Poker Night – A Wife’s Adventure

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“To many the word “Slut” is a pejorative, for you it was just a sexual experience to be had and enjoyed, nothing more complicated than that, just the simple pursuit of pleasure.”

I invited four men up to our suite from the Poker Table for a game; I promised them the winnings would be sweeter. You’re wearing a simple jean skirt, short but nothing crazy, just a little above mid-thigh, a simple white blouse with a lacy sheer black bra underneath and matching black lace panties. You wear that standing on a pair of “Come Fuck Me” black heels, 6 inches high. As we gather around the table getting ready to play, you dutifully take our drink orders. No unnecessary words, only enough to bring us what we need. Once you have brought us our drinks you then help each man light his cigar. You can feel the eyes of each man on you; you look so delicious in your simple outfit, no man would be able to divert his eyes as you walked by. You come and stand by my side. Normal guy’s night conversation fills the table but each man can’t help but look at you.

I look at you and tell you to remove your panties. Conversation stops, a few men laugh, but all eyes are on you. I continue to shuffle the cards. As you look back at the men watching you. You can almost hear their eyes scream “Christ will she do it”!?! Demurely you reach under your skirt and slip your panties down and then place them in my hand without saying a word. I put them in my pocket and casually say let’s cut for deal. Their mouths are agape, they stare in astonishment. I knock on the table a few times and forcefully say “Gentlemen – we are here to play cards” as if I have no idea why they are so distracted.

My hand begins to caress your leg, then it disappears up under your skirt. As my hand lightly brushes your mound, you gasp. The strangers’ eyes dart back at you. You feel their hunger. The hand is dealt, the ante is in, none of the men can keep track of their cards as they watch my hand float up and down. We play a few more hands, I have yet touched your pussy, I always, just miss. My hand again stops at the top of your thigh and it stays there. Your pulse quickens. I can feel your juices coat the inside of your thigh. My bent finger lightly brushes your swollen lips; I can feel them open, almost like they are drawing me in. You gasp again, the first sound you have made in 20 minutes, since the last time you gasped.

I tell you to unbutton most of the buttons on your blouse. The way your blouse falls it really doesn’t show much, only a glimpse. Your breasts are restrained by the sheer black material of your bra. Each man thinks he sees more than he does. The thought of being displayed to these strangers so excites you, you can feel your clit grow as it becomes engorged. I tell you to tend to our guests, freshen their drinks, ash their cigars. We play a hand as you make your rounds, the men can’t take their eyes off of you, they know there is nothing between their hands and your venus. You can feel their eyes watch your every move.

You return to my side, you are slick all the way down to your knees. My hand slips up your leg, I brush your lips, a slight sigh slips from your mouth. This time I run my finger thru your slit, then I slip my finger inside you. You bite your lip, your eyes close. All the men watch you; there can be no doubt about what I am doing. They watch as your hips start to rotate ever so slightly, they see the muscles in my forearm flex as my fingers work their way inside you.

Finally, one says something; I had been waiting for one to ask. If they didn’t have the courage to ask for you, they were not worthy of touching you. I am accused of being an ungracious host for keeping you to myself. I smile and say “Fair enough, we will play for her”. The rules are, during each hand you will stand by the man that won the last hand, his fingers will be able to roam anywhere mine have been, he will be able to do anything to you I have done, but no more. You look at the hands of each man, some have long thin fingers, others have short fat ones, one’s hands look soft and well manicured, while another’s look hard and leathery, bearing the scars of years of hard work. Your heart is pounding, you don’t even know their names and I just gave you to them. I can hear your breath quicken, I can feel your pussy start to contract, nearing orgasm. I withdraw my finger leaving you on the brink. The player across from me wins the hand and you.

You look at me and I nod, you walk to his side. His skin is rough, his fingers long and thin. His hand slides up your thigh, he pushes his finger pass your swollen lips and deep inside you. You feel his rough skin against your soft tender walls. Every man watches you; every man wants to be next. Your eyes are closed, your skin is flush, your nipples press against the thin material of your bra. Your mouth opens but no sound comes out. He touches your clit, you start to cum, you try and suppress it, but you can’t. Every eye is on you as you start to quiver, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri you cum standing there in front of us. Another hand is played, another man wins you, a new stranger’s hand explores you. We play several more hands, you move from stranger to stranger, each man gets his turn to use you, some get two. Despite your best effort you cum two more times. I win the next hand; you stand by me. I tell you to take off your top. You do as instructed. I tell you to be a good hostess and freshen their drinks. Again, you do as you are told. You walk around the room on your “come fuck me” heels in a jean skirt and sheer black bra. Silence and tension fill the room, every man wants you, every man watches every move you make. You look so breathtakingly hot; a dead man would have to watch you.

As we began the next hand you return to my side, I tell you to remove your bra. Again, you do as you are told without question. The strangers had already seen your breast through the thin material of the bra, but somehow you now feel more exposed; as sheer as it was, that bra was still a top. Your nipples harden. I take one nipple in my mouth and I roll the other between my fingers. Cards are dealt, hands are played, you are passed from man to man, wearing only your jean skirt and heels. Your tits swing wildly, and you are taken by each winner. Each man’s touch is different, some men’s touches are tender, others are rougher, one man just concedes his ante too simply suck on your nipples for the entire hand. You are used by each man for his pleasure, their rough touches and aggressive lips drive you crazy, you have had more than a dozen orgasms already this evening.

The fingers of five men have been inside you, the lips of five men have been on you. You are ready for the game to move to the next level; you crave to be used by each of them. I win you back. I tell you to crawl under the table and suck my cock; you eagerly comply, because you know what will happen next. You hungrily take me into your mouth, I feel your tongue draw up the length of my cock, I can feel my head swell as you suck on me. In one move you go from your tongue playing with flesh just under my head, to your nose buried into my pubic hair. You bring me to the brink, and I make you stop. You spend the rest of the hand just keeping me at the edge. While you keep me hard your mind wanders; you can’t help but wonder what the other cocks will be like, will they be long or short, fat, or thin. How different will each look, smell and taste. How different will each man be, will the one with the tender touch, just lean back and allow you to pleasure him? Will the one that aggressively sucked your breast grab your hair and pull you into his crotch forcing his cock down your throat? Even with my manhood in your mouth you can’t help but wonder about the cocks of the strangers and how different each will be.

The hand is over, you don’t come out from under the table, you just wait to see which man offers you his cock. Then you see it, a man has pulled his pants down and his cock is out. You love the fact that you are expected to crawl over there and service him. His cock is not exceptionally long, but it is fat. You already want it inside you. The winner is the aggressive man, as you get close you can smell his musk. You reach out and grab it with your hand, you can feel his already hard cock twitch. Your mouth stretches to get around it, his hands grab the back of your head as he feeds his cock to you. You gag a bit, but soon you adjust to the girth. As your tongue dances with the head of his manhood and your hand work the shaft, you can’t help but wonder what this will feel like inside you. Soon our guest is cumming in your mouth. You swallow what you can, but the load is large and his thick cock has left precious little room in your mouth, the cum you cannot swallow starts to ooze from the sides of your mouth. You want more, you start to milk him with your hands and lips, you suck hard trying to draw the last of his juices out. You rub his cock on the side of your face, leaving a trail of cum everywhere it goes. This is what you wanted to feel like. You wanted to feel like the woman everyone always told you, you shouldn’t be. You wanted to feel like the woman that would shock the members of the PTA. You wanted to feel like the woman you have always thought was trapped inside you.

It’s not like you entered this room a virgin or anything, you have been sexually active since high school. In college you and another girl went on a road trip with four boys, by the end of the week you both had had sex with each boy and once with each other. But you have never done anything like this, just moving from one stranger’s cock to the other, just being a receptacle for their cum, you revel in the taboo feelings it brings out. All those wanton, lust filled feelings, the other soccer moms deny they have.

The hand is played out and another man’s member is yours to service. It is longer but güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri not as thick; you swirl your tongue around it and deep throat him in one motion, you can hear him groan with pleasure. Despite being longer, because it is thinner, it is actually easier to accommodate. As your head bobs up and down and you feverously work his staff, his hands stay on the table. You can feel him tense; you know he is about to cum. You pull him out so his cock is just in front of your open mouth. He erupts into your mouth and on to your face. Cum runs down your face and on to your tits. You continue to suck and milk him as the hand is played out. Above the table we hear you moan as you allow your fingers to play with your clit. Just as before, as a man wins, you move over to service him, the next man is so excited that you barely touch him and he covers you in his juices. His cum hit you in the face, on the tits and even in your hair. You coat your fingers and then rub your clit with it. You are so filled with lust, you love giving into this side of yourself. You play with yourself as you suck this stranger hard again.

Your head swirls with how wrong this is, how dirty your friends would think you are for this, those thoughts of judgment just make you cum harder. Tonight you want to be the woman you had always been told not to be.

I win the next hand. I slide my chair out and away from the table so the others can watch you service me. Just like the others, my cock disappears in your mouth. I have yet to cum tonight, I have been oozing pre-cum for an hour now, it takes all I can do to hold on for a few minutes. Then as your hands jack my staff and you take one of my balls in your mouth, I cum. I cum so hard it is almost violent. My cum showers down your back and in your hair, you quickly move your mouth from my sack to the tip of my cock, the next burst hits you in the face, my seed runs down your body. You work your way around the table one more time, but this time each man slides his chair back so we can all watch you perform. During the second round none of the men cum again, saving what they have left for the inevitable climax we all know is coming. That doesn’t stop you from giving yourself another half dozen orgasms. You love knowing we are all watching you play with yourself, that we are all watching you cum. The hunger in our eyes as we watch you, make each orgasm more intense.

I tell you to come stand by me again. I put my arm around your hips and I kiss your waist. You stand there, before five men, four of whose names you still do not know; they are the very definition of the word stranger to you. You stand there on a pair of high heels, in a jean skirt, with a topless cum covered body. You beam, I am so proud, you radiate lust and sexuality, this moment personifies erotic. You have already pleasured each of these men, and their lips and hands have traveled over your body. But the thought of just standing here, displaying your seamen covered body to them sends a charge straight to your clitoris.

I announce, “Gentlemen, ante for the last hand of the night is one thousand dollars”. I began to shuffle. Before anyone can protest too strongly, I say, “Any man that cannot or will not meet the ante, must leave the room now”. The men look at each other and then you, the money is quickly put in the center of the table. I don’t ante. I’m challenged, asked for my stake. I tell them you are my stake; I’m putting you in the pot. I tell them this last hand is not for the money, this hand is for who gets to be first. The winner does not get the money, he gets to be the first to fuck you, the money is yours. The simple fact that you will be paid four thousand dollars for tonight’s services excite you so much that you nearly cum yet again. I tell you to drop your skirt; you are clean shaven, your pussy is now on full display.

You are left wearing only heels and cum. I tell you to bring a chair next to the table. You sit in it placing your feet up, you spread your legs wide, your lips fall open. Your pussy glistens in the light. You start to masturbate for us. I deal the cards, leaving myself out. The thought that the first man to fuck you tonight will be one of the strangers excites you even more. You look around the table and wonder who it will be. You close your eyes as you remember each man’s cock from under the table; you rub your clit as images of their cocks roll through your mind. The men watch as your fingers disappear inside you. You shamelessly load your own juice on your fingers and bring them to your lips. You start to cum, the fact that your body and orgasms are so openly on exhibit make each spasm stronger. Even with your eyes rolled back in your head you are aware of their eyes watching. You orgasm over and over and the first cock hasn’t even entered you yet.

The hand is quickly played, the fat cock has won. All the men get up from the table and quickly strip. The winner comes and roughly lifts you from güvenilir bahis şirketleri the chair. He drops you on his thick cock, you feel him stretch you as he goes in. You gasp and you cum. He pushes you up against the window, as if he wants all of Las Vegas to know he won you. He holds your arms over your head, while your legs are wrapped around his waist. Between your orgasms and the almost violent way he is pounding you, you can barely catch your breath. You are pressed against the glass as he enters you over and over again. You couldn’t escape his grasp if you wanted to right now. His hands now hold your hips as he throws you up and down on his cock as if you are some kind of jerk-off doll. Finally he cums making the sound of what can only be described as a “War Cry”. You slide down the glass almost exhausted; it was like you just had one continuous ten minute long orgasm. You sit on the floor, your pussy hangs open with his cum running out. I look at your face, you smile and say “just let me catch my breath, I want everyone to have a turn”.

You move to the couch. One of the things you have always fantasized about was a true DP, one cock in your pussy and the other in your ass. You select the quite man to be on the bottom, you straddle him looking forward, the man with the long thin cock licks your asshole before he enters you from behind. You take a moment for the three of you to get a rhythm. As you sit there adjusting to the sensation of having two cocks in you at once, you feel so wicked, you feel so full. Your lover from behind is kissing and biting your neck, the man in front kissing your lips, both are groping your tits. You have what can only be called an outer body experience as your mind’s eye sees you being taken for the first time by two men at once. Another orgasm wrack’s your body.

You signal the third man to come forward, you push your front door lover on his back to clear a way for you to take your third cock. As the third man walks up, your eyes focus on his cock as it sways back and forth. As soon as it is within reach you grab it and put it in your mouth as if you are starved. You concentrate on giving him head as you feel the other two cocks move in an out of you. It is almost like you want to prove to yourself that you can satisfy three men at once.

Your first lover and I sit at the table, drinks in hand and watch the four of you put on a show. I watch this almost determined look on your face. You look my way; I see pure lust in your eyes as I watch another man’s cock slide in and out of your mouth. I watch you as you ride up and down on two more cocks. I watch you as you service three total strangers. You look me in the eye with a cock in your mouth, as yet another orgasm hits you. It seemed like you knowing I was watching you satisfy these men, watching you release your inner slut, was all you needed to push you over the edge yet again. You struggle to keep eye contact with me; you want to know you are being watched. It is impossible as more orgasms start to torture your body, you come so hard it is like you have brought on the apocalypse. You blackout for a moment, your lovers don’t even slow down, the one feeding you his cock, just holds your head in place. The quaking of your body was all the other two men could take. They both explode in their own orgasms. The man in your mouth surrenders and lets you collapse in a heap with your other two lovers. You open your eyes and realize you have left one unsatisfied; you hungrily take him back in your mouth. You furiously work his cock until yet another cascade of cum covers your body. You can feel the cocks inside you shrink and start to withdraw, you are driven to replace them, you need two new cocks in you. I lift you from the pile of bodies on the couch and bend you over an armchair. I slam my cock into your now will worn pussy, you open your eyes and the fat cock is back in your face. You devour it; you have learned how to suck this big fat cock. He grabs your hair and starts to fuck your face. I pull out of your cunt; it was just a stop to lube my cock. I drive my cock up your ass; it is like you have one long massive cock passing through you. We develop a rhythm; he and I saw your body back and forth. Once we are going, one of the other men moves between our legs and starts to eat your gaping, leaking pussy. Yet more orgasms wrack your body.

Over the next hour and a half, you are used repeatedly, all of the men take breaks and rest, but not you. For the next hour and a half, you have always at least one cock in you, usually more. Even as you are being fuck one of them another man is playing with your clit. We move all over the room, every chair, couch and bed are used. We end up back at the card table. You are on the table face down; you have one stranger taking your pussy from behind, another in your mouth, and a cock in each hand. None of the men have cum for some time, the only thing keeping us hard at this point is your wanton lust, you just can’t get enough, apparently five men was not enough. As you lay on the table, actively pleasuring 4 men, you look out the window and wonder who can see you and if they do what would they think. They would likely assume you are a pro at a bachelor party; they would never guess you are a soccer mom from the PTA bake sale.

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