Picnic in the Forest

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Khaira gasped, her face as white as new fallen snow. Her eyes grew wide as saucers as Karowyn stared her down. He’d stepped out from behind a large, gnarled tree, catching her unaware. She hadn’t expected to encounter him here on her herb gathering foray into the forest. She hadn’t expected him to be here, to be watching her so intently. Their eyes met, as color flooded her cheeks, painting them a soft blush that extended to the tips of her pointy ears.

“You startled me.” Khaira stated. “How long have you been there?”

“Long enough to know you were safe,” he replied, as he crossed his arms in front of his chest.

“Was I in any danger?” she asked.

“Not from me.” Karowyn quipped.

“I would hope not.” Khaira retorted, her brow furrowing as she continued digging for roots. “Is there a reason you have followed me?”

“I had hoped to speak to you.”

“So speak,” she bristled. “I am listening.”

“I am not a puppy for you to command.”

Khaira sighed, deeply. “Then what would you like to speak to me about?” she replied, her voice adopting a sweeter tone.

“I thought we could picnic out here in the forest together. It is all set up if you would follow me.” Karowyn said, as a smile brightened up his face.

“You have a wonderful smile, my lord. I should like to see it more often. And yes, a picnic would be lovely.” Khaira accepted, returning his smile.

“Come with me then.”

Khaira stowed the awl she’d been digging with and the herbs and roots in her pouch. Brushing off her clothing, she followed him deeper into the forest.

The bower of trees parted to reveal a secluded clearing rich with wild flowers and lacy ferns bordering the trees on all sides. Khaira stared in awe at its beauty. Noting the expression on her face, Karowyn spoke up. “Do you approve of my picnic spot?”

“Yes, it’s beautiful.” Khaira replied, as she looked up into his smoky grey eyes. “Thank you.”

His hand extended to her back, sliding down her spine to the small of her back. “Shall we?”

“Yes,” she replied, as she spotted the blanket spread out and basket of food placed in the middle. She let him lead her to the blanket, taking a seat on one side. “What is in the basket?”

“Meat, cheese, bread, fruit, and wine,” he replied, as he sat down near her.

“That sounds good.” She asked as she felt a slight rumbling in her stomach.

“Yes.” Karowyn removed the lid off the basket and revealed the food inside. Khaira smiled coyly as he poured her a glass of wine.

“Shall I serve you the food, my lord?” Khaira asked.

“I would like that.”

Khaira pulled out the meat, cheese, bread, and fruit. She sliced the bread, meat, and cheese, handing it to Karowyn in sandwich form. Next she pulled off several grapes and beckoned him closer. He leaned in, his eyes sparkling with desire. One by one, she fed the grapes to him, taking great pleasure in the simple act. Desire bubbled within her like molten lava, threatening to erupt at any moment. She sighed, glancing away, in hopes of suppressing the feeling. She was supposed to despise Karowyn, not lust after him.

She turned back to him, catching the look of askance on his face. “Is everything alright?” Karowyn inquired, before taking a bite of the meat, cheese, and bread she’d handed him.

“Fine. I’m just…”she sighed. “It’s a quandary, my lord. Why are you so obsessed with me when so many other beautiful Elven women throw themselves at your feet? I am not very beautiful. I am stubborn, prideful, and certainly exasperating. Why me? It must have more to do with than the blood oath owed to you eryaman escort by my father?”

Karowyn nodded, washing down his food with a long draw from his glass of wine. “Elven women throw themselves at my feet because I am Clan Leader. It’s the position they desire, not me. The fact that you are so prideful and stubborn is what makes you so attractive,” he replied. “And you are beautiful, Khaira.”

A flush returned to her cheeks as she flashed him a timid smile. “So because I have refused you at every turn you want me that much more?”


“I see,” she nodded. “And if I had agreed from the first, what then? Would you become bored with me? If I were pliant and biddable, would you desire me so intensely?”

“Why ponder things that aren’t? You have a fire inside you. It’s what makes you who you are.”

“Karowyn, there are things I must tell you. I ran because I feared being caged. I must be free. I won’t be pliant or biddable. I won’t be your trophy bride. I won’t sit quietly, seen but not heard.” Khaira stated, fire erupting in her blue eyes.

“I never intended for you to be my trophy bride. I never said I would cage you. You made those assumptions on your own.” Karowyn replied. “I am trying to unite the clans. Having a bride of your status…with your druidic abilities…is a great coup for me. You don’t realize what good you could do for our people. Plus I never said you had to give up what you are doing just because you become my bride. I know you are on a quest to uncover a valuable artifact,” he said. “I will allow you to continue after you become my bride. There are preparations I must make, things I must do as well.”

“Does it involve being Clan Leader?” Khaira asked.


“I see.”

“Now that you know the truth, I ask you one more time, Khaira. Will you do me the honor of becoming my bride?”

“Yes, Karowyn, I will accept your proposal and become your bride.” Khaira agreed, with a smile on her face.

Karowyn returned her smile. “You will not regret your decision, my lady.”

Khaira leaned in, her hand extending to caress his face. A surge of desire barreled through him. Pushing aside the basket, he lowered her down to the blanket. Her free flowing long hair spread out around her shoulders as she flashed him a come hither look. Desire manifested within him as carnal emotions took hold.

Karowyn loosed a feral growl as he closed the gap between them, his hard muscular body pinning her down. Her body reacted, writhing as need rode her senses. She wrapped her arms around him, her hands plotting a course up his spine. Shivers ran the length of his spine, igniting a fire in his blood. Khaira groaned as she felt his thickness grow against her thighs. She gripped his buttocks and ground herself up into him, her petal soft womanhood moistening. She delved her fingers into his long hair, pulling his sensual mouth down to hers as she wrapped her legs around his compact hips. The kiss, shocking in its ferocity and wildness, pleased them both. Khaira clung to him even tighter as Karowyn ravaged her mouth, his tongue invading the moist recesses. Her tongue sprung to life, meeting his in a decadent dance of swirling passion. Their tongues dueled. Deep moans escaped their throats. Without breaking the searing kiss, they pulled at each other’s clothing, each article melting away like ice in the hot sunlight.

Khaira whimpered as Karowyn broke the hot kiss. He drank in her flushed cheeks, swollen lips and passion induced look in her glassy eyes. A moan escaped his throat. “So beautiful,” he murmured as he rose up. He ran his eyes over sincan escort her body, drinking in her flushed beauty. “Look at me, Khaira. Know me.”

Her eyes darted to his, locking. She let out an impassioned moan as she gazed deep into the smoky pools of his eyes. She flicked out her small pink tongue, licking her parched lips, eliciting a moan from Karowyn. She dropped her gaze lower, taking in the beauty of his hard muscled chest, powerful arms, sculpted abs, and long lithe sinewy legs. Magnificence radiated from every pore of his body. Saving the best for last, she focused on the thick length of male hardness.

Extreme need to feel the powerful rod surged through her. She licked her lips and reached down to touch him, skimming her fingers down over his chest and abs to linger near his swollen cock. He inhaled sharply as she traced a fingertip over the heart shaped tip. She reveled in the velvet wrapped around steel feel of his mighty rod. Khaira slid her hand around his thickness, delighting in his immense size. Karowyn moaned, deep and feral. What a hot little wench she could be. He knew she would be like this. He could feel the fire within her burning hot beneath the cool haughty exterior she often showed him.

Khaira rolled to her side and snuggled against him. She nuzzled her head into his chest and let out a whimper as his hand clutched a handful of her hair. Her tongue snaked out, slashing across one taut nipple. Karowyn bucked against her, stabbing his cock into her stroking hand. She traced her tongue around his nipple, licking it, feeling it harden into a taut bud.

Her carnal manipulations of his body drove him into a passionate frenzy. How could she have turned the tables on him? It should be her whimpering and writhing beneath his passion, not the other way. He took control back, pulling himself from her stroking hand. He pressed her down, straddling her.

“My turn,” he growled as his hands splayed over her pert breasts. He cupped each, plucking her taut nipples. Bending down, his hair fell around his face to tickle her soft mounds. He captured one pouty nipple between his lips and licked. She moaned low in her throat, thrashing wildly. She felt as if she would explode into a million bursts of light. Karowyn chuckled low in his throat as he moved from one elongated taut nipple to the other. Khaira whimpered at the passionate torment.

Parting her thighs, she settled between them, his turgid rod skimming her wetness. Khaira groaned in anticipation. Her mind reeled. How would he feel inside her? Although she was not a virgin, his cock was bigger than the only other that she’d had. “Take me,” she begged as she wrapped her legs around him.

“Do you want me, Khaira?”


“How badly, Khaira?”

“Very badly. Extremely…I need you now,” she begged with a passion strained voice. “Please, Karowyn.”

“What do you want from me, Khaira? What do you want me to do to you?”

“I want to feel you inside me.” Khaira pleaded. “I want you to take me, make me your woman.”

“You want me to fuck you.”

“Yes, Karowyn, yes.”

“And if I don’t?”

“I will surely die, my lord.” Khaira murmured. “Please, I need to feel your cock inside me.”

“Nasty lil’ slut!” Karowyn growled. “You want my cock, not me. Any cock will do for you, wouldn’t it?”

“No, only you, Karowyn. No one else matters,” she replied as she opened her eyes and looked up into his.

“I know you want me, love, but you are a passionate wench. You have had other men. How do I know you will be faithful to me when we are apart?” Karowyn asked, batıkent escort fighting the urge to ravage her.

“I have had no men since I left home. There has been only one and he was someone from my village. Someone I thought to marry before I learned of you and our betrothal. I give you my word, my lord. My word is my honor. You are all I need. We will make time for each other.” Khaira pleaded as she fought for rational thought.

Karowyn growled then let out a mocking laugh. “We will see, but to make sure you are faithful to me, one of my men will accompany you and your companions on your quest.”

“Very well, my lord,” she sighed and rubbed herself up against him. Karowyn leaned down, stroking her cheek. “If I hear you have been unfaithful to me, my vengeance will be swift. Your lover will die. He will pay dearly for his crime of tasting your forbidden fruit. And you, my dear, will suffer greatly. Are we understood?”

“Quite.” Khaira retorted, her passion for him waning.

“Now where were we?” Karowyn purred, stroking her body. She sucked in a breath as he touched her. He found the tiny bud between her legs and heard her moan. His fingers strummed a beat across the nerves centered there. He drew from her long moans and high pitched squeals.

She thrashed beneath him as she felt her climax build. His fingers invaded her slick snatch. She opened her thighs wider and squealed as he removed his fingers, replacing them with the thick head of his cock. She cried out as he pushed inside, stretching her tight feminine walls. He joined her, his own moan mingling with hers.

“Oh Khaira, I had hoped you would be this tight, would fit me like a glove,” he moaned, his passion taking hold of him. He pumped his hips, filling her to the core. Breathlessly, he worshipped her body, pounding into her and eliciting many cries and moans from her. She begged for more, moving in rhythm with his deep thrusts, taking all he had to give. When she could take no more, she exploded around him, drenching him with her feminine juices.

With a smack to her thigh, he took her higher, changing the intensity and rhythm of his thrusts. Shallow, deep, shallow, deep…then teasing and hard. He sent her flying to ecstasy’s peak. She crested, her inner muscles gripping him tighter as she released a torrent of wetness all over him.

Karowyn roared, tossing his head back. His time was close. He gripped her hips, pulling her legs up over his shoulders. His powerful thrusts rocked her body deeper than ever. She screamed, her voice echoing through the forest as she cried out Karowyn’s name. He took her to the edge of oblivion, unleashing his demons upon her as he roared. His climax swept over them with such a fury it left him drained of all thought. Khaira matched him, joining in earth shattering ecstasy. She came harder and more violently than she ever had.

Completely spent, he collapsed upon her. Sweat dripped from his body onto hers as he fought for breath. Time passed…Khaira didn’t know how long…if it had been moments, minutes, or hours. She lay beneath him in a state of utter sated bliss. With a groan, Karowyn sought out her lips, bestowing upon her a gentle kiss. Khaira’s eyes fluttered shut as she exulted in the immense passion…

“Khaira…” a voice called out.

“Huh?” she muttered as she opened her eyes and looked around, staring up into Karowyn’s face. She looked down at herself, realizing she was still fully clothed and sitting beneath the large gnarled tree she’d sought rest under earlier. Vivid images flashed through her mind and with a deep sigh, she realized it had merely been a dream.

“Khaira, wake up.” Karowyn said.

She rubbed her eyes and face then stumbled to her feet. She squirmed visibly, wriggling her bottom as she felt copious moisture pool in her trousers.

Damn, it had been a dream!!

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