Rain Rain Cum Again

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Sammy looked up from her computer screen and out the window, again! It was still raining; it always seemed to be raining lately. She had been waiting for it to stop for hours; she really needed to go the supermarket down the road and had hoped the rain would stop long enough for her to do so. It was looking very unlikely.

If it wasn’t for the fact that she wanted a bottle of wine she wouldn’t have been too bothered about not going, but the thought of a cold glass of white wine to keep her company that evening forced her to get up out of her seat.

She grabbed her full length black leather coat from its peg in the hall and turned to check herself in the large pine mirror that hung above the fireplace. She pulled her fingers through her chocolate coloured brown hair and applied a coat of copper lip gloss to her mouth. It was time to get wet!

Walking down the street and towards the supermarket, she realised it wasn’t so bad, it was quite refreshing having the rain on her face, a slight breeze blowing through her hair. As she approached the supermarket she could clearly see it was closed, damn she had forgotten it was a Sunday, “well there goes my chance of a bottle of wine” she said to herself. Feeling a little foolish she turned to walk back home.

A few minutes later, lost in her own thoughts she realised she was walking in the wrong direction. The rain had nearly stopped, and her legs were beginning to ache, she could see a park close by with an empty bench, she wandered towards it and sat down.

Despite the light rain it was a pretty nice day, cool and quite and the sun was trying to break through the clouds. She closed her eyes for a moment and when she opened them again she could see a man coming towards her, seeing that it was the only bench in the park she knew she was about to have company.

“Hi” the man said, “Mind if I join you?”

“Feel free”

“Thanks, I’m Tony by the way”

“Sammy” she said and held out her hand and he shook it gladly

“Nice to meet you Sammy, may I ask what you’re doing out here in the rain?”

“Well I was out to get some wine, but the supermarket was closed and I ended up walking here.”

“Well I’m very glad you did, and I’m glad it’s raining, you look beautiful wet.” He laughed nervously.

As Tony leaned forward to tuck Sammy’s hair behind her ear, she could feel electricity charge the air, it was so strange yet just felt so right. She could tell he çankaya escort wanted to kiss her and she had to admit she wanted him to kiss her too!

She wasn’t sure what was going to happen but she knew she didn’t want it to stop. His mouth was inches from hers and she leaned in to close the gap. His hand reached up to Sammy’s cheek as he gently brought her lips to his.

Sammy closed her eyes and let Tony kiss her, a soft gentle kiss which shot pleasure through her whole body; her hands moved up his chest, and she could feel his heart was beating as fast as hers. She opened his mouth with her tongue and slipped it inside, instantly Tony responded and soon their tongues were exploring each others mouths.

His hand slowly slid under her top and up to her breast, squeezing it gently and feeling the smoothness of her satin bra, she moaned at his touch and kissed him harder, her hands around his neck keeping his lips tightly pressed against hers.

She felt his hand slip inside her bra, her skin tingled at the flesh on flesh contact, and he soon found her nipple, already hard as he stroked his fingers around it.

Her breathing was getting heavier and she lowered her hand down to his groin, she immediately felt he was hard and she rubbed his cock through his jeans, she heard him moan.

He removed her top and rain splashed on her breasts, she reached her hands around her back and took off her bra, the park was reasonably secluded but anyone walking past would see, at this point she didn’t care! The rain spilled down her neck and over her nipples causing them to harden even more. Tony leaned forward to suck on them.

Sammy moaned at the combined sensation of the cold rain on her bare skin and Tony’s sucking, he stopped only to let Sammy pull of his top, as he resumed his attention to her breasts Sammy’s hand glided up and down his strong, wet, back as the other went back to his massive erection. Slowly pulling down his Zip, she tucked her hand inside his jeans, under his boxers and wrapped her hand around his cock.

She heard him catch his breath as her hand moved up and down his shaft, her thumb paying extra attention to the head, circling it and rubbing it softly. He was moaning quietly now and moved in for another kiss. This time it was more urgent, her hand still on his cock as he moved his hand down under her skirt, he came in contact with her knickers and he could feel that she was soaking wet.

With escort etlik her hand still stroking his cock he pulled her underwear aside and ran his hand along her wet slit. He found her clit and she moaned loudly, he wound his fingers around it as she pulled harder on his cock, they were both panting heavily now as he worked magic on her clit, taking it between his fingers and rubbing it, he applied more pressure as Sammy’s moans increased, she shuddered and Tony felt her cum spilling out over his fingers.

Tony was close to cumming too but held back, he wanted this feeling to last. Taking her hand off his cock he guided it to her pussy, showing her how wet she was. When her fingers were covered in her own juices he put her fingers to his mouth and licked them clean, he needed to be inside her!

Hitching up her skirt, he felt for her knickers, he pulled them down in one go and dropped them on the ground, Sammy knew she was about to be fucked and she wanted it more than ever, she had to have it, have him. Reaching out she slid down his jeans, then his boxers, his cock was rock hard and ached to fuck her soaking cunt.

She wanted him in her mouth first and bent down to plant soft kisses on the head. Swirling her tongue around his whole length, working her way up and down in a corkscrew motion. She licked his balls and took them both in her mouth, sucking on them hungrily.

She couldn’t wait much more, her pussy was aching to be fucked and she knew his cock was ready for her, she lay back on the bench and Tony knew exactly what to do, leaning over her he placed his cock between her pussy lips pushing himself just inside her.

Sammy placed both hands on his arse and pulled him all the way inside her, they moaned in unison as his cock hit her cervix. Filling her pussy to the brim he waited, holding his cock inside her before slowly drawing it out, then back in again, fucking her slowly, prolonging the pleasure and loving every second.

Sammy’s hands kneaded at his arse cheeks, releasing her pleasure on them, pushing him further inside her, wanting him to fuck her harder. His thrusting increased sensing what she wanted, faster he pounded her, grunting as her pussy sucked him in.

Sammy could feel her second orgasm building up inside her and knew she was going to cum for the second time. She buried Tony’s cock deep inside her convulsing pussy and screamed as her orgasm took hold and again she had ankara demetevler escort cum, this time all over his cock.

Feeling Sammy’s hot cum running down his cock drove Tony wild; he withdrew his cock right out to the head then slammed himself back inside her and Sammy gasped in pure delight.

Slipping his hands under her firm wet thighs he elevated her legs and draped them over his shoulders, exposing her pussy and allowing him deeper access to fuck her harder. She moaned and groaned as Tony’s fucking and the cold rain hitting her hot cunt took her to new heights of pleasure.

Snaking one hand back round he went back to work on her clit feeling it swell and throb between his fingers. He rubbed her roughly and she drove forward maximising her pleasure.

Tony realised another orgasm was about to take hold of Sammy’s body yet again. Retracting his pulsing cock from inside her he replaced it with his hungry mouth and inserted his tongue deep inside, lapping at her inner walls. He was rewarded with her sweet cum flooding his mouth and spilling down over his chin.

As Sammy shook from her third orgasm that day, Tony lifted her up and turned her over so she was bent over the bench, he was going to fuck her doggy style and she wasn’t sure if her legs could stand the pleasure.

She took a deep breathe as she felt the tip of Tony’s cock between her legs and sighed deeply as she leaned back, pushing herself onto Tony’s still throbbing erection. She wanted to feel his cum inside her, and she knew it wouldn’t take much!

She wasn’t expecting him to pound so hard, but he did, he thrust inside her with all he had left and she could feel his balls slapping against her arse. She was thrusting back to meet him and they were both screaming now, not caring how loud and not caring who heard.

They fucked each other with all their might; as the rain got harder so did they and soon they were screwing like never before and reaching that moment of pure bliss.

Sammy felt Tony’s cock twitching inside her and knew he was about to cum, she clenched her pussy tight and he groaned loudly, pumping all his cum inside her. His cum shooting inside her made Sammy cum for the fourth and final time and she screamed as her last orgasm took over her body and she shook violently.

He stayed inside her until he had given her every last drop of cum he had and held her tightly until she had stopped shaking.

When they had both stopped cumming and shaking Tony turned Sammy back to face him, he kissed her passionately making her knees almost completely give way.

“You know “He said, panting heavily “I have wine at my place”

“Well then” Said Sammy “lets go to your place…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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