure her, “it’s going to be fun.”

“Put these on,” Barry said, passing them two decorated masquerade masks, “and remember, there will be some very important local people there, you may well recognise some or all of them, you keep your mouths shut unless someone wants you to suck their cocks, do you hear?”

“Don’t worry Barry, we won’t let you down,” Vera replied, seeing the reflection of Barry’s eyes in the mirror, she could see a softness there, despite his tone.

The house was the same as last time, only this time there were fewer cars parked but Vera noticed a big black van tucked at the side of the house.

“That’s for the special equipment,” Barry said noticing where Vera was looking. “Leave your coats in the car and make sure your tits bounce when you walk.”

Both women tottered into the house, the ridiculous high heels they were wearing making it difficult to walk on the gravel.

“It’s alright for you,” Jane giggled, “your tits bounce anyway, oooowww,” she shrieked as Barry gave her a sharp slap on her bottom.

“I told you to say nothing unless you’re spoken to,” Barry said.

Vera wasn’t sure if it was the excitement or the chill air that was causing her nipples to harden but she put the wetness between her legs down to excitement.

Once inside the house, Barry took them to the door into the main room. “Remember, you are going to see some men you recognise,” he said, “you are to behave as if you have never seen them before. You need to prove to H that you can be of use to him, and that means doing as you are told, understand?”

“Don’t worry Barry,” Vera replied, “we won’t let you down.”

With that, Barry opened the door, ushering Vera and Jane into the room.

As they entered, Vera heard H’s booming voice.

“Gentlemen, the ladies have arrived,” he said.
There were a group of four men surrounding H, all with their backs turned to the door. Immediately they all turned and there was a general murmur of appreciation as they set eyes on the two women, partially clothed but with their tits and cunts on display.

“Jesus fucking Christ,” Jane murmured, luckily only loud enough for Vera to hear.

Vera herself was struck dumb as the four men faced her. She recognised all four, one being the town Mayor, two others prominent town councillors, but it was the fourth who made Vera go weak at the knees.

Craig Parsons was the son of Henry Parsons, the owner of the factory where both Frank and Jack worked. Craig was a handsome man in his late thirties, tall, slim and blonde, he had always been known locally as a bit of a playboy. He had recently taken over the factory from his father, who had retired due to ill health.

Vera had a quick glance at Jane, who looked back. Thankfully the masks were hiding the identity of both women but Vera could see the startled look in her friends eyes. Vera felt a tremor travelling through her body, here she was, virtually naked, about to be used by her husband’s boss. Suddenly she was brought back by H’s voice.

“Come on in ladies,” H said, “let the gentlemen get to know you better. Help yourselves gentlemen, they are here for your pleasure, l have arranged a little performance for you to wet your appetite, after which you will be free to use the ladies in whatever fashion you wish.”

Vera could see the three older men openly drooling as she and Jane walked towards them, Craig however remained calmly confident, his piercing eyes fixing on Vera, travelling up and down her body.

“What’s your name,” Craig said as Vera stood in front of him, his hand going directly to her breasts, pinching her nipples.

“I’m whoever you want me to be sir,” she replied, trying to sound as seductive as possible. Vera looked to her side, seeing that Jane had wasted no time, she was already on her knees in front of the Mayor, undoing his trousers.

“Do you suck cocks too?” Craig asked.

“I do whatever you want me to do sir,” Vera replied, “would you like me to suck your cock?”

A puzzled look came over his face. “I seem to recognise your voice,” he said, “have we met before.”

“Well that depends how many older women you’ve fucked,” she smiled.

“Get a move on Craig,” a voice came from the right as a very overweight man walked over. “If you don’t want her, step aside she can suck my cock anytime.” He already had his cock out of his trousers, just poking out from under his fat belly.

Vera was glad of the distraction, immediately dropping to her knees in front of the man and taking his tiny cock into her mouth. He immediately grabbed her hair as he began fucking her mouth.

“This is how it’s done son,” he said, “you don’t waste time talking to these sluts, you just fuck their holes, isn’t that right slut,” he said ramming his cock as hard as he could into Vera’s mouth.

“Mmmmmm,” was all Vera could reply as she cupped his heavy balls sucking hard on his cock.

It only took a few seconds for him to cum, pushing his cock as far as he could into her, Vera took his puny effort easily, swallowing his cum then kissing his cock as he pulled out.

“Thank you sir,” she looked up at him, then turning to Craig she smiled, “Would you like me to do you now sir?, she asked.

“Perhaps later,” he replied, l will wait until after the show.

H heard the comment, immediately signalling to Barry who opened the door into the other room. Vera presumed that she was to be put in the cradle again but when she walked with Jane into the room they were faced with a completely different scenario.

In the room were two large metal frames, about ten foot square, with a variety of ropes and apparatus hanging from them. There was also a rack on the wall from which were hanging a selection of canes and whips.

Vera realised that this was to be a far more serious session than she had had before. Her immediate compulsion was to turn and run but once again she was overruled by the reactions in her body. Her tummy turned over, her nipples hardened and a flood of juices trickled from her cunt.

There were two men in the room, dressed all in black, wearing hoods that obscured their faces with only holes for their eyes, nose and mouth.

“This is Felix and Leo,” H said, “these gentlemen are experts in these activities, l hope you enjoy watching, you will be invited to take part yourselves later.”

The man introduced as Felix then grabbed Vera roughly by the hair, dragging her towards one of the frames. Vera managed to see that Jane was being treated exactly the same way by Leo. Vera hadn’t realised at first that the frames were leaning forward at an angle.

Felix took her wrists, attaching them to handcuffs hanging from the top corners, next he told her to spread her legs, attaching them to straps at each side. This left her spread eagled and slightly leaning forward so that her tits were hanging. The four guests were sitting in chairs facing her and Jane. The three older men were naked from the waist down, all three with their bulging bellies and their tiny cocks which they were stroking as they watched the spectacle before them. Vera noticed that Craig was still fully clothed, sipping his drink but still looking at her with that puzzled expression, she could almost feel his piercing eyes boring into her, he never looked at Jane, only at Vera.

Vera felt a sharp sting on her bottom. She cried out. Felix appeared in front of her, carrying a horse crop. He gave both of her tits a sharp slap with the whip, Vera saw the older men enjoyed that as the hands on their cocks suddenly moved faster. She heard Jane cry out, she could see that Leo was also holding a whip, she presumed that Jane was receiving similar attention.

Felix returned to her, this time carrying a red ball gag which he pushed into her mouth, attaching it tightly behind her head. He then fetched two chains about a foot long with heavy weights hanging from them. At the other end were strong looking clips. Felix reached between her legs, attaching the clips to her labia, Vera felt the pain travel through her body, she tried to cry out but the gag reduced it to a whimper. Then he released the chains, letting them fall, stretching her labia, again she cried out, this time unable to stop tears welling in her eyes. Then followed more stinging whip lashes to her bottom and tits. H appeared, standing in front of both women, facing the men.

“I see you gentlemen are enjoying seeing the ladies suffer a little pain,” he said, “l would point out that these are not common street whores, in fact until very recently they were ordinary respectable housewives. I understand how you may find these proceedings exciting,” he said looking at the three older men wanking as they watched Felix and Leo attaching clips to Vera and Jane’s nipples, each clip attached to heavy weights which dangled down, stretching their nipples.

“Can l suggest gentlemen,” H continued, “that you try to save your spunk for later, when the ladies will be available for you to do as you please.”

Vera looked at the assembled men through tear filled eyes, again her gaze went to Craig, sitting there quite calmly, a sinister grin on his face.

“Henry,” H addressed the Mayor, “is there anything in particular you would like to see Felix do with the big titted one?”

“C…..c….can he tie her tits up?” the Mayor replied, still playing with his cock.

“What about this one,” H said, stepping over to Jane, pulling and twisting the clip on her nipples, pleased to hear the muffled cry of pain it caused, “Jeffrey, you seem to prefer this one, what would you like Leo to do to her.”

“Can he stick some big things up her cunt,” the man that H had addressed replied, “or maybe up her arse as well.”

Leo simply nodded as he turned to the collection of objects laid out on a table.

Felix stood in front of Vera, he was holding a length of white rope. He proceeded to wrap the rope around her tits, pulling it tightly. Despite the pain, Vera was surprised at how silky and soft the rope felt on her tits, however the pain quickly increased as the rope was wound tighter until her tits bulged obscenely, almost as if they would burst, her nipples elongated by the weights hanging from them. The pain became almost unbearable, Vera was shocked to feel the juices in her cunt flowing freely, her body reacting to the pain, counteracting the messages her brain was sending.

Vera could no longer bring herself to look poker oyna at Jane, she could only concentrate on the pain in her own body, her orgasm took her by surprise, she felt juices spraying from her cunt. There was a cheer from the seated men.

“I’m sure you gentlemen can imagine what it would feel like if it were your wife was being treated like this,” H said, “remember, these are ordinary housewives, ladies you have probably seen in the high street,” he approached Vera, tugging the chains attached to her nipples, then doing the same to the two attached to her labia. “See how she reacts gentlemen,” he continued, “she tries to hate what is happening to her, but her body betrays her,” he turned to Vera, staring into her eyes as he tugged on her nipples again, her tits now bright purple as they seemed to swell against the rope, “nod your head if you want more,” he told her.

Vera didn’t want more, she wanted the pain to end, that was the message her brain was sending, but that message was getting weaker, instead her body was screaming at her, her stomach churning. Meekly she nodded her head.

“See gentlemen,” H said, “we will now move on to the finale, then you gentlemen can have the pleasure of the ladies for yourselves.”

Felix appeared in front of her again, this time he attached the rope on her tits to two ropes hanging from the frame. He then released the straps on her ankles, allowing her to stand. He stood at the side of the frame holding another rope.

Vera heard a muffled cry coming from Jane, she looked across, unable to see properly what was happening to her, Vera noticed that two of the older men seemed more interested in Jane, they had turned more to face her. “Shove it up her arse,” one of them shouted, followed by another muffled cry from Jane.

Suddenly there was another surge of pain from her tits, Vera hadn’t realised that they were still bound, realising that they must have gone numb with the pain. She felt a tug upwards as Felix pulled on the rope. Vera felt herself being lifted upwards, she stood on tip toe in order to support her weight.

“Higher,” she heard the Mayor call out, “hang the bitch by her tits.”

Vera felt another tug, this time her feet lost contact with the floor as another surge of pain went directly from her tits to her cunt, she realised that the chains attached to her labia were now connected to the base of the frame causing her labia to be stretched even more. She tried to stop herself from swinging as that only increased the pain, again her body betrayed her as another orgasm flooded through her.

Felix re-attached her ankles to the sides of the frame, spread eagling her again. She was aware of something being placed below her, Felix making adjustments until she felt something pressing against her cunt. A few seconds later, she felt another object pressing against her anus.

As she had entered the room, Vera remember spotting a machine in the corner to which were attacked two dildos, one bigger than the other. She was sure that was what she felt now. She was grateful that she remembered them to be much smaller than Cam so was prepared, however, she was grateful to Jane for the liberal amount of lubricating cream she had applied to her anus.

Vera wasn’t sure if the pain had ceased or whether the pleasure was blotting out the pain. She felt as if she was floating on a cloud, looking down at herself. She could hear Jane crying out, she could see Leo behind her, obviously assaulting Jane’s anus with some large object. She tried to concentrate, to hear what Jane was shouting, through the fog in her brain she could hear her friend shouting “Yes, Yes, harder, yes, yes.”

Vera looked at the men watching, the three older ones were busy wanking, two of then shooting their spunk onto the floor. Then she felt her body being invaded. She tried to adjust her angle to accommodate the two dildos now sliding into her. They travelled into her slowly, coming to the end of their travel then withdrawing. They repeated the action over and over, Vera felt a pleasant sensation in her cunt and bum hole, each upward thrust easing the tension on her tits until, on the downward stroke her whole wait was once more supported by her tits.

Suddenly the pace changed, each thrust becoming violent, Vera having to constantly arrange herself to take the next thrust. Her mind began to fuzz over, unable to separate the pain from the pleasure.
Felix appeared by her side, he was holding an instrument that looked like a baton but with a round head. Vera could hear it buzzing, she knew it was some sort of vibrator but when he jammed it against her clit, Vera suddenly realised how powerful it was.

It was like an electric shock passing through her body, her brain went into overdrive, orgasm after orgasm tore through her body, she screamed, she cried, she begged, but Felix was relentless. She never realised orgasms could be a punishment but now she knew she was being punished unmercifully, her cunt and bumhole were being invaded in the most cruel fashion, her tits were on fire, her body heaving as that tormenting vibrator sent shockwaves through her body. She was floating again, up in the clouds, her body below her, she was drifting away, all sensations suddenly gone.

She was aroused by cold water being thrown on her face. She shook her head to clear the fog. She looked around. She was lying on the floor, no longer suspended. She looked at her breasts, they were red and bruised but no longer tied, the dildos had vacated her body. She looked across the room, Jane was also untied, three old men gathered round her, one fucking her from behind while she was sucking the cocks of the other two.

“Get up bitch,” she heard H’s voice, “you still have some entertaining to do, see that spunk on the floor,” he indicated two pools of white liquid on the floor. “Clean that up,” H ordered.

Vera tried to stand.

“No, on your knees,” H ordered, “lick it up.”

Vera struggled to get up on her knees, crawling slowly over to the two puddles. As she reached the first one, H grabbed her by her hair, pushing her face down to the floor. “Lick it up white bitch,” he said.

Vera did as she was told, licking up every drop then moving to the second puddle and doing the same.

“Can l have her now?”

She heard Craig’s voice.

“Certainly,” H replied, “go and attend to the gentleman,” he said, giving Vera a hefty slap on her upturned bottom.

“I would like her in private,” Craig said.

H took hold of Vera by her hair, bringing her up to stand. He indicated a door. “Take the gentleman in there,” he said, “and make sure he enjoys himself, you will do anything he asks, do you hear?”

“Yes sir,” Vera mumbled, then almost collapsed as H struck her tender breasts.

“Louder bitch,” H said.

“Yes sir,” Vera replied, louder.
Craig took her by the hand, leading her through the door. Inside was a large room with a huge bed, also in the room was a large shower cubicle.

Craig began to undress, carefully folding his clothes. Vera smiled to herself at how arrogant he was yet here he was waiting to fuck a woman old enough to be his mother.

“I know l’ve met you before,” he said, “take off your mask.”

“I’m not allowed to,” she replied, “how do you want to fuck me.”

Craig finally removed his underpants, finally naked, he took hold of his erection. “H said you had to do whatever l want, so take off that mask, then l’m going to let you feel what a real cock feels like up your arse.”

Vera had to stop herself from laughing, looking at his cock. He was obviously proud of it, and she conceded that besides her husband it was impressive, but it barely matched Lee for size and came nowhere near Barry, let alone Cam. Slowly she removed the mask.

“I fucking knew it,” he said, “you were at the factory summer fete, you were running a stall, do you work at the factory?”

“No, my husband does,” she replied.

“I remember now, his name is Frank,” Craig said, “does he know you work as a prostitute.”

“I’m not a prostitute,” she replied sternly.

“That’s what you are when men pay good money to fuck you,” he sneered, “you must be cheap, an old slag like you, what about your husband, does he know.”

“Of course he doesn’t,” she replied, “l don’t fuck for money, l only fuck people that H and Barry tell me to fuck. Do you want to talk all night or do you want to fuck me.”

“Do you reckon you can take a beauty like this up your arse?” He said, shaking his cock.

Vera decided to humour him. “I will try,” she said, “as long as you’re gentle, l’m quite sore.”

Get on your knees on the bed, get your arse up in the air,” he ordered.

“Yes sir,” she said, trying not to make it obvious that she was mocking him.

He got behind her, resting the tip of his cock against her anus, slowly easing it into her.

“Oh god, you’re so big, you’re stretching me,” Vera cried, resisting the temptation to laugh.

“That’s what a real cock feels like,” he said proudly, “now get ready to be fucked properly.”

With that he drove fully into her, coming down hard against her buttocks. He gripped her hips as he began fucking her as hard as he could.

“Oh my god you’re so big,” she cried out, “Oh you’re hurting me, please don’t hurt me sir, l’ve never had one as big as that.”

“That’s what all the girls say,” he said as he continued to pound into her.

Vera had to struggle not to laugh as she continued to pretend that he was hurting her.

“Please sir, don’t hurt me,” she called out, “please cum quickly, l can’t take much more, please sir.”

“I’m not going to cum in your arse,” he said, “l’m going to cum in your mouth.”

“Oh no sir, please,” she feigned horror, “don’t put it in my mouth, not after it’s been in my bum, please sir, don’t do that.”

“You have to do anything l want,” he said, “do it now.”

He pulled out, standing at the side of the bed, he grabbed her hair. “Take it slag,” he said, “open your mouth and take it.”

Vera surprised herself at how good an actress she was, even managing to force out some tears. She kept her lips tightly sealed as he pushed his cock into her face.

“Take it slag,” he said, slapping her face, but still she kept her mouth shut. “Take it, taste what your arsehole is like,” he yelled.

Suddenly he grabbed her tits, the pain of him squeezing the already tender flesh forced her to open her mouth to cry out. He ceased the opportunity and forced his cock into her mouth.

“Now suck it slag,” he said, slapping her face once more as he began fucking her mouth.

Vera was glad that she didn’t have to keep up the charade for much longer, she felt that tell tale swell in the head of his cock just before he rammed it in as hard as he could, flooding her mouth with his cum. Vera was pleased that he at least had plenty of spunk to give her, she swallowed and sucked hungrily as he emptied his balls into her mouth.

Vera was enjoying the feel of his cock in her mouth, it may not have been as big as Barry’s but it was comfortable and it carried on pulsating, giving her the last of his seed as she sucked it from him.

“There, l bet your husband doesn’t satisfy you like that,” he said proudly as he pulled out his cock, wiping it on the bed sheet.

“Oh no sir,” Vera smiled up at him, “his cock is so puny compared to yours, he could never satisfy me.”

“Does H fuck you?” He asked, reaching for his clothes, “l bet you take his black cock up your cunt.”

“No, H has never fucked me,” she said, “he calls us his merchandise, he keeps us for his parties, he doesn’t allow any of his men to use us.”

“That’s a shame,” he said as he finished dressing, “l wouldn’t mind seeing you taking a big black cock.”
“You could always ask him,” she replied, “l’m sure he would be willing to add it to the show next time.”

Craig opened his wallet, taking out a twenty pound note, he reached it to her.

“We’re not allowed to take money sir,” she said, concealing her disgust that he should only consider her worth twenty pounds, “we may be sluts sir, but we’re not whores.”

Craig smiled as he returned the money to his wallet, then left the room.

Vera laid back on the bed for a while, going over what canlı poker oyna had happened during the evening. She could still feel her tummy churning as she recalled everything that had happened. Her breasts were bruised and sore as were her cunt and bum hole, but she still felt good, it had been a terrifying experience at times but the excitement had been intense.

The door opened, in walked Barry. “It’s okay, everyone has gone,” he said. “Jane has showered and Lee has taken her home, go and shower, dump your basque and stockings in the bin, then l’ll take you home.”

In the car….

“Are you very sore?” Barry asked, he sounded genuinely concerned. “I didn’t like what was happening to you, l wanted to stop it.”

“That is sweet of you Barry,” she replied, patting his thigh, then leaving her hand resting there.

“Was it really horrible?” He continued, “l’ve only ever seen that sort of thing on porn sites, l couldn’t understand how you seemed to be enjoying it.”

“It was terrifying at first, especially when l was hanging by my boobs, but it was exciting as well, l lost control of my body completely, l couldn’t stop the orgasms, my brain wanted them to stop but my body wanted more.”

“I won’t let H do that to you again,” he said, “l can’t watch things like that happening to you, l lo……” Barry stopped himself in mid sentence.

“Don’t torment yourself Barry,” she said, trying to take the tension out of the situation by sliding her hand onto the bulge in his trousers. “By the feel of him l think you might have enjoyed it a bit more than you want to admit.” She gave his cock a gentle squeeze. “Do you want to pull over and fuck me.”

“No, not like that,” he protested, “l admit that watching you being treated like that did things to me, l was disgusted with myself for wanting to see more.”

“You really are so sweet,” she leaned over and kissed his cheek. “You try hard not to be, but you’re a gentle man at heart, l know you have feelings for me, l feel it every time you’re inside me, l have those feelings for you too, but l’m much too old for you.”

“I don’t care how old you are,” he replied, “l didn’t want this to happen, l started out wanting to use you like a whore, wanting to humiliate you, wanting to use you to make me look good with H.”

“That’s okay baby,” she replied, “l realised that from the start, but l still wanted you, when you are inside me l can feel your soul, l hear the words you are saying when you are calling me names and trying to be rough with me, but l can still feel the tenderness inside me. I want you to use me for whatever you want, if you need me to do things like tonight so that you can look good for H then l will do it gladly, just as long as l have you, l know it won’t last, one day you will realise how old l am and you will throw me away.”

“No, never,” he protested.

“Yes you will baby,” she said, squeezing his cock again, “l can live with that as long as l have you now just for a few days, or weeks or months, until you get tired of me, just give me that time baby, H can do what he likes with me, l don’t care, as long as l have you.”

The car pulled up in front of her house.

“Are you coming in?” She asked, “do you want to stay the night.”

“I can’t,” he replied, “if l stay l will want you, you must be sore, l don’t want to hurt you more.”

“You could never hurt me by making love to me Barry,” she said, “no matter how rough you are with me, you will never hurt me. Please stay with me, l want to feel you next to me, want to feel you inside me.”

Once inside, they went straight to the bedroom. Vera was already naked once her coat was discarded. She then began undressing Barry, kissing each part of his body as it was revealed. Once he was naked, she went to kneel in front of him but he stopped her, lifting her gently he laid her on the bed, kneeling between her open legs, the head of his cock resting against her swollen labia.

“Are you sure you want this,” he said.

“Yes sweetheart,” she replied, “l need you inside me to make the pain go away, l need to feel the power of you pulsating inside me. If you need to be rough that’s okay, just as long as l have you.”

Barry slowly entered her, reaching deep inside her in one smooth movement.

“Oh god that is beautiful,” she sighed, “if you never want me again, make this one special for me.”

“Don’t say things like that,” he said, “l want you forever.”

“Oh baby,” she smiled at him, “keep saying those things, even if you don’t mean it, just for tonight, let me believe l have you, just for tonight, please my darling.”

Barry made love to her slowly, each smooth thrust bringing a sigh of pleasure, their bodies working together, she rising to meet him, relishing the feel of him so deep inside her.

“My breasts,” she whispered, “hold my breasts.”

“I can’t,” he replied, “they are bruised, l will hurt you.”

“Please, l want it, please.” She begged.

Gently he placed his hands on her breasts, feeling her body react to his touch, her back arching as she hissed her pleasure.

“Now fuck me,” she cried, “l know you want to, l can feel you want to, l’m yours baby, l love you, you can’t hurt me, just fuck me.”

Barry reacted by driving his cock into her, squeezing her tits.

“Oh fuck yes,” she screamed as her orgasm hit her.

Barry felt the searing heat in her cunt as her juices poured over him, one more thrust and his cock exploded inside her. “I love you,” he cried as his body went into spasm, his cock pulsating wildly as he pumped his seed into her.

Vera clung to him, her nails dragging down his back, she felt as if her cunt was on fire, her breasts as well, burning under his hands. She came again, gentler this time. Then he bent forward and kissed her and at that moment she would happily have taken death, she never wanted this moment to end.

When he collapsed and rolled sideways she followed him, desperate to keep him inside her. Lying side by side she snuggled into his arms, her one leg thrown over him, his cock still buried inside her. She kissed his nipples as she rested her head on his chest, listening to the beat of his heart as he stroked her, feeling herself drifting off to sleep.

They were both woken by the noise of the front door closing.

“Vera! Vera!” They heard Frank call, “where the fuck are you, l’ve been calling you all evening, where the fuck have you been?”

Vera could tell from the sound of his voice that Frank was coming up the stairs. Barry instinctively made a move to get up but Vera clung to him, her body still wrapped around him, his flaccid cock still nestled in her cunt. “No, stay with me,” she whispered.

Frank’s voice was closer now, “l decided to come home early,” he said as he pushed the bedroom door open. “I’ve been call……what the fuck is this!” He yelled, seeing his wife, naked, wrapped in the arms of a big, black man.

“This is Barry,” Vera replied, making it sound like a normal introduction, “he’s been fucking me and doing a much better job than you do.”

“What the….” Frank was immediately lost for words. “Why you fucking slut,” he said once he had taken a breath. He stormed to Vera’s side of the bed, his hand raised in threat.

“Don’t you even think about touching her,” Barry said. As soon as Frank had stepped forward, Barry had sprung from the bed, he was now stood, facing Frank across the bed. “If you touch her l will tear you apart.”

Frank looked at this giant of a man staring at him. A good six inches taller than Frank, his glistening body bulging with muscles. Frank immediately took a step backwards. “You fucking slut,” he said to Vera, “what have l ever done to deserve this, l’ve given you everything, this is how you repay me.”

“You are a selfish pig Frank,” Vera replied, sitting up in the bed, making no effort to cover her nakedness. “Barry is my lover, has been for some time, he treats me better than you ever have, he loves me.”
“Ha, that’s a joke,” Frank gained in confidence, “what would a young man like him see in an old slag like you, he probably just wants to fuck a white woman, it’s a bit of a status symbol for that sort, and you, you fucking cheap slut, you fell for it. You do realise l could never take you back, not after you’ve had a black cock inside your cunt. You’ve got ten minutes to gather your things and get out, see how quickly your black lover boy ditches you then.”

“No,” Barry said, stepping round the bed, stopping just a couple of feet from Frank, towering over him.

Vera could see Frank cowering.

“Don’t hit him Barry,” she said, “he’s not worth it.”

“I think it’s you who should be getting out,” Barry said, staring threateningly at Frank.

“Me?” Frank replied, “what have l done, l’ve been the perfect husband and this is how she repays me.”

“You have ten seconds,” Barry said, “if you are still here then l will throw you out myself.”

Frank tried to call his bluff, but the second Barry moved towards him he retreated to the door. “I’m calling the Police,” Frank said, retreating as Barry followed him. “You can’t throw me out of my own home.”

“Call the Police and you are a dead man,” Barry said.

Vera felt a chill running down her back, she knew Barry was more than capable of carrying out his threat.

“Just go for now Frank,” she called, “Get a room at the pub for tonight, we can sort it out in the morning.”

Frank made to answer her but swallowed his words as Barry stepped towards him.

“Don’t think this is the end of the matter,” Frank said as he scuttled down the stairs, Barry following him until Vera heard the sound of the front door slamming.

“Right,” Barry said when he returned to the bedroom, “let’s grab a few necessities for you and get out of here.”

“What do you mean Barry,” Vera replied, “where will we go.”

“Easy,” he replied, “from now on you are living with me, l’ve just moved in to one of those posh apartments down by the harbour, you don’t need to bring clothes, l’ve got plenty of money, you can buy all the clothes you need, you’re my woman now, you live with me.”

“But where did that money come from Barry?” She asked, “if it’s d**g money l don’t want anything to do with it.”

“I’ll be honest with you Vera,” he said, reaching for his clothes, “it has been d**gs in the past, but that was when Big Sam was running it, he’s going to live in Spain, he’s handed over the d**gs territory to a gang from London, H wants us to concentrate on property developing, that’s why those men were there tonight, one of them is the Mayor, two others are on the planning committee, the one that went with you is a local factory owner who has invested money in a project H is organising, it’s all going to be legitimate from now on, but we are going to make a lot of money.”
“What about tonight?” She said, “l take it there will be other sessions for other officials.”

“You won’t be involved, l promise,” he said, “anyway the councillors said they would prefer younger girls, they want them very young but H refuses to get involved in that, everything has to be kept strictly legal from now on.”

“How do you know the councillors will do what you want?” She asked.

“Everything was filmed,” he said, “including your private session. They will all be shown the film, just to make sure they keep their promises. Come with me Vera, we can have a great life together.”

“What about your friends, they’ll ridicule you, saddling yourself with an old woman like me.”

“They wouldn’t dare Vera,” he replied, “they know what happens to people who get on the wrong side of me, l love you Vera, l want you by my side.”

It all sounded so tempting to Vera, after all, there was nothing for her now in her current situation, she still wasn’t sure if Barry really meant it when he said he loved her but what was the point of not taking that chance.

“I suppose l don’t really have another option,” she said, rising from the bed and walking to the wardrobe.

“Just the one dress and whatever essentials you need,” Barry said, “tomorrow we can hit the best shops in town and you can buy everything you need, you won’t regret it Vera.”

Later, in the car, Vera turned to him.

“When you say l’m your woman,” she said, “does that mean no more parties?”

“What do you mean?” He replied.

“Weeeellllll,” she said, stroking his thigh, “l was just thinking, what about Lee and Cam, does that mean…”

“You really are insatiable aren’t you.”

They both burst out laughing.

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