Proper Management Skills

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The following story was a collaboration of sorts, and is based on real people in a real school setting. While the story itself is fiction, the characters are real, and two of them actually participate in the activities that I have described. It was a collaboration because I got many of my ideas directly from Mindy herself, along with several pictures of her and Nancy enjoying those activities. I hope you enjoy the story, and as always, please leave a comment.


Assistant principal Mindy Starr shivered as she hurried behind school councilor Nancy Olivia. Her panties felt drenched from the sudden display of dominance displayed by the councilor. The day had gone by like any other busy school day, but now that school had let out, things had taken a thrilling turn.

The thirty three year old vice principal had found out an hour before the day was over that her new office chair had arrived from the delivery truck. Unfortunately it needed to be assembled before she could swap out her old, uncomfortable chair, so she had it sent to an empty 3rd grade room that was being utilized for storage purposes. From there, she asked one of the custodians, Jerry to assemble the chair for her. She had suspected for a long time that Jerry had a thing for her, and of course he was only too happy to agree when she smiled sweetly and fluttered her long eyelashes. Mindy was not above using sex appeal to get what she wanted, especially out of men.

As the final bells rang and the children filed out the doors to the waiting busses, Jerry knocked on the frame of her open door and waved to her awkwardly. “Miss Starr, the chair that you asked me to assemble is all together. Where would you like me to deliver it?”

Mindy opened her mouth to answer but was cut off by Nancy who breezed into the room around the startled custodian and quickly answered, “Oh Jerry, you’ve done enough work for one day. Go home and get some rest, we’ll handle the chair, right Mindy?”

A flush settled on Mindy’s face as she looked at Nancy, and she nodded quickly. “Yes, yes of course. Thank you Jerry, I appreciate it. Have a good evening.”

“Sure, no problem Miss. You have a good night also.” The fifty something man lifted his hand in another awkward wave, then began to back out of the office.

“Good night Jerry,” Nancy called in a without taking her eyes off Mindy.

“G’night,” Jerry called and was gone.

With a knowing smirk on her face, Nancy reached back and swung the office door shut before setting her zippered bag on the floor. Once the two were alone in the office, she shook her head and smiled. “You made that poor man assemble your new chair for you,” she said.

“I couldn’t do it myself,” Mindy replied.

“Yeah sure,” Nancy said, as she reached back to the door once more and locked it.

Mindy felt a chill go down her spine when she heard the lock engaged. Recently she had confessed to Nancy a secret desire to be dominated. Even though Nancy was married, Mindy could tell that she was a dominant personality, and when she explained to the councilor that her fantasy was to be dominated by a strong woman, Nancy had taken the ball and run with it.

Mindy’s job as assistant principal at a busy elementary school meant that during the day she needed to be in control and make important decisions that effected everyone. Was it strange that after the job was done, she wanted someone else to be in control?

“I bought you a gift,” Nancy said, with a sly grin. She unzipped her bag, reached in and pulled out a small cardboard box.

Mindy bit her bottom lip and said, “Um, you know that I’m- I’m not allowed to accept gifts from employees.”

“Oh stop it,” Nancy chuckled, “I’m not going to tell anyone, and I’m certain that you’re not going to either.” She stepped forward and placed the cardboard box on Mindy’s desk.

Mindy swallowed, then took a deep breath before picking up the box and opening it. Inside was a thick pink and black collar with a gold colored ring. The vice principal looked up at the standing councilor and raised her eyebrows. “A collar?” she asked.

“Well yeah, it’s a way to let everyone know that you are my slave,” Nancy said, as if it was the most natural thing in the world to be someone else’s slave.

“But…I can’t…I can’t wear this,” Mindy said.

“Sure you can.”

Mindy looked at the leather strap in her hand. It was thick and well made, and was definitely not cheap. Suddenly Nancy strode around Mindy’s desk and took the collar. Without a word, she wrapped it around Mindy’s neck and fastened the buckle under her hair, making sure that it was snug, but not too tight.

“There, let’s see how that looks,” Nancy said as she forcefully turned the vice principal’s head to look at her. “That is so hot,” she exclaimed, then reached up and did something to the ring on the front of the collar. As she pulled back, Mindy realized that she had attached a leash to the ring. “I wonder what would happen if I walked you out into the hallway right now while everyone is out there.”

“That wouldn’t be good,” Mindy replied in a hushed tone.

“I’ll bahçelievler escort decide what’s good for you slave,” Nancy barked, giving a tug on the chain, “Now get down on your hands and knees where you belong.”

“Yes Mistress,” Mindy gasped and quickly dropped onto the floor.

“Good girl. Now I really want to try out that new chair of yours.” Nancy glanced up at the clock on the wall and said, “We’ll give it a few more minutes to let the hall clear out.” She sat down in Mindy’s old chair and kicked her shoes off. “In the mean time you can worship my feet.”

“Yes Mistress,” Mindy said. She took the offered foot in her hands and began to massage the underside. Her fingers sunk deep into soft arch as she kneaded the nylon covered foot. A funky, cheesy smell wafted up, assaulting her nostrils and reminding her that it was the end of a long day, and the councilor had been in high heels all day. The smell wasn’t terrible, but also wasn’t very pleasant. Looking into Nancy’s eyes told Mindy that the councilor was enjoying the fact that her feet had a strong odor.

“These nylons have to go,” Nancy said. “Take ’em off.”

“Yes Mistress,” Mindy said. Not knowing how high the nylons went, she began to slide her hands up Nancy’s leg under her dress. When she reached her knee, Mindy’s heart sped up. Her hands slid higher, feeling Nancy’s strong thighs all the way up to…she found the end at the thickest part of Nancy’s thigh, mere inches from paydirt. She hooked her fingers and began to pull the material down over the knee, past the calf, around the ankle and off the foot.

“There, that’s nice,” Nancy said, “Now I want you to use your mouth to massage my feet. Start by cleaning the bottom real nice, and make sure you get in between all my toes.”

Mindy cleared her throat, then nodded and whispered, “Yes Mistress.” Feet were not her thing, but she lifted Nancy’s foot up and began to lick the bottom anyway. Her tongue tingled as the tart flavor coated her taste buds and overwhelmed her senses, making her cough and grimace, but she quickly began to lick again before Nancy could complain.

“Tell me how much you love my feet slave,” Nancy said.

“Mm, I love your feet so much Mistress. They are so perfect, and…”

“…And how do they smell?”

“They smell wonderful Mistress.”

“And how do they taste?”

“They taste wonderful Mistress.” A lie if there ever was one.

“Is your pussy wet?”

“Mm hm,” Mindy nodded, her wide eyes looking up at Nancy while she licked. That was the truth though.

“I want you to take off your panties, but do not stop licking me.”

It was a struggle for Mindy, trying to hold Nancy’s foot with one hand while her other hand hiked up her snug skirt, then she tried to lower her panties.

Nancy snapped her fingers and said, “Come on, what’s the hold up?”

Mindy grunted and struggled some more, and finally was able to tug one side down. With a bit more wiggling, she was able to tug down the other side, and moments later the feel of success washed over her as she finally held up the soiled garment for Nancy’s inspection.

The councilor reached down and took the offered panties as if they were toxic. Holding the thin material by the very edge with her thumb and forefinger, she raised it up close enough to look at, then made a sour face and tossed them onto the floor.

“Jesus, they’re full of slime and they smell awful. Have you been playing with yourself all day or what?” She leaned down and wiped her fingers in Mindy’s hair, as if they were covered with filth that she wanted off.

Mindy’s face burned with shame, but she kept on licking the foot. She knew that her pussy had been unnaturally wet lately, and her underwear was always very strong when she removed them after a long day at school, but Mindy always thought the smell was exciting, as it was a direct result of her being turned on at work. Her embarrassment caused her to pay extra attention to the feet she was servicing.

“Hm, what a good girl you’re being,” Nancy said, then moaned out loud as the special foot massage began to send thrilling signals up her legs and straight to her pussy. It was something that she had never experienced before, and she was starting to really enjoy it.

Mindy licked the entire sole from heel, arch, ball and toes. Then she worked her tongue in between each toe and ended by sucking each one individually. Finally as she was sucking the smallest toe, Nancy directed her to remove her other nylon and work on the other foot. By the time she had completed that task, her mouth felt like it had been stuffed with cotton, and the rest of the school was quiet. They had been in the room for over a half hour.

“Well, I think we can go try out that new chair of yours now,” Nancy said, as she placed her feet back into her heels and stood up on unsteady legs. Her breathing had quickened and her lips had plumped up from the sexual excitement the foot worship had caused. It was an unexpected feeling that was a direct result of wanting nothing more than to subjugate her balgat escort boss even more. She smoothed out her dress which came midway down her calves, then picked up the leash and walked around the side of Mindy. “Heel slave,” she said, then giggled and gave the leash a tug. Mindy began to crawl along side her to the door as Nancy said, “I can get used to this.”

Nancy picked up her bag, then unlocked the door and opened it just a few inches to peer out. Seeing the lights off in the main office told her that there was no one left, so she swung the door wide and led her slave through the office and into the hallway. As she stepped out into the hallway, Nancy glanced back toward the front doors of the school to make sure no one was out there. She thought for a second that she saw something move outside, but there was nothing, so she led her boss out into the hallway.

Mindy was terrified that someone would see her crawling on her hands and knees with a collar and leash on, but the whole time her pussy was bubbling with juices. It was scary, but it was also so erotic that she felt like the slightest breeze in the right spot would trigger her orgasm. The room they were headed to was not very far, but to Mindy it seemed like miles. Somehow they made it to the room without being seen, or so they thought, and were soon inside and out of sight with the door locked behind them.

“That was nerve wracking,” Nancy said with a giggle, “I’m sure it was more for you then me though,” she added, and brushed her shoulder length brown hair away from her face, tucking it behind her ears. There was an nervous excitement in her voice, and Mindy realized at that moment that Nancy was just as unsure about all of this as she was. Even though she always seemed so sure of herself, Nancy had worries too.

Long after the school had cleared out of all the children and the majority of the staff, Syreeta Westbrooks was heading back. The exotic beauty with a long and lean body was irritated with herself for being so absent minded and leaving her pocketbook in the office. Syreeta’s desk was just outside vice principal Mindy Starr’s office, and earlier that Friday afternoon, she had glanced in through the open door and saw Mindy with a rather peculiar look on her face. If Syreeta didn’t know any better, she would have thought the vice principal was in the throes of a very intense orgasm. She quickly fired off an email to the vice principal saying, “Girl…you had such a serious look just a bit ago…it’s Friday, lol.” A moment later, Mindy looked up at her, smiled and waved, but was her face and neck really that red, or was it just the way the light was hitting her?

Of course what Syreeta didn’t know, was that Mindy had been secretly chatting online with a man who Mindy called, “Master”. She had told him that she was terribly horny, and he had given her some instructions to remedy it. First, he told her to remove her underwear. Not too difficult considering that she was wearing a skirt and her door was shut. Then he told her to place her undies on her desk, but make sure that no one outside could see them. Third, he instructed her to open her door, sit back down and masturbate. Her large desk would shield her from prying eyes, but she would need to be very careful so she didn’t get caught. It was scary, but oh so exciting.

Mindy had slid her pencil skirt up high enough so she could get her fingers into her pussy, then she fingered herself while just yards away the busy office hummed with activity. Her fear was that someone would come knocking at her door, and she wouldn’t be able to hide her underwear fast enough, but she had been ordered by her master to leave them on the desk, and she didn’t want to disappoint him, even though she could easily lie to him without his knowledge.

While Mindy had her fingers buried in her pussy, her eyes were frantically searching for movement outside her office. She was terrified, but so excited that she couldn’t stop. Even when Syreeta looked in at her just as she was on the verge of a very satisfying orgasm. She couldn’t stop, and it took all her self control to keep from crying out as her pussy clamped down on her fingers, and her orgasm shook her to the core. Moments later, the message from Syreeta came through, and Mindy shuddered at the realization that she had been watched while cumming.

Afterward, Mindy had closed her door again to put her undies back on. Syreeta thought her boss was acting strange, and she asked a few others in the office if they had noticed anything odd, but they all were doing their own thing and hadn’t noticed anything. For the last hour, Syreeta’s mind was trying to piece together what she had witnessed, and when it was time to leave, she absentmindedly left behind her pocketbook. Now she was heading back into the school to retrieve it.

As she walked up the walkway to the front doors, she saw movement though the glass that just didn’t look right. The movement was down the hallway where the door to the main office was located. All the lights inside had been turned off, and Syreeta, fearing that she might batıkent escort be witnessing something nefarious, quickly stepped to the side of the door and hid. A moment later, she peeked around through the glass, and the sight that she saw made her gasp in disbelief. Mindy Starr, the vice principal and her boss, was crawling on her hands and knees behind school councilor Nancy Olivia, who was holding the leash attached to the collar around Mindy’s neck.

“Oh my God!” Syreeta mumbled to herself as she watched the two women make their way down the hallway and into the room used for storage. As soon as the door closed, she quickly entered the building and rushed to the office. Once in the main office, she noticed that Mindy’s office door was open, so she peered in and saw nylons on the floor in a pile. Without thinking, she strode into Mindy’s office, and that was when she saw the discarded underwear. “What the hell is going on?” she mumbled to herself.

Deciding that she needed to know what was happening, Syreeta walked out and headed down the hallway to the door she had seen Mindy and Nancy going into. She was determined to get to the bottom of this.

Hidden away behind the locked door in the room used for storage, Nancy hiked her skirt up, exposing her naked ass, and sat herself down in Mindy’s new leather chair. Ever since she had become Mindy’s mistress, she was breaking small rules around the school. One of them was that she was wearing skirts with no underwear underneath. It gave her a thrill to be able to walk around feeling the cool air on her pussy. She had also starting taking extra long lunches and also she took to throwing little jabs at Mindy when they were around other teachers. No one else dared to put the boss down, so it gave Nancy a feeling of superiority to make disparaging remarks and know that Mindy wouldn’t do anything about it.

“I’m going to leave my scent all over this new chair of yours. You’ll think of me every time you sit here, and remember that my bare ass was here first.”

As Mindy looked on, Nancy began to rub her ass all over the seat. She even reached down and spread her cheeks wide open, then wiggled her ass around some more. Finally, after several seconds of the lewd movements, Nancy stood up and said, “Go smell your chair slave, and tell me what you think.”

“Yes mistress,” Mindy mumbled, before crawling over to the chair. She put her arms up on the chair arms, then lowered her face down and began to take long, deep breaths. It was humiliating, but the whole time she was doing it, she could feel her pussy dripping juices down her thigh. The smell was mostly leather, but she thought that she could also smell the dank, musky smell of ass, and the thought of that made her tremble with excitement.

“How does it smell slave?” Nancy asked.

“Mm, it smells wonderful mistress,” Mindy hissed, as she moved her face all around, sniffing everywhere.

“Are you ready to sniff directly from the source slave?”

“Yes mistress, if you’d like me to.”

“Well of course I’d like you to. You are my Ass Slave after all. Get over here and get your face in my ass.”

Syreeta pulled her ear away from the door as if it had been super heated and she had been burned. Her eyes were as big as saucers as she stood in the hallway with her hand on the door knob. She had heard everything though the door, and she couldn’t believe her ears. Thinking that this was some sort of a cruel prank, she carefully tried the knob, only to find that it was locked. “Shit!” she hissed under her breath, then remembered that Mindy had a key to that room in her desk. The thought of going through her boss’ desk without her knowledge was scary, but the curiosity of what was happening behind the door was too great to ignore.

Making her way quickly back down the hallway, Syreeta went back into the main office, then into Mindy’s office. She stepped around the nylons and panties still on the floor, and went to the back of Mindy’s desk. It took a few moments of rummaging around in the top drawer before she found the key, then she hurried back out and down the hallway.

Once she reached the door, she took a deep breath before carefully inserting the key into the lock. Trying to be extra quiet so she wouldn’t be heard, Syreeta’s ears picked up every click as the key slid into the lock, but she was confident that no one in the room had heard. Turning the key and the knob produced a few tense moments as the knob made a few more clicks, then she slowly pulled the door open just enough to peek through the crack.

Nancy turned around and jiggled her butt cheeks as Mindy crawled the few feet to her. This was it…This was what Mindy coveted…This was what she fantasized about on a daily basis now, ever since she had gone onto Literotica and read that story. The story about a straight woman who was turned into a lesbian sex slave by a strong willed woman. Mindy once considered herself straight, but after reading that story, she couldn’t stop thinking about what it would be like. There had been a vividly described scene in the story of the woman being ordered to sniff and lick the other woman’s ass. That scene had Mindy creaming so much, and afterward it was all she could think about. She emailed the author to thank him for opening her eyes, and he had written her back. From then on, they had continued to chat, and Mindy now called him “Master”.

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