Rainy Day Story

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A story about sleepy, rainy days. Hope you enjoy.

“Beep! Beep!” the alarm clock goes off, signifying the beginning of another day. “Unnh!” Wrapped up in the covers, you slap at it until it goes off, and gather me more securely against your body. I sigh softly and snuggle down into the pillow. Our warmth and comfort is not to last, since the alarm sounds again a few minutes later.

This time you get up, moving quietly so not to wake me as you start your shower. I wake a few minutes later, cold without you beside me. Hearing the shower, I sleepily climb out of bed and walk to the bathroom. You smile in welcome from the shower as you see me walk in, dragging my feet and squinting at the light.” Good Morning, Melissa.” Running a hand through my short blonde hair, I yawn, and then take off my white tee shirt.

I climb into the shower with you, and I lay my head against your chest, leaning into you. You put your arms around me, and turn so I am sprayed by the steaming water. You laugh when I sputter from being so quickly doused. Since I’m now fully awake, I decide to get down to business. After I’ve shampooed my hair, you watch as I start to shave my legs.

I slowly smooth shaving cream on each, covering the length ankara escort with white lather, and then proceed to shave my long legs in smooth, sure strokes. In the back of my mind it registers that you’re watching, distracted from soaping up your runner’s build. As I shave I enjoy the smooth feel of the razor on my pale skin and the strokes that climb higher and higher. I wonder if I’m teasing you, shaving like this. Probably. Everything I do teases you. A quick brush of my hand tells me it’s not yet time to shave the light brown hair that covers my mound.

When we are done in the shower, you turn the water off and climb out. I follow quickly, as the bathroom is cold. My nipples tighten and goosebumps appear on my arms and gently rounded stomach. Shivering, I dry off and watch while you start to shave. Looking out the window, I see it is gray, foggy, and rainy outside. I pad out of the bathroom and into the closet.

“What to wear; what to wear?” I finally pull a white lacy bra from the drawer. As I am putting it on, you walk in. I know you have a plan from the mischievous look in your eyes. Pulling me to you, you kiss me softly, yet it burns with intense sensuality. Soft little kisses follow, on my lips, across elvankent escort my cheeks, and down my neck. Between kisses, you present me with your lawyer-ish arguments of why we should stay home and in bed today. I hate rain, so it doesn’t take much convincing to lure me back into bed.

Lying down beside me, you lean over and kiss me again, this time with rising passion. After all, we’re almost naked, in bed, and for once not tired. After a few minutes, you start nibbling on the sides of my neck, and along my collarbone. I begin to breathe heavily: my collarbone is my weakness. You already know how nuts I am driven from your kisses, but decide to give me more exquisite torture. Your kisses travel down my chest to my breasts. Circles of kisses around the right, growing ever smaller. I am gasping, moaning for you to take my nipple in your mouth. Instead, you move to the left and repeat the teasing caresses.

My moans are frequent now, my hips lifting helplessly against the air. I am so turned on. You finally grab one nipple in your mouth while the other is pinched in your hand. Such sweet relief. Your free hand makes circles on my stomach while your mouth suckles at my breast.

Moving ever otele gelen escort so slowly downward, towards the hot, wetness between my legs. Your teasing touches glance over my lips, never quite enough to satisfy. I groan in frustration. I am damp, wet really, and I want you to touch my clit. Smiling, your hands tease further away, down to the tops of my thighs.

Having had enough, I roll on top of you, and give you some of your own medicine. I take your cock into my hands. I run one finger over the length, taking the same leisurely route my tongue will soon travel. I lean down, and lick in soft strokes, like you are my favorite chocolate ice cream cone. Mmmm. You taste so good. By the time I am done, you are groaning because you want to be inside me.

Rising above you, I slowly take you inside me, one inch at a time. I start to move on you, slow, long strokes that match the day outside. Slowly we climb, higher and higher, until my head falls back and I begin to move faster, eagerly seeking the climax you will give me. Closer and closer, the sun beckons me, until I am finally consumed by the fire of my orgasm.

The ripples of my release caress the part of you that is joined so intimately with me. Feeling the tremors o f pleasure that shake me sends you over the edge. You thrust upwards with your hips, burying yourself deep inside as your warmth infuses me. Falling down on top of you, I huddle into the circle of your arms, content to spend this rainy day in bed with you.

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